ANOTHER SLEEPLESS NIGHT – “how can they continue to do this with impunity?” SO?……


Mr. Vasquez, WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR ERRONEOUSLY ATTRIBUTING AND DOCUMENTING THE INCORRECT COUNTY VIOLATION LOCATIONS FOR THE INITIAL 2016  COMPLAINTS regarding WATER LICENSE 11395 PLACE OF USE RESTRICTIONS AS SUTTER AND STANISLAUS, RATHER THAN THE ACTUAL LOCATIONS OF MARIPOSA AND TUOLUMNE COUNTIES ON THE SWRCB WATER RIGHT COMPLAINT WEBPAGE?   Why has this incorrect information remained on the SWRCB website for over one year despite multiple complaints as to its falsehood, especially in light of the SWRCB acknowledgement that it is indeed incorrect?  (Why am I working much harder on this continuing example of public agency corruption than those with the authority to stop such betrayal of California citizens and their right to services under a California Special District?)

This incorrect information has remained on the SWRCB website for over one year despite multiple calls pointing out those ridiculous errors.     Surely the water rights division is aware the MERCED RIVER DOES NOT FLOW THROUGH SUTTER COUNTY AT ALL, MUCH LESS SUBSTANTIALLY THROUGH STANISLAUS COUNTY other than where it joins the San Joaquin River at the county line.   Why does such glaring misinformation remain on the SWRCB website ENCOURAGING A PUBLIC MISDIRECTION AS TO FACT?  Do you recall your answer to my question as to why the holder of WATER LICENSE 11395 (THE MERCED IRRIGATION DISTRICT)  had not even been contacted for information regarding the legitimate Place of Use for Merced River water under WL11395?   You indicated to me that the MID was essentially uninvolved regarding those continuing violations and your “INVESTIGATIVE RESEARCH HAD ESSENTIALLY STOPPED AT SIMPLY LOGGING ON TO THE MID WEBSITE!  YOU ADVISED YOU COULD NOT FIND ANY INFORMATION ON THE LDPCSD SO YOU THEN APPARENTLY COMPLETELY ABANDONED ANY FURTHER ATTEMPTED CONTACT WITH THE MID UNTIL I FILED ANOTHER COMPLAINT THROUGH THE EPA PORTAL INCLUDING MID AND OTHER ACTIVE PARTICIPANTS IN THIS OUTRAGEOUS COVER UP OF THE FACTS REGARDING A DECADES OLD CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY TO VIOLATE EXISTING STATE WATER LAW.

THE MERCED IRRIGATION DISTRICT NOT INVOLVED?  Tell me Mr. Vasquez, were you successful in obtaining over 16 years of MANDATORY WATER LICENSE COMPLIANCE REPORTING FROM OUR LAKE DON PEDRO CSD TO THE MERCED IRRIGATION DISTRICT AS REQUIRED IN THE WATER AGREEMENT BETWEEN MID AND THE LDPCSD?   My public information requests for that information were never acknowledged much less fulfilled.  In fact, the first certified USPS request was lost between Sacramento and Merced.  Imagine that.  But then, even a hand written request later hand walked and submitted to that MID OFFICE was also ignored and the information never furnished.  Imagine, MID was unaware of the MANDATORY COMPLIANCE REPORTING IT HAD DEMANDED IN THE WATER AGREEMENT ALMOST TWO DECADES EARLIER WHEN SUBJECTED TO A STATE WATER AUDIT?  Oh Please.    So, Mr. Vasquez, did you ever obtain and study those 16 plus years of compliance reporting to MID or did you just accept the lame excuse that MID had no idea of what you “might have” requested “if interested” in the facts?

Why have my repeated requests to speak with a “violation interested” SWRCB investigator been ignored?   Especially when you (as the supervisor) curiously refused the common sense activity of immediately contacting the MID as the license holder for easily obtainable 11395 information?  Why am I forced to deal with those initially involved investigators  who  have repeatedly demonstrated an obvious lack of concern for not only my complaints but also  easily obtainable fact?   OVER THREE YEARS NOW!   Investigators who have gone to great lengths in excluding information as to those parties directly involved with decades of costly criminal conspiracy (fabricated government documents – including but not limited to changing the California Public Utilities Commission order permitting the transfer of facilities and assets of Sierra Highlands to the LDPCSD – “PLANTED IN LDPCSD office records” and used to deflect and placate legitimate customer questions through four decades of inappropriate LDPCSD activities),  Have you ever acknowledged the clear and continuing intentional deception of  PETER KAMPA’s FAKE WATER SERVICE BOUNDARY MAPS and documents used in continuing his over 20 years of criminal activity involving LAFCO ANNEXATIONS he personally (and wrongfully) surreptitiously orchestrated over 20 years ago outside the scope and performance of his assigned duties?)  Have you bothered to research and understand how this institutionalized SPECIAL DISTRICT FRAUD was initiated and continues to this day?  Actually violates the goals of a SPECIAL DISTRICT which are:  A limited service, to a designated group of customers, in a designated geographical area and provided for only the costs involved in delivering that service.  EVERY SINGLE ASPECT OF A SPECIAL DISTRICT MUTATED INTO A SPECIAL BENEFIT WATER SERVICE TO THOSE NOT ENTITLED!  PLUS,  ALL ADDITIONAL COSTS PASSED ON TO THOSE LEGAL CUSTOMERS WHO ARE ENTITLLED TO MERCED RIVER WATER UNDER WL11395!  Now I must drink arsenic (and other contaminate treated groundwater) that is mixed with the quality Merced River water from Lake McClure just so those not entitled to water service can receive special benefit “blended water” for the same cost as legal users.  Gee, wonder how you and Feldhaus would react if this was done where you live and have invested your money in a home?

Do you understand what the subsidized special benefit water service actually is for these private land developers holding LAFCO ANNEXED LAND?  Do you appreciate what sort of CORRUPTED LAFCO ANNEXATION PROCESS permitted such unethical and deliberate activity against thousands of innocent property owners within the LAKE DON PEDRO RESIDENTIAL SUBDIVISION – which I hope you now appreciate is indeed the legitimate POU for Merced River water?  How thousands of MANDATORY LDPCSD CUSTOMERS have been forced for years to subsidize the profit margins of land developers who have NO RIGHTS TO SUBDIVISION WATER UNDER 11395 yet demand our water to develop competing subdivisions?  Imagine, not only are these legal owners within the POU APPROVED SUBDIVISION victimized by having the most precious asset to their property ownership stolen from their subdivision, but they pay for the ever increasing and continuing theft!   (And your most recent attempted investigation closure is again setting these already victimized owners up for a 50% permanent water restriction for perpetuity just so your ERRONEOUS INFORMATION APPEARS CORRECT ON THE SURFACE!

Property owners in the subdivision have paid much more for their water service during the last four decades due to this continuing corruption the SWRCB WATER RIGHTS DIVISION HAS ONCE AGAIN CLEARLY ATTEMPTED TO COVER UP!  Why are you doing this?  What is your motivation for not conducting a legitimate, much less, COMMON SENSE investigation?

Yes, a highly unethical program of subsidized GROUNDWATER SUBSTITUTION TO MAINTAIN WATER LICENSE COMPLIANCE (which ACTIVELY CIRCUMVENTS WL11395 POU RESTRICTIONS THROUGH ILLEGAL USE OF GOVERNMENT GRANTS CLEARLY OBTAINED THROUGH MISREPRESENTATION OF THE LDPCSD’S LEGITIMATE WATER SERVICE BOUNDARIES and THEN MISAPPROPRIATED TO DEVELOP GROUNDWATER WELLS FOR LICENSE COMPLAINCE AND FURTHER EXPANSION OF A SPECIAL BENEFIT WATER SERVICE OUTSIDE THE POU BOUNDARY TO THOUSANDS OF OTHER OUTSIDE POU PROPERTIES).   SO here we are once again with you and your SWRCB cohorts attempting to quickly close an already corrupted investigation designed to provide immunity to those criminally responsible for this three year and counting miserable excuse for a state investigation.    Why are you and Mr. Feldhaus attempting to protect the very individuals responsible for this criminal activity?  How long have you two known Mr. Kampa?   Why have you consistently failed to conduct a reasonable investigation?  Why conceal clear facts regarding this outrageous and criminal betrayal of thousands of legal customers by their SPECIAL DISTRICT water company which was orchestrated by a 20 year and highly influential CALIFORNIA SPECIAL DISTRICT BOARD DIRECTOR who has used the CSDA and its member affiliates to perpetuate this continuing criminal enterprise?      Come to think of it, what exactly is the nature of the relationship between you “SWRCB water professionals” and Peter Kampa?  (ie, how long have you, Mr. Feldhaus, and others involved actually been acquainted with Peter Kampa and his CSDA operatives committed to such a continuing fraud and abuse of public resources?       Contacting you directly only produces adequate results when others are also notified of this continuing failure to protect innocent citizens from this continuing unresolved fraud.   Failure to provide an honest investigation and due process under the law in response to clear criminal activity spanning decades is unacceptable.  Surely the EPA can just “turn off” unwanted complaints just like you turned off the offered FAX NUMBER FOR MY COMPLAINT INFORMATION!   This is not over by a long shot.   All involved in this continuing misrepresentation of fact should be held accountable for failure to perform legitimate government assigned duties.  Other than the excellent and professional initial investigation leading to the NOV, everything since has been a classic example of A COVER UP OF FACT AND ATTEMPT TO QUIETLY EXCULPATE THOSE RESPONSIBLE FOR INTENTIONAL CRIMINAL ACTIVITY.    

Sincerely, (with  over three years of disgust and frustration regarding your unethical, run-around, “wordsmithing” deceptions),  Lew Richardson  

PS, FYI, I don’t believe I actually attempted to contact Mr. Feldhaus again but rather, mistakenly referenced his name instead of yours in my rush to send another complaint as quickly as possible before the next LDPCSD meeting and subsequent action on falsehoods  – Actually it is quite easy to confuse your names considering the similar character and quality of work demonstrated thus far.  You sir, and your willing accomplices, (undoubtedly there are government employees who have also been “hoodwinked” regarding the facts and are innocent in this continuing fraud) are perfect examples of what is wrong (and needs to be cleaned up) within current California government.  I don’t know what you are attempting to achieve, but it certainly smacks discrimination against a particular class of citizens and a far cry from any reasonable concept of justice.  Yup, not over by a long shot!    

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YUP. NEVER SAY NEVER (as in today’s example)

I will never attend another Lake Don Pedro CSD Board of Directors Meeting. Even though I only listened to the Board and Staff Pledge THEIR ALLEGIANCE TO THE FLAG, read the below Public Comment blah, blah, blah and returned home.


(Lew Richardson, customer for almost 30 years)

Unfortunately, there appears to be no change in the SPECIAL INTEREST DIRECTION this CSD and our new GM are headed.   A GM whose water industry employment background has been unilaterally designated as CONFIDENTIAL and restricted from public review by Board President Danny Johnson.  This related issue could indicate a less than above board continuing relationship between former GM Kampa, the Merced Irrigation District, and those special interests outside the legal Place of Use for Merced River water demanding continued, and expanded, extremely expensive subsidized groundwater substitution paid for by the legal owners – while the board considers raising our rates and fees?

This board has for years refused to answer legitimate questions posed by the public regarding this continuing SUBSIDIZED GROUNDWATER SUBSTITUTION deception, so I will ask an important question and provide the obvious answer our Board refuses to acknowledge:

Why has the most important STATE WATER BOARD REPORT OF INVESTIGATION – complete with “THE FINAL ANSWER TO THE OFFICIAL WATER LICENSE POU MAP – (which was the stated goal of Kampa’s $35,000 digital mapping project)  — NOT IN TODAY’S AGENDA PACKET?

Because once again, an ABSOLUTELY FALSE STATEMENT IS BEING “PLANTED INTO THE OFFICIAL RECORD FOR WATER LICENSE 11395” in an effort to continue subsidized special benefit groundwater substitution for land developers outside the water license place of use of the subdivision.   BUT HOW one might ask?




  The only time those wells provided 100% of the community’s water was during the emergency drought when, under threat of a $500 fine, customers voluntarily reduced their water consumption by 50%, with many experiencing substantial  financial landscaping loss in addition to great inconvenience and unnecessary frustration.  This should not be our new norm for water use.


Why is this patently false statement, contained in the ACTUAL REPORT OF INVESTIGATION LETTER, with two exhibit maps, not provided in the agenda packet with the cover letter addressed to a GM that is no longer employed by the LDPCSD? 

BECAUSE this community is unequivocally being set up for not only FURTHER OUTSIDE MIDPOU SPECIAL BENEFIT WATER SERVICE FOR THOSE LAND OWNERS NOT ENTITLED TO LICENSED WATER, but more importantly – THIS REPORT ESSENTIALLY ESTABLISHES AN ERRONEOUS BASELINE OF A PERMANENT 50% WATER REDUCTION FOR OVER 3,100 LEGAL LDPOA SUBDIVISION PROPERTIES for the sole intent of providing extremely expensive special benefit water service to those property owners clearly outside the legal place of use for Merced River Water. 


Hey viewers! Why else do you think the maps and other very important information contained in that Report of Investigation was not in the agenda packet for the public to review? (Thinking cap time! lol)

My best to you and yours, Lew

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I was blah, blah, blahing about some of the spectacular “sand form designs” captured and illustrated on several Google Earth images I downloaded while researching a prospective Nevada “Plan B Final Home” site. (My current “California Final Home” designation is under serious reconsideration.) I sent Leanne the digital images so we could view and discuss them one at a time over the telephone.

I was FULL SPEED rattling on about how the meandering arms reminded me of the Humboldt River itself and how it twists and turns cutting a 300 mile journey across Nevada (NE to SW) before disappearing into the Earth at the Humboldt Sink outside Lovelock, Nevada. (Longest river within one state). Blah, blah, blah……like the Mississippi River when…….blah blah blah, Can you imagine living in an area where…..blah blah blah…..

When Leanne was able to squeeze in a comment she said, “reminds me of a Squid”.

Strange how appreciating her excellent observation affected me. Although continuing to talk about the property images and possibilities, from the moment the word “Squid” left her mouth and was received by my ears – some automated switch activated a biological process deep within the recesses of my grey static matter. Instantly connections and associations between a Squid and the desert were being formed, organized and arranged as lyrics.

Thank you Leanne! Just think….Desert Squid is now excellent shorthand in locating a specific area during a telephonic property search discussion, you know? Like…..”Yeah, see where the canal turns south and meets the “cork screw” road? Go 1/2 a mile due east and then north 1 mile – there appear to be a number of Desert Squid dancing in the NE quarter of section 9 – LOL

Yup, perfectly descriptive of what we were viewing on those satellite images but now I can’t get that desert animal out of my mind!

My best to you and yours, Lew

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Guess what emails I found this morning? Only took a little over three years for the State of California to officially acknowledge the obvious legal WL11395 Place of Use boundary for Merced River water in the Lake Don Pedro area?

A boundary intentionally misrepresented by former GM Pete Kampa for many years due to his own special interests dealing with LAFCO (Local Agency Formation Commission) ANNEXATIONS to the Lake Don Pedro CSD he personally set up in the mid 1990s! Wow.

Maybe it didn’t really take that long to confirm the fact Pete Kampa had provided false information to the State of California on multiple occassions?

Perhaps the SWRCB was simply dragging out this almost “internally closed investigation” while waiting for PETER KAMPA to parasitically attach himself to another special district host? Certainly it shouldn’t take too long to find another base of operations for his KAMPAGANDA MANAGEMENT STYLE, after all, good ‘ol Pete has been a CSDA (California Special District Association) director for approximately 20- years and actually trains others on how to operate and manage special districts. Surely such an impressive background would assist greatly with any special district employment opportunity.

Kampa gets hired by GROVELAND CSD up the hill this May/June and PRESTO! – the long awaited State response arrives late June! lol What a coincidence yeah?

This most recent report by Feldhaus (the then “3 month new state employee” who was prepared to close the investigation based on further false information provided by then GM Kampa – Remember the resolution Kampa had prepared for the meeting to proceed with his special benefit services outside the WL11395 POU because the SWRCB had accepted his “INTERPRETATION” of the POU? Good Heavens.),

Remember my blah, blah, blah on that almost closure by Feldhaus and Kampa? My how time flies yeah? It was only a year ago….(dreamy type music and fade to old post:)

anyway, this report by Feldhaus starts out rather curiously as it was approved by a supervisor on June 26, 2019 yet the date heading was left blank. No biggie.

Yup, finally the state response addressed to Peter Kampa, General Manager Lake Don Pedro Community Services District on June 27th, 2019 – but Pete has moved on to a more lucrative position leaving LDPCSD customers with the expense of his and the board’s deceptions regarding the actual motive for developing those extremely expensive groundwater wells. – FURTHER EXPANSION AND DEVELOPMENT OF LAFCO ANNEXED PROPERTIES THAT WERE CLEARLY OUTSIDE THE LEGAL WATER USE BOUNDARY OF THE SUBDIVISION AND GOLF COURSE – ALL WITH PUBLIC FUNDS.

So here’s the SWRCB conclusion of the matter while far more serious criminal aspects to this water license scam have apparently evaded long overdue investigations, much less, prosecution.







Nope, incorrect. While it maybe true the wells provided water to the community it certainly was not the actual water demand being met as all customers were under a fine imposed drought water restriction which constituted a 50% reduction in water use for that time period.



(Notice the statement is true when applied to outside place of use customers only – but not all customers and normal water demand!)

Just one example of questionable statements.

Feldhaus 1/5
Feldhaus 2/5
Feldhaus 3/5
Feldhaus 4/5
Feldhaus 5/5

This is absolutely disgusting on a number of levels, but I have spent my entire day printing, scanning, downloading and uploading these pages so you folks can take a look at this mess. Suffice it to say, this CSD, State and entire country is in serious trouble with people like Pete Kampa falsifying government documents and “interpreting law” for special interests.

You know, this is exactly the type of stuff that dramatically increases the cost of government services which is only passed on to innocent already victimized customers who continually pay more and receive less.

Thank you and Happy Fourth of JULY

To every American patriot

Others have a peaceful day

Enemies can just eat _ _ _ _ .

My best to you and yours, Lew

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LDPCSD June 17 2019 Meeting

Notes from the office $3.00 CD

President Danny Johnson opens June 17th, 2019 Lake Don Pedro CSD Monthly Board meeting at 1303 hours, VP Hankemeier and Director Warren absent.  Pledge of allegiance. 

Public Comment: Wes Barton stated be believed a non-confidential report regarding our new general manager’s employment back ground might be made available for the public, but stated it did not appear to be on the agenda.  Barton also questioned who had been made Board Treasurer…. Johnson advised the Treasurer had not yet been appointed and thanked Barton for his comments. Did not mention the confidential nature of our new GM’s employment background.

President Johnson again thanked Pete Kampa for his service to the LDPCSD and welcomed Patrick McGowan as the new GM.  Johnson then turned the meeting over to the “two GM’s” as he was unaware of which would be speaking first.   

Pete Kampa advised he had no report for the meeting.   Kampa stated the board should probably direct the new GM as to how meetings in the future would proceed and suggested an upcoming agenda item to address the matter of setting initial goals.   Kampa referenced his past work as a starting point.  

Board President Johnson questioned Kampa about the projected grant reimbursements.   Kampa said there were two grants in the “hopper” (processing) of which he was aware unless something had happened he did not know of yet ….. Stated both grants having been submitted and accepted around mid-May ….  Usually takes 6 weeks, and he expects payment to be made before the first of the fiscal year – a few weeks.   Both are from the Department of Water Resources – both focused on the service line replacement project. 

($3,000 – $4,000 each for line replacement with 80+ lines replaced during the first round that reportedly WERE NOT LEAKING  – information has been rather sketchy since then!   (Consider:  between $240,000 – $320,000 to tear up subdivision roadways and replace NON LEAKING WATER LINES – how did that lower our massive continuing water loss for both raw and treated water?  Simply RAZZLE DAZZLE public with GRANT MONEY DISTRACTIONS FROM REALITY!) 

 [A FUTURAMA episode phrased an example of grant fraud waste as “DUMP TRUCK LOADS OF FLAMING GRANT MONEY”  .,..or something like that  LOL!]

Patrick McGowan, new General Manager.  Will be meeting with the District’s engineer tomorrow to ascertain the status of the various projects to make sure he was on the same page.  Working with the employees who had been very helpful in familiarizing him with district business.  McGowan also (apparently) thanked Pete Kampa for his calls and emails.   Stated he liked the work and the challenge and believed he would do a good job.   

Randy Gilgo, Operations Supervisor: Randy commented that his operations report was as straight forward as it always was.   Stated he was unsure where they were with the INTAKE PROJECT – confirmed a failure a couple of weeks ago with the one remaining working pump. (Two pumps at Lake intake.)  Cannibalized parts from the inoperative pump to repair the working one.  Stated his biggest concern right now was the new PG&E plan of shutting off power during high fire dangers and how to secure another source of power for water operations in case of PG&E shutoff.  

Director Emery Ross confirmed the district could go 2-3 days if system was completely filled prior to shutoff but Randy explained everything would have to be 100% filled because transferring from one site to another would not be possible.  Randy said even if PG&E turned the power off for two days, then back on for two days we would still be without water due to the high summer water demand (two days would not be enough to fully recharge all water tanks – takes 7-10 days to refill everything.)  

Mandatory rationing may be part of the solution.

Ross spoke of configuring his own backup system (evidently for his outside place of use commercial cattle ranch which must be supplied groundwater replacement since outside the water license permitted service boundary of the subdivision) and asked if he could fill a 1,000 gal tank with water from another site that might have water.  Board Secretary Syndie Marchesiello commented that would likely be a board decision.  Director Ross, again, wanted to know if a customer came to the district compound with a tank could it be filled with water?   Randy stated for animals, yes, the district would furnish water for customer tanks at the LDPCSD compound. (Untreated raw water from the lake.)

GM McGowan stated the topic had already been addressed with Pete Kampa and Blackwater Engineering (Jeff Black, District engineer) regarding hazard mitigation plans.

(REM?  Kampa and the Tuolumne County Hazard Mitigation agreement?)    

Johnson suggested contacting Mariposa County in regards to their emergency mitigation plans.   

McGowan questioned whether grants were available for emergency generators?  Kampa stated they originally were not but there has been a change in the thinking at the state level and changes may permit obtaining funds for such emergency power generation.       Kampa stated mobile generators might be considered.  (Mobile vs a permanent installation)  Kampa suggested moving forward aggressively on the matter for the future but this summer is out of the question.)

Very likely that power will be shut off during a “RED FLAG WARNING” which could be up to eight days as was the case in the camp fire.   Once the warning was lifted all transmission lines would have to be inspected before being re-energized which could mean another week in waiting.)   


1335hrs:  VP Dan Hankemeier arrives at meeting.

Danny Johnson asked what were the sizes of the pumps?  How much power would be required?  A 40HP pump would require approximately 32 KW.  Randy stated someone would have to come in and calculate what the power requirements would be. 

Kampa stated in Groveland they were using much larger generators.  100kw  Maybe $100,000 – $150,000 installed each.  Plus fuel tanks.  Groveland was going to get 5 units.  

Arbolada Drive does have a booster pump and generator setup, so ironically, the smallest area of water service for homes up on the hill (although more outside place of use expanded water service was to be added to the area in other proposed future developments) will  be protected from water loss in the event of PG&E shutoff for as long as the reservoir holds water.

WES BARTON commented on the grants being handy but none of that will help us now if PG&E shuts off the power.  He suggested perhaps a political remedy might be pursued to stop PG&E from implementing such a policy until districts such as ours had a chance to obtain the necessary emergency support equipment. 

Victor Afanasiev questioned the amount of time PG&E would provide prior to shutoff?  Ross responded, one hour.   Danny Johnson stated the availability of generators may not be too good during an emergency.  Johnson brought up the idea of increasing rates and fees again.

CONSENT CALENDAR, pages 5-16.  Two May meetings.  Hankemeier questioned the lower cost for water in May.  Barton stated Hankemeier was absolutely right because the water amount sold for the groundwater wells jumped from 1,900 to the next month of over 4,000. 

Board Secretary requested the VP furnish the questioned account number:  Hankemeier responded:  01-1-5021-561.

Wes Barton stated we still had the fouled up receivable numbers, intake water imbalance, labor rates from $7,000 up to $11,000, whole bunch of problems…..been ignoring for a long time and we do not have a Treasurer.  Barton recommended everyone, including the new GM, read the last two audits to see what makes the LDPCSD “tick” financially, take courses on financial reporting and management, look at the possibility of obtaining an in house financial controller/treasurer, ascertain exactly what cash we have on a daily basis as this has not been done for some time, …Barton said that money will be down to next to nothing real quick, Barton stressed that was our biggest problem…not having a treasurer and a financial controller.  (A CPA 50 miles away was not sufficient.)

Director Emery Ross:  Page 5:  Unrestricted …. Cash brought in is less than spent (possibly a timing mistake in payments)

Wes Barton stated the district is still unaware of its exact financial position which he has commented on for a very long time.

Consent agenda approved unanimously.

Discussion items:  Approval of fiscal budget.  Kampa provided an overview.  One of many policy actions.  Spending, financial projections for future, is cash flow adequate?  Enough cash for the next six months?  A budget can be very tight or more relaxed.  Now recommending a preliminary budget due to the change in personnel….must adopt a final budget by September 1st.  Kampa again brought up modifying revenue….(RATE AND FEE INCREASES TO CUSTOMERS). 

Projected $100,000 short next year already.  Kampa suggested from a practical point increasing rates every year with cost of living changes.   Should perform another rate study for approximately $50,000.  What goes up, down…..plan for new rates and vacant parcels, aka AVAILABILITY FEES on PROPERTY TAXES.  Kampa said there were strategies to get rates increased…… perhaps take on more debt for projects, vote YES or NO.  Revenue options to be researched for the future.   Doesn’t see much in cost cutting options especially with no growth. 

GM McGowan stated he was still researching all the information but agreed rate increases would likely be necessary.   

LEW’S VIEW:  Kampa stating district should budget for contingencies?  Wow. Really?  How does a SPECIAL DISTRICT budget for the contingency of a 20 year CALIFORNIA SPECIAL DISTRICT ASSOCIATION (CSDA) director spearheading a 20+ year criminal conspiracy to quietly reconfigure the Place of Use boundary for water license 11395?  Much less using a DIGITALLY CREATED FAKE WL1135 POU MAP (to replace the “physically existing” official map on file with the SWRCB in Sacramento) in order to provide SUBSIDIZED SPECIAL BENEFIT GROUNDWATER SUBSTITUTION WATER SERVICE TO OWNERS OF LAFCO ANNEXED PROPERTIES (outside the legal POU of residential subdivision) that KAMPA himself had wrongfully set up over twenty years ago when beginning his infamous water career here in California?  In other words, how can a district possibly plan for such outrageous criminal activities by those in extremely powerful positions in state wide lobbying organizations supposedly serving a public interest?

Wes Barton commented that if the board of directors wants the public to approve another rate/fee increase and were bringing costs down every year, there would be no problem, however, when the board is a HIGH COST PRODUCER?  Our district is now based on the high cost operations of government and granting authorities so your costs will be high – changes the entire way the district operates – that’s where we are now.

Director Ross:  Questioned Pete as to trying to have water rates coincide with cost of living allowance? Kampa said no, you could do it every five years though.  Johnson suggested the “pain” to customers is reduced when a number of small rate increases are used rather than big ones. 

Preliminary budget approved, unanimous.

Kampa asked if the public hearing had been set for public notice….Syndie responded in July. 

Page 23:  Transfer of funds from LAIF reserves.  (LOCAL AGENCY INVESTMENT FUND- I believe) which pays 10 times the return as a regular money market fund.

Kampa advised LAIF was restricted only to requiring board action for withdrawal transfers.   Apparently the new GM suggested transferring $500,000 which was not currently in the account – with that figure apparently based on anticipated grant reimbursements.     Kampa acknowledged that GM McGowan was placed in an unfair position as he has no experience with the prior financial policies and operations Kampa was handling.  Kampa advised the treasurer could make recommendations as to any withdrawals or deposits into that account,   (Ooops!  We don’t have a treasurer yet!) Kampa suggested another resolution to clarify future LAIF activities.    Kampa said board should provide access to the LAIF now (after things even out in July-August) and then later (after grant reimbursements make us financially whole again) establish how LAIF will be utilized thereafter.

Wes Barton thought the $160,000 in the LAIF had certain requirements and suggested the board go back to around the last Proposition 218 to raise rates and check the particulars.

Director Ross asked what the board was now doing regarding the matter?  

Short answer:  essentially providing GM Patrick McGowan with the authority to withdraw LAIF Funds to cover costs of district operation without the required prior individual board approvals for each withdrawal until grant reimbursements are received.

(When reimbursements are received (deposited?) this pre authorization (temporary access to funds) for GM withdrawal will cease.)  What if reimbursements are redirected away from the LAIF?    ????

No exact amount of money should be referenced since it is an unknown variable.

Unanimous board approval for temporary access to LAIF account.


 Kampa stated it was a failure on Dollar General’s part.  Kampa suggested a note for McGowan: make sure counties do not approve such projects prior to the approval needed from the LDPCSD.   (Tuolumne County approved the Dollar General for opening prior to the contract requirements being met according to district.) 

SO FOR ONE YEAR FROM JUNE 17, 2019 – any failures are the responsibility of DG.                                                

Easements, maps, cost accounting, maintenance bond to cover the first year.

Board accepts resolution: unanimous.   BECOMES FIXED ASSET FOR DISTRICT.                                                       

BOARD OF DIRECTORS OVERSIGHT ON NEW GM HEALTH BENEFITS:  To be provided immediately upon hiring (July 1st)

Director Ross questioned the availability of any additional coverage for a work related disability for McGowan based on his own (Ross) hardship with a work related permanent disability. Ross said the current agreement would not help him if so injured and board should look at the matter.  Emery said there were also limited extra disability insurance policies.

Board:  unanimous approval of resolution.

After the vote Pete Kampa spoke of learning experiences and “dynamic board experiences” suggesting Director Emery Ross might expect some policy or discussion to come up on a later agenda regarding this extra disability insurance coverage.   Board members agreed it would be discussed on a later agenda.

Johnson continued about meetings – items need to be brought to the GM for meeting agenda preparation.

Resolution approving those for bank access, signatures:  Approved unanimous.

 End of meeting, June 17, 2019 at 2:29PM

Miscellaneous welcomes and thank yous, small talk, Kampa made a point of stating he had  “this guy” picked out a long time ago.  

My best to you and yours, Lew

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Not saying a thank you from the Lake Don Pedro CSD was necessarily required or appropriate, but it would have been a nice gesture to at least acknowledge a customer’s pointing out an apparent error.

example: Got it, thanks – with all the work around here sometimes a typo slips through.

However, failing to at least acknowledge the submitted question might cause one to consider the possibility it wasn’t really a mistake for one reason or another?

But what about the subsequent new typo errors? Sure looks like a quick retype of the GM’s contract to correct the MERCED SUPERIOR COURT VENUE with the more appropriate MARIPOSA SUPERIOR COURT but actually resulted in several other mistakes.

But there’s something I believe more important: what do these new mistakes inadvertently actually point out? (Other than it has the earmarks of a traditional KAMPAGANDA deception – quickly put together “under the radar” for some emergency purpose to avoid public viewing and understanding – yet in the rush to get the work done the resulting mistakes reveal the deception.)

So what else is important besides the suggestion it was slapped together quickly without serious regard for quality?

Well, at least to me, clear evidence that the CSDA (California Special District Association) involvement with every aspect of our district management and operation is going to continue regardless of the past unethical assistance provided in violating state water law. Heck, it’s written into our new GM’s contract.

I’m all for continuing education in any field, but just like the national news media outrageous betrayal to citizens with all their FAKE NEWS AGAINST THE COMMON SENSE PROPOSED BY TRUMP —- where will our staff/employees be receiving all this continuing education in how to manage and operate a special district?

But to whose benefit?

The customer


the CSDA?

Lake Don Pedro CSD just concluded five years experience with the professional experience and integrity of a 20 year CSDA director. (One who conspired with other CSDA members and affiliates to violate state water right restrictions in WL11395 to provide special benefit water service to LAFCO annexations Kampa set up 20 years ago.)

And our new GM will be trained and instructed by such CSDA leaders and their organization?

Lord help us all.


JUNE 1st, 2019 email from Lew to the Syndie @ the LDPCSD:

ON page 4 of the May 22, 2019 LDPCSD Special Meeting agenda under Section 6, General Provisions, the second sentence states:

“Venue of any action shall be in the Superior court for the County of Merced or the US District Court for the eastern District of California, Fresno Division.”

Just curious, since the contract is to be followed in Mariposa/Tuolumne counties and the employing agency is in Mariposa County, why was the Merced Superior Court selected as the venue for any potential litigation regarding the employment contract?   Thank you, Lew

June 7, 2019 LDPCSD to Lew,

Your email question has been received and  is being reviewed and processed.


Syndie Marchesiello

No other information was provided from office then I see the VENUE CHANGE IN THE JUNE 17, 2019 agenda packet…….

I see everything differently now I have experienced the KAMPAGANDA CSDA et al EFFECT. This sure looks like some kind of LEFTIST DOMINATION of management and operation of special district services provided here in California to customers who essentially have no adequate, much less ethical, representation in the legal functioning of their own community service district. District gerrymandering and massive suspicious annexations violating LAFCOs own policies and regulations while saddling thousands of innocent MR WECS (Merced River Water Entitled Customers) of the LDPOA subdivision with picking up the ever increasing extra costs for special benefit water services?

Pete Kampa certainly left his CSDA MARK at the LDPCSD and I suspect a host of extremely expensive CSDA suggestions, encouragements, and furnished policies will follow.

Folks this isn’t just about our water service, it is about our entire country in general and how the radical left intentionally creates chaos while proposing solutions and claiming only they are capable of successfully correcting the problems they quietly create— all to gain and maintain support and power. Just a huge cycle of deception to maintain control with the ever increasing costs simply passed to the victim customers who have no powerful advocates with whom to represent their wrongful exploitation.

Heck, the counties were intimately involved with setting this outside Place of Use scam up in the first place with full knowledge of the state water license restrictions – but what community suffered for over 40 years due to politicians and government employees pursuing private goals rather than following public law? Would counties, especially when State Authority is exercised through local commissions such as LAFCO, intentionally violate existing state and federal law without some sort of powerful/influential “under the table”, “wink and nod”, “green light” from higher authorities in the state and US government?




All planned, initiated, and continued with the public’s money and resources.

Same type of scam Kampa & Kompany was practicing here in Lake Don Pedro for a quarter century.

My best to you and yours, Lew

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Well, add “canine injury” to the list of things which assist/permit/allow/facilitate/blah blah blah, more LAME activity (audio visual stuff) on my part.  (AKA, viewers being against ANYTHING which allows more time for this type of nonsense – lol)

A little over two weeks ago my GSD surprised me with a jaunt after some deer that frequent the area.  She sees them all the time.  Often just sits there watching them.  It’s almost like she puts on this big show for me…..GOOD LORD!  IT’S THOSE REALLY BIG THINGS ON THE HILLSIDE AGAIN!  GOT TO GET TO WORK….  WOOF WOOF WOOF!  Lol  Yup, she sees them all the time, but from inside the fence.  Most of the time she will stop and return when I call, (forgot the E- collar this time, and she’s “collar wise”- never have to “correct” while she is wearing it because she behaves) not this time- that is, not until disappearing over the hilltop for (what seemed like a long time), but maybe a minute or so.    So what does a deer do when— some domesticated long haired fur ball ignorantly believes chasing it (the deer) on the home turf of heavy foothill brush and tall weeds is a good idea early in the morning?  Probably something on the order of …..

(First deer to second one)  “JAKE!   JAKE!  Look!  Look!  The brown fussy female is finally outside the fence and chasing me from a start point of over 50 yards away steep downhill!  Look at this!”  (Jake uncontrollably laughing, has to lean against an Oak for balance) “Be sure to introduce her to the new spring sticker patch!”   (Jessie laughing while obviously waiting for Liz to get a little bit closer before bouncing off into the darkness to provide a close up tour of the rescue patch of stickers.)  “Oh you can count on it.  Think she’ll make it to the corner?”  (Jake: “I doubt it, they both put on some pounds recently.)  Jessie: “Ok, then (laughing)….I’ll catch yooooou later!”    Jake chuckles and says:  “Be gentle but teach a lesson”!.  

Liz came back just as I was ready to drive up the hill.  Looked like some kind of specialty bakery or confectionery item, smoothly blended waves of dark chocolate, caramel, cream, and not just sprinkled with toppings, but all that sticky sweet looking waving color of goodness was heavily rolled in a generous pile of loose, dried vegetation, flaky brown and tan stickers, thorns, nettles, needles, etc.   

Crap. Now I’m not just hungry. I want candy. lol

Jesse gave her the full tour alright and I’ve been picking embedded stickers out since.  (Imagine little pieces of bloody wooden toothpicks removed from under your skin with tweezers!)  So, Vet visit for the ear, (the shaking head tells all) then later that same week, the left hip and leg became extremely swollen – (oh yeah, almost forgot the three days of diarrhea!  My pup was a sick little girl alright) and the swelling was spreading to the foot.  Looked like the leg belonged on a much larger animal and pushing maximum density. Couldn’t even feel the heel tendon (today is Sunday…2nd day of antibiotics, and other meds, and swelling finally down from hip area – I was afraid she was going to pop!)

My first thought was Rattlesnake – yet never a whimper, cry, panic, nothing – were the last four years of vaccinations doing their job?  Could there have been two injection points that she chewed away? (There was a large silver dollar sized “lump” with one small opening that was oozing – and the Vet found another spot further away which looked more like the one I first observed the night before. What the heck?) I have also recently dispatched two one buttons (very dangerous because you can’t hear them as well), no doubt there are many more, But still….Liz is real furry….how could she have been bitten without my knowing?)

Oh yeah, there was also a definite loss of appetite but thankfully would always accept good portions of water.

Was finally was able to inspect the wound (night before appointment) but whatever it was she had chewed out the area (or had venom of some type partially eaten it away – as the initial area around the “chewed spot” was purple/black (Confusing two different injuries?) then bright red to pink, reducing to the natural color of her skin,  ????  kind of a tan cream? At least in that hip area.  Anyway, something really bad got her ……  OR…. another sticker embedded very deep with a resulting infection?  Hot compresses, continuing oozing, eventually swelling down.  And today?  I can finally feel the heel tendon! Think another visit will be in order soon.  I suspicion some foreign object needs to come out, but maybe not.  We shall see right?  Anyway, Liz is much better (preemptive) thank you. My best to you and yours, Sew   (lol)

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Why not?

Seems that whatever actually happened— it is less clear than the above article!

Good Lord – look how close he came! Figured the below was important enough to take the time to re-type it so viewers could read it easier…….. (frankly, this is another perfect example of why CALIFORNIA is in such serious trouble – just look at the character and integrity of those managing and directing the very important Special District services provided citizens within this state! We pay more and more, for less and less, thanks to cheats like Peter Kampa.)

Peter Kampa and his fellow conspirators attempted to surreptitiously replace the official STATE WATER RESOURCES CONTROL BOARD (SWRCB) water license 11395 Place of Use map on file in Sacramento with a FAKE DIGITAL POU MAP which Kampa had created through – you guessed it – other CSDA member organizations. This (and much more) in his secret effort to provide an expanded SUBSIDIZED SPECIAL BENEFIT GROUNDWATER SUBSTITUTION WATER SERVICE FOR PROPERTY OWNERS HOLDING LAFCO ANNEXED PROPERTIES WHICH KAMPA HIMSELF WRONGFULLY SETUP TWENTY YEARS EARLIER WHEN STARTING HIS INFAMOUS WATER CAREER HERE IN CALIFORNIA.

[Thus, the following CSDA information only further encourages a thinking individual to puke in utter disbelief when considering the Peter Kampa documented track record in special district management!]

(from article)






(Now back to blah, blah, blah “Lew View”)

Sounds like a monopoly on special district management doesn’t it?



Good election 2020 motto,


My best to you and yours, Lew

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