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Regardless of what I may be doing in, or out of the house, I can always count on much “intended assistance” from my canine companion Liz. Yup, always anxious to help in any way possible.

Unfortunately, Liz was recently diagnosed with Pannus, or superficial keratitis, (a progressive auto immune eye disease, which if not treated, could lead to complete blindness) yes, an “out of the blue” heartbreak that emerged quite suddenly like so many things in life inevitably do. What I incorrectly believed to be a common temporary allergic reaction, ie, extra “sleep” and bloodshot eyes, suddenly took on a more serious meaning when I noticed what appeared to be a small “blood clot type growth” in her right eye. That was on a Saturday. Sunday morning the left eye had a similar growth so an appointment was made on Monday morning with our vet.

(After learning of the disease and LATER researching the matter, turns out Liz had displayed the TEXT BOOK symptoms of the disease onset which I had IGNORANTLY BUT EXACTLY recorded in a written report furnished to our Vet on Monday. I kid you not! Until he furnished the disease name and some of the consequences, I had no idea what was going on as it came about so fast. First the right eye was affected at the 10-11 o’clock outside position (not sure exactly how long), but then left eye, 3-4 o’clock position the following Sunday morning!


(old Alice Cooper lyric)

Factors believed to trigger this disease are the common air born culprit pollutants affecting many animals with eye hypersensitivities: wind, dust, pollen, air born chemicals, smoke, etc., however, UV light (Ultraviolet light) sensitivity has also been linked.

Apparently, as with so many diseases (human and otherwise) traced to autoimmune disorders, Pannus involves the body’s INCORRECT detection of something wrong OR INVADING THE BODY and assistance/repair begins in the form of “vascular tissue” forming in the cornea (the clear part of the eye). As the small capillaries bring blood to the “incident area requiring this “over-board unnecessary assistance” the cornea begins to cloud, almost like a cataract and if untreated will result in complete blindness.


GOOD NEWS: Eye drops twice a day will stop the vascular tissue production – but once started can NEVER STOP or the disease returns with a vengeance. Curiously, Pannus is usually associated with RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis) where this vascular tissue (tissue full of small blood capillaries causing the inflammation) grows between the moving joints causing pain and inflammation. Pannus also grows around artificial heart valves – and no doubt in many other situations I haven’t read about or have even been discovered yet.

We started the eye drops immediately and the very next day (Tuesday) progress was observed (sleep like discharge completely gone). Although there appears to be some permanent damage detected it is minor and does not seem to have seriously compromised her vision. I read a number of articles by owners who later discovered AFTER THE FACT that their beloved pet was completely blind, but due to residing and living in the same environment the animal had compensated with the other senses thus outwardly presenting the appearance of an otherwise full vision functioning animal that was actually completely blind!

I felt sick recalling all those days and nights of the thick “fog like” smoke due to the wildfires….and my own firebreak and debris burning. I thought about the many hours poor Liz (in fact all my canine companions) spent outdoors with me in our typically very bright CALIFORNIA SUNSHINE DAYS while working on the property and maintaining landscaping – (naturally with frequent breaks and games of chase!) I felt very guilty as I reflected on my always wear sunglasses yet my best friend had no protection what-so-ever from the bright light. I just took it for granted animals have naturally adjusted. Never considered my best friend also required such protection.

“WE” were discussing the matter that evening (after the morning’s very disheartening diagnosis and our second round of eye drops) Side note: I believe this a blessing in the respect I will be taking better care of my own eyes as a result of caring for Liz since I have been using “drops” for many years and will be less likely to skip a treatment while caring for my companion. We simply take our meds at the same time and relax for a few minutes together!

(Perhaps we will actually avail ourselves to some calming do-it-yourself “Medication Music” for our mutual “treatment time” like Nurse Ratched used on “ONE FLEW OVER THE COO-COOs NEST”? LOL! Actually, she is “accepting” the drops without problem already! Psst…she knows there’s a “cookie” coming afterwards. )

Anyway, that evening on the back deck while evaluating the day’s activities and what our future plans might be, I blurted out: “surely someone out there has created a solution to this UV light problem?”

Liz cocked her head to the side in her classic “highly attentive listening position” when I proposed: “let’s check the internet” – and inside we proceeded for some research.


REX SPECS GOGGLES – 100% UV light protection!

The realization that assistance was out there actually tested the functioning of my own eyes a bit and the information presented on assisting Liz with the transformation was sincerely appreciated as well as right on the mark!

Starts with just getting use to the goggles. Sniffing, touching, watching me practice putting the lens in, taking it out, changing the lens, stretching the straps, adjusting, etc. Putting them on her, taking them off. Associating “GOOD EXPERIENCES” with the goggles – her first 20 mile truck ride proved they were also useful in protection from insect impacts when hanging out the window sniffing cows!


I even refer to my glasses as goggles, and her goggles as glasses! The other night she was sitting directly in front of me, I also was sitting and leaned over to tap her right lens with a pencil, I then tapped the right lens of my glasses, then tapped her left lens, then my left lens, all the while talking about “GOOD PROTECTION FOR OUR EYES”.

Outside still without lens

STOPS THE BUGS TOO! (Psst…lenses are certified IMPACT RESISTANT ALSO! Same as police and firefighters use — oh yeah, and canine officers of course! lol)

Two of me in the lens too!

Yesterday, while cleaning up storm damage and routing drainage, I wondered what project Liz was working on at the time? Where is she? So I called her “Lizzie what are you doing?” As usual she immediately responded with a clear answer.
















SO much for worrying if the goggles will interfere with her normal “work routine” – in fact, they seem to only be expanding her adventures!

My best to you and yours, Lew

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Of course I can always go back at a later time and add the music, but that’s probably not going to happen as that “someday go back to list” seems to keep growing as new ideas emerge. It’s all quite weird actually and I still don’t understand what is happening except for the fact these “traitors” have hit a nerve of recognition – they intentionally violated the law, and that harms our entire system of Justice and Law – even in the current STATE OF CALIFUSION.

The LDPCSD BOD had a sacred public trust that they would obey the law but they intentionally violated it in the name of private Special Interest catering with public funds.

They were NEVER PART of any ethical or legal solution to “save the community from drought”, rather, they only used the drought as camouflage for the underhanded “bait and switch” groundwater wells for a subsidized water service to the LAFCO ANNEXATIONS Kampa set up in the mid 1990s as a rogue employee. Our board of directors did however, successfully illustrate another example of grassroots, local corruption in the FAKE PUBLIC SERVICE ARENA. They served only their own interests.

Let’s see…..really like the new keyboard. Feels “good” to the fingertips and I like the clear crisp sound. Naturally the lighting is quite helpful also at night. Although it was recommended for typing purposes it is also a “game keyboard” so has lots of cool built in formats for game navigation – using lighting assistance. (Apparently the navigation keys differ a bit between popular games and the keyboard can be set up to “highlight” with color only those particular keys. Something I will likely never use, but once again, NEVER SAY NEVER! For instance, if someone had told me years ago that I would be sending a portion of my limited funds to a billionaire “out of the blue President” I would have probably suggested their chronic use of hallucinogens could be extremely dangerous for a healthy functioning brain. lol Who knows? Maybe someone will come up with a cool anti Democrat Progressive Socialist Left Game? Hey, I’ll be ready with my programed navigation keys with assorted background colors! lol)

Anyway, figured I’d save a lot of time (Oak tress are leafing out, things are in bloom and I can hear the weeds growing and giggling out there right now!) and just post the lyrics (I wonder, are they lyrics before the music has been completed, or just intended lyrics? A poem? Doesn’t matter I guess unless I finish the darn thing! right?) Anyway, as is so typical with my blah, blah, blah…..repetition thing — you know? Like a broken record? lol – as long as you are going to have to imagine the missing music to the below whatever, ….would you mind doing me a BIG FAVOR and imagine something really, really good that YOU WOULD LIKE TO LISTEN TO WHILE READING, you know, something I would not have been able to create anyway? lol (Like the commercial says ……”Look at me get things done!”)


Our citizens are loving and tolerant

Always giving and generally just cool

But the left believes they have played US

For privileged American fools?


Our understanding and compassion

Indeed all diversity acceptance

They have secretly and wrongfully weaponized

And are actively using against US


Apparently believe we’ll just accept more

Of their continuing betrayal of OUR HOME

But if shocked by the election in 2016

I look forward to their reactions to come!



OUR GREAT United States of America

Like any family we bicker and argue

When attacked patriots fight as one


The vast majority of Americans

Are gender, color, culturally blind

They mind their own business, live and let live

And expect the same treatment in kind


 But this time the Progressive Socialist Left

Have entirely left ANY reasonable rails

They set up this fight long, long ago

Time to beat ’em all back to their hell!



My best to you and yours, Lew

However, scoundrels beware! 

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Since the beginning of time there have been hard working and productive people from all over the world (not just one identified race, ethnic background or religious belief, etc.) who created valuable community environments reflecting their own individual and unique systems of societal management and concepts of fair distribution of accumulated wealth to citizens.

Unfortunately, when word of the PRODUCERS accomplished wealth spread to other less prosperous areas these PRODUCERS were often forced to protect that which they had worked so hard to develop for their community from the resulting hordes of less productive, often just plain lazy, demanding, opportunistic invading thieves. (Groups dedicated to”conquest and taking”, rather than “Co-operation and making”.)

As the once compassionate and voluntary generosity of the “producers” in providing outside non workers with what they needed, wanted and ultimately demanded as “THEIR RIGHT”, began to wane, (due to continuing outrageously unethical exploitation and abuse of the LEGITIMATE PRODUCERS by the DEMOCRAT PROGRESSIVE SOCIALIST LEFT, or DPSL) a dramatic transformation of society indeed took place. Although perhaps not exactly what the DPSL activists may have envisioned.

Perhaps this was the perfect opportunity for the PRODUCERS to compel THE DEMOCRAT PROGRESSIVE SOCIALIST LEFT to, not only prove the validity of their theories of OPEN BORDERS AND FREE HANDOUTS BEING SOLUTIONS TO the PROBLEMS THEY CREATED, but to also effectively demonstrate how their NEW IDEAS IN OUR CHANGING AMERICA COULD BE SUCCESSFULLY IMPLEMENTED!  Yes, indeed, they could now FINALLY BE THE CHANGE THEY DESIRED AND DEMANDED THROUGH EXAMPLE!

Imagine the progress that could be made in the ever increasing problem of adequate affordable housing……  (this is where you would hear the “dreamy type music” lol)

Democrat Progressive Socialist Leftist:  “My husbands and I have determined this home will be perfect for us and our EXPONENTIALLY INCREASING FAMILY POPULATION. Yes, most certainly, we will TAKE this house!”   

Real estate agent, “I am so sorry but my supervisor just advised you and your extended family are registered and participating Democrat Progressive Socialist Leftists and not qualified for a number of options these particular homes offer. But be assured, there are many, many other locations with homes that will surely fit your political philosophy and activism which, as you may know, actually resulted in the creation of this NEW AMERICAN DREAM OF ACCOUNTABLE GOVERNMENT.”  

“What the hell are you talking about?” screams the angry prospective DEMOCRAT PROGRESSIVE SOCIALIST LEFTIST purchaser?

Well, specifically all burglar/intrusion alarm systems; emergency communication network devices; and any form of a functioning locking device for any door, window, cabinet, etc.”

“That makes no f@c#ing sense at all!” shouted the denied buyer.

 “Oh, and the complimentary provision of “a home defense firearm” option is also unavailable for DPSL home purchases due to your clear ANTI-GUN position, so you are not entitled to the pistol/shotgun combo.”

“Firearms included with the purchase of a home? That’s a stupid idea!” cried the DPSL activist.

Government real estate agent, “Then you should be pleased you are not entitled to the gifts, however, since the firearm option is not available, you are entitled to, and will receive with your DPSL structure purchase, a “I DO NOT BELIEVE IN ANY SECURITY MEASURES”  sign which is required to be permanently installed in all areas subject to public view around the property and affixed to the dwelling.”     

“This is insane!”, cries the denied purchaser.  “How the hell will we know when driving through neighborhoods looking for a house not listed yet which are DPSL APPROVED OR DENIED?”

“As required by new housing regulations established by the NEW GOVERNMENT, all DPSL homes are spatially grouped together in areas to facilitate communities of “like minded” consumers living in their preferred select environments”, explained the government realtor.

“But how can we, as prospective DPSL purchasers, identify these DPSL areas and the approved homes within those areas?” the disappointed home seeker inquires.

“Oh that’s easy, they will be the neighborhoods still on fire or smoldering as emergency police and fire services vary greatly in those DPSL locations.”

“Am I on some kind of joke hidden camera show?” the frustrated DPSL questions while looking around for a hidden camera.

“Sorry, afraid not, but DPSL neighborhoods can also generally be recognized by the numbers of crazed “out of area looters” scampering about from house to house with assorted items not belonging to them, well, that is when not on their traditional “rape breaks”. It’s all pretty straight forward.”

“You must be f@c#ing kidding me…..?” the horrified wanna be buyer exclaims.

“See that long rising column of black smoke to the left of the “DPSL WE DEMAND CHANGE” billboard by the closed highway on-ramp?”, the realtor pointed.

“Yeah”, said the denied buyer.

“That might be a good place for you and your extremely large family of believers to start your search as they have a very large selection DPSL housing with an excellent turnover in smoke damaged-light vandalized structures.  You are sure to get the deal you and your large family deserve over there.”

“But, but, but….we never wanted ANY OF THIS INSANE NIGHTMARE! It’s not fair! It’s discrimination” exclaims the denied DPSL home purchasers as they are “escorted off the property” by “NEW SOCIETY MANAGEMENT SPECIALISTS”.

“I am so sorry”, frowned the realtor, “but government records clearly indicate you supported and empowered the party that did.”

“But we didn’t know this could happen!”

“Again, very sorry, but records clearly indicate your leaders and followers were all clearly placed on notice that your activities were ANTIAMERICAN and threatening our system of justice, law, and order. Darn shame you don’t believe, because I was going to suggest that God have mercy on your ignorant misguided soul because what survived of our prior government has been reconfigured into the new system of justice and law dedicated to the legitimate citizens of this country, which cannot by law – even if they wanted to – forgive your stupid acts of treason. Well, good luck – better get moving though because it gets rather dangerous in that neck of the woods after dark.”

My best to you and yours, Lew

PS – Excluding those who are still actively seeking destruction of OUR UNITED STATES of AMERICA, ………of course! 🙂

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Open Borders, open Boundaries

Motives just the same

Give away our US rights

Through redistribution games

Like carney scams in a passing circus

By time the cheats discovered

To another community deceptions spread

With a rare chance to recover

Crimes against our citizens

Perpetuated through duplicitous leaders

Who betray sworn Oaths to public service

Favoring other Anti-US cheaters

Someone please explain to me

How such a nightmare ends

Without the permanent removal of

Those directing this corruption begin?

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LOOK CLOSER – “once again immediately below”

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Well, guess who just discovered he accidentally wiped out an unknown amount of blah, blah, blah while learning this new website format? Toss that viewer a cookie! Yup. I don’t do very well with this “off the cuff” writing, (verses cut and paste from Word), especially now. I’ll get a little mixed up and select the wrong command and BINGO. Further lost. I think I know when, and what I did. Deleted a bunch of “open unused blocks”. POOF! (And an unknown amount of…….)

As I recall, hang on…frozen pizza is done. (SAVED! Even though the oven timer will shut the oven off (wonder how many homes that option has saved?), sitting in there (forgotten) can make it look like a charbroiled taco as it folds up while over baking. Anyway, I was recounting a report by Pearson Sharp (ONE AMERICA NEWS)

Image result for oan reporters

regarding Donna Brazile’s realization that the “cancer in the democrat party” was Hillary Clinton. Anyway, Pearson pointed out how her original acknowledgement of that fact was played down and kept a secret for the sake of her beloved party, yet later in her book, clearly set the record straight that undoubtedly Hillary Clinton was at the source of all the corruption.

During this discussion (perhaps it was one of those “toss ’em a bone and see if they catch it” deals. lol) Pearson said something about there being questions as to why Donna Brazile had changed her acknowledgement regarding the clear evidence of Clinton’s responsibility…. I was in the recliner and immediately started yelling….”SHE DIDN’T WANT TO DIE!”

Think about it, like Pearson reminds people, Vince Foster (hell I remember that! – dead at the picnic table, body moved, other very suspicious stuff), Seth Rich – I remember that too! I was on the computer trying to get more information because what I had heard I immediately thought about the “body count” racked up behind the Clinton’s going back to Whitewater in Arkansas. Anyway, recall Seth Rich was the Democrat that perhaps provided the emails to Wiki leaks that was the victim of a curious robbery/murder. Gosh,….I lost a lot of stuff…..live and learn right.

Anyway, this should have been in the part of the Democrats would be better to investigate the murders of their own people than chasing after Trump and trying to make up stuff. They’ve got all sorts of criminal stuff. Another reason why I keep my “election sign” for HRC! OK, back to our previously posted blah, blah, blah…..

Surprised that I would advocate for the election of Hillary Clinton on my “Dead Tool Tree”? Shouldn’t be. I believe in the concept so much I’ve kept the sign up since 2016 and merely change the date each year to keep the sentiment current. When the tree eventually falls, and if no “election to prison” realized, I will put in a post and reinstall my support for the idea.

Dead tree for dead tools
Useful lives at an end
One will fall during a storm
To PRISON the other we’ll send!

Research reasons for that sign

And you will surely see

The joke “election” advertised

Is EXACTLY what it should be!



Look what that two-faced evil woman, and her misguided supporters, did to their own political party and other candidates! Can you imagine the irrevocable damage to this country’s Justice System if that “Duplicitous Evil Queen (and her minions) from the Democ- RAT/Progressive/Socialist/Left” had been successful? They almost were! Targeting innocent people with the power of the FBI and such?

SO what are the followers of this misguided and corrupt “Political Party” doing about the hi-jacking, diversion, and misuse of their organization in their continuing attempt to politically over-throw our nation through devious illegal operations?

Are they actively investigating the murders of their own supporters, who in the last hours of their lives WERE ACTING AS TRUE AMERICAN PATRIOTS COURAGEOUSLY ATTEMPTING TO SET THE RECORD STRAIGHT with the truth about what HILLARY CLINTON and her evil doers were doing within the DEMOCRAT PARTY? (VINCE FOSTER, SETH RICH, and the many others who suspiciously died during Clinton controversies….going all the way back to Whitewater, etc.?)



and as usual,



Crap! Look how the once GREAT STATE OF CALIFORNIA has been transformed and reduced to the poverty stricken CALIFUSION that it is – and it’s getting worse!

Take a look (if you can stand the distasteful realization) at our CALIFUSION STATE ATTORNEY GENERAL! Is there any wonder why this state is circling the drain? What was once a BEAUTIFUL TREND SETTING SOCIALLY ADVANCED STATE has become a filthy, disorderly, highest taxed state in the Nation that is even more corrupt and failing rapidly for all those who had worked so hard to make it the once great state that it was.

That it once


Xavier Becerra is obviously part of the problem, and was never intended to be part of any serious solution. He was brought here as Attorney General to not only protect his own cheating cowardly ass from legitimate investigation and prosecution in Washington DC, but to continue the “downward death spiral” of this once great state for his own nefarious special interest purposes. Misery loves company.

Such special interest criminals have NEVER SERVED THIS COUNTRY – and how could they when devoid of honor and integrity themselves? OPEN CALIFUSION BORDERS or OPEN LDPCSD WATER SERVICE BOUNDARIES BEYOND STATE WATER LICENSE – SAME CONCEPT, SAME CORRUPTION, just on a different scale.

More and more information is slowly “leaking out” as to the despicable activities with which such people were/are involved – all the way up to their Progressive – Socialist – Leftist lying eyeballs! Here is some ripening news that is bound to gain more traction as the chicanery is exposed.


You know viewers, I just finished writing a check to the MARIPOSA COUNTY TAX COLLECTOR for my property taxes and couldn’t help but add a little handwritten note on the face of the check:

“FOR WHAT? County refuses PIRs! Public Information Requests Ignored! Mariposa Co. LAFCO has cheated this subdivision for 40 years!”

Sure, doesn’t really solve anything, other than notifying everyone who handles that check exactly what I think about the integrity of Mariposa County Planning/LAFCO activities for the last 50 years. Perhaps a little personal satisfaction. Yes, 50 years, because the SPECIAL INTEREST ACTIVITY was obviously taking place some 10 years before the LDPCSD was formed by the two County LAFCOs (Local Agency Formation Commissions) of TUOLUMNE and MARIPOSA in August 1980 – with Mariposa designated the “lead (cheating) county agency”.)

Actually, this whole CALIFUSION SPECIAL DISTRICT CONCEPT appears to have also been HI-JACKED (if not specifically designed and intended to be another Progressive Socialist Left control technique of citizens) and diverted to the “dark side” where it has been used as a tool of the PSL to rob citizens of their entitled services which are then RE-DISTRIBUTED to where these “treacherous PSL leaders” deem more deserving or worthy.

OAN (ONE AMERICA NEWS) has a short commercial that scares the hell out of me even though I was always viscerally aware of the observation and to a degree, do agree with the general dark prospect:

“As California goes, so goes the rest of the nation”

One of my 2019 “quiet” personal resolutions was to make a sincere effort to get out of the house more and away from the never ending physical work on my property. You know? Although I do enjoy the outdoor work, sometimes I just get tired and physically worn out. I envisioned by going out and exploring more locally provided services and availing myself to more “discretionary fund” type activities that I would surely enjoy (and likely do again) would be a healthy and enjoyable change of pace.

Going out for “real food” in restaurants, viewing various forms of live and recorded entertainment, participating in local outdoor nature-adventure activities, etc., but after writing that check to MARIPOSA COUNTY for my much higher property taxes, that “spending plan” changed.

Realizing this local county government (or at least factions of it in the form of departments and commissions) has consistently and intentionally destroyed my property value and hard work for decades by refusing to abide by established operational rules, regulations, and laws guaranteeing equal protection under the law, as well as access to public information it possessed, …..a more acceptable, but abandoned, plan was re-instituted.

I would do something I swore I would NEVER DO AGAIN (due to the resulting flurry of similar requests crowding my mailbox – already full of unwanted garbage that goes from mailbox to the dump) ……

I will once again donate to the TRUMP CAMPAIGN rather than spending extra money locally for those “enjoyable extras”. Why unnecessarily offer further financial support within a county that has so egregiously betrayed my interests as a property owner and resident within the LAKE DON PEDRO SUBDIVISION?

Actually, if I were not so old and exhausted from having already spent 3 decades of back breaking work developing my “final home”, I would pack up and head for FREE AMERICA somewhere absent this PROGRESSIVE SOCIALIST LEFT PROGRAM OF DECEPTION, CORRUPTION and CONTINUING THEFT FROM CITIZENS.

But alas, I am too old to build another home, and another 30 years of landscaping is chronologically impossible. Besides, if I sold it would likely be at a loss and the same low-life real estate/land developing cheats that created and continue this Lake Don Pedro CSD fraud and continuing corruption, would benefit from my years of hard work. No thanks! Much easier to send what is left of my “extra money” to where it will do some good for this country and its future PATRIOTS!

Besides, I can still “treat myself” to some good stuff without supporting this crooked county. Knowing I will be doing this lakedonpedro.org stuff in opposition until the day I join my Dad and other loved ones who have left this plane of existence, along with the fact my current keyboard has worn away letter decals making re-positioning on the keyboard very difficult when typing, I finally ordered a new COMPUTER KEYBOARD! Yes I did! Actually my first backlit keyboard for the anticipated pounding it will inevitably be taking during the night and wee hours of the morning during blah, blah, blah sessions regarding this assault on OUR COUNTRY! lol

UNEQUIVOCALLY, the current State of Califusion has millions of very ignorant, low information voters, and just plain stupid people who will believe anything within it’s open porous borders, and to my utter chagrin, I am most certainly one of them.

Seriously, even I displayed this fact by sending an 80 plus page, certified mailed detailed complaint about the activities PETE KAMPA, Kampa Community Solutions, llc, KAMPACS, KCS, California Special Districts Association (CSDA), it’s members and affiliates, and our own local “Board of Defectors”, etc., have been pursuing in Lake Don Pedro since 2014 to the Califusion Department of Justice run by infamous Attorney General Xavier Becerra, who in response, politely suggested I do what already done (report matter to local authorities who did squat) or retain an attorney to represent my concerns instead of doing his job for which taxpayers already pay taxes! (Why does DOJ have units dedicated to investigating and halting public corruption? Oh…..think I just realized….those units were probably only set up to harass and disturb conservative organizations working for the average citizen! LOL)

So? How stupid was that? I mean sending someone like Xavier Becerra a complaint about public corruption and misuse of public funds for special interest benefit! LOL (Rather like a “Dear Mr. Fox, regarding the recent substantial loss of chickens, I must question your counting methods….”) lol

Remember how ‘ol Xavier reworded the GAS TAX PROPOSITION on the ballot to intentionally confuse voters?

DEAR LORD, PLEASE CONTINUE TO BLESS THE UNITED STATES of AMERICA and ALL HER CITIZENS. Protect them from such low life, disingenuous, self serving traitors who persist in plotting and working for the destruction of OUR AMERICA and her system of law and justice for all her citizens. Please continue to protect and inspire our courageous PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP and all his supporters, for their continuing successful draining of a “corrupt political swamp” that only breeds more of the dangerous infectious parasites already gorging themselves on our innocent citizenry. Amen.

Wonder if the new keyboard will assist in better clarifying my position? lol

My best to you and yours, Lew




You might be surprised how little many of these loud mouth, aggressive PSL activists actually know. When I was on the LDPCSD Board of Directors I had to tolerate such ignorance on a monthly basis by people I honestly thought were more intelligent.

“You only use 1/5 of the water allowed by the state but you won’t share because you are selfish pathetic human being whose against development of our community!” LOL!

All without the slightest notion of what they were grandstanding yelling and screaming about for their friends and family in the real estate/land development industry. Truly a pathetic show. That’s why the PSL hated this website and my verbatim transcriptions and later the audio/video of their outbursts and behavior at meetings. AOC is only one of many perfect “new examples” of this curious plan for the future.


And what happens when these self righteous “know it all people” get into positions of public trust? They violate their sworn duties (hand in the air – the whole bit) and intentionally violate existing law because of their true and higher allegiance to the agenda of the Progressive Socialist Left! You know, that “deep state” anti-government stuff. They obviously believe their “Social activism” permits clear violation of law and betrayal of other citizens regardless of the harm, injury or death it might cause others- because “they” know better than anyone else what needs to be done in America so they do as they please. Heck, they are only following what their leaders are doing at the state level, right? Ask Califusion Attorney General Xavier Becerra – he knows what’s best for Califusion.

Look which party is responsible for the violence and anti-American activities – especially on our educational campuses. Who must consistently distort and outright lie about the facts and our history in order to explain how great their “new deal” is?

Which side always plays some card of victim-hood “special class” while simultaneously violating the rights of those they claim to support? Which political side has consistently been wrong about almost everything, yet remains defiantly and arrogantly confident about their agenda of “transforming” America into some sick politically correct nightmare of even more hypocrisy?

Liz Wheeler (reporter on OAN) eloquently, expertly, factually, logically…blah blah blah, presents a segment that is perfectly named for where OUR COUNTRY is right now—

Image result for oan reporters


PLEASE! (That’s a “cheer leader/mascot outfit w/LED Pom Poms” please) CHECK OUT OAN! – and tell your friends…especially the fringe PSL leaning – you might actually be saving them from themselves while helping OUR COUNTRY!


Here is another OAN (ONE AMERICA NEWS) reporter you should check out – GRAHAM LEDGER host of the “DAILY LEDGER” good sense of humor!

Image result for oan reporters

Actually they are all great on OAN! You won’t be disappointed…..especially with the American History lessons inserted through the news programing instead of brain dead commercials!

later my friends.

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WHAT? SUCH CONFUSED “leadership” ACTUALLY ENCOURAGES A POTENTIAL, (if not desired) WORLD END very soon! lol

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Ah, come on, what do you have to lose but 13 minutes and 15 seconds? You’ve wasted more than that on LAME Projects, right?

OK, I double-dare you to watch this video! lol

Watch and listen to only one of OUR many new “government leaders” – and recognize some of the same techniques utilized by Lake Don Pedro CSD General Manager/Treasurer Pete Kampa and his “bobble headed yes nodding Board of Defectors”!

They NEVER DISCUSS the facts and motives for what they have ALREADY DONE, (and continue to do) in furtherance of an EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE SUBSIDIZED SPECIAL BENEFIT GROUNDWATER SUBSTITUTION PROGRAM for LAFCO ANNEXATIONS Pete Kampa set up between 1994-1997 while operating as a rogue special interest employee when starting his infamous water career here in the United States.

Why was no traditional employment background check performed for Pete Kampa prior to that Board “granting Kampa access” to over one million dollars in LDPCSD cash derived from a previous PROP218 that was necessary to avoid District bankruptcy?

(A bankruptcy, incidentally, almost realized thanks to the SAME SORT OF SPECIAL INTEREST CATERING previously displayed for other land development/real estate interests seeking further exploitation of our subdivision’s limited resources. Take a look at the Don Pedro Wastewater Facility financial situation right now for yet another lesson in what happens with uncontrolled special interest development in our subdivision when the CC&Rs were not enforced so “everyone could make money”. HA!)

Perhaps……those 2014 board directors that orchestrated Kampa’s UNETHICAL RETURN….

  1. Believed District employment records for Kampa had already been successfully destroyed in the arson of the administration office in February of 2012 —- so there was really nothing to review anyway? Besides, why would “they care” what other employers might relate about their intended outside MIDPOU savior Pete Kampa?
  2. Were already aware Pete Kampa was a former rogue employee who successfully set up thousands of acres of LAFCO ANNEXATIONS for district water service in the past (for which the LDPCSD has no legal duty or moral obligation to provide water service anyway), and only Kampa could finish the job by developing groundwater wells with government grant money leveraged with the LDPCSD million dollars?
  3. Simply did not care whether Pete Kampa had a good employment background or not, only that he could realize what the Board desired….expanded OUTSIDE MERCED IRRIGATION DISTRICT PLACE OF USE FOR MERCED RIVER WATER under WL11395, and a massively increased ALTERNATE SOURCE GROUNDWATER PRODUCTION to also sell OUTSIDE the MIDPOU to LAFCO ANNEXATIONS, or maybe just because WHO KAMPA WAS?
  4. Was Board impressed that Pete Kampa was an almost 20 year director with the CALIFORNIA SPECIAL DISTRICTS ASSOCIATION (CSDA) and had an extensive working relationship with other PROGRESSIVE SOCIALIST LEFTISTS in Sacramento (and else where) and was therefore viewed as having unequivocally already been vetted for their unethical and illegal purposes?  Certainly deserving of yet another employment opportunity with the LDPCSD – despite any obvious disciplinary actions of the past that might pop up now and then? (This is only a partial list of potential reasons for appointing such an unethical cheater like our current GM/Treasurer. But remember, “these activists” DO NOT consider their activities wrong or illegal because their SOCIAL JUSTICE ACTIVISM is assisting with the overall PROGRESSIVE SOCIALIST LEFT plan to dramatically change and/or overthrow OUR established justice system in OUR UNITED STATES of AMERICA! (OPEN BORDERS – OPEN BOUNDARIES – seriously, what is the difference other than scale and cost?) Anyway, watch this video while simultaneously considering the years of unanswered legitimate questions Kampa and his Board of Defectors have (at least thus far) successfully avoided at our continuing and substantial financial expense!


My best to you and yours, Lew

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Sure, I certainly would not want to give up the convenience and portability of the digital formats we use now, but I sure do miss all the graphic art previously contained within, and on, old record albums….especially the double, triple, and quadruple album sets. Recall those bad boys?

The other day my grey matter kicked out a cobwebbed memory of something like “we’re not going to take it, never did and never will”, by the band THE WHO, which only goes to prove “even a blind squirrel can find an acorn in the tree every once in a while”, because I was correct about the album name being TOMMY, but incorrectly added…..”and the WHO”.

Technically, TOMMY, as performed by the London Symphony Orchestra and Chambre Choir with guest soloists”. (Difficult to resist the short hand name of “TOMMY and the WHO”)

And what soloists contributed? Performers like Pete Townshend (of the ?????), Steve Winwood, Richie Havens, Roger Daltrey, Ringo Starr, Rod Stewart, and Richard Harris to name some of the more familiar artists. (Well, at least for older folks like me.)

Story? Tommy witnesses the murder of his mother’s lover by his father and as a result goes deaf, dumb and blind. (Original description contained with presentation because I would think “dumb” is probably the incorrect descriptive term now. Another reason for its TOTAL PROHIBITION?) Regardless, only two things seem to “touch” TOMMY, playing a pinball machine and looking at his own reflection in a mirror.

Due to his amazing ability in consistently beating the pinball machine, despite his physical/emotional conditions, he unintentionally encourages a large crowd of followers. But as his followers grow in number, and in an attempt to communicate with her son, his mother smashes the mirror and essentially cures TOMMY who then believes himself to be a Messiah and becomes an “evangelist, passing on the shadow and the light of his experience. His sermons bring forth the multitudes.”

Eventually his followers turn against his power and authority as expressed in the lyrics:

“We aint’ gonna take you, never did and never will. We ain’t gonna take you. We forsake you. Gonna rape you. Let’s forget you, better still.”

The government ultimately failed to recognize any validly reasonable support for use of that word in the lyrics, (as an acceptable form of entertainment for “the people” determined through subsequent analysis and the later implementation of its vast legislation titled “Approved Societal Standards – Uniform Regulations”, or “ASS – UR” for short).

Essentially all possible explanations or excuses for the existence of the “TOMMY ALBUM” (with its politically incorrect and offensive use of “that word” and others to a lessor extent) were considered invalidated and and quickly dismissed. The government unambiguously declared:

“THERE IS NO positive contribution. No meaningful societal good or benefit was produced by this corrupting musical production.”

Thus, the original work and all reproductions (of any portion) of the audio, video, or photographic images were ordered confiscated by government operatives with ANY AND ALL potential acquisition by citizens halted. Those remaining in circulation in the possession of designated “unrepentant criminals” were subsequently destroyed with their possessors also dealt with harshly.

In conjunction with that policy of “unavailable by destruction”, an effectively enhanced and sustained government surveillance and apprehension program was also approved and instituted by the PSLA (Progressive Socialist Left Activists) utilizing drones, and other sophisticated monitoring equipment to insure compliance and the safety of communities across the nation.

Those caught were subjected to a correspondingly and ever increasing system of severe and inhumane public witnessed punishments. (An additional “beheading policy” is currently under consideration by the new government.)

Naturally punishment is executed without right of trial by a “jury of peers” – because, after all, think about it – what is the actual point of all the activity?…….there should be NO PEERS to consider such aberrant and justifiably prohibited behavior! (This is why it took me awhile to obtain the album for the post photograph as I store TOMMY and other such prohibited albums like those of Frank Zappa and Firesign Theater,etc., (all designated as “anti-societal & worthless material”) in a locked metal box buried downhill near the seasonal creek drainage culvert.)

Even those remotely assisting in the procurement of such outlawed materials (ie, “you might be able to find that album in Texas or Montanna”) are also dealt with in a swift and punitive fashion to assure 100% compliance with government directives and codes regarding “community safe entertainment and recreation”. Why not? Clearly, these government actions were only taken on behalf of all citizens in the continuing effort to protect and sustain our righteously, ordered, PSLA communities.

My best to you and yours, Lew

PS: Nahhh, suck it up cupcakes! Recognize that specific word, and others, (even f@#king bad ones) are used in specific circumstances for desired effect without ANY CONSCIOUS INTENT WHAT-SO-EVER to cause any further injury or harm to legitimate victims of such outrageous, inhumane criminal activity by those without functioning morals or basic respect for other humans. (Bet they mistreat and abuse other animal species with the same vulgar disrespect – yeah?)

Such active criminal perpetrators are what should be banned, perhaps even destroyed, but once again, all depending upon the specific circumstances.

Oh yeah! ….I also honestly did not intend any disrespect to any of you viewing f@#kers out there either with the use of the word “f@#king” above. Have a great f@#king weekend! 🙂

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I was putting away groceries listening to OAN (ONE AMERICA NEWS) when I decided one less orange frosted cupcake in the pantry wasn’t really a big deal, of course the cardboard box testified differently appearing as though a frenzied Racoon had opened it when I failed to successfully use the little pull tab. “Big deal, who’s going to see this?” I chuckled to myself while straining to see who was being interviewed on the news.

Thought I had heard some female voice refusing to discuss her prior encouragement of others to kill Americans here in the United States on holidays with motor vehicles – you know, running them down and spreading blood everywhere. Turns out it is a young Muslim woman who gave up her citizenship when going overseas to become an “ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) Bride”. She evidently burned her passport in renunciation of American Citizenship and everything.

Of course you can imagine my opinion on this one yeah? ….. have a nice life where ever you go! – but not here in the States! Certainly don’t wish you any harm like you did us. Hope you live a nice long life and plenty of children to sacrifice for your cause or drain the welfare system of some other country more politically suited to your treacherous behavior.

OK, that was pretty harsh. There might be, MIGHT BE, one other possible alternative, (with a number of other conditions) …. Essentially, solitary confinement behind bars for one 365 day year writing letters of condolence and apology to every family who lost a loved one in ANY MIDDLE EASTERN WAR, CONFLICT, MISUNDERSTANDING, whatever.

OOPS! Almost forgot another big part of her “return deal” sentence. True it is a 365 day year, but it is multiplied by fifty (50) for each Star on Our Flag representing all the citizens from each of the states she betrayed. We can discuss the other details if her lawsuit continues in an attempt to force OUR COUNTRY to accept such a traitor. (Frankly, those who believe she should return, should probably join her! lol) Oh, and one other little detail, we’ll need that original passport for identification. Sorry, no substitutions. lol

Anyway, when I finally got a good view of the television I could not believe what I thought I saw….. I’m not kidding! Seriously, for a split second I honestly thought they were interviewing ….. oops, almost ruined it, yeah?


Smiles about advocacy in killing Americans?

Running them down with trucks and cars?

Can’t discuss matter on attorney’s advice?

Thought it was new Representative Ilhan Omar!

Progressive Socialist Left Activists

Think such leadership great

And continue their evil with fatal mistake –

A dead wrong belief Patriots too late.

My best to you and yours, Lew

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Sorry, so long but I had to get this dragging meeting done. Please stop and analyze what this European trained Progressive – Socialist – Leftist (and his supporting treacherous local “wanna be progressives”) have accomplished since 2014.

Consider the diabolical methods Peter Kampa and his Board of “yes nodding directors” have used while claiming to work for “THEIR COMMUNITY”. They have intentionally placed this district in a very ugly FINANCIAL SITUATION IN ORDER TO CONTINUE FORCING THEIR VISION OF A MORE PROGRESSIVE “SOCIALLY JUST COMMUNITY”. Yes, dramatic change in operation and purpose to their private interests but all paid for public funds and resources.


Oh yeah!…..all the while operating as a rogue employee outside the scope and performance of his LDPCSD duties at the time no less! It is so clear now as to why LDPCSD ANNEXATION records became so screwed up around the mid 1990s! ENTER PETE KAMPA WITH HIS EUROPEAN SOCIALIST AGENDA. (How did he “find” Lake Don Pedro for this politically influenced transformation of our district?)

Heck, that previous
outside scope and performance” bullshit alone would have ended this continuing criminal conspiracy immediately in the “old days” when ethical standards for public employees and a sense of common justice were still important.

Recall how he was returned to LDPCSD? Unethical closed recruitment process orchestrated by special interest directors on the board at the time? This is how the LEFT WORKS! Contrary to our system of laws and government.

Certainly these folks have a very different definition of “COMMUNITY” than most of us born and raised in this country. Board President Johnson has routinely assisted Kampa when he was stumbling through a GM report and contradicting himself during suspicious presentations. Who these people actually work for is anybody’s guess but it sure as heck isn’t the legal customers of the subdivision who have always paid the bills!

Heck, in light of everything else going on, I am seriously starting to wonder if Danny Johnson’s recent vacation to Europe might have actually included some extra training, instruction, or outright “orders” on how to more quickly complete this reconfiguration of our community. Never say never!  There are ANTI-USA activists everywhere who exploit America’s Freedoms for their own political purposes who, at first blush, appear to be just an “average citizen”. Ahhhh, but look a bit closer with emphasis upon what activities they participate and for what foreseeable or logical outcome.

oes it make sense for a public official to intentionally violate established law when it harms thousands of people they claim to honestly represent?

Where is the LDPCSD policy permitting KAMPA & BOARD to designate and force the legal water consuming customers of the subdivision to provide an expensive SUBSIDIZED GROUNDWATER REPLACEMENT water service to thousands of acres of LAFCO ANNEXED PROPERTIES our district has no legal duty or moral obligation to provide service?

Or, what is the rationale for demanding LEGAL CUSTOMERS consume an inferior “blended water product” instead of the high quality Merced River water from Lake McClure that the surface water treatment plant was always intended to provide those entitled residents of the subdivision?

What theory is employed to require legal customers to pay more, for less water quality and service, so owners of property NOT ENTITLED to service can make more money on the sale of their LAFCO ANNEXED LAND WITH SUBDIVISION WATER (OFTEN COMPETING DEVELOPMENTS WITH THE LDP SUBDIVISION from where they obtained their water)?

WHO BENEFITS? LAFCO PROPERTY ANNEXATIONS INTO DISTRICT PETE KAMPA himself set up 20 years ago as a rogue employee! Sure appears to be a gigantic and clear conflict of interest for our current LDPCSD GM/TREASURER PETER KAMPA and his Kampa Community Solutions, llc, KAMPACS, KCS, since Pete has been utilizing PUBLIC FUNDS AND RESOURCES (including millions in State/Federal Grants) for the PRIVATE FINANCIAL BENEFIT OF LAND DEVELOPERS HOLDING these Kampa “LAFCO ANNEXED PROPERTIES”.

All the while LEGAL MR WECS (Merced River Water Entitled Customers of the LDP Subdivision) pay substantially more for less! LESS service, quantity, and quality of water! Subdivision residents will also be forced to reduce consumption for conservation regulations under threat of monetary fine due to the KAMPA PLAN OF EVER INCREASING subsidized service OUTSIDE THE MERCED IRRIGATION DISTRICT PLACE OF USE FOR MERCED RIVER WATER PER WATER LICENSE 11395! 

MR WECs – during the NEXT DROUGHT – will AGAIN be required to allow our back breaking foothill landscaping to wither and die so property owners NOT ENTITLED TO OUR WATER can do as they please with it OUTSIDE THE SUBDIVISION since NOT CID/POA and CC&R GOVERNED properties!)



How can State Law be so intentionally violated without long overdue accountability?

We still live in the UNITED STATES of AMERICA –


With Constitutional rights to due process and all that? But if we live in a country founded upon a legal system supposedly striving for equality and justice, how can such criminal behavior continue unchecked against a particular group of citizens?



Almost forgot ….”The current State of Califusion” with its PROGRESSIVE – SOCIALIST – LEFT LEANING INFLUENCE strikes again! Any wonder since 2014 KAMPA & KOMPANY have been able to refuse answering basic legitimate questions by customers as to blatant “special interest” district operation?

 Surely there must be some powerful state wide organization designed to protect and maintain the rights of legal customers and their community water supply?

MAYBE the CALIFORNIA SPECIAL DISTRICTS ASSOCIATION or CSDA, to which our “special district” has paid a substantial amount of money for many, many years? YES INDEED! What better organization? Even have the words “SPECIAL DISTRICT ASSOCIATION” in their name. What group sounds more appropriate for help with a special district in serious trouble due to obvious special interest management?

So, what is the position of the CSDA? Good question. I honestly do not know but with each passing month wonder if it may actually be a BIG PART OF THIS PROBLEM WATER SCAM. (Just as LAFCO set up the nightmare, maybe CSDA is the designated “hand off” organization for later manipulation and control? Remember how Pete Kampa assisted CSDA and CALAFCO with operational guidelines? Gosh Mr. FOX, are you sure that’s how you count chickens? lol)

Ah – oh, might have a problem here. What “might be” the CSDA’s position on a special district GM/TREASURER (who also owns and operates his own SPECIAL DISTRICT MANAGEMENT COMPANY) that has clearly misrepresented and out right lied about the WATER RESTRICTIONS IN WL11395 for decades while pursuing his extremely suspicious special interest water service plans for LAFCO ANNEXED PROPERTIES Kampa set up 20 years earlier as a rogue employee acting far outside the scope and performance of his duties back then?

What is the CSDA’s position? Especially since this renegade GM is also one of CSDA’s board directors who RECENTLY KNOWINGLY provided an incorrect FABRICATED GOVERNMENT DOCUMENT (FAKE POU MAP) to the California State Water Board in defense of his continuing 20 plus years of intentional misrepresentation of water license 11395?

Apparently, the California Special Districts Association supports, condones, approves, tolerates, …..whatever, THEIR PETER KAMPA and his special district management company Kampa Community Solutions, llc, KAMPACS, or KCS in doing what they have been doing for many years.

Still on their CSDA Board of Directors, right?

Probably not surprising since Peter Kampa has been a CSDA Board Director for almost 20 years who has bragged, even advertised, his having influence with political “movers and shakers” in the Sacramento legislature, and elsewhere. CSDA certainly knows their Pete Kampa can get things done! How? They may not care.

What interests are actually supported or represented by the CALIFORNIA SPECIAL DISTRICTS ASSOCIATION (CSDA)? Certainly not the customers in Lake Don Pedro.

Is the CSDA just another influential state lobbyist organization pushing further PROGRESSIVE – SOCIALIST – LEFTIST POLITICS and SOCIAL JUSTICE ACTIVISM in an effort to further control and regulate the CITIZEN/CUSTOMERS within the current STATE OF CALIFUSION?

(“Current” in the sense of now, because what our once beautiful State of California was – can certainly be again, but ONLY IF SUCH obvious CHEATS AS PETE KAMPA ARE FLUSHED!)

Is Kampa & Kompany simply pushing a general CSDA plan of special district domination and reconfiguration in the name of “Califusion”? Utilizing disadvantaged special districts such as the LDPCSD to be converted for other purposes by an army of CSDA trained agents, operatives, and general managers like Pete Kampa who reconfigure attached communities into havens for CSDA control and manipulation?

Or, is Pete Kampa just an anomaly, a “Bad Apple”, who is also misusing the CSDA and its affiliates to wrongfully push his own individual Progressive – Socialist – Leftist agenda in Lake Don Pedro?

Only time will tell, meanwhile…..

Yes, the LDPCSD is in a very bad financial situation just where KAMPA & BOARD intentionally placed us. (Recall the well used “FALSE FLAG ATTACK”?) These traitors hope to irrevocably entangled our district with government grants and loans they will continue to MISAPPROPRIATE AND UTILIZE in furtherance of OUTSIDE MERCED IRRIGATION DISTRICT PLACE OF USE SUBSIDIZED GROUNDWATER REPLACEMENT SERVICE!

They will just keep us busy paying back loans while they continue doing what they want! Don’t believe it? CONSIDER:

The board adamantly denies GROUNDWATER WELLS were planned to provide a special benefit substituted water service for LAFCO ANNEXATIONS Kampa set up 20 years ago, right?


(Approx. $400,000 – $500,000 each)





IN FACT: Kampa has already stated, he wants to supply this expensive substituted water service to thousands of other acres while we, the MR WECS, pay for it with REDUCED SERVICES and MORE EXPENSIVE WATER RATES!


MR WECS should demand a STOP to this special interest subsidized service for such “SNEAKY CHEAT KAMPA” ANNEXATIONS before ANY CONSIDERATION OF ANOTHER PROPOSITION 218 RATE INCREASE !


Let me RE-PETE that!

A clear new DISTRICT POLICY PROHIBITING FURTHER SUBSIDIZED SPECIAL BENEFIT OMIDPOU WATER SERVICE SHOULD BE ESTABLISHED PRIOR TO ANY PROPOSITION 218 vote to raise rates – again.  The legal Merced River Water Entitled Customers of the subdivision should finally receive the service, quantity and quality of water for which they have always paid. MR WECs deserves a “water tight” system instead of one losing up to 100% of what is pumped! A properly functioning surface water treatment facility which from the start was designed, constructed and intended to serve their CID/POA and CC&R governed residential subdivision.

(Is this where I drop the mic and walk away? lol)

later my friends,

My best to you and yours, Lew

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