OK, here is the ACTUAL CALIFORNIA PUBLIC UTILITIES COMMISSION APPROVAL OF THE SIERRA TRANSFER TO THE LDPCSD (Sorry about the print quality of the copies but these “old style documents” use a lot of ink on the borders.  I intentionally printed these for the sake of authenticity when I scanned them into the page but my ink cartridge protested towards the end of the nine page printing process, which of course is the first page of the document.  So reading might become easier as the the darkness of the print gets better with each page.)   Isn’t this exciting!  Here we go…… FINALLY THE TRUTH! 🙂 DID YOU CATCH IT? PAGE TWO PARAGRAPH TWO FIRST SENTENCE: THE CALIFORNIA PUBLIC UTILITIES COMMISSION APPROVED THIS ON JANUARY 21st, 1981: and NOT WHAT THE LDPCSD HAS TOLD CUSTOMERS FOR DECADES REGARDING THE DISTRICT’S PERMITTED SERVICE AREA: NO WONDER THIS FABRICATED AND DECEITFUL PIECE OF CRAP PURPORTED OFFICIAL DOCUMENT WASN’T DATED OR SIGNED!  NO WONDER THE DISTRICT DIDN’T WANT THE 99% OF MERCED RIVER WATER ENTITLED CUSTOMERS IN THE SUBDIVISION TO SEE THIS CPUC APPROVAL.. FRAUD AGAINST ENTITLED CUSTOMERS WHO HAVE BEEN PAYING FOR THIS SPECIAL BENEFIT WATER SERVICE TO NON-ENTITLED PROPERTIES FOR OVER THIRTY YEARS? Perhaps instead of THE DISTRICT asking VICTIM CUSTOMERS for more money to operate the district, the CUSTOMERS should be asking the DISTRICT for some of their money back due to thirty years of public agency fraud? Suddenly things are starting to fall into place – the delays in the California Public Utilities Commission approval process caused by the LDPOA (the very organization which started the formation of the LDPCSD in the first place); the condensed 1980 records with little information about what the Board of Directors were actually doing with records and annexations; massive annexation requests and approvals; respective county rubber-stamped annexations without confirmation of “actual supply availability”, aggressive legal efforts by real estate and land development to extend service lines; other proposed adjacent subdivisions wanting the Lake Don Pedro Subdivision water to develop and compete; other nearby property owners outside the subdivision trying to prove some entitlement or agreement to subdivision allocated water and all along that first Board of Directors knew exactly what had been approved by the CPUC and it was actively concealed from the public. Then in 2012 when there is a serious investigation being conducted as to the historical records of this District formation an arson of the administration office.  Nice folks. WOW, think who else knew about this – ? the MERCED IRRIGATION DISTRICT holder of L11395. So right off the get-go this district was ignoring what was legally agreed and approved and the legal customers were picking up the mounting bills for this unapproved district expansion.  Heck, even the initial district loan amount was increased.  A substantial amount of money when you consider thirty years of legal services, litigation, court proceedings, engineering, and research fees, office time, materials, equipment, hours of labor, lost water, OBSTRUCTION OF THE PRIMARY PURPOSE OF THE LDPCSD..etc… And now, KAMPA & KOMPANY gloriously returns some twenty years later to finish the job of LDPCSD water service expansion with publicly funded ground water well production ostensibly constructed for entitled Merced River water users but specifically planned as the “Alternate source” vehicle to intentionally circumvent the Place of Use restrictions in license 11395 which is held by the Merced Irrigation District under which the LDPCSD has operated for over thirty  years…….and……and  <gasping>…… and – a partridge in a pear tree. I’m tired.  Catch you later – Lew lol This DISTRICT’S DECEIT gets stinkier the more you discover. Hey!  Another screen play! The Four D’s of the Lake Don Pedro Community Services District: DISCOVERING DECADES of DISTRICT DECEIT 🙁 Darn Depressing.