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Remember the song by Jim Stafford recorded in 1974? If you don’t — check out this link (not all lyrics were used in this particular rendition):

Here are the full lyrics:

The wildwood flower grew wild on the farm
And we never knowed what it was called
Some said it was a flower and some said it was weed
I didn’t gave it much thought…
One day I was out there talking to my brother
Reached down for a weed to chew on
Things got fuzzy and things got blurry
And then everything was gone
I Didn’t know what happened
But I knew it beat the hell out of sniffin’ burlap

I come to and my brother was there
And he said, ‘What’s wrong with your eyes?’
I said, ‘I don’t know, I was chewing on a weed’
He said, ‘Let me give it a try’
We spent the rest of that day and most of that night
Trying to find my brother, Bill
Caught up with him ’bout six o’clock the next mornin’
Naked, swinging on the windmill
He said he flew up there
I had to fly up and get him down
He was about half crazy

The very next day we picked a bunch of them weeds
And put ’em in the sun to dry
Then we mashed ’em up and we cleaned ’em all
And put ’em in the corncob pipe
Smokin’ them wildwood flowers got to be a habit
We didn’t see no harm
We thought it was kind of handy
Take a trip and never leave the farm

A big ol’ puff on the wildwood weed
Next thing you know
We’s just wandering behind the little animals
All good things gotta come to an end
And it’s the same with the wildwood weed

One day this feller from Washington come by
And he spied us and he turned white as a sheet
And he dug and he burned
And he burned and he dug
And he killed all our cute little weeds
Then he drove away
We just smiled and waved
Sittin’ there on that sack of seeds

Y’all come back now, ya hear


There isn’t much point in commenting about something unless the subject matter is understood by all viewers. Although most viewers of this website are LDPOA (Lake Don Pedro Owners’ Association) property owners and LDPCSD (Lake Don Pedro Community Services District) –aka- water company customers and receive the local Foothill Express newspaper, not all viewers do. Without first reading the most recent contribution by Emery Ross under in his column, Ranching Don Pedro, they couldn’t possibly understand my comments and attempts at humor.

Here’s Emery’s article entitled: “Low-flying helicopter spooks the livestock”

“Our calf crop this year consists mostly of bull calves. In the evening when it gets cool, they race and chase. Real bad boys.

On June 8, a helicopter was low-flying in the area, hovering over houses and fields, obviously looking for someone or something, like marijuana plants. This activity, of course, scattered the bad boys during the day.

The pilots of the helicopter must have been city boys, because they were flying very low, back and forth over fields of cows. If there were any green material in the field, cows would have trampled it or tried to eat it. Back in the 1960s, hippies would make marijuana brownies, happily eating the weed.

Flying low over cattle makes no sense to a rancher or a mamma cow.

A call to the Sheriff’s Office revealed what I should have already known: “Call the FAA.”

The FAA wants the N number on the fuselage of low-flying aircraft. If you can see it, naturally.

These elusive pot plots likely are not fenced. Wouldn’t the deer eat the plants in remote areas? They eat everything else.

Deer and cows are pretty smart when it comes to avoiding toxic plants. Maybe it is toxic.

In Washington DC, lawmakers are concerned about the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) making overflights of cattle in Kansas, looking for clean water violations. Congress says it is an invasion of privacy issue. So what was that on June 8?

When called on the carpet over the flights, Director David Bloomberg, an EPA spokesman for the Washington DC office, said that area overflights are a cost-effective tool, reducing the need for on-site inspectors.

The EPA confirmed that it only uses overflights in certain states. California is not one of them. Well, that narrows the overflight down to pot busters, I guess.

The helicopter spent some time hovering over the vegetable garden of LDPCSD Director Mark Skoien. If they are worried about his garden, I’ll bring the bad boys over and they will decimate it is about 15 minutes. Tomato plants may look like pot from 50 feet above, whipping wildly from rotor downwash.

If the DEA wants to save money, they can use ten little Angus bulls. It would be similar to the theme song from the TV show COPS: Pot growers, whatcha gonna do when the baby bull bad boys come for you (and your green plants). Emery Ross may be contacted at”


WOW. What can one say? I guess that it raises far more questions than it was evidently intended to answer. Foremost, has the author himself consumed toxic vegetation? lol


Good Heavens, if the aircraft were indeed tasked with locating “someone or something like marijuana plants” where the pilots may have been raised is immaterial because they were simply doing their job. More importantly, why would Mr. Ross assume this mysterious helicopter was looking for green material on his fenced ranch property or his neighbor’s place?


Mr. Ross in the May issue of the Foothill Express wrote a piece on toxic plants (“State gets involved after cattle die from eating toxins”) which he believed were responsible for a sudden loss of livestock (they died) on his ranch. Recall he even offered to identify particular weed plants for people if they would email him (presumably with photos of the suspicious vegetation).

Ross also stated:

“Having a large number of cattle die at one time is a state emergency, triggering events beyond a rancher’s control and prompting visits to the ranch from multiple state agencies.”


Maybe the helicopter had nothing to do with suspected marijuana cultivation, which Emery obviously believes was the activity taking place? I guess it could be possible that some state or federal department or agency was looking for a possible clue or explanation as to why Emery claims to have lost 11 cows (15 if you count unborn calves) to some mysterious illness.

There are also some other reasonable explanations which might include activities by CalFire, CHP, Sheriff and search and rescue. Maybe a private outfit that contracts with other entities such as irrigation districts that must check for ditch and canal integrity and water loss? Telephone company transmission lines or mapping for a feasible DSL extension route?

What about this article I found in the MARIPOSA GAZETTE?

The mystery helicopter that spent several hours flying very low over the county on Friday, June 15 has been identified. Utility giant Pacific Gas & Electric has been using Forward-Looking Infrared (FLIR) equipment mounted on this aircraft to spot potential trouble. “It picks up hot spots,” spokesperson Nicole Liebelt said. “Then we can send crews out to make repairs—before there’s any wildfire or power outage.” PG&E | Contributed

Maybe something similar to this was going on June 8th? Had this occurred two weeks later on Friday June 22nd it would have been thought related to the recent homicide investigation occurring approximately ¾ of a mile from the Ross Ranch on Hormiga Way. Perhaps it was just a pilot friend of a resident who desired some aerial photographs of their property improvements? (I’d like some images of my place depicting the 87’ x 87’ Tarantula weed-eaten and Round-Up’d on the hillside. Ahhh, come-on….just a couple of good photos? The image on Google Earth isn’t that good. …..

I have a very large suspicious looking Japanese Maple tree too- LOL!   But on a
serious side, Lord knows how many illegal searches have been conducted by inexperienced officers because of the similarity in leaf pattern between the Japanese Maple and cannabis?)


Who knows what happened out there, but regardless, why would Emery Ross mention his good friend, neighbor, and fellow CSD director’s name? Was it an attempt to “cultivate” some free political advertising for him before the November election for LDPCSD directors? Maybe Emery and Mark just wanted those who may have seen this helicopter to know that nothing illegal was taking place on their respective properties?   Surely such a “crack-pot” idea would never germinate within the community?


Someone needs to counsel this man before a helicopter equipped with a large net indeed attempts to “Round him up” as he zig-zags madly across his ranch on his ATV searching for the elusive Santa Teresa monster. LOL

Perhaps we are all over-looking a perfectly logical and sensible explanation:

Maybe the cows and Santa Teresa monster have secretly been making other types of brownies?

My best to you and yours, Lew




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TUESDAY June 26th, 2012:  The burned out shell of our administration office has finally been removed in preparation for the new modular office scheduled to be moved in next month.

Here are some photos (below) of the continuing progress of the fire station a little further south on Merced Falls Road.

My best to you and yours, Lew

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How did such a photo end up in the Hawk folder?

I can easily imagine a spontaneous BIG MISUNDERSTANDING if “we” were going through the Hawk photos and this one popped up on the monitor.

Seriously.  I was all by my lonesome when checking out that day’s photos/video of the Hawks (parents and two immatures) and was quite surprised to see that image.  I kid you not.  There were a couple of seconds of shear panic.  What the heck happened out there?

Short (1 minute, 14 second) video explanation:

My best to you and yours,  Lew
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Approximately 100 supporters of newly elected District II Mariposa County Supervisor MERLIN JONES participated in a congratulatory B-B-Q on Sunday June 10th, 2012.
The outdoor function was held at Merlin and Miriam’s Greely Hill home in a celebration of, and thank you for,  the June 5th voter turnout.

Merlin and Miriam Jones, Greeley Hill




My best to you and yours, Lew

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LDPOA 06092012 Meeting

My girlfriend and I arrived at the Hacienda facility (LDPOA office and facilities – 5182 Fuentes De Flores) shortly before the start of the meeting, which was 1000hrs.  Ultimately there were 10 audience members present which included two previous directors.   As you know from the last blog this morning, the Agenda Item was VII NEW BUSINESS; 1.  Community Pipeline Publication-Lou Richards-Discussion/Action/Vote.

We sat patiently and quietly with not even a whisper between us, except for reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, just waiting for the agenda to run its course.  Then during Ron Hunt’s presentation of item VI OLD BUSINESS; 3.  Purchase of chairs and racks:  Ron Hunt – Items necessary and price Discussion/Action/Vote, a comment by President Sherri Flosi did elicit a few comments.


Now I can appreciate how everyone has a different concept of what they believe is funny.  You know, what makes them spontaneously laugh out loud, shake their head with a big smile, or chuckle.   Particular types of humor will be embraced by some, rejected by others.   Some will steadfastly avoid the classics: race, religion and politics.  Others may “knee slap” to hard hitting political satire, comical observations regarding human sexual behavior, or even a simple bar joke.  Some are even partial to traditional blonde jokes implying stupidity, ignorance, vanity, etc., which now I think about it – could this explain Sherri Flosi’s personalized vehicle license plate?   OOPS!  I had better drop the blonde joke stuff or my girlfriend might introduce me to a form of her blonde humor which I won’t think so funny. Lol)

Anyway, if you are like me when you hear a good joke you pass it on to others so they might also enjoy the healthy and stress relieving properties of a good laugh.  This of course presupposes that we are referring to what most would consider a “clean joke” without vulgarity, profanity, or ugly nasty words directed at a particular group or individual.  You know, where the punch line is not contingent upon insult, harm or injury to another.   That is an entirely different form of humor and those that create, circulate or condone such, merely speak volumes about their own ethics, morals and behavior.

Below is the transcript of that portion of the meeting.  Actually today was the first time I have ever left an LDPOA meeting prior to its formal conclusion out of respect for the board’s preparation and time required for presentation, however, after once again experiencing this group’s all too common derogatory comments, we left after the Discoverer-Community Pipeline discussion.

So for those of you who think implying that a person who honestly served their community on a board of directors had stolen an Association table is funny, here’s the joke Sherri Flosi wanted to share with those in attendance at the meeting.
Ron Hunt: Then also, I didn’t, I don’t want to step on Carolyn on this but the purchase, we need, we need ah, is important we need ah one round table.  Lifetime also makes that same thing its matching to these tables but its round, I don’t have an exact price on that but I think It’s a little over $200 and if I was going to make this purchase from them I’d order that in at the same time.  So ah…
(cross talk)
Ron Hunt:  The total price that we’d be looking at is about $1,450 for the two carts and the ah the, chairs, that’s the chairs for – I’m not sure on the shipping until we find out exactly if we put a round table on there it’s probably I would guess two twenty five or so, so we’d be, we’re going to be pushing by shipping and everything, $2,000 to
Carolyn Bartholomew: Ron do you have any idea what size this round table would be?  Don’t tell me round either.  (laughter)
Ron Hunt: I believe, I believe its six foot, I believe they’ve got one standard size of that round table that they make.  Ah that, I mean they have smaller, like real small ones but ah
Carolyn:  We need something we can all sit around
Ron Hunt: Right OK, but ah
Sherri Flosi:  We do have the round table meeting (laughter)
Ron Hunt:  So ah, we evidently had one of those at one time this is a replacement, its ah
Sherri Flosi:  Disappeared
Ron Hunt:  Disappeared, so ah
Sherri Flosi: Is it in your yard Lew?
Lew Richardson:  I beg your pardon?
Leanne (girlfriend repeats):  IS the table in your yard?
Lew Richardson: Oh that’s real funny (not amused at all)
(Laughter by board and audience)
Lew Richardson:  Seems like a lot more things have been missing from the past and current present than ever happened during our watch.
(multiple voices, laughter, inaudible)
Ron Hunt: Anyway if we get all those items were looking right in the neighborhood of $2,000.

{Presentation continues regarding purchasing tables and chairs- board approved purchases.  The next item was installation of a handicap pool lift which Ron Hunt stated was required by state law.  The lift runs approximately $3,200 and with accessories would run around $4,027.77.  Further research is required regarding engineering for the foundation of the chair lift on the pool deck.  $800 just to bolt it to the deck, however, Hunt believes a block of concrete underground will be required to support the chair lift at an estimated cost of $1,500-$2,000.  Hunt stated he would like to go ahead and order the chair and while waiting for delivery get more information on how to properly install the equipment.  Hunt suggested approving $4,100 to be safe.  The board approved the purchase.}

VII NEW BUSINESS: 1. Community Pipeline Publication-Lou Richards-Discussion/Action/Vote

Sherri Flosi:  Lew, you’re up.
Lew Richardson:  Ah, there was a letter presented and it’s self explanatory.
Sherri Flosi:  Ok, ah, question from the board?
Phyllis Cotta:  Did everybody get a copy of Lew’s letter?
[NOTE: Prior to the meeting I noticed that the letter from the CSD Public Relations Committee was not  furnished with the agenda and other supporting materials so I requested other copies be made for those in the audience who might want to read the request for themselves.] Sherri Flosi:  Uhm, the only question I have Lew is uhm can’t the Foothill Express, the paper itself, insert your publication into their paper so that it doesn’t
Lew Richardson:  I would imagine that would be possible also
Sherri Flosi:  Have you talked to them about it?
Lew Richardson: Oh yeah, I’ve talked to Lorri a couple of times
Sherri FLosi:  And were they open to it or?
Lew Richardson:  Sure, yeah, they gave us a ah, an estimate of placing it in per copy.  It just seems like land and water go together, our two organizations again it’s all in the letter it’s pretty self explanatory.  You guys represent the land issues of the, of the property owners of the Association, CSD represents the water issues, they go hand in hand.  The Discoverer reaches 99% of the CSD customers, ah, you’ve already got the mailing availability and everything is already set up for it, it would be a simple insert and we serve both our organizations in the community.  And reduce costs.
Sherri Flosi:  But if it’s already insert, the Foothill, (inaudible) if the Foothill has already inserted it their publication and it comes to us, I mean, the Pipeline’s inserted, the Discoverer is inserted, then what, I mean, we would, it would be mailed anyway.
Lew Richardson: Right, right
Sherri Flosi: So,
Lew Richardson:  It was just, it was just running it by you folks because
Sherri Flosi: Why, why would we need permission
Lew Richardson: yeah, it was just kind of a, you know acknowledgement of you folks supporting it and going forward with the two organizations to reach their customer base.  That’s all, because I heard a lot of people saying oh no this should never be done.  So you folks have no objections then?
Ron Hunt: Well I have an objection to us being involved in it at all.  And the reason I say that is because we have a contract with the, the ah, Lake Don Pedro Community Services District at this time that they totally have ignored.
Lew Richardson:  And what is this?
Ron Hunt:  That’s for Gregoris Pond.
Lew Richardson: Well that’s a completely separate issue.
Ron Hunt: No, it’s a contract that we have with the water district and they refuse to honor that contract therefore I’m not interested in getting involved with any kind
Lew Richardson: I’m not aware the last year I’ve been on the board anything’s been brought up about that.
Ron Hunt: I’ve, since you’ve been on the board I went in and spoke once to the board about this, I’ve spoken to two general managers that have been there, and we have managed, one of them did manage to get some tulles cleaned up but there is significant damage to the dam and the maintenance of that is supposed to be, by contract, by the community services district.
Lew Richardson: Have you talked with John Turner?
Ron Hunt:  Have I talked with John Turner?
Lew Richardson:  Yeah, he’s the interim general manager
Ron Hunt:  No, like I’ve said, I’ve already spoke to two of them (laughter) I, to me
Lew Richardson:  Well you ought to try and talk to John because he is the current IGM
Ron Hunt: Well what needs to happen at this point, it needs
Lew Richardson:  Have you sent a letter, have you sent a letter to the office?
Ron Hunt: No I haven’t
Lew Richardson:  Well then
Ron Hunt: When I come in and speak to you as a board I expect not to be ignored.  And I, like I said I did go in and speak to two general managers that you had and it seems to be of no significance to you.  So I’m not, I’m not interested in getting involved in anything with you.
Lew Richardson:  Well, as ah Mrs. Flosi  just pointed out, I guess it really is not an issue if it goes in the Foothill Express right?
Sherri Flosi:  Well,
Lew Richardson: OK, then there’s no problem.
Sherri Flosi:  I mean if the Foothill Express says yes, you know we’ll put your publication as an insert and, I mean that’s not increasing our postage or anything right?
(Unknown):  No
Lew Richardson: No
Sherri Flosi:  And it’s not affiliating
Lew Richardson:  Right, right and there would be a disclaimer in it that it’s not affiliated with the LDPOA or anything like that.
Ron Hunt:  And it’s not going in our Discoverer, you’re not asking for it to go in the Discoverer
Lew Richardson: Well, see that would be the best, when somebody gets the Foothill Express, an absentee owner, and they open it up and get the Discoverer they know that has to do with their land, and if they opened up the Discoverer there was another insert they know that has to do with their water.
Sherri Flosi: Right but that has nothing to do with
Lew Richardson: but it would be nice if it was in the Discoverer so that both the land and water issues came in one package.
Phyllis Cotta:  The way I understand it would be two separate, one would be a Pipeline, one would be the Discoverer.
Lew Richardson:  Right
Phyllis Cotta: So it’s not really together they’re to separate publications
Lew Richardson: Right, but since they do the inserting right?  Foothill?
[Multiple “no” answers from board – male and female voices] Phyllis Cotta: Oh, oh, yes they do, I’m sorry
Lew Richardson: Yeah, because I think it was 8 cents a copy to insert something, so rather than just insert it into the Foothill, it could be inserted into the Discoverer, that way both land and water issues are contained in one little packet.
Heidi Russell:  I, I, I’m a little confused on it because I look at the water as a business, they’re selling water we’re paying for I don’t look at it any different than I look at an AT&T or PG&E or anything else whose putting out information about what they’re doing or what they’re going to be doing or what they’re improving, so I’m looking at a business.
Lew Richardson:  Ah-hum, a nonprofit enterprise.
Heidi Russell:  It might be but it’s still and you’re going to be telling the people who are purchasing that water what you have been doing to improving in that
Lew Richardson:  And what we need to do
Heidi Russell: Pa, yes,
Lew Richardson: WE have a lot of CIPs
Heidi Russell: there’s a lot of things all of us should be doing, but so that that’s the only thing I have to say on that is how I’m personally looking at it.  So Foothill to me looks like it’s the best way to go as far as putting that information in there.
Lew Richardson: So then you would object to having it inserted in the Discoverer?
Ron Hunt:  I would.
Lew Richardson:  OK.  So you would object?
Heidi Russell: I personally would, I cannot
Lew Richardson:  Phyllis?
Phyllis Cotta: I have a question and ah excuse me if I’m a little ignorant on it but what exactly would be in this pipeline I mean, like your Treasurer’s Report your opinion on what your board should do?
Lew Richardson:  Oh no, no, no, no, no, no – mostly it would be written by the IGM and it would have things like you know, how to check for leaks, repair leaks, facts about, recently John came out with this chart that was really interesting talking about converting a leak drips per minute into actual cash, what it costs you a lot of people.  We have a lot of leaks out there, not just in our district but on the customer side and things like that because the water publications all over the state of California have a lot of information and we can draw from those and put this in the publication and tune it so affects our area which is the foothills, drought prone, and our water issues.    It’s not going to be a political thing it’s more, this is where we are, these are the CIPs we need to get to so we don’t run into what we’ve had recently of running out of cash to continue to supply water.
Phyllis Cotta:  So this would be the same thing that you, as a ah director of the wa, you would present to the board to try and get an opinion on, I mean you wouldn’t use the publication to get your, what you want from the water board?
Lew Richardson:  No, no, no, no.  This is an information thing to the customers so they are aware of what’s going on.  In light of, you know, the Prop 218, the Prop 26 all the things that have gone are going on …. On how to rate rates and how it affects you financially and our water company I think the customers need to be aware of it.
Heidi Russell:  So why would you want to do just a little flyer that’s going in, cuz the Foothill Express, the Discoverer goes into the Foothill Express and it is shipped out to everybody, why go that way creating more work than just put it in the Foothill Express?
Lew Richardson: You get charged, you get charged the 8 cents regardless
Heidi Russell: The flyer has to be put in to the Discoverer, and which, which well we’re, we’re having to label all the Foothill Expresses right now so
Lew Richardson: Oh, I did that for a year or so, I know
Heidi Russell:   You know about that, and then this is going to have to be inserted into that also
Lew Richardson:  That would be done on the Foothill end.  You, when you received your papers when you get your stack and you start your labeling, it will already be in there.
Phyllis Cotta:  I’m still confused, there would be three separate things
Lew Richardson:  Three separate publications wrapped
(Multiple voices – inaudible)
Phyllis Cotta: There would be another one similar to this that that would say Pipeline and it wouldn’t be part of the Discoverer in anyway
Lew Richardson: No, no, it would be a separate thing.
Phyllis Cotta:  Totally.
Heidi Russell: Then, then my question to you, if it’s, if it’s already in the Foothill and we receive it for labeling, why are you asking for our permission?
Lew Richardson: I just wanted to know if there’s any objections because I heard there were objections from the board of anything to do with the water company in in close proximity to the Discoverer and I thought it was peculiar, so I was just here to kind of poll the board, is there a problem and what….Ruth has a question.
Ruth Smith: You know, when I was at the meeting that day when you brought this letter up, and you know, and ah, you was asking the board to approve this letter, uhm I asked a question and I, I it was brand new then, and it was just getting started
Lew Richardson:  Right
Ruth Smith: and I asked the question of who was going to stuff this
Lew Richardson:  right
Ruth Smith:  in the Discoverer, uhm, and uhm, Lori said that she had offered you an article section in the Foothill Express
Lew Richardson:  right
Ruth Smith:  that would go out at the same time and it wouldn’t have to be a flyer stuffed in the paper.
Lew Richardson:  Right
Ruth Smith: So why
Lew Richardson:  That was space available.  That was space available.
Ruth Smith:  Well she told me she offered you space
Lew Richardson:  Yes, she did, she’s been very generous about articles and stuff, but it wouldn’t be a regular publication that the customer could count on, it would be sporadic whenever space was available in their paper.  So
Sherri Flosi:  So, so here’s what, here’s what I envision,  I envision we got, we got the Foothill Express, we have the Discoverer insert in the Foothill Express then we’ll have the Community Services District insert.
Lew Richardson:  Right
Sherri Flosi: So ahm, I don’t see
Lew Richardson: It doesn’t
Sherri Flosi:  I don’t see that we have any control
Lew Richardson: OK, great, great, then there’s no problem
(Multiple voices)
Sherri Flosi:  It’s up to the Foothill Express I mean that’s up to the Foothill Express what they put in their paper
(Multiple voices)
Phyllis Cotta:  Like putting in a grocery ad
(Multiple voices)
Lew Richardson:  yeah right
(Multiple voices)
Sherri Flosi: (inaudible) we have our Discoverer portion
Lew Richardson:  Good, good that clears it up, then
Heidi Russell: Then my question is why have you gone to all this problem in creating this when we had no idea, all you want to know is if we give a damn whether it’s in there
Lew Richardson:  No
Heidi Russell:  if you give a damn
Lew Richardson: if you folks were going to stop it
(Unknown) we don’t have any control over it
Sherri Flosi:  How could we stop it?
Lew Richardson:  I was told that you didn’t want it, that’s all.  There’s no problem, if there’s no problem, we’ll continue on then
Multiple voices-cross talk
(Unknown audience member): There’s a lot of animosity here
Lew Richardson:  Well, I think the animosity, yeah, you could see that when you made the enuendo that I was a thief of your table I mean you started that right off
Sherri Flosi: I, I, I apologize
Lew Richardson: I mean that was really uncalled for
Sherri Flosi: OK Lew, I apologize for that
Lew Richardson: But that’s alright
Heidi Russell: I’m sorry Lew and I do apologize
Sherri Flosi:  Excuse me Heidi, I, I know you did not steal anything from here I was just joking
Lew Richardson: Then why would you say such a thing?
Sherri Flosi: It would be like saying Bob, do you have our round table?
Lew Richardson:  No it wouldn’t be the same.  In the same way that an official letter from the CSD which does not even contain my name, is put on your agenda with somebody else’s name.
Unknown:  What?
Phyllis Cotta: Well I did that, I thought that was you.  I just assumed that.
Lew Richardson:  Well, you know what they say about assuming.
Carolyn Bartholomew: Yes, but you presented it to the board Lew.  You presented it to our board.
Phyllis Cotta:  But didn’t you bring it in?
Lew Richardson:  Have you read the letter?
Carolyn Bartholomew:  Yes I have, I was at that meeting (NOTE: LDPCSD MEETING) and you presented it to the board.
Lew Richardson: And how is it signed?
(Cross talk)
Lew Richardson:  How is it signed?
Sherri Flosi:  It’s from the Public Relations Committee.
Lew Richardson:  Thank you.  How did Lou Richards end up on your agenda?
Phyllis Cotta:  Well I, I – guilty (humorously) I didn’t know.  I was just ass..
Lew Richardson: That’s what’s making this personal, this isn’t personal, like I said the letter speaks for itself.  I was told that there were members of your board that would see to it that any publication of the CSD was never in the paper with your Discoverer.
Phyllis Cotta:  Now I’m curious, and you don’t want to say, but
(Multiple voices-cross talk)
Phyllis Cotta:  we all got a copy of the letter, we’re all now discussing it
Lew Richardson:  right
Phyllis Cotta:  how would this get out that that, we, our opinion.  Do we know our opinion?
Lew Richardson:  That’s why I was asking.  You’re against it
Phyllis Cotta:  I’m not against it – some are against it
Lew Richardson:  Ron is against it
Ron Hunt: Whoa, whoa, whoa, no.  Ron is against any shape or form of it being inserted inside of this paper.
Lew Richardson: OK, but no objections to it being in the Foothill?  OK, great, any objections?
Sherri Flosi: No, no, no
Lew Richardson: Good, then we’re done
Sherri Flosi: That’s what, I think what happened was when we got this letter it was a publication to be part of the Discoverer that’s how we interpreted it.  So, uhm and of course as you know our policy is is the Discoverer is just owners’ association business period and nothing else.
Lew Richardson: That’s right, that’s right
Sherri FLosi:  and so, I mean, we have no control over the Foothill
Lew Richardson:  Great, so there would be no boycott or threatened or anything, good, good, good, well that’s good
Ron Hunt:  but like I said we will have a problem if they insert it in our paper then that’s
Lew Richardson:  OK
Phyllis Cotta: Could I go a little further?
Lew Richardson:  Sure
Phyllis Cotta: You offered to pay, why would you offer, I mean it doesn’t cost you anything right?
Lew Richardson:  What do you mean cost me anything?
Phyllis Cotta: Well you offered to pay postage our share of the postage costs
Lew Richardson:  Yeah, if, if you, if that was an objection cuz that was one of the things I heard – it’s going to cost us more money, I don’t, I talked to Lori and it’s not going to cost any more money all it costs is for the insert and we would pay for that.
Phyllis Cotta: So you’ll come every month and help us insert (laughter)
Lew Richardson: You know, I, I would have been doing it still except for  the recall, so you know, you guys did that.
Sherri Flosi: But there is no insertion its – that’s all done
Phyllis Cotta: I was kidding
Lew Richardson: Yeah about the labels – great.  Then we have no problems at all, fantastic thank you for your time.
Phyllis Cotta:  And I don’t know why I put your name on that, I just assumed
Lew Richardson: Well that’s not my name but that’s OK
[There was no action by the board because they have no control over how things are inserted in the Foothill Express, although, some directors obviously do not want an LDPCSD insert in their LDPOA Discoverer.]


There will be much more on this later but for now, I find it curious Mr. Hunt, a former Deerwood Corporation golf course employee, states his complaint about Gregoris pond (which is used to furnish water to the golf course) was ignored yet simultaneously admits work was indeed performed by the CSD, but just not to his satisfaction.   You would think the existence of substantial damage to anything would generate a formal letter of record by the injured or affected party (Association or the Deerwood Corporation?) along with a conscientious follow-up for resolution.

Heck, I’ve had a number of written items for discussion/action by the board forgotten, lost, ignored, whatever, and not placed on the agenda at the CSD.  I didn’t throw my hands up, quit, and refuse to co-operate in other matters of community importance.   You persevere while creating a paper trail.   I stand by my suggestion of contacting the IGM through written correspondence.

My best to you and yours, Lew

PS:  While on the subject of humor…… some might even believe Mr. Hunt’s pond matter is a bit humorous since the golf course has been closed for some time; is not receiving water from the district; and currently presents a wild fire potential with any iron approach shot to a  green.


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Phyllis Cotta, Secretary for the Lake Don Pedro Owners’ Association, telephoned me about a week ago advising the Discoverer-Community Pipeline proposal (letter below) was to be on the next agenda.

While getting ready for this morning’s LDPOA meeting I logged on to to check out the agenda and there it was:


  1. Community Pipeline Publication-Lou Richards-Discussion/Action/Vote”

<<<Original letter proposal>>>

March 13, 2012

Lake Don Pedro Owners’ Association

5182 Fuentes de Flores

La Grange, CA 95329

(209) 852-2312

Board of Directors,

The Lake Don Pedro Community Services District (LDPCSD) is investigating the feasibility of re-establishing the COMMUNITY PIPELINE publication to reach its water customers. You may recall this was a simple 11×17 folded newsletter containing important information regarding the district’s treatment, storage and distribution of water within our community. Unfortunately, due to financial difficulties of the past that publication was discontinued.

Maintaining, repairing, and replacing components of our forty year old water system infrastructure will continue to be an expensive proposition. Obviously Lake Don Pedro’s future depends upon the availability of quality drinking water and there could be no better time than now to educate property owners/customers as to what will be required.

The Lake Don Pedro Owners’ Association (LDPOA) currently provides its monthly corporation newsletter, THE DISCOVERER, to its membership of over 3,100 subdivision property owners through the FOOTHILL EXPRESS newspaper and would be the perfect vehicle to reach our LDPCSD customers as well. Approximately 99% of LDPCSD customers, whether local residents who pay monthly service and consumption fees or absentee unimproved property owners who pay availability fees with their property taxes, could be reached through THE DISCOVERER.

Both our organizations are designed to serve this community and co-operation in furthering our respective missions by utilizing your publication seems logical and the most efficient use of our funds. Naturally the COMMUNITY PIPELINE would be responsible for its own printing, insertion, and share of postage costs. Naturally it will be an independent publication responsible for its own content and would contain the appropriate disclaimer indicating no legal affiliation with the LDPOA or Foothill Express.

This project is only in the preliminary stage of development; however, the LDPCSD Public Relations Committee is interested in meeting with your representatives at your earliest convenience.

Thank you,



Took some time to address the issue, but I look forward to the discussion.

My best to you and yours, Lew

PS – Can’t wait to meet this Lou Richards guy …. sounds like we have a lot in common. LOL!


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Some things never cease to amaze me.


The other day I was driving to the valley for two new tires and an alignment and experienced a flat tire on HWY 132. Fortunately it was the right front that was to be replaced anyway but having never changed a tire on this truck I was initially a bit concerned. Where were tools? How do I get the tire out from under the bed? Thanks to the owner’s manual in the glove box the process actually went quite well with the exception of some sore muscles from lifting the tire into the bed of the truck. Heck, I was even able to recover a wheel chock on the return trip that I had inadvertently left on the roadside where I changed the tire. Though a bit inconvenient the “emergency” off road stop was much easier than say, HWY 49 between Coulterville and Mariposa, Hornitos Road, Bear Valley, etc.. The terrain was flat with sufficient easement to safely get off the road and become quite dirty. lol


I’ve had satellite internet service for years and only a few times has it been interrupted, but the timing and actual reason for the down time is perplexing. Even during the worst storms with high winds and heavy precipitation it worked yet every time it has gone down the weather has been fairly nice. [Even during a four day power outage a few years ago I was able to run on generator which revealed the surprising fact most viewers were out of area.]

A couple of days ago (after a brief period of high winds and precipitation) sure enough I lost service. [Don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone huh?] After a telephone call with the company representative and an online diagnosis, it was determined the signal strength was below minimum requirements (I had 54-55 with 60 as the minimum). An appointment for a service call was made for today with the understanding the company would provide a 50% discount due to it having been adjusted at full price two years ago. OK. This morning I was surprised to discover all modem lights were functioning and I had service despite 54-56 signal strength. Humm.

Guess I’ll keep the appointment and pay the half priced fee because something is clearly not working properly and it might avoid another inconvenient interruption. [I missed two free online training classes sponsored by RCAC (Rural Community Assistance Corporation) which are funded by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) but I can pick those up on the fall schedule.


Very likely the two “immature Hawks” have left the nest. I was hoping to record some of their first flights but was only able to capture fluttering from branch to branch and tree to neighboring tree. Last week I observed what I thought was a “flight lesson”. Two adults were slowly circling above while following a smaller immature that was flapping wings like there was no tomorrow – in a straight line. No gliding or circling that I saw, just sustained power flight in a straight line headed towards La Grange, however, both of “my chicks” were accounted for that night. I guess it either made it back to the nest after the excursion or it was from another family all together. Who knows?

I spent a couple of hours last night watching the nest – nothing. Only saw one adult briefly but heard Hawk calls to the north. This morning I observed three Hawks (also to the north) flying together with one pretty much leading the other two. (The leader also exhibited some atypical flight patterns such as the sustained wing flapping without appreciably increasing altitude.) Were they two adults following their offspring? After the tech appointment I’ll try to check on the nest. I knew the time for leaving the nest was growing near because of the increasing distance from the nest on their “adventures” and diminishing parental presence at the nest and involvement with feeding. Towards the end it was just a quick lizard, snake, or gopher delivery and the parent was off leaving the “chicks” to fight over the meal.

Yes, it is kind of sad to see that empty nest which formerly contained two fuzzy white Eyases stumbling around with gigantic feet, little wing flaps, and curious looks as one or both parents monitored their antics. Observing how a parent would return to the nest and hold a leafy branch over the chicks to shade them from the hot afternoon sun. How the parents would gradually shape the chick’s behavior into approaching the meal by decreasing the distance they would furnish tidbits of the kill. (Thus making them approach the food brought to the nest by the parents – leading up to the simple parental “fly by – food drop”.) Sibling expressions and reactions to new experiences such as car alarms, rain, dive bombing by other birds, people setting up telescopes and cameras to watch them, etc.……lol

Sad, but rewarding. I will in the future always wonder if one of the common Hawk visitors might be from that actual nest. (I have an Owl that occasionally flies over to a branch within 15-20 feet of the back deck and quietly watches whatever is going on.)


Due to the failed internet connection I missed the opportunity of logging on to the Mariposa County Elections Department and monitoring the votes after the June 5th election – with particular interest (and serious concern) as to the outcome for Mariposa County District II Supervisor. I received a telephone call yesterday morning with the good news and just confirmed it on the election office website:

Votes and percentage

Merlin Jones: 471, 53.22%

Gene Dalton: 128, 14.46%

Dwight Mueller:  107, 12.09%

Kathleen Love: 77, 8.70%

Emery Ross: 64, 7.23%

Kenneth Willey: 38, 4.29%



newly elected


Although this is certainly excellent news for the residents of District II (and the county board of supervisors – therefore the entire county population), make no mistake, there will always be unethical and surreptitious influences attempting to redirect public policy toward private business benefit and away from the intended public good. Lake Don Pedro has experienced more than its share of such corruption in the past and should not again be allowed to fall prey to such despicable and counterproductive activity. These election results are extremely encouraging and a reassuring indication that voters are indeed paying attention. Lake Don Pedro has rounded another important corner on its way to achieving honest representation that will benefit the public as a whole along with this particular geographical area.

[NOTE: The preceding is a personal opinion based on my own experience regarding the two local offerings for that position and in no way is intended to reference the other three candidates.]

My best to you and yours, Lew

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