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Here are some video clips of the CDF air attack yesterday of the fire at the Lake Don Pedro Golf Course.   I am not sure, but from my vantage point it appeared to involve two CDF spotters (split tailed aircraft), a bomber and a helicopter.

<BELOW>  Took this photo today (May 25, 2013) and can only imagine the concern of those living near the excitement.

Unknown if the leak in the road (observable in the bottom left of the photograph) was caused by a “water hammer” or not.  (Yes the leak has been reported and a safety cone marks the spot.)

“Water hammers” are strong and damaging pressure surges often caused when fire hydrants (or other large valves) are turned on and off.   New leaks have been developing after such fires for many years as documented in Minutes of the 1980’s.

There will ALWAYS BE LEAKS in this aging system – just an unpleasant fact of life.

Scene of the Lake Don Pedro Golf Course Fire

My best to you and yours, Lew

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“However, if complaints are made as a result of junked vehicles, trash around the properties, and dangerous situations, it is the obligation of our community to ensure that these items are taken care of properly. That obligation has always been in place and the fine schedule does not change that.”

Julie Limbocker, Recently appointed LDPOA Director

Hey Julie….if you are too busy (plotting on how to squeeze more money out of property owners you don’t like) to drive one of these roads for yourself – just watch this video and re-read your May 14, 2013 statement.

A few initial questions regarding Julie Limbocker’s statement.

Would the Lake Don Pedro Owners’ Association have approved these obviously inferior and dangerous roads if permission to construct them had been requested as required by our regulations?

If fines are to be imposed for violations, should not the most serious/dangerous situations be of priority and thus addressed first?

What happens when someone does sustain property damage, is injured or killed on one of these roads and their attorney learns Association Directors intentionally refused to take preventative action due to political affiliations with the land developer who constructed them for increased profits?

Could individual directors somehow be held liable for failure to perform their fiduciary duty to the Association?

Why not simply levy fines against Thomas Porter and his Deerwood Corporation for construction of extremely dangerous roads within our subdivision that are open to the public and ticking time bombs for property damage, injury and/or death?

(Perhaps simply requiring traffic guards/barriers; warning/caution signs; reflectors, etc. would be a good start at protecting the Association from potential liability?)

Thank you Julie Limbocker for “driving home” this important issue of dangerous situations within our Lake Don Pedro subdivision; “accelerating member interest”; and “steering our community” in the right direction.

I will pick up my LDPOA complaint forms today.

Have a safe and enjoyable ride.

My best to you and yours, Lew

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" C H E E S E !"


Whoa, this is a very frightening concept – a non-elected, ethically challenged , and very confused real estate agent (who repeatedly states our LDPOA is a Home Owners’ Association rather than a Property Owners’ Association) is appointed director who then attempts to explain to membership the board’s proposed imposition of monetary fines for subdivision rule violations?

What happened to the LDPOA website paid for by the members? Why not an article in the DISCOVERER newsletter? Are Limbocker’s confusing and incorrect comments Board sanctioned or approved?

Hey Julie, spell it correctly in the title before implementing it OK? LOL

Julie Limbocker’s latest literary contribution:

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


To The Residents of Don Pedro ….in Reference to the Proposed Fine Schedule

As a community, many of us spend a lot of time and money attempting to keep our property in good condition. However, over the years, there have been instances where some home owners have neglected their property with garbage, clutter or other nuisances. Simply put, some residents just do not keep the property in presentable condition. As a community, we all have to live together and, although there are few exceptions where it may seem to be an impossible situation, most of us want to get along in a cordial and pleasant manner. It is also common knowledge that many Owners Associations tend to be rigid and overbearing….often with rules that defy logic. Therefore, it is easy to understand the concern that many of our residents feel.

However, in our community, while most of us try to enjoy the peace and solitude of the area, we must also keep in mind that there are valid concerns that need to be addressed. This upcoming fine proposal will not interfere with the peace and solitude of the area….but is intended solely to keep the area in a manner where all members can enjoy it. It certainly is not intended to be heavy handed….. as I have read in some of the information that has been posted around the community. .

Please understand that our goal is not to drive around the community looking for problems. We are not going to hunt down violations, take your first born child ….or needlessly harass residents about potential violations. As community members ourselves, we do not wish any negative ill will on any of our neighbors and friends. This fine schedule will not change what we currently have in place….but will only change the manner in which it is enforced. In fact, it is doubtful that many of you will even notice a difference.

My reasons for writing this is my concern of the rumors and comments in relation to this fine schedule. Much of it appears to be serving no purpose but to create hysteria and unnecessary stress among the residents. As I recently read in one rebuttal, please understand that we will not be intentionally looking for exposed fuel tanks, garbage receptacles, obnoxious odors, or motor vehicles on the streets. However, if complaints are made as a result of junked vehicles, trash around the properties, and dangerous situations, it is the obligation of our community to ensure that these items are taken care of properly. That obligation has always been in place and the fine schedule does not change that.

Please read the italicized rebuttal paragraph below… posted on a blog….by an opponent of the fine schedule. That person was attempting to point out reasons why we DONT want it…….stating that this is one way in which it will have an impact on us………………….

Dumping or burning of trash.
No trash, ashes, garbage or other refuse shall be dumped or stored on any lot nor be thrown into or left on the shoreline of any lake in the Subdivision. No outside burning of trash or garbage shall be permitted

First, let me comment………….I would hope that there is no one in this community that would like to see trash dumped to the shoreline of any lake…..or stored on a lot. That is exactly what many of us are trying to avoid. If that is a point to prove the inappropriateness of the fine schedule, it proves nothing other than to validate why we need this. Also, as stated above, the fine schedule DOE NOT change what we already have in place….but only gives us the ability to enforce it.

It should also be noted that the fine schedule will not decrease property values as has been a concern.. Property values decrease for a large number of reasons……and fine schedules are not at the top of the list. When a buyer looks for a property, many of them DO NOT like living in an HOA or POA anyway. The fact that we live in a Planned Unit Development with an Owners Association is a deterrent for many people…..and that is a standard attitude of people toward any Owners Associations. However, it is not specific only to the Don Pedro Owners Association.. What will bring values down is debris, clutter and the lack of following guidelines that are meant to keep the community clean and attractive. When appraisals are completed, the appraiser looks at everything….neighborhood, condition of house, size, lot size, etc The final appraised value is what determines property values of surrounding homes. If we keep our properties in average condition without clutter, debris, filth and waste, our values tend to go up….and much of that also depends on the economy. As a Realtor, I often complete property evaluations on homes (for banks and private owners) …..and a fine schedule, or lack of, is not a consideration in the final determination of value..

I have also heard that this will create an issue where neighbors will be turning in neighbors… retaliation for some sort of personal war between them. Please understand that anyone can turn their neighbors in for violations at any time…..despite a fine schedule or not. Just as it always has been, the complaint will be reviewed and dealt with in the standard procedure as has always been in place. The only difference a fine schedule will have on the property owner is the sudden sense of motivation to correct the issue, if a potential fine is imposed. No one will randomly go out and impose a fine without allowing the property owner to present his side… that others can understand the true nature of the issue. Any retaliatory intentions by a third party, can and will be addressed prior to imposing a fine.

Further, as many of us know, there are a lot of retired people and people with disabilities in the area. Quite often, those people are incapable of correcting a problem….and may not even understand who to turn to so that it can be corrected. It is no ones intention to add undue stress on someone in that situation. In such situations, there are exceptions and there are remedies. Often, these types of situations can be learning moments for our community… that we can better understand the needs of some of our residents. In other words, with volunteer help, referrals to various programs, and awareness, …we will find a way to assist these people…. possibly putting them in a “win-win” situation.. It is very important that we understand the various needs of many of our residents….and we must all be aware of that.

In summary, if the fine schedule is imposed, many of us probably will not even know the difference. Most people don’t even know they are in violation and sometimes a simple reminder is all that it takes. The current propaganda on this fine schedule is non productive and unnecessary. It is misinforming our residents with bad or inaccurate information. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact any one of your board members/directors to discuss it. We will certainly listen to your concerns and answer any questions that you may have.

Thank you,
Julie Limbocker
Director, LDPOA


Julie Limbocker, like her comrades Ruth Smith and Carolyn Bartholomew, were not elected by the membership but appointed by the remaining LDPOA board after a series of resignations. In fact, only one elected “recall director” remains since Thomas Porter and his Deerwood Corporation orchestrated the removal of an entire board because it had the audacity to uphold a member’s First Amendment Right in questioning Porter’s activities in Lake Don Pedro by publishing a submitted cartoon.

[A long overdue, and greatly reduced, water bill was also paid by Porter immediately after the cartoon was published and the recall started.]

Sounds a bit like the current IRS scandal huh?

Actually, the first recall director to “quit” and be replaced by board appointment was Deerwood’s very own former Vice President Ray Tracy who (are you ready for this?) didn’t realize more than one meeting a month was required to be a director on the board. Yikes! These so called directors have clearly answered to outside business interests for years and apparently continue to do so.

Past real estate involvement and management within our Association (reference Phinas Orb Hatton and company) proved disastrous and there is no reason to believe the likes of Julie and Calvin Limbocker will be any different, especially since Julie obviously lied about her husband’s real estate connections when she stated both of them were not in real estate. Shame, shame, shame.


That was the last time I will respond…you cannot reason with an unreasonable person…… However, I will be monitoring and documenting. By the way…we are not both in real estate. Just FYI”    Julie Limbocker

Well, FYI (For Your Information) Julie Limbocker, you have already proved to the world you do not tell the truth because both you and your husband have real estate licenses. If you lie about the little stuff, why should anyone believe you about important information?

Julie and Calvin Limbocker, during their attack on our former IGM, both mentioned the possibility of sexual discrimination or gender harassment being involved when the IGM vocalized his surprise at nearly being run over by the Limbocker’s granddaughter in a roadway construction zone. I thought their comments were outrageous and not supported with any fact. After Julie mentioned her police academy experience I learned that apparently both Julie and Calvin were former correctional officers in a bay area county and that Calvin Limbocker had been a defendant in a Federal suit for alleged mistreatment of female prisoners in his charge. Wow. If I had only been aware of this during their hatchet job on the IGM.

Here’s a timeline reference to that case:


Julie Limbocker obviously craves attention and whether that attention is positive or negative does not seem to be an issue for her or our Association. Limbocker and her “sisters in kind” LDPOA Directors Ruth Smith (who recently denied authorship of negative comments on Limbocker’s website posted under Smith’s name -doesn’t it bother you when people lie right to your face?) and Carolyn Bartholomew (who also uses her out of area relative Valerie Swanson from Oakdale to post illiterate and nasty comments on Limbocker’s site – ie “waist of time”, “are club”, “his crap” etc.) have never-the-less complained extensively about LAKEDONPEDRO.ORG – even to the Mariposa County Grand Jury!

Ahhh, too bad the truth hurts huh?

The funny thing about this subject is that LAKEDONPEDRO.ORG has always quite clearly been an expression of my personal opinion – not the opinion of the water board or anyone else. I was writing on LAKEDONPEDRO.ORG many years before being elected to the CSD and have always stood by what I write. This is clearly not the case with Limbocker and her ilk.


Julie Limbocker’s postings obviously reflect the board’s collective opinion and consensus of action by use of such phrases as: (emphasis added)

OUR GOAL IS NOT to drive around the community looking for problems”,

WE ARE NOT going to hunt down violations, take your first born child …. Or needlessly harass residents about potential violations”,

WE DO NOT WISH any negative ill will on any of our neighbors and friends”, etc..


Gee professor – isn’t all “ill will” negative? Has anyone ever heard of positive ill will?

This woman is very confused. Think about this (since these folks are always playing word games and telling half truths) : the vast majority of owners are not technically their neighbors or friends, so is “negative ill will” OK for the rest of us? Will it be permissible to use the power of the Association to selectively harass and mistreat other members because of differing political positions?

ANY ASSURANCE Julie Limbocker makes should be carefully scrutinized because her past activities have quite obviously been less than honorable. (Knowing the truth about my stupid little video of an accidental photograph of a finger crease yet intentionally misrepresenting that it was an inappropriate image of a human posterior in a widely circulated newspaper was reprehensible and a perfect example of her lack of character and integrity. The displaying of a photograph of my deceased Father by the Limbockers (Real Estate agents), Orb Hatton (Tri County Realty), Harry Alfier (Lake Don Pedro Realty), etc. only shows the perverse depths to which these lowlifes will go to in an attempt to harm their political opponents. Guess what? It only makes me more determined to expose you for what you are – arrogant, disingenuous, power hungry cheats.

YUP, this all sounds strangely similar to recent reports of the IRS targeting particular political groups. Maybe Limbocker will also receive a financial bonus for the most fines imposed on those not neighbors or friends? LOL

Don’t laugh too hard, in the old days – before membership was made aware of the scam – the ACC (Architectural Control Committee) would simply divide up application fees demanded from owners as reimbursement for their “volunteer time” to the Association. There are some real “pieces of work” up here folks. You absentees have no idea. Many residents do not either.


Community this, Community that, Community, Community, Community..….blah, blah, blah….

Only code for “This is what we will selectively determine to be violations worthy of fines”

Can you say “HIT LIST”?


The posting by this other member on her own website merely listed potential violations – and warned of possible misapplication, that’s all, and she was absolutely correct. It wasn’t a “rebuttal paragraph” as Julie Limbocker erroneously states, but a simple listing of violations. The author did not suggest or condone violation of #6, Dumping or burning of trash. This is what she actually wrote:

If you live in Mariposa County the following are some of the things you could be subject to fines if someone turns you in.

1.“Pets. No animals or livestock of any description except the usual household pets and horses as allowed by county ordinance shall be kept on any lot.

2.Parking. No vehicle shall be parked on any street in the Subdivision, nor shall any stripped-down, partially wrecked, or junk motor vehicle, or sizeable part thereof, be permitted to be parked on any street in the Subdivision or on any lot in such manner as to be visible to the occupants of other lots within the Subdivision or to the users of any street, lake or golf course therein.

3.Fuel tanks; rubbish receptacles. Every tank for the storage of fuel installed outside any building in the Subdivision shall be either buried below the surface of the ground or screened to the satisfaction of the Committee by fencing or shrubbery. Every outdoor receptacle for ashes, trash, rubbish or garbage shall be installed underground, screened or so placed and kept as not to be visible from any street, lake or golf course within the Subdivision at any time except during refuse collections.

4.Maintenance; enforcement by Association. All lots, whether occupied or unoccupied, and any improvements placed thereon, including individual sewage disposal systems, shall at all times be maintained in such a manner as to prevent their becoming unsightly by reason of unattractive growth on such lot or the accumulation of rubbish or debris thereon, or to prevent the occurrence of any health hazard. In the event any such lot or improvement thereon is not so maintained, the Association shall have the right, through its agents and employees, to enter thereon for the purpose of maintenance, restoration or repair, the cost of which shall be added to and become a part of the annual charge to which such lot is subject and which may become a lien thereon in the same manner as herein provided.

5.Nuisances. No noxious or offensive activities shall be carried on any lot nor shall anything be done on any lot that shall be or become an unreasonable annoyance or nuisance to the neighborhood.

6.Dumping or burning of trash. No trash, ashes, garbage or other refuse shall be dumped or stored on any lot nor be thrown into or left on the shoreline of any lake in the Subdivision. No outside burning of trash or garbage shall be permitted.

We have gone 45 yrs without a fine schedule and have seen numerous instances of abuses of power by Directors and violation committees. Can you imagine what would happen once they can fine you?

Please come to the Saturday May 11th meeting 10AM and let the board know how you feel about this.


Another typical Julie Limbocker misrepresentation – the author above clearly was not arguing in favor of violating regulations but Julie Limbocker once again fabricates and misrepresents what others believe, say, write, or even present in a humorous video on youtube. (Ruth Smith, incidentally, by her own admission on Limbocker’s website, cannot tell the difference between a human butt and a finger crease – even when it is pointed out! That sure doesn’t encourage confidence in folks who claim to know what is best for everyone else – maybe they wouldn’t recognize their own ass(ets) from a hole in the ground?)


Do any of you seriously find it the least bit curious that this land development controlled Association board now wants to impose fines AFTER the severe damage already done to this subdivision (and our property values) through the uncontrolled growth by the Deerwood Corporation and other wannabe movers and shakers in the local real estate market? What hypocrites! Selective enforcement of regulations has always been a trademark of these lowlifes.


Some of the most egregious CC&R violations were committed by “professionals” in the land development /real estate industry that to this very day quite clearly jeopardize the health and safety of anyone using those properties.

Hummm, violations 4 and 5 could easily be interpreted to apply to the substandard roads which pose an obvious danger to anyone traversing them.

The Association never approved such earth work as required in regulations (much less the County of Mariposa or the California Department of Forestry, now CALFIRE) why not fine them until corrected?

Then there’s the prohibition of motorized vehicles on Pedestrian & Equestrian Trails that were asphalt paved with developer convenience roads solely for increased profits. (Amazing that the DISCOVERER constantly warns about the prohibition of vehicles on P&E Trails – but this obviously cannot apply to those with paved roads compliments of the Deerwood Corporation.)

Where were these concerned “real estate suck-up community leaders” back then? Their duplicitous conduct was, and is, quite transparent and well documented.


Here’s an idea ….why doesn’t Julie Limbocker and our misguided Association investigate these developer convenience roads and require The Deerwood Corporation to adequately mark them for THE PUBLIC NUISANCES they are? Dangerous curves, no shoulders, cliff side drop offs, dead ends without barriers, no traffic warning signs or reflectors, too steep of grade, one way roads without legal turn arounds or passing lanes, inadequate thickness of roadway surface, fire trucks not allowed on them, etc..

If Limbocker and her comrades (at least 4 of the 7 directors) really want to protect members of this association or honestly improve the community, why not start with the numerous roadway safety concerns their benefactor created when he violated regulations for increased profits?

Heck, they might even accidentally save someone’s life!

My best to you and yours, Lew

PS: Apologies for my expression of frustration with our SO-GOSIP (Same Old Group Of Special Interest People). Seems there is always a lack of accountability for their wrongful activities and cowardly attacks against those who do question and speak up. I believe most people realize and appreciate there is NO REASON TO FABRICATE OR MISREPRESENT THE TRUTH IF A POSITION IS HONORABLE.

Lake Don Pedro is a microcosm of the same dishonesty and corruption observed at other levels of government and it all comes down to what the public will tolerate and accept from their officials (whether elected or appointed).

Believe it or not I always “water down” what I really think about these people and look forward to the opportunity for unrestrained no holes barred, gloves off commentary of their nefarious activities.

Remember: Three things cannot be long hidden, the Sun, the Moon, and the Truth. (Derived from the writings of Buddha)


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Photographs never do the natural observation justice.  The colors from the water vapor prism were brillant.

Water vapor prism and colors


<BELOW> A rear-end crash between a BNSF and Union Pacific train happened near the Tehachapi Loop on Monday May 20th, 2013 @ 0300hrs.




<Above> Driving is fun.  Refueling is not.  NOTE:  The T-shirt is displayed for humorous purposes only and does not suggest a viable remedy to the current high cost of fuel.   If you or someone you know is abnormally depressed about fuel prices and is contemplating self inflicted injury or death with a fueling nozzle, please seek immediate professional assistance.   Also, that is not a (landed) UFO and missle complex to my left in the distance.


Don’t you love the smell of the desert?

I’m beat – later.

My best to you and yours, Lew




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Although it probably won’t make much difference with the projected water shortfall for this Summer, last night’s rain sure sounded and smelled great.

I shot hundreds of single photos trying to catch the lightning with disappointing results.  Here are a few photos looking to the east of my place.  I will likely be able to pull a few decent shots from the video when I have a chance to review those clips.  [UPDATE

NOTE:  There is now a short video clip of some of the lightning lastnight (050613) at normal, .5x, .25x and .125x speeds posted under the top bar menu item: BETTER CLARITY.

Looking through the trees


My best to you and yours, Lew

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