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Million Dollar View!

10098 Alamo Dr. 1.7 Acres. Build your dream home and enoy morning coffee  while watching the sun rise over snow-capped peaks in Yosemite. Entertain  family and freiends from your deck with a breathtaking view of Lake Don  Pedro. Extremely private and secluded property. Large asphalt semi-private  driveway. Engineered septic system installed. Large majestic oak trees.   Includes custom home plans.
Only $ 149,900


Real close, but no cigar. Perhaps a bit of subconscious admission and/or confession by the property owner?—


I saw the advertisement photo on the LAKE DON PEDRO REALTY website under land listings (Harry Alfier owner, of both the real estate business and the particular property for sale) and immediately recognized the view. The ad’s narrative confirmed the location: 10098 Alamo Drive (where this 1,600 foot long developer convenience road starts – diagonally crosses another owner’s property {making it virtually impossible to  construct a home due to the required septic and building setbacks-residential construction you will recall is the primary purpose of all subdivision lots}, makes a sharp right turn OVER a P&E Trail, then runs up the hill (does not even remain on the underlying non exclusive easement that was filed AFTER the FINAL SUBDIVISION MAP was approved by the County of Mariposa)  to a boxed-in dead end without any form of a safety notice) also known as Lot 1149 and APN 21-70-0270.


{NOTE: There is also “dirt work” construction taking place on Lot 1152 (to the right in the above photograph) which is apparently signaling serious development off this dangerous “developer convenience road”.  I knew it would happen sometime after the dust had settled on this fire access road matter, but so soon?  – Especially now with all the recent fires in the area.   How can construction be taking place utilizing such a roadway for access in a designated high fire severity zone?  (Smoke from the current Rim Fire can be seen in the background.)  Why are regular folks required to pay a special SRA  fire fee of $150/year when such construction can be permitted?  Hold on….must be BIG MONEY in Don Pedro again.  Wonder if it has anything to do with the Association now wanting to fine average property owners for subdivision CC&R violations? Maybe some kind of distraction?}
{NOTE: The recreation trailer observed in the above video that was placed on the property by Mr. Alfier was eventually removed.}
QUESTION: Have these custom home plans (that will so generously be furnished as part of the proposed property sale) ever been approved by the County of Mariposa?
ANSWER: No. Called Mariposa County building department and confirmed no plans have been approved or even filed regarding a residence on this property.
Just my opinion, but without legitimate county approval they might as well be plans for an experimental Mars outpost.
This is a confusing statement because the authorities have previously advised a driveway serves only one or two properties, whereas an actual road is required to serve more than two, as in this case where several other properties along the road to be served were owned by the Deerwood Corporation. (Which modified and asphalt paved this dangerous excuse for a road that looks more like a golf cart path.)
QUESTION: Has this “semi-private driveway” (ROAD) been approved by any department of the County of Mariposa, CAL-FIRE, and the LDPOA (Lake Don Pedro Owners’ Association) as legal access for multiple residential properties?
What about the CAL-FIRE issues regarding using public firefighting equipment on such SRA (State Responsibility Area) noncompliant roadways? (Six roadway public safety violations– see above video for listings.)
Will taxpayer resources be required for a future rescue operation?
Why isn’t that P&E (Pedestrian & Equestrian) trail, which runs “under” the asphalt roadway and through the property which is for sale, marked as a public trail? (There was a sign indicating such but it mysteriously disappeared – imagine that.)
Surely a potential purchaser will be advised of this important fact? A public horse trail on and adjacent to a proposed home site that was originally planned to be approximately 10 feet from this P&E Trail!


This asphalt paved turn is located over a dedicated County Pedestrian-Equestrian Trail – can you imagine a huge fire truck attempting to negotiate this turn during an emergency?   County Ordinance 950 states no motor vehicles on such trails, how did this happen?
I am very curious as to what sort of items might be listed on a known disclosure notice.
Contacted Mariposa County Planning Department but they do not become involved in such matters until AFTER building plans have actually been filed. So, the old expression, Caveat emptor, or buyer beware, is sage advice for any substantial investment and a property with a “million dollar view” is no different. Did this million dollar view take into consideration all the past legal fees in its professed calculation of value?
Heck, a buyer may not learn of any inability to build (if there is such inability) until after the property transfer is complete – that is, without some due diligence on their part or a detailed known disclosure notice prior to purchase. Must a seller advise a potential buyer of these issues? I really don’t know, but in all fairness it would seem they would.

Gosh, for how much more money is this property now being listed only because of this extremely dangerous access roadway which will likely cause further legal difficulties, heart aches and perhaps even injury and/or death in the future?

Such dangerous roads can greatly increase the value of difficult to develop properties by negating the necessity of constructing a legitimate driveway but who actually pays for this added value?
Should state or county fire personnel (or any first responder) be required to risk their lives for the sake of increased real estate profits because of an enhanced view of Yosemite and Lake Don Pedro without the traditional costs?
THE BIG QUESTION: Harry Alfier has repeatedly stated it was his 40 year old dream to build a house on this lot, so why doesn’t he use his own custom home plans and “semi-private driveway”  to do so – as he suggests someone else could in the advertisement?
Perhaps because ……Mars ain’t the kind of place to raise your kids?  (Reference Elton John’s Rocket Man)
-My best to you and yours, Lew
Just in case the ad changes, this was the original ad upon which the blog was based:
Million Dollar View!
10098 Alamo Dr.
1.7   Acres. Build   your dream home   and enoy morning   coffee while   watching the   sun rise over   snow-capped peaks in Yosemite.   Entertain family and freiends   from your deck   with a breathtaking   view of Lake   Don Pedro. Extremely   private and secluded property. Large   asphalt semi-private   driveway. Engineered   septic system   installed. Large   majestic oak   trees. Includes   custom home plans. View 2

Only $ 149,900
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Tale of the tailbone (Coccyx).   LOL

August 12 2013:  Alternative (a made up and pitiful attempt at humor) explanation for my extremely sore Coccyx:

[HEY!  IT’S GOING TO HURT REGARDLESS ANYWAY, RIGHT? So I might as well appreciate the fact it wasn’t more serious, learn some lessons, and laugh about the whole thing.   Healing is such a wonderful thing.]

There was something bothering me for a while but it worked itself out.   You know the old expression –  “Knock the “$hi7″ out of something?”   Well, I recently experienced just the opposite.  I hit the ground so hard it must have “knocked the “$hi7” back further into me!   I kid you not.  I couldn’t go for three days.  True I wasn’t eating much anyway and sitting was agonizingly painful, but seriously, I still had some prior traffic already in a holding pattern and was anticipating a forthcoming arrival, or rather, delivery.

Unfortunately, when my ass hit that hard ground something “snapped inside” and my body’s Intestinal Motility Union evidently decided to go on strike – because nothing was going to move.   Funny though, just before I was successful for the first time after the accident, there was a bit of sharp internal pain accompanied by an audible “crack”.  I figured it was just something popping back into position naturally.   Yeah, that’s it.  No worries.  Simple realignment.  Everything is just back like it was.   No biggie.  Unless something is misaligned, splintered or fractured; separated pieces of bone…..

I don’t want to do this any more…..New Videos located on top menu bar

My best to you and yours, Lew.

Everything is probably right where it is supposed to be….right?  lol

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