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This morning I was checking out the ISS (International Space Station) live view website, which permits the viewer to not only see where the ISS is located in real time, but to also zoom up on previous images of the area.  WOW!  It’s like taking a mini-vacation.

So, guess what location I coincidentally observed at approximately 1059 hours this morning?

La Grange, Australia!

No fooling.   When I switched to the image of the area and zoomed up on the approximate ISS path, there it was, La Grange Australia.  The La Grange Bay airport is just east of the town and west of the Great Northern HWY. Check out the colorful waters and geography around the peninsula west of Red Islet, absolutely beautiful.  At 1108 hours it passed over Tasmania.  1110 hours between New Zealand and Adams Island. On to Europe! A 24/7 show.

My Best to You and Yours, Lew

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