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[MIDPOU = MERCED IRRIGATION DISTRICT PLACE OF USE for MERCED RIVER WATER per WATER LICENSE 11395 held by MID and under which the LAKE DON PEDRO CSD pumps water from Lake McClure for controlled use within subdivision]





Never say never.  Wow – was I wrong  –  but right at the same time.  Check this out…..


No wonder PETE KAMPA has been able to say (while attempting to control the smile of a cat who just ate a canary) there have been no recent requests for MORE OUTSIDE MERCED IRRIGATION DISTRICT PLACE OF USE WATER SERVICE …..

(emphasis on “no recent“).

Just word parsing and typical KAMPASPEAK.

Who would have ever thought an “ancient request” for more SPECIAL BENEFIT GROUNDWATER SUBSTITUTION would mean anything at all —- UNLESS THE PROPERTY WAS ANNEXED?  Right?

And if no one knew about that annexation?   How many other “sleeper annexations” have been awaiting PETE KAMPA’s return and activation so as to receive our extremely expensive EMERGENCY DROUGHT GROUNDWATER paid for with PUBLIC FUNDS?


Here’s a personal observation for those that did know and remained silent – as that ANNEXATION FACT was INTENTIONALLY MISREPRESENTED AND CONCEALED FOR DECADES


You were/are actively involved participants in the

PETE KAMPA continued corruption of our local public agency!

You are complicit in the selling of our local community control over the most valuable natural resource a community could ever hope to obtain –  that beautiful quality MERCED RIVER WATER  flowing from YOSEMITE NATIONAL PARK and stored in Lake McClure.

You assisted in trading our freedom as an INDEPENDENT COMMUNITY SERVICES DISTRICT with the responsibility of protecting and wisely using that resource for the RUTHLESS EXPLOITATION by a for-profit limited liability management company whose president had a lengthy documented history of misrepresentation and deception of facts and truth.

And for those who voted for Kampa’s unethical return, GM appointment, relinquishment of local control and ultimate reconfiguration of our surface water treatment plant?

Had you only required a rudimentary employment check —– oops!

gosh darn it!  I forget –  you already knew what KAMPA was because THAT OUTSIDE MID-POU CATTLE RANCHING SITTING DIRECTOR EMERY ROSS had worked with KAMPA 20 years before and orchestrated his return!

(Gee, I wonder-was KAMPA also responsible for that “PRIVATE WATER LINE” traversing the ROSS CATTLE RANCH which supplies water for at least two other outside place of use ranches that also must be provided GROUNDWATER SUBSTITUTION because they legally cannot use MERCED RIVER WATER under WL11395 that was CLEARLY INTENDED FOR THE LAKE DON PEDRO SUBDIVISION?   Same time period as KAMPA’s first tour of employment – and would certainly explain why no action has been taken on that very suspicious situation.)

Why on earth conceal an approved annexation unless there was something wrong with the process or goal?

That annexation quietly slumbered until PETE KAMPA RETURNED TO FINISH THE JOB – which was – PROVIDING THE GROUNDWATER SUBSTITUTION for developmentall with public funds.

Gosh, another coincidence!  That annexation occurred back in 1995 at the same time Kampa was in the middle of his DISTRICT EXPANSION CRAZE  (utilizing his notorious penchant for MISREPRESENTATIONS OF THE TRUTH/FACT) during his first employment with the LDPCSD (Jan 1993-Oct 1997).  [July 2nd 2017  CORRECTION: Just noticed I had accidentally typed 1993, rather than 1994 as PETE KAMPA’s FIRST EMPLOYMENT TOUR WITH THE LDPCSD.  SHOULD READ:  JANUARY 1994- OCTOBER 1997]


two weeks later?   –

“Sorry got to resign and go up north

and broker suspicious deals with

the Nestle Corporation in McCloud, CA!”





on file with the State Water Resources Control Board

(The map PETE KAMPA refuses to request and post on

what is supposed to be




I was fooled and



When I was on the Board of Directors (2010-2014)  every map, every description, anything to do with district boundaries indicated LAKE SHORE RANCH was in the SOI (Sphere of Influence) and not in the district service area.  That’s why I objected to it being shown on the LAFCO MAP as being in the district back in 2014.  It was not the other smaller piece of property of which I was aware but a

  900+ ACRE proposed subdivision!

Yup, hook, line and sinker.

NO WONDER that KAMPA CONTROLLED COMMITTEE that was to study all the outside MIDPOU properties and report back to the public never completed the task!  

The results would have blown the lid on KAMPA’s little secret.   This annexation – and likely others currently concealed  –  would have been highlighted generating a number of legitimate questions. 

I think I know why why Kampa didn’t just “cop out” and correct the confusion by saying something like:

“LAKE SHORE RANCH is in the District Service Area because I was here when it annexed in 1995”.


Because KAMPA could not admit acknowledge of that annexation without risking it was another motive for his UNETHICAL RETURN TO LAKE DON PEDRO – to complete what he had started!





Remember that MIDPOU report?  The mandatory monthly compliance report to the Merced Irrigation District (holder of WL11395) documenting how much MERCED RIVER WATER was actually leaving the legal PLACE OF USE in the subdivision and that Kampa stopped providing to the public in the agenda packet?

Remember my lost FOIA?  (FREEDOM OF INFORMATION REQUEST) that was USPS certified mailed to the MERCED IRRIGATION DISTRICT but was somehow lost between Sacramento and Merced and never found? And then later when I hand walked in a copy to the MID OFFICE IN MERCED requesting that OUTSIDE POU INFORMATION I was later advised MID was not familiar with such a report?  (Despite mandatory compliance reporting for the last 17 years by the LDPCSD?  Interesting.  Starting to connect the dots?  Same here, but we are way behind the curve of their despicable activities.   Sad to say, it is EXTREMELY DIFFICULT TO KNOW WHO TO TRUST IN SUCH SITUATIONS.)


Does the following look like an annexation for a subdivision that will use much more water than a single family ranch?


UPDATE NOTE:  Technically, the above statement that LAKE SHORE RANCH had been waiting to annex shortly after district formation in 1980 is incorrect.  Yesterday (Wednesday, June 28th, 2017) I read a LAFCo document indicating the owner of the property was instructed to WAIT UNTIL THE DISTRICT HAD ACTUALLY FORMED BEFORE ATTEMPTING ANNEXATION!   lol   I kid you not!

That owner was trying to annex before we were even formed as a public agency!  So many things are slowly beginning to finally make sense.


Anyone notice the contradictory map information recently posted on the LDPCSD website?

Why would KAMPA apparently suddenly reverse course on that LAKE SHORE RANCH PROPERTY being in the district?  First he says it is in the district and touts the LAFCo map illustrating such, but Tuesday night I discovered KAMPA had changed the website map information – with contradictory information to his previous position.  First he contends the LAKE SHORE RANCH is in the district, now he apparently is suggesting it is not.



The below map was the new one posted on the LDPCSD website.

“The map above was produced by the Mariposa County Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCo) and shows the boundaries of the LDPCSD and Sphere of Influence.”


But how could Kampa fliip positions  like that?   One day those 900+ acres were inside the district, and the next they weren’t.  KAMPA said they were, but now apparently suggests they are not?  What the heck is going on here?  Flip flopping back and forth on an annexation which occurred during his first tour of employment.

Now to add even more confusion to this apparent intentionally created confusion…..LAFCo’s 2008 DRAFT MUNICIPAL SERVICE REVIEW also shows the LAKE SHORE RANCH as being outside the DISTRICT BOUNDARY on page 20.

What the heck?  How could that 900 acres be shown outside the district boundaries when LAFCo possessed paperwork proving annexation back in 1995? 

How could LAFCo make such a mistake 13 years later yet not make the correction until 19 years later and only 5 months before PETE KAMPA’s   _____________  return?

VIEWER POP QUIZ – Please fill in the above blank with one of the below choices:

     a) Triumphant

 b) Perplexing

c) Welcomed

d) Unethical

           e) All of the above.


ANSWER:  e – all of the above  (depending upon your perspective – of course – yeah, a trick question)


BELOW is the map LAFCo presented in that draft  2008 service review:

Clearly the blue shaded area (my artistic attempt with a dry marker) is outside the boundary.   This is apparently the 900+ acres of proposed subdivision and the yellow triangle above is the Piney Creek area – an island of potential district service but also outside the MIDPOU.  Islands of district services is something LAFCos were supposed to avoid when laying out districts (as I understand from reading their material).


Anyway, ended up taking a field trip to Mariposa yesterday.


(Exhausted Wednesday night – finished Thursday morning early afternoon – that’s the reason if this post is a bit confusing on time sequence)

Thursday, June 29th, 2017

Whoa, what a day (reference to yesterday – Wednesday, June 28th, 2017).  Late Tuesday night after viewing KAMPA’s updates to the website (which contained what appeared to be “disclaimers” for the new map information) I decided a trip to Mariposa was prudent.

I figured, “why not catch the County LAFCo monthly meeting and use their PUBLIC COMMENT to present my blah blah blah complaint regarding the reconfiguration of our former surface water treatment plant into a GROUNDWATER SUBSTITUTION FACILITY benefiting outside MIDPOU land developers”?


I must admit, good ‘ol Sneaky Pete Kampa and his band of treacherous conspirators have once again proven to be waaaaaay ahead of everyone else with their diabolical pursuit of special interest/benefit water service paid for with public funds.

I imagine if one is going to be a cheat they might as well strive to be the best – and I truly believe PETE KAMPA IS A WORLD CLASS CHAMPION!  Maybe someday a statue of his likeness could be erected for his “dishonor”?


Yes indeed, it was confirmed yesterday by the LAFCo Executive Officer a large parcel of 900+/- acres of proposed subdivision between Merced Falls Road and Lake McClure [which suddenly jumped from years of SOI (Sphere of Influence)representation to being within District Boundaries  <5  months before KAMPA’s return in October 2014] – was indeed annexed into the District in 1995!


I was provided an opportunity to look through a box of old records and will be obtaining some copies I believe to be important soon.  Need to schedule some time to get back there too, but there is so much to do!  Wait to you hear what I have already discovered regarding this 37 year scam against the legal customers in the subdivision.

The deeper one digs the stinkier this becomes.

[IMPORTANT NOTE: It would be absolutely wrong and completely unfair for ANYONE to assume current county employees were/are involved in this LDPCSD deception that has spanned decades. My initial research effort was assisted with courtesy and professionalism which was greatly appreciated.]

Yes sir, absolutely shocking news to me (and others) who believed they had a good grasp and working knowledge of our district – at least as far as the information we were permitted access and allowed to understand – since not participating in the KAMPA & KOMPANY long term plan of domination and exploitation to third party benefit.


I must now also consider that outside MIDPOU cattle rancher and sitting director Emery Ross has probably been feeding KAMPA district information for many years while simultaneously receiving suggestions on how to better prepare for the treatment plant reconfiguration upon KAMPA’s return.

Still difficult to believe land for a 900 acre proposed subdivision was annexed back in 1995 yet never illustrated in routine maps – not even the draft Mariposa County LAFCO 2008 Water and Wastewater Municipal Service Review Report. That property was still represented as being only in the SOI (possible service someday).

But why the big secret?  Why the great lengths to keep it quiet? If everything was done legally and above board what could be the reason for not acknowledging a lawful district annexation?

Ahhhhhh, could it be that KAMPA was a bit nervous a 22 year old “quietly sleeping annexation” might be considered a powerful MOTIVE for his fast and unethical return to LAKE DON PEDRO CSD as GM?

You know?  – to finish that planned expansion with an increased GROUNDWATER SUBSTITUTION PROGRAM created by utilizing grant money leveraged with our district’s hard-saved $1 Million in cash? All to accomplish the planning, development and utilization of extremely expensive groundwater wells in a drought prone area for land development associates he worked with 20 years ago when starting his infamous water career?


Yes sir, BIG SURPRISE to those of us not involved with such surreptitious “under the table deals”.  What a bunch of ……..

Those of us not secretly dedicated to the special interests of others who seek to exploit the limited resources of our designated disadvantaged community for the purpose of securing private personal and business financial gain.

There are times (like right now) when on some levels I wish I had never starting researching this corrupt public agency because it leads to so much disappointing revelations,  but then, I consider two very important facts; 1) Not taking action to stop this is exactly how such duplicitous exploiting lowlifes thrive and continue their evil deeds, and 2) Lake Don Pedro is my home and I will oppose as best I can such outrageous betrayals by PUBLIC OFFICIALS and their APPOINTED GM.

I honestly do not understand how people like KAMPA, ROSS, JOHNSON et al, can look themselves in the mirror without some sense of guilt. Perhaps a poorly developed conscience from childhood? Pursuit of power, money, a misplaced sense of stature?  Who knows, but their duplicitous activities and lack of character have undoubtedly harmed many others whose only mistake was purchasing property in the LAKE DON PEDRO OWNERS ASSOCIATION subdivision and trusting that LDPCSD representatives were going to be honest.  So, so, disappointing, but that’s life, eh?

ANYWAY, here is the link to my LAFCo blah blah blah yesterday-   LAFCo blah blah blah Wed June 28 2017


My best to you and yours, Lew

PS…..Almost forgot the GREAT NEWS!

Thanks to PETE KAMPA and his KAMPA COMMUNITY SOLUTIONS, llc (aka KAMPACS) expert management skills (and decades of close connection with the issuing organization) our district just received a transparency in government award!

Whoo Hoo!

     What a racket!


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Consider this:

On September 4th, 1996 Kampa wrote the following to Tuolumne County Planning…

               “The “Zone of Influence,” in which LDPCSD may serve water, extends outside Merced Irrigation District’s “Place of Use” boundaries; thus groundwater wells have been drilled to supplement the surface water supply and serve our customers outside the aforementioned boundaries.  The District currently operates one groundwater well which produces up to 160 acre feet per year, and is actively considering additional water sources.”

NOW compare to the September 18th, 1996 Board of Director’s instructed “apology letter for misrepresenting” the facts where Kampa wrote:

“At this time, and in the foreseeable future, LDPCSD’s only public service is the provision of water to residents of the subdivision.  There have been no formal requests made by the public to the LDPCSD Board of Directors in regards to additional public services; nor has research been performed on the feasibility of this issue.”


See?  Kampa knows what is proper and correct.  He just doesn’t follow the rules.

Notice also Kampa did not clarify that the 19 groundwater wells developed by Boise Cascade many years earlier (and not the LDPCSD) were all abandoned because of poor water quality (probably due to the arsenic like we have now) and inadequate production.  Gosh, doesn’t that seem a bit deceitful?  How many wells were actually drilled by the LDPCSD?  One, and that water production was required to replace all the illegal connections using MERCED RIVER WATER in violation of the water license!  (For situations like that sitting director using chlorinated water intended for domestic residential consumption in the subdivision to start and run a commercial cattle ranch for over two decades.  Certainly not an authorized purpose under water license 11395.)

However, 17 years later in October of 2014 [when PETE KAMPA was returned to the LDPCSD by those SPECIAL INTEREST directors seeking further expansion] the LDPCSD still only had one groundwater well, Ranchito Drive #1.

Gee, sure seems the only entity “actively considering additional water sources” was Pete Kampa.

And now?  Same Pete Kampa with a few other special interest land developer supporting directors.  Everything else is “behind the scene” representation that you and I will never be privy to –  that’s why Kampa just can’t tell the whole truth.

Also remember that Ranchito Drive #1 operated since 1993 until it failed during KAMPA’s drilling for more water to sell outside the Place of Use, and to this day after tens of thousands of dollars spent on refurbishing, Ranchito Drive #1 is still inoperable supposedly waiting for a water meter.   Sure hope at least the water meter will tell the truth about the water passing through.  This is the same well site Director Jim Sult mentioned was obviously not secure with the fence down.

So, ANYWAY,  what did Kampa do after his “unethical GM appointment” in October 2014?  Immediately start to AGAIN MISREPRESENT the LDPCSD actual water source situation to State and Federal authorities in order to obtain millions in public grants INTENDED FOR EXISTING CUSTOMER BENEFIT and misappropriate those funds for the true purpose of creating his “alternate source of water with which to fuel his GROUNDWATER SUBSTITUTION PROGRAM (referenced 17 years earlier when starting his infamous water career) so water could flow to his developer acquaintances from 20 years earlier. 



Oh yes, our “Remote GM” certainly cares about the customers our former surface water treatment plant was designed and intended to serve.

You can check out the rest of that KAMPA expansion advocacy letter by selecting the following link:


Read it?  Interesting huh?  Just think, KAMPA’s plan called for the LDPCSD to also take the subdivision’s natural parks.  Wow.   Doesn’t that ring a bell?  When Orb Hatton and Dwight Mueller (acting LDPOA officers) suggested selling those large tracts of open and natural unimproved property to developers for cash?  To heck with the future subdivision and its residents!  Who needs open natural areas in the future?  What a waste of prime real estate for development.  Right? (Such short sighted selfish thinking is not lol at all.)

See and appreciate the common threads of greed and exploitation?

Now remember folks, things like the above do not operate in a vacuum all by themselves, but rather in conjunction with other active exploiters – recall what was to soon follow with the DEERWOOD LAND DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION in our subdivision as well?  The many speculative and model homes being constructed in violation of the CC&Rs?

What about a Deerwood Corporation employee (former SIERRA HIGHLANDS WATER COMPANY GM and 1st LDPCSD GM) serving on the LDPCSD Board of Directors at the same time. (A GM/Director who had always strenuously advocated water service beyond the MID Place of Use under WL11395 and did in fact furnish such service – with and without approval from the board of directors.)

What about the golf course refusing to pay that enormous overdue water bill?   An entire LDPOA Board of hard working and sincere directors removed because a land development corporation president did not care for the truth being told about his corporation’s activities in Lake Don Pedro?   The “Cartoon Recall”, remember?  (I sure do!  – lol)

What about a a day’s work by an LDPCSD water crew repairing a water line which was technically the responsibility of the golf course yet it only paid for the $25 repair band?  Who do you think paid for that day’s work, and many, many others?

What about all those developer convenience roads constructed in violation of 12 year old enacted public safety fire codes designed to protect lives and property?  Constructed just to avoid the expense of legal fire safe single/dual driveways?  All just to increase profit margins!    Who gets left with those dangerous roads which will undoubtedly eventually cause serious injury or death when actually used by the public someday?  (When everyone who really knows how they were constructed are long gone.)    Who will pay for that?

Look how the state handled that matter – INSTEAD of having CAL FIRE enforce regulations and demand correction by making the developer conform to law (which they had the power to do under the Resources Code) everyone living in an SRA (State Responsibility Area) now has to pay a yearly FIRE FEE – yet those dangerous substandard roads still exist.

Remember all that erosion on Alamo Drive that destroyed part of a County maintained road and completely plugged a public easement drainage ditch?  Yet ALL RECORDS OF THAT TAX PAYER CLEAN UP AND ROAD REPAIR WERE UNAVAILABLE?   Who paid for that?  And who pays for that continuing erosion because a hillside’s natural runoff being redirected without proper engineering and county/state permitting approvals?  Who orchestrated that and who ultimately pays for the resulting damages?

What about years later when that same land development corporation president attended a LDPCSD meeting and actually advocated customers not pay their property taxes in protest to force the County of Mariposa to fold and permit the “Deerwood Plan” for Lake Don Pedro?  Good grief! Who encourages another to do something that will inevitably harm them?  Someone who doesn’t give a rat’s ass about the ultimate victim – that’s who.

You know, I don’t have the time or patience now to reiterate all the horrible things that have gone on and are going on in this area right now – besides it makes my heart uncomfortable.  Suffice it to say ALL OF THIS BEHIND THE SCENE GARBAGE (just like now) has been, and is, actively working against the best interests of regular property owners in this subdivision who are building homes  in these beautiful though rugged foothills.

Please realize our MOST IMPORTANT AND EXTREMELY VALUABLE RESOURCE (quality water from Lake McClure – good heavens – IT FLOWS FROM YOSEMITE NATIONAL PARK folks!) has been under attack by land developers and real estate speculators ever since we became a public agency!

Now don’t you feel special?



My best to you and yours, Lew

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J4 June 19th, 2017 Lake Don Pedro CSD Monthly Board of Directors Meeting

J4-  I don’t know but some days it feels like this is all just a big waste of time and energy.  Of course there have been other times when I believe it is anything but a waste of time and energy.  Back and forth, just like everything else in life, eh?

Don’t particularly care to say it again but feel it worthy – I honestly believe many of the comments between certain board members and the GM were orchestrated in advance to achieve a goal.   OH MY!  Surely that couldn’t even be possible, right?   lol

I’ve said it before, handing out important information the day of a NOTICED MEETING that is not contained in that meeting’s agenda or packet just doesn’t seem right.

Do you think Kampa realized he needed the directors to acknowledge in a legal document that they were fully informed prior to their vote?   Remember a couple of months ago when it was revealed that GM Kampa wasn’t preparing, signing and presenting to the board and public a statement of financial status responsibility required by the State?  Remember that?  In the agenda packet a blank form certifying that “everything was ok concerning financial matters” for a certain period of time in the future?  Every 90 days right?  So quarterly Kampa was supposed to be furnishing the Board of Directors with this “YES – WE HAVE ENOUGH MONEY FOR THE NEXT 90 DAYS”, signed form because GM Kampa is also the Board Treasurer. I believe this should have been done since he was “appointed” as GM in 2014.

What would acknowledgement of that “budget process resolution” mean if say hypothetically, upon inspection of the financial record of the LDPCSD it indicated the district was not solvent but continued financial business as usual?

Did this resolution have something to do with that quarterly financial certification that should be presented to a board that is approving budgets, expenditures, multi-million dollar public grants and projects funded with those grants, etc?

Strange how Director Emery Ross (primary player in Kampa’s return to our district just as we passed the Million dollar savings mark after near bankruptcy) has been absent for a number of such important financial meetings?  Who knows?  I sure don’t.

 I do know I wouldn’t agree to having knowledge of the district’s actual finances unless I were absolutely positive it was indeed healthy and operating legally. 

But if documents were not furnished me proving this solvency as required I would be extremely apprehensive.   

But what could those directors do since Kampa had not been providing such required financial solvency statements?

Again, I don’t know, however, if I were one of those directors I would have had the LDPCSD attorney draft a legally binding statement for Pete Kampa to sign stating the district had always met the requirements of those quarterly solvency statements ever since he was appointed GM and Board Treasurer.


I just think I would sleep better.


My best to you and yours, Lew

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J1 June 19th, 2017 Monthly Lake Don Pedro CSD BOD Meeting

Hello. Hope you are all doing well. Significant heat wave up here – have a number of stories related to that, but as always, there just isn’t enough time to do everything I would like. Prioritize? Sure, I’ll try that for a buck. lol

Anyway, here’s the first offering of the June 19 2017 LDPCSD BOD Monthly Meeting.   SOS.  Sill am amazed this fraud could continue for 37 years. So sad to think of the people harmed by such surreptitious behavior of those claiming a desire to assist this community. Perhaps it is the same everywhere….you know, some folks will always be “above the law”. Evidently they can do as they please with little concern for detection much less apprehension and accountability for their devious activities. Such is life, eh?


My best to you and yours, Lew

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Remember the below photos and the blah, blah, blah regarding the new well fencing not having the gate locked and equipment site secured?  You know, that old post is only six days shy of being exactly one year old?

Here’s that old post from June 23rd 2016 — WHAT IS THE POINT?

Big weekend coming up -should the security fencing be secured?

Big weekend coming up -should the security fencing be secured?

June 23rd 2016 - Still no lock observed since SECURITY FENCE INSTALLATION. ....strong as weakest link.

Thursday, June 23rd 2016 – Still no lock observed since SECURITY FENCE INSTALLATION.   ….as strong as the weakest link.  I wonder if insurance would cover a loss without the district securing the gate with a lock?  Why have an enclosed fence?  What about an attractive nuisance and personal injury?  Guess it could be a free temporary confinement facility!  Just BYOL!  (BRING YOUR OWN LOCK)!  lol


OK….BACK TO REAL TIME…..SATURDAY, June 17th, 2017—-

As I recall one of the directors a year ago did in fact check into this matter and a lock was eventually used to secure the gate.  Then that corrective measure was discontinued  as the lock was seldom used to secure the gate.   Why even have a fence if the gate isn’t locked?

Now imagine my surprise while reading the agenda packet for Monday’s June 19th, 2017 Board Meeting and discovering that an SWRCB June 2, 2017 letter to GM KAMPA mentions this specific issue.  (Pages 6 & 7 of the meeting packet):

The following paragraph was applied to both the well sites:

“At the time of the inspection, the well was enclosed in a chain-link enclosure.  However, the enclosure was not locked to prevent unauthorized entry to the well site.  The District was asked to ensure that the enclosure was properly locked at all times.”

But here’s the kicker, that recent STATE WATER RESOURCES CONTROL BOARD correspondence is referencing a November 22, 2016 state inspection where it was noted that two of the well sites were, once again, unlocked.

See what I mean?  EVEN AFTER A BOARD DIRECTOR ENCOURAGED THE CORRECTIVE ACTION of putting a lock on the gate, 5 MONTHS LATER (during an SWRCB inspection no less) two other well sites were discovered to be unsecured. 

And what’s the motto of this website?



Too bad the LDPCSD doesn’t feel the same way.


My best to you and yours, Lew





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Two Low Level C-17s

GUESS WHAT? This posting IS NOT related to the water company! (LDPCSD) lol Yeah, shocking huh?


The two new hard drives are apparently working alright as is the new operating system on the one. I’ve been backing up data and ran across this almost two year old video clip of two C-17 cargo aircraft passing overhead the LDP Subdivision in a fairly low level close formation. Thought I had posted this once before, but didn’t see it when I checked, so here it is again in a different video presentation. Think it pretty cool to unexpectedly see such things every once in a while. Impressive. Wish I could locate an old clip of a flight of Russian helicopters in route to Yosemite National Park years ago. I recall hearing their approach and quickly grabbing the video camera in time to catch them flying overhead. Very loud and belching out trailing ribbons of dark exhaust smoke as I recall. Something you don’t see often.  Didn’t know what I had captured until hearing about the excursion on the evening television news.   Also have some video of old WWII bombers that were flying out of Castle AFB many years ago too.  Only problem is I think those were all in 8mm format and require s0me special conversion equipment.  Believe I have the equipment, but would I remember how to use it?  LOL

Oh well, maybe someday if there is more time after C-17s successfully low level terrain drop logistical support to reclaim our surface water treatment plant from local insurrectionists – geez, just had to connect this to the LDPCSD someway huh?   🙂

My best to you and yours, Lew


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Perhaps viewers should hear my {inappropriate?} audio/video “blah blah blah” first?

Your choice.

Once again at first blush I believe embarrassment might be appropriate but when I consider the conspiratorial nature of this continuing deception I think, “nahhhh – I’m right on target and these individuals are quite dishonest.”

Did pretty well there for a while but during this last meeting I once again – and to my almost embarrassment – became rather…..what was that descriptive yet forgiving term?  Oh yeah, “passionate”.

OK, I’m passionate about what is happening to our Community Services District.  Yes, I admit to being disgusted and angry with the continuing “parsing of words” by Board President Johnson and GM Kampa. Yes indeed, their carefully selected words and flowing speeches are designed to misdirect public attention while concealing their multi-year duplicitous scheme of re-configuring our surface water treatment plant into a GROUNDWATER SUBSTITUTION FACILITY for third party private land development interests – interests, clearly prohibited from receiving MERCED RIVER WATER under the water license.


Kampa started his infamous water career in Lake Don Pedro in 1993 by advocating and participating in the expansion of special benefit water service OUTSIDE THE MERCED IRRIGATION DISTRICT Place of Use, and was returned 20 years later in 2014 by those same special interests, he quietly resumed that endeavor under the guise of an emergency drought.  Kampa utilized grant funds (specifically intended to assist existing customers during extreme drought) which were NOT TO BE USED TO INCREASE SERVICE CONNECTIONS, to create an “alternate source of water” (groundwater) so as to increase the GROUNDWATER SUBSTITUTION PROGRAM for even more outside POU water service.


Kampa doesn’t live here.  He and his company are only exploiting the greatest resource the subdivision possesses – quality water from Lake McClure.  Please also realize none of this could have been done without the treacherous and coordinated assistance of particular local neighbors who falsely claimed a desire to serve the district and its customers.  These despicable individuals have been working behind the scene for years to assist Pete Kampa in building his “water empire” for land developers not entitled to MERCED RIVER WATER  – and guess who they believe should pay for this deception?

I am not a public speaker and will avoid it when possible (I hate the sound of my own recorded voice – especially when elevated with “passion”), but having to sit there and listen to so much calculated word parsing deceit, repeated over and over and over by Kampa and Johnson, – well, it just kind of builds up and eventually manifests itself in pressured – frustrated speech.  So what?  I’d rather be known as a “big-mouth” than an absolute liar and traitor to my community.


Remember a while back when I mentioned how most of us live day to day, week to week, month to month, etc., whereas those in land development and real estate think more in terms of decades and beyond? While we are engaged in “How are the bills going to get paid this month?” these land development interests are busy creating intricate and devious plans on how to circumvent, bend, or even completely violate regulations without “getting caught” so as to meet their project demands.    Yup, they are focused on long term end game goals while we “common folk” are busy just trying to survive the best we can with existing conditions.


This “impartial” map issue is a good example of how these unscrupulous people can incrementally build their program of “major change” without the constraints of having to publicly announce the particular goal much less conform to legal prerequisites and/or existing procedures which, not surprisingly, often prohibit what these “cheaters” are attempting anyway…..thus the whole reason for being the low-life cheats they are.

Such surreptitious change requires not only the co-operation (both intentional and unintentional) of other individuals in various capacities, but works best when the necessary components of the “major change” remain dormant without drawing public attention until required for implementation.   This insures that by the time the public realizes what has happened an otherwise extremely difficult or impossible goal has already been quietly achieved and put into action.  PRESTO!  Land developers get what they want, we get stuck with the bills, and the cheaters can laugh and pat each other on the back for successfully betraying their community and getting the once impossible done.

Eventually, those harmed will finally understand what has been quietly accomplished in the background and will inevitably say things like,  “how could this have happened?”,   “Are there not laws protecting us from such activity?”, “How can they get away with such wrongful behavior?”, “They lied to us!”, etc.    But guess what?  It is likely a done deal by that time.

This is why I am so passionate.


Do you recall that LAFCo meeting I was prohibited from attending back in 2014 while still on the Board of Directors?  Here’s some of the paperwork resulting from that extremely peculiar process which resulted in different LDPCSD Service Area and SOI (Sphere of Influence) maps with greatly expanded boundaries being placed in LAFCo records  (technically their Policy and Procedures Manual).


Since only a LAFCo can legally change existing boundaries of the LDPCSD’s Service Area and SOI, why would Mariposa County LAFCo (on more than one occasion) request the LDPCSD to provide LAFCo with LDPCSD’s most up to date service area map?

In other words, how could the LDPCSD change boundaries in the first place without specific LAFCo approvals?

LAFCo SHOULD ALWAYS BE THE FIRST to know of any “boundary change”.

{Doing otherwise smacks of a situation where a law enforcement officer would have to ask a criminal suspect what penal code sections could be enforced against them, or a judge asking a criminal defendant during trial what evidence could be used by the prosecutor, or perhaps where a correctional officer would ask a convicted “in custody” how much time they are supposed to serve before release.

You catch my drift right?

Why would “any authority”(LAFCo) be required to seek approval of their work responsibilities from those subject to that authority? (LDPCSD) 

Confusing, eh?

Can the mere “updating” of a LAFCo Policies and Procedures Manual with incorrect map information actually change the previous legally approved physical boundaries of a Community Services District without the highly formal and detailed public annexation process which I believe also includes an environmental review?

NOTE:  The fact the LDPCSD’s legal counsel was evidently involved (in some capacity) with this 2014 map process is not really all that relevant due to one simple fact:

The LDPCSD does not always provide the attorney with

factual pertinent information regarding district operations.

I discovered this while on the Board of Directors years ago.  While talking with the LDPCSD attorney about this outside MIDPOU issue I questioned why the county would build a new sewage  treatment facility outside the MIDPOU (Where MERCED RIVER WATER COULD NOT BE USED WITHOUT GROUNDWATER SUBSTITUTION.)  This was during the time I (with support of two other directors of course) was pursuing payment of about $40,000 from the county in outstanding water fees for that facility – go figure……that treatment plant was only being billed for “gallons” rather than “units” of water used for years – paying only a fraction of the actual cost.  Supposedly the “wrong meter” was initially installed.

ANYWAY, the attorney was completely unaware of this fact and asked me to send him information indicating this, which I did.   I was very surprised that our attorney had been specifically denied that information which was just another clue indicating how  “special interests” were manipulating (controlling?) aspects of district operations.

Seems to me our attorney and engineer should always be involved with pertinent facts regarding district operations related to their responsibilities.


Here’s some of the paperwork used to “update” LAFCo records back in 2014:




PAST LAFCo ACTIONS?  What actions could change an established service and SOI area?   Such paperwork should be easily obtainable from Mariposa and Tuolumne County LAFCos.



Obviously, Mariposa County Local Agency Formation Commission did not “hear and consider” all comments regarding proposed updates because I was denied the opportunity to attend that meeting as I had planned!



Oh my.  How sneaky and duplicitous  Ross, Johnson and Kampa have been for years – planning on using these “current” LAFCo maps on file for KAMPA’s FRANKENSTEIN SPECIAL INTEREST-BENEFIT MAP.  (Others initially involved with this scheme have since left the community – good riddance traitors!)

I decided it might be worth the two hour 87 mile round trip to Mariposa County Planning to drop off the below request letter to Sarah Williams the County Planning Director and Executive LAFCo Officer since none of this makes sense based on what I have researched regarding the subject.  But there is only one way to find out what is happening and that is to ask, right?


This is incredible.

When PETE KAMPA’s +$10,000 mapping project was first brought to the  board it was made quite clear that “LDPCSD fingerprints were not be on that proposed map” yet that is precisely what those treacherous former and current Board Directors and GMs have planned for three years. 


Once again I am so very disappointed.  Seems a couple of individuals I had previously respected and trusted (to a point) were, unfortunately, far less deserving of my confidence in their “doing the right thing”.

Emery Ross once told me the world had far more evil people in it than good, at the time I disagreed, but now I wonder – was this opinion merely based exclusively on those with whom he has associated regarding this OUTSIDE MERCED IRRIGATION DISTRICT PLACE OF USE issue?    Whether or not people may be evil is certainly not for me to decide, but based on objective performance of some of these people I sure as hell can unequivocally state they are not being honest with the legal customers of this district and have gone to great lengths to intentionally avoid and conceal the truth.  This continues at every single monthly board meeting.


By the time you realize you have been “had” the damage is done and those responsible simply move on without the slightest bit of accountability for, or acknowledgment of, their wrongful behavior.   True, such dishonest miserable little people are everywhere but that does not negate the fact that positions of public trust should be reserved for those who would honestly discharge their duties – without the obvious favoritism towards private third party land development entities pursuing higher profit margins.

This is another good example of how covert incremental manipulations of “the system” can take place behind the scene.  All done in the attempt to ratify incorrect information in further assistance to GROUNDWATER SUBSTITUTION for land developers OUTSIDE the PLACE OF USE for MERCED RIVER WATER.


#1   Obtain the original LAFCo Service Area Map created in 1980 during the LDPCSD’s formation, and then

#2   Indicate each specific boundary change APPROVED by LAFCo through their annexation process.

<<<What remains is the official LAFCo approved water service area boundary for the LDPCSD.>>>

REPEAT PROCESS FOR SOI (Sphere of Influence)

#1  Obtain the initial SOI Map approved by LAFCo.

  #2   Indicate each specific SOI boundary change approved by LAFCo.

<<<What remains is the official LAFCo approved Sphere of Influence boundary for the LDPCSD.>>>

CURIOUS….what ever happened to that proposed  (and logical) ZERO SOI for the LDPCSD in the mid 1980s?

With these two LAFCo approved maps established, it will be of little difficulty to ascertain the number of locations and acreages involved where MERCED RIVER WATER has been diverted and served to properties by the LDPCSD that are not only OUTSIDE THE APPROVED LAFCo SERVICE AREA, but also, OUTSIDE THE MERCED IRRIGATION DISTRICT PLACE OF USE PER WATER LICENSE 11395 [MIDPOU].

Where is the logical place to begin ANY INVESTIGATION?

Yes, at the beginning then run it to conclusion!

My best to you and yours, (a very frustrated) Lew

PS:  Just thought of another example of Pete Kampa’s pathetic attempt  …… in a car race where car #3 unequivocally wins the race. (Unaltered video from beginning to end documents this fact.)    Yet Kampa, ignoring the video, is jumping up and down waving a photograph taken during the middle of the race where his car #8 is slightly ahead screaming he is the actual winner and demands his photograph be accepted as the proof!

Silly Kampa,

such tricks are for cheats.

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