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Who knows? But I suspicion, based on other material that is often removed, it is likely because it makes TOO MUCH SENSE and is damaging to the SOCIALIST LEFT DEMOCRAT NARRATIVE, which is a nice way of saying, the SOCIALIST LEFT DEMOCRAT BULLSHIT THEY KEEP SHOVELING AT THE AMERICAN CITIZEN.

Here’s the original posting with some additions at the end:

Strange it was so hard to find again…..must use the correct words, because “you’re just a gun” “you can’t do anything” “go ahead shoot me” “Shoot me”, etc, never brought up this video. SO, for those of you, who like me, believe this presentation exquisitely illustrates some of the faulty logic of the ANTI-GUN-LEFT (we know the REAL REASONS they are anti-gun, don’t we? – lol) please make sure others see this brilliant work by “THE UNITED SPOT”! Sure wish I found them earlier – they help make the idiocy of the SOCIALIST LEFT DEMOCRATS a bit more tolerable.

(I try to qualify “DEMOCRAT” when I can because there is ABSOLUTELY NO DOUBT IN MY MIND and HEART that there are patriotic Red White and Blue law supporting Democrats who have simply been betrayed, programmed, and misguided by that once meaningful and respected party. Unfortunately, that party no longer exists and under the current leadership their new direction is quite clear – even painfully obvious to many previous supporters. Of course “jumping” to the GOP must be very difficult and distasteful, etc., yet please consider, if your party has betrayed you through intentional deceit and false information, could not similar activity have been used for decades to wrongfully shape your opinion about your political enemy? An enemy who has always been wrongfully accused of the EXACT BEHAVIOR OF THE DEMOCRAT PARTY REGARDING RACISM IN THIS COUNTRY? Seriously – read history, slavery was primarily a Democrat business and it was the REPUBLICANS WHO PUSHED FOR IT TO END! Weird huh? Think of the other ways you have been misled. Perhaps in insidiously subtle ways that you are only now beginning to notice and comprehend? But why now? BECAUSE THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE PARTIES HAS FINALLY BEEN CLARIFIED! SIMPLY:




Please forgive (you true patriotic Democrats who believe in the US Constitution and Rule of Law) my often general and all-encompassing description as simply “Democrat” or Democrats, but in all fairness, that is what they call themselves – but again, we both know what these RADICAL LEFT ANARCHISTS ARE ACTUALLY TRYING TO ACCOMPLISH…. the destruction of the United States of America. But to be replaced with what?

There is only ONE PARTY IN THIS PRESIDENTIAL RACE that supports, defends and protects the US CONSTITUTION and the RULE OF LAW – and it is not the former “you know what” party!

ANYWAY….finally found this darn THE UNITED SPOT parody ….”GOOD TALK” Pass it on, might help to hammer home the point for those who have thus far missed the issue all together!

Lew (What next? Make it a crime to carry more than 10 carrots at a time? lol)



Wonder why such a clear message was removed?

Probably made too much sense?

Cartoon was essentially a TALKING ASSAULT STYLED RIFLE BRAGGING HOW DANGEROUS IT WAS TO A HUMAN MALE THAT WAS NOT IMPRESSED. Rifle keeps telling the human how dangerous it was because it could SHOOT HIM! The human was not impressed stating the rifle couldn’t do anything by itself and repeatedly tells the rifle he was not afraid of it by itself. The rifle becomes very upset threatening to shoot the man if he doesn’t respect just how dangerous the rifle actually is, but the man continues to dare the rifle to shoot him – stating it couldn’t all by itself.

The rifle tells the man to calm down (the man is perfectly calm and logical but refuses to admit the rifle is dangerous ALL BY ITSELF WITHOUT A HUMAN OPERATING IT) Rifle says, I can’t talk to you when you’re this upset, calm down – we’re just getting to know eachother. The man continues to deny how dangerous the rifles is and repeatedly challenges the rifle to GO AHEAD AND SHOOT HIM……

Loved the last part (of this now removed common sense argument cartoon) when the rifle says……(all this is paraphrasing the cartoon’s content……because I can’t remember the words exactly)

Rifle: “so you’re telling me I’m absolutely worthless without a human operating me?”

Human: “YES”

Rifle: “well that sucks”

Human: “could be worse – you could be a democrat”



DEMOCRAT CENSORSHIP IS REPLACING OUR FREEDOM OF SPEECH IN AMERICA MY FRIENDS – why? Because these DEMO RATS don’t want you to see the truth that is concealed in their nonsensical anti-American propaganda!

Even a harmless little cartoon is extremely dangerous in their left warped minds if it can illustrate how ridiculous many of the DEM arguments are!

My best to you and yours, Lew

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Sure perhaps a childish display of intolerance through name calling but what the heck – it is the truth and they’ve earned every letter of the designation and meaning of “RATS”. There is too much at stake this election and DEMS deserve every bit of what they are going to receive! This group has clearly become ANTI-AMERICAN and a danger to our country’s continued existence. Not just about politics but rather, the survival of our country.

VOTE TRUMP & PENCE for COMMON SENSE and support our US CONSTITUTION and Rule of Law – not further deception, anarchy and destruction by the Left!

(Relax, Lew has stepped off the soapbox …. for now. lol)

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Insignificant success only a meaningless distraction from the continuing loss and pain of so many others

I keep thinking about it…..what if I lost everything to a fire? Or tornado. Hurricane. Flood. Leftist Democrat rioting looter. Whatever. I can only imagine the personal pain and distress. The loss of mementos, souvenirs, records, photos…. everything. (Especially those of little monetary value but constructed of wonderful memories and much better times.) What to do? Live the best one could under the circumstances I guess. Perhaps thankful for still having life with at least the possibility of recalling the pleasant memories of loved ones and those better times? After all, those treasures dwell within a still beating heart and a thinking mind in defiance of the other worldly losses. Difficult to imagine surviving such a horrific experience without some sort of steadfast faith for comfort and healing. Fortunately for those in need such is available 24/7 for only the cost of an open heart. God Bless and successfully guide them all though a journey of pain difficult to imagine.

Don’t know if I should have written the above or not (I am just now truly understanding how I have also been a victim and “conditioned” by a “political correctness” of the Left (through hideously surreptitious ways we don’t even notice day to day) to ignore and suppress any personal inclination to publicly acknowledge and/or praise anything associated with Christian faith, belief, much less red, white and blue patriotism for our wonderful country – despite serious issues which still require attention and correction. Quiet warm tears convinced me otherwise. There is only one perfection of which I am aware.

OK. With that said, (radically switching gears from spiritual sensitivity and compassion to a blah, blah, blah, blah presentation of yet another COVID-19 “lock down stay busy project”) – remember the two digital recorders whose usefulness I destroyed because of TWO SEPARATE ACCIDENTS where the earphone plug (while plugged into the unit) broke the head phone module from the circuit board inside the unit? Well, the time has finally come for an attempted repair, but first I need to explain another “wrinkle” to this Do It Yourself repair plan.


Have you ever performed a particular activity for many years without any difficulty what-so-ever then one day for some inexplicable reason the same maneuver results in a surprise and painful injury? Certainly nothing to actively and publicly complain about – especially when considering the tens of thousands of Californians  dealing with fire and associated loss, this is just another blah, blah, blah about a stupid little accident.  Just another reminder that as I (we) get older a little extra caution is appropriate (required) with everyday activities normally taken for granted.   

Rather surprising that those lengthy fine print safety instructions that come with new appliances, tools, etc., which previously produced a typical laugh or two as to the ridiculousness of the noticed potential injury warning –

(while smugly thinking to ourselves as we read the pages of often obvious DOS and DON’TS …..“who could be that stupid or ignorant to get hurt or killed like that?”),

-now make more sense as I continue my slow slide into a new and expanding world of surprise geriatric injuries.



what sort of idiot would….

 Yup, for approximately twelve (12) years now I have opened and closed that great room 8’ glass slider without any difficulty but last week when going outside to check on the hens during this excessive heat wave I slid the door open with my right hand (using the looped metal handle as usual) but this time while exiting through the doorway and simultaneously turning and pulling that somewhat heavy door back to its closed position, something different happened. 

Apparently my “exit timing” was off a little bit and while turning and beginning my walk away from the door my index finger somehow became twisted and stuck in the handle.  Since that heavy door was already in motion from my pulling it closed, when my finger met the maximum normal extension the weight and continuing closing motion of that sliding door caused my finger to bend backward and outward sideways far beyond normal movement.

Good Heavens that hurt!  Naturally there was rapid swelling accompanied with redness and some later light bruising.  I don’t recall any “snap” or “pop”, or any noise at the time of injury, just the sensation of something inside reaching its limits and being stressed, perhaps torn, beyond typical movement.        

After a few choice words regarding my absolute failure for safely navigating through a sliding glass doorway I immediately started one of the best home first aid remedies available – an ice pack.   Icing for days now (alternating with warmth) and beginning to see improvement.  “Fantastic! The old age wrinkles are returning to my swollen hand around the index knuckle!”   Before last week never imagined I’d be thinking something like that – happy that hand wrinkles have returned?   lol    What the heck, I earned them so I’ll proudly wear them – just like silver thinning hair, skin tags, old age spots, ….. wait, this is getting depressing besides digressing from the topic. (Yet another aspect to this getting older.) lol

Anyway, recall that I’ve been waiting (since April 2nd) for a new soldering iron so I could attempt circuit board repair of the earphone jack on the TWO DIGITAL RECORDERS I DAMAGED?   [April 1st was the fitting day for the LAME COVID-19 REV blah, blah, blah that explained these recorder mishaps.]

Guess what I just recently received?  Yes indeed, a new soldering iron with the appropriately sized tip for the circuit board work BUT now I have a sore right hand (with returning wrinkles) making it rather difficult to hold the soldering iron properly.   Always one thing or another yeah?   Lol    

Ohhhh Ohhhh  Ohhhh…. Just realized, I have a reasonable excuse if the repair job turns out unsatisfactory!

Yup, ordered the soldering iron last April 2nd but had to reorder (lost in shipment) but a few days ago received it so here we go!

My old butane gas soldering iron (top) would likely be too hot between the two circuit boards because of an exhaust port near the tip. Heck, I’ve burned myself a number of times while trying to get the iron into the best position for a tricky soldering job. The new electric HAKKO FX-600 below should remedy at least that problem.
Patient positioning with alligator “helping hand clips”…. (photo looking through a magnifying glass) the case was “hinged” by other components inside on he other side of the unit. I was afraid to open it any further to reach the 4 or 5 screws which had to be removed to separate the two circuit boards so the plan was to try and work between them —- crap! Forgot an important aspect to this. How do you solder the back right contact point with the module in position between two boards? Couldn’t do it from under the circuit board either. Oh well, I’ve gone this far might as well try anyway.


(See above photo for contact location numbers) Contacts 1 and 3 were not easy either, but contact 2 was a nightmare. I was worried about damaging the circuit board (and/or attached components) above with too much heat while trying to position and “tack” the module into place. Very tight working area.

BELOW: OOPS! Almost forgot my other excuse for such a poor job …… my right hand was swollen and painful….lol

Actually, I believe it is called Solder Wick. Really cool stuff. Hold it next to the solder you want to remove and when heated sufficiently the solder is sucked up into the wick for removal!

<ABOVE> Notice the difference after the “solder wick” procedure? Only two “globs” of old solder left to remove. Really neat stuff that copper braid. (Previously just heated up the solder and attempted to move it with the iron which often resulted in dropped hot solder in places you didn’t want it!) Watching videos on the internet taught me much in preparation for this DIY repair.

OK, so let’s try to relocate the new module OUTSIDE THE CASE. An old telephone line provided the smallest wire I could find. Just solder one end of a wire to the circuit board and the other to the appropriate contact on the module. Did that five times and I was done!
Sure, it might look a little goofy – BUT IT IS SOLID AND WORKS JUST FINE! Function over form I figure.
Module is in the same general area of where it should be inside the case too! The first attempted repair was a bummer because everything fit back together great….the module was positioned in the case hole opening perfectly …..only problem was the left channel didn’t work at all and the right was scratchy on playback.
(The successfully repaired unit compared with the next “damaged patient” (top) awaiting the fate of my pathetic soldering skills….. unless I get the courage to separate the case and the two circuit boards for easier access and soldering…….but then again, what if I break something else in the process of that separation? Would it not be better to just have another functioning “Frankenstein unit” rather than a $150 electronic paper weight? )
The other part of this story is it took a while to locate my screw taped paper! lol
Yup, I can live with it and consider the project a “qualified success”. (Yes, I left enough room for the tripod attachment before the module epoxy attachment.)


ABOVE (L to R): Repaired Frankenstein original, current functioning unit, and #3 the next “digital victim patient”


Discovered another aspect to this soldering work that is rather fun – project kits made up of a bunch of electronic components you solder on a circuit board for practice. The final product can be a toy or functioning clock, etc. I believe the one I ordered just has a bunch of LEDS flashing in a preset synchronized pattern, but I really won’t know until it is completed as the included instructions are sketchy. (Maybe it is a hypnotizing light show unit that programs participating customers into purchasing the more challenging and difficult kits like the DIY thermonuclear home security system? lol)

Below are some photos of this hobby project that will undoubtedly improve my soldering skills. (Once all my hand wrinkles return) Can’t expect to get better without practice, right? If someone told me I’d be doing this sort of stuff for fun a couple of months ago I would have suggested they stop using hallucinogens. Resistors, capacitors, LEDs, Triodes, Diodes, blah, blah, blah……

I have already learned one extremely important aspect regarding such work…… you can lose small components very easily….already lost two small resistors when they “popped” from the tweezers while I was positioning them for soldering. They are so small and light weight even a small house fan some distance away can blow them into another area of the room. bye bye little resistor! (Imagine a good sneeze on an inventory of small components laid out but not yet soldered?)

BELOW: Laying out some of the component packaging on the practice circuit board.

For a better appreciation of how small some of the pieces are check out the following photo:

This is one of the larger resistors too! (Haven’t removed a smaller one from the packaging yet!)

Yup, already have two “3R92s” skidding around the floor somewhere in the great room.

BELOW: Though similar in appearance to the old “cap rolls” we used in toy pistols of the past, each of the strips contain components covered with a plastic film to hold them in place. You must inventory all these first to determine what is what (Resistor vs capacitor) and where it will eventually be placed on the board. The strips are identified by number of components on the strip, ie, 14+1 resistors, 15 +2 capacitors, 4 Triodes, etc.

BELOW: LED mini lights

BELOW: Care to guess how many soldering contacts are on a J3Y Triode???

(tick, tick, tick….time is up…….your answer please:)


BELOW: My first three attempts at the larger resistor practice …. a bit sloppy but technique will undoubtedly improve with practice. NOTE: “Tinning” is the practice of placing a bit of solder on both contacts (component and board) prior to joining them permanently with solder.

Oh yeah, forgot to mention, yes I did order a pair of magnifying glasses last night for this project, as it is just too darn small and intricate with reading glasses. Yes Mr. Solder-McGOO-Lew will be in the house momentarily! lol

My best to you and yours, Lew

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While attempting to clean up and organize some computer files I ran across this untitled impromptu audio recording (yeah, on the old broken digital recorder….more on that later) and thought it perfect timing considering the recent DNC Convention and the garbage spewed.

Please also recall Nancy Pelosi did the same darn thing in San Francisco’s China Town – major gatherings with complete disregard for COVID-19 warnings, yet they now all blame OUR PRESIDENT TRUMP for their own intentionally misleading and negligent conduct. How many gullible citizens followed such arrogant and consistently wrong DEMO RAT leadership and paid the ultimate price for their misplaced trust?

These DEMO RATS have NEVER cared about the average legal American citizen taxpayer, only about the POWER and CONTROL they can exercise over public funds and resources to further their own special interest LEFTIST GOALS. The Lake Don Pedro Community Services District is a perfect example – 40+ years of criminal conspiracy to violate state water law and corrupt every single characteristic of a California Special District for special interest subsidized groundwater substitution for LAFCO ANNEXED properties. Disgustingly obvious but who still pays the bills? What good is institutionalized fraud without a mandatory victim customer pool for perpetuity? Seriously, just a much smaller example of the same type of corruption as in the National DEM Swamp.



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