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I’m still kick’n and think’n

Haven’t changed opinion one bit

Pursuing some more enjoyable activities

But continue to resist leftist shit!


So with that in mind, here’s a LAME from a while back which is only becoming more relevant with each passing day as more factual information is released concerning this ridiculously corrupt, deceitful, inept and dangerous byden amerika limping into the future. (Frankly, that treacherous demented figurehead pawn, and the temporary “OUT OF ORDER COUNTRY” he and his ANTI USA HANDLERS are attempting to transform OUR GLORIOUS UNITED STATES of AMERICA into, doesn’t even deserve correct spelling recognition). Still a very rough road ahead but their days of Anti-American and Unconstitutional leftist domination are numbered. Accountability looms on the horizon – one way or the other.

Not even sure if this will work anymore….let’s see – shall we?


My best to you and yours, Lew

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