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This term looks like it could be on a stock market display yeah?

“DKNB had climbed one and a quarter at today’s closing bell”.

Perhaps representative of the file naming process where vowels are dropped to reduce the descriptive title length, ie,  “fraud 2014-2018” becomes, FRD 2014-2018; “theft” becomes THFT; “that no-good lying bastard becomes” THTNGDLNGBSTRD, etc.?

However, “Members of this DKNB” is a quality neutral assertion of fact without indication of potential desirability for inclusion in the group – absent the context in which it was used.  For example,

“Members of this DKNB”, which was formed through the mutual efforts of various churches in the area, attributed their community success to the cooperation between……” would likely be perceived as a good thing with which to be involved, whereas,

“Members of this DKNB” were quickly surrounded by SWAT personnel and the area closed to traffic”, probably not so good – and might indeed suggest using a different route home.

Obviously when the words forming DKNB are revealed it certainly appears derogatory and dismissive  yet this interpretation fails to appreciate the environment giving birth to the spontaneous shorthand.   So basically, blah, blah, blah … — …      🙂


Lake Don Pedro Community Services District

9751 Merced Falls Rd., La Grange, CA 95329


Danny Johnson, President Dan Hankemeier, Vice President

Emery Ross Russell Warren Nellie Sperry



Regular Meeting of the Board of Directors

9751 Merced Falls Road

March 19, 2018 at 1:00 p.m.


Mission Statement: The Lake Don Pedro CSD is dedicated to providing our customers with ample quantities of high quality water meeting all standards, in a fiscally responsible manner.



  1. CALL TO ORDER: Presiding Officer: Establish Quorum, Pledge of Allegiance:

2.         PUBLIC COMMENT:

Any person may address the Board at this time on any matter within the jurisdiction of the Board that is NOT ON THE AGENDA. A maximum of three minutes is allowed each person and a maximum of 20 minutes per topic. Any person wishing to address the Board on an item ON THE AGENDA will be given the opportunity at that time. Speakers are encouraged to consult District Management or Directors prior to agenda preparation regarding any District matters, as no action will be taken on non-agenda issues.


  1. Presiding Officer’s Report
  2. General Manager’s Report: Peter Kampa
  3. Chief Plant Operator’s Report: Gilgo


4.         APPROVAL OF CONSENT AGENDA: The following items may all be approved in one motion or considered separately as determined appropriate by the President

  1. Read and file the February 2018 Treasurer’s Report
  2. Approval of the Minutes of the Special Meeting of February 21, 2018


  1. Review and acceptance of the 2016/17 annual audit
  2. Consideration of request from internet service provider for use of Arbolada Tank property for an additional wireless internet antenna
  3. Discussion and action related to system water loss, loss reports, customer and system master meter accuracy and related actions/implications
  4. Discussion and action related to Notice of Intent to submit an application for federal Hazard Mitigation Grant funding for the purchase and installation of fuel-powered generators to operate critical pumps during power outages
  5. Adoption of a resolution amending the District Investment Policy


Lake Don Pedro CSD

Regular Board Meeting of March 19, 2018

Page 2 of 2
































Meeting agendas and written materials supporting agenda items, if produced, can be received by the public for free in advance of the meeting by any of the following options:

  • A paper copy viewed at the District office, 9751 Merced Falls , La Grange, CA 95329 during business hours or mailed pursuant to a written request and payment of associated mailing fees
  • An electronic copy received by Note – a form requesting email delivery of agendas and/or meeting materials must be completed a minimum of one week in advance of the meeting
  • Viewed on the Board page of the District’s website
  • A limited number of copies of agenda materials will also be available at the meeting


Americans with Disabilities Act Compliance: If you require special assistance to participate in Board Meetings, please contact the LDPCSD Board Secretary at (209) 852-2251 Ext. 2.

Advance notification will enable the District to make reasonable arrangements to insure accessibility.








My best to you and yours, Lew

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This term looks like it could be on a stock market display yeah?

“DNKB had climbed one and a quarter at today’s closing bell”.

Perhaps a word created using that file naming process where vowels are dropped to reduce the descriptive title length, ie,  “fraud 2014-2018” becomes, FRD 2014-2018; “theft” becomes THFT; “that no-good lying bastard becomes” THTNGDLNGBSTRD, etc.?

<CAN’T BE DUNK or DRUNK without an “R” moron! lol>

However, when used like:  “Members of this DKNB”,  it is a quality neutral assertion of fact without indication of potential desirability for inclusion in the group, you know, absent the context in which it was used.  For example,

“Members of this DKNB”, which was formed through the mutual efforts of various church leaders in the area, attributed their community success to the cooperation between……” would likely be perceived as a good thing with which to be involved, whereas,

“Members of this DKNB” were quickly surrounded by SWAT personnel and the area closed to traffic”, probably not so good – and might indeed suggest using a different route home.

Obviously when the words forming DNKB are revealed it certainly appears derogatory and dismissive yet this interpretation fails to appreciate the environment giving birth to the spontaneous shorthand.   So basically, blah, blah, blah … — …  🙂




NOTE: This topic deserves far more attention than this short post permits but I have other things that must be done. Problem is, it’s difficult to focus on those other priorities with this EXTREMELY IMPORTANT MATTER gnawing on neurons in the old grey matter, so here it goes –

After the incident with YouTube over some material I posted, (which they determined had violated their “Community Standards” and therefore removed), I was shocked and angry that they could do such a thing and expressed such in later postings.

Although my LAMEs (Lew’s Almost Music Expressions) are amateurish and often times just plain annoying with the redundant tunes and repetitive lyrics with which I invariably become “entangled” (know what I mean? Like the same material being repeated over and over and over and over……again and again and again ….. time and time again…..? lol)

Anyway, I never-the-less spend considerable time (arguably wasted) attempting to create and produce the best I can with the equipment I’m prepared to purchase for these endeavors. Pretty basic stuff: guitar, keyboard (or in my case a “key bored” lol), harmonica, and digital hand held recorder (created repair projects too! [let’s try that again shall we?

Not the video I was looking for, but this will due for now.

along with whatever other stuff catches my attention that I can throw into the presentation. LAMEs were my personal answers to the frustrations building with the unrestrained fraud and deceit occurring at the LDPCSD (for decades mind you) and the approaching 2015 election which offered a candidate irrevocably connected with the same betrayal to the US CONSTITUTION, RULE OF LAW and all LEGAL US CITIZENS.


“One for all, all in one,

Only one member,

But we’re all having fun”.

Yup, essentially an introduction to this running spoof regarding the various internal perspectives influencing these LAME projects, you know? “I believe this is the best option!” “However on the other hand……”. Ever talk to yourself? Or reprimand yourself for a mistake or accident? (“Dang it! You know better than to leave tools outside if there’s a chance of rain!”) etc

Rarely are any issues simply black and white, but rather, a never ending parade of greys which makes it difficult to plot any course with life providing so many fluid variables. DKNB was assembled. lol

So that’s how it started, but I…. back to the recent removal of a LAME:

  Hi lew95329,   Our team has reviewed your content, and, unfortunately, we think it violates our misinformation policy. We’ve removed the following content from YouTube:   Video: BOO HOO PRIVATE WEALTH       We know that this might be disappointing, but it’s important to us that YouTube is a safe place for all. If content breaks our rules, we remove it. If you think we’ve made a mistake, you can appeal and we’ll take another look. Keep reading for more details.   How your content violated the policy   Content that advances false claims that widespread fraud, errors, or glitches changed the outcome of the U.S. 2020 presidential election is not allowed on YouTube.             LEARN MORE                How this affects your channel   Because it’s the first time, this is just a warning. If it happens again, your channel will get a strike and you won’t be able to do things like upload, post, or live stream for 1 week.   What to do next   We want to help you stay on YouTube, so please: Make sure you understand YouTube’s Community Guidelines and strikes basics. Review your content with our policies in mind. If after reviewing your content you think we made a mistake, let us know. You can appeal this decision here.   Sincerely,
The YouTube Team         Help Center Email options   You have received this email to update you on actions related to your YouTube account.   Was this email helpful?  Yes    |   No       © 2023 Google LLC d/b/a YouTube, 901 Cherry Ave, San Bruno, CA 94066

My response with traditional bonus spelling and grammatical errors! lol

Following the YouTube instructions I read the guidelines regarding the recent removal of my LAME :BOO HOO PRIVATE WEALTH” posted last year. Finishing their explanation I was provided an opportunity to answer “yes or no” if the information was helpful. I replied NO and was then provided a space for a suggestion on how YouTube could make it better. This was my reply on April 12, 2023:

Perhaps read the US Constitution. I have not intentionally, or accidentally, harmed anyone with my amateurish LAME offerings which merely express my own personal opinion as to what I have come to understand from legitimate news sources reporting on factual matters. Truth that YouTube (and others) initially determined was misinformation/disinformation. (Do you adequate testing? Accepted as fact now, but not when Malone was deplatformed. (Wonder how many people were needlessly harmed or killed by suppressing the information Malone was attempting to provide the public?) Time has, and will, surely continue to reveal the truth that has been suppressed – just as it is unfolding right now as I type this reply to you – day by day – minte by minute. I reviewed your provided examples, and frankly agreed with the rationale in those situations (intentionally attempting to suppress voter turn out by stating as facts things that were clearly not true – absolutely wrong) however, honestly believe in this BOO HOO instance you have overly expanded that noble goal of protecting folks from things clearly injurious to them, into simply suppressing my personal opinion that is contrary yours, or your employer. Even IF I HAD stated that a particular election was IN FACT stolen (which I did not) it is still merely an opinion expressed in a stupid little tune and the First Amendment to the US Constitution permits an individual to state things they honestly believe to be true — even if wrong. Many people speak a great deal about things of which they are completely ignorant. I do not understand how Boo Hoo had any serious potential to harm anyone – with the exception of those who condone and support cheating in elections to obtain their desired goal. (Some might argue YouTube is protecting its followers from the truth not disinformation.) So, essentially, no harm, no foul. Here’s an opinion to which you might also object: It sure appears as though YouTube is over censoring anything and everything ( Boo Hoo had been on the web for a long time without any problems before this recent action – is the truth piling up to the point that anything remotely suggesting corruption must be removed by YouTube?) that might conceivably illuminate the fact that our citizens have had, and are having, their blood-purchased Constitutional Rights, due process of law, and quality of life violated in an effort to protect and conceal the incremental and INTENTIONAL DESTRUCTION of OUR United States of America by domestic and global enemies who also AND THIS IS IMPORTANT actively suppress opposing Free Speech. Seriously, YouTube could conceiveably find itself COMPLETELY on the wrong side as this unrestricted warfare progresses against our country and citizens. Hope you understand my position a little better, but regardless, don’t be on the wrong side of freedom.
My best to you and yours, Lew

The next day received this:

  Hi lew95329,   We have reviewed your appeal for the following:   Video: BOO HOO PRIVATE WEALTH   After taking another look, we can confirm that your content does not violate our Community Guidelines.   Thanks for your patience while we reviewed this appeal. Our goal is to make sure content doesn’t violate our Community Guidelines so that YouTube can be a safe place for all – and sometimes we make mistakes trying to get it right. We’re sorry for any frustration our mistake caused you, and we appreciate you letting us know.   How does this impact your content   We’ve reinstated your content. If your appeal was for a warning, you’ll be allowed another warning in the future. If your appeal was for a strike, we’ve removed the strike against your channel.   You can find more information about warnings and strikes at the YouTube Help Center.   If you have any further questions, please feel free to reach out to us here.   Thanks,
The YouTube team         Help Center Email options   You have received this email to update you on actions related to your YouTube account.   Was this email helpful?  Yes    |   No       © 2023 Google LLC d/b/a YouTube, 901 Cherry Ave, San Bruno, CA 94066

Life is a learning experience for all of us.

My best to you and yours, Lew

PS: Now if YouTube could/would “undo” whatever it did that wiped out the traditional several hundred viewers a day I was experiencing before the first “violation”, that would be great.

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“WE”…… 0048hrs UPDATE: Today’s Meeting Agenda Packet at end of post! later

WE ……………(the other filthy members of this “DIGITAL KNOW NOTHING BAND”) were discussing the agenda for tomorrow’s Lake Don Pedro CSD Board Meeting (Monday, March 19th, 2018 @ 1300hrs) when a contradictory aspect to current General Manager/Treasurer Pete Kampa’s response to the STATE WATER BOARD September 28th 2017 NOTICE OF WATER RIGHT VIOLATION was brought up.

Please recall Kampa had confirmed at the February board meeting that the same incorrect 24 year old “Shape File” (map) information (KAMPA presented to customers at the October 2017 meeting with that BOARD APPROVED $35,000 mapping project) had indeed been submitted to the STATE WATER BOARD as the official LDPCSD Place of Use (POU) boundary for Merced River Water.


KAMPA had also at that time demonstrated his unwavering support for his NEW POU DESIGNATION by removing properties from the traditional monthly OUTSIDE POU COMPLIANCE REPORT in order to reduce the amount of GROUNDWATER SUBSTITUTION required for State Water License 11395 compliance.

Since every unit of Merced River water that leaves the district in violation of license restrictions MUST BE REPLACED with an equal or greater amount of GROUNDWATER, Kampa attempted to reduce that required amount of GROUNDWATER SUBSTITUTION since that new groundwater source was stated to be for EMERGENCY DROUGHT RELIEF.


those extremely expensive GROUNDWATER WELLS designed, developed and maintained with PUBLIC RESOURCES & REVENUE were in fact intended by KAMPA & KOMPANY from the beginning to serve the outside POU compliance demands for the massive LAFCo (Local Agency Formation Commission) annexations into the district that were clearly OUTSIDE THE water license POU and therefore required a groundwater supply to develop.

Adding insult to injury, many of those annexations were approved by LAFCos when the LDPCSD had no GROUNDWATER SUPPLY what-so-ever.  This suggests a hidden agenda of forcing the LDPCSD  (formed by LAFCo as well) into surreptitiously circumventing clear license restrictions by providing a SUBSIDIZED GROUNDWATER SUBSTITUTION  SERVICE for properties outside the legal POU which our district had no moral obligation or legal duty to serve water – a fact clearly documented in the CPUC (California Public Utilities Commission) transfer of facilities and assets to the new LDPCSD in August 1980.   (A district formation document in LDPCSD records for many years has misrepresented that CPUC service area approval by adding a sentence greatly expanding the area.)

Even a 900 acre proposed subdivision KAMPA work on 20 years earlier (approved in 1995) was kept a secret from the public until only a few months prior to KAMPA’s unethical appointment as GM through a closed recruitment process orchestrated by Board Directors favoring further outside POU expansion.   Kampa was simply returned to finish what he started in the 1990s – obtain the groundwater necessary for private development with public funds.

Kampa’s removal of those annexed properties from that long standing OPOU report was accomplished based on SHAPE FILES (maps) obtained from a conditionally approved project  which was ultimately abandoned for failure to meet State conditions – with this occurring when Kampa was first employed at the LDPCSD back in the mid 1990s.  Did Kampa use those maps for obtaining DWR (Department of Water Resources) grant money?  Why would the DWR have antiquated “shape file” records illustrating an incorrect POU for Merced River water per WL11395?

WE WONDERED what this background discussion had to do with the upcoming meeting on Monday?

From the March 19th, 2018 Agenda Packet:

“State Water Board Violation Notice –The requested map layers have been submitted to the state are currently under review. To date, we have not received response from the State Water Board staff. “        


Can you hear and smell the PU?

  • Outside Place of Use and Well Operation–During the month of February, we operated Ranchito Well #2, pumping 9.86-acre feet to the treatment plant. The total consumption by OPU customers was 0.68 acre feet. For reporting purposes, we are including all parcels previously included in the OPU report, plus the parcels we have recently unidentified as likely outside the POU, but not previously included in monthly reports.  Using this method of reporting, until the state provides an POU boundary decision, we will be reporting the potential maximum number of properties that the state could determine as located outside the POU.

(GRAMMAR ASIDE –  Can viewers hear/smell what WE mean?

we are including all parcels previously included in the OPU report, plus the parcels we have recently unidentified as likely outside the POU, but not previously included in monthly reports.”

Can’t you hear the screeching tires of our LDPCSD clunker as KAMPA power skids them through a quick about face turn and heads off in the opposite direction?  Can’t you smell the burning rubber tires?

(Guess who pays for the resulting damage to this LDPCSD IMAGINARY VEHICLE? – representing the course this CSD has been pursuing since KAMPA became the driver in 2014?)






(Thus this CONTINUING “WE” spoof of the DKNB! 


There are no other Digital KNOW NOTHING Band members!

Just ME ME ME ME – off key again huh?   Lol)

In this current KAMPA “WE EXAMPLE” the “WE” is substituted for the STATE WATER BOARD which investigated this CONTINUING KAMPA POU MISREPRESENTATION and determined the POU boundaries indeed appeared contradictory and requested clarification from GM/TREASURER PETE KAMPA.

The KAMPA “WE” has done JACK SHIT in reporting the truth of this POU matter – much less acknowledging his own duplicitous activities of intentionally misrepresenting essential facts for over twenty years! 


Why OPU instead of the TRADITIONAL OPOU?

Agreed, much of Kampa’s work might best be summarized with a “PU” abbreviation – (PU as in stinky krapa), but more importantly this is just another illustration of Pete’s penchant for intentionally confusing subjects and issues as camouflage for his behind the scene garbage.  Something he has done for over twenty years regarding the LDPCSD and permitted MERCED RIVER WATER USE.

After all, how is “PLACE OF USE” abbreviated in legitimate State water agency documents?


So naturally our professional manager uses “OPU”.

Same as on the LDPCSD website where viewers must download the POU information for review rather than having it simply posted like KAMPA has done for his



as well as


to the public!


And it’s not so lol PU PETE.

Actually, the OPOU title change to OPU may have been suggested by the MERCED IRRIGATION DISTRICT after I requested POU COMPLIANCE INFORMATION through a FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT request (Certified mail lost between Sacramento and Merced) that the MID had been receiving monthly for about 16 years until KAMPA returned and quickly halted the report.

Even when “hand carried in” MID claimed to be unsure of the information I was requesting!  Heck, KAMPA later stated he wasn’t even aware of such compliance reporting to MID the WATER LICENSE HOLDER WHO HAD ORIGINALLY DEMANDED THE REPORTS IN THE FIRST PLACE!

  Oh please!

WE BELIEVE IT PRETTY OBVIOUS that the MERCED IRRIGATION DISTRICT, PETE KAMPA and the LDPCSD Board of Directors have worked together for some time to conceal this information from the public.



KAMPA has steadfastly pursued his own personal/business SPECIAL INTERESTS in developing annexed land within the LDPCSD.  (Kampa personally advocated the annexation of approximately a thousand acres in 1997.)   Kampa has supported and defended his devious activities with professed managerial education, experience and professionalism.   Do not forget he even recently received a GOVERNMENT TRANSPARENCY AWARD from the CSDA (California Special Districts Association) where he has been an active board member for approximately 20 years.  Some coincidence, huh?  No doubt the CSDA is extremely proud of their ACCOMPLISHED SPECIAL DISTRICT REPRESENTATIVE who can really get things done.  Apparently the CSDA is not concerned with the lack of ethical standards of their board members either.

Yes a cocksure Pete Kampa resurrected and began pushing a twenty plus year conspiratorial annexation development plan with a cooperative board (NOTE:  OUR statement does not include recently appointed Director Nellie Sperry or prior director Jim Sult) signing off on all things KAMPA.  Even the locations where further dry wells were drilled; the purchase of a nearby property with a questionable ground well, and other activities came right out of that 20 year old OPOU “playbook” development plan.

Only recently has the board displayed some questioning of “all things Kampa”.

But what has changed?

That appears to be a relatively simple question to answer:

It is one thing to essentially tell LDPCSD customers who ask legitimate pertinent questions at meetings to piss off – but quite another when the STATE OF CALIFORNIA asks those same questions!



“Incorrect Government Code Section Used on 2-21-18 agenda – We received a public comment at the February board meeting regarding the California Government Code section (citation) used on the Closed Session agenda.   Management has confirmed that Code Section 54956.95 was incorrectly used, which should have been Code Section 54954.5”  

Nice try— but that INCORRECT CODE SECTION has been used multiple times for different CLOSED SESSION MEETINGS regarding a GM EVALUATION despite a prior question as to the code’s correctness being ignored.


Was this truly the wrong Code Section for a NUMBER OF GM Evaluations supposedly held in CLOSED SESSION?

(Recall Board President Danny Johnson stated there had never been a GM evaluation in the past according to policy.) 

Or –

Was the correct code section for AN INCORRECTLY TITLED GM EVALUATION repeatedly used to obscure CLOSED SESSIONS where financial matters involving law suits and potential district losses have been discussed, perhaps even acted upon outside the public view?

In other words, were these multiple CLOSED SESSION MEETINGS actually dealing with district liabilities and/or potential losses by law suit as the CODE SECTION STATES due to PETE KAMPA activities which the board/legal counsel did not want reported to the general public at this point – so they just called it an “evaluation”?

What documents were copied and distributed by Board President Danny Johnson during that one meeting closed to the public where PETE KAMPA was SUPPOSEDLY directed to write his own evaluation of accomplishments at the LAKE DON PEDRO CSD?  That could have been done in open session, yeah?


 WE have had enough for now.

OUR best to you and yours, Lew  







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I tossed and turned a bit last night.

Did yesterday’s DKNB (Digital Know Nothing Band) SPOOF go too far in my continued expression of frustration and disappointment with the special interest activities of duplicitous public officials and their contracted professional General Manager who have clearly pursued private land development special interests with public resources?   Evidence clearly supports the accusation of many years of Merced River Water Entitled Customer (MR WEC) betrayal.

Believe it or not I actually toned DKNB down considerably in a number of areas, for example, the original video staging of that bathroom scene also included Nestles Quik lightly sprinkled around the inside of the toilet bowl trying to simulate years of rust stains (NEGLECT) but it turned out too gross looking and could have easily been interpreted as something far more disturbing than rust!  The snipped corner of a gallon zip lock plastic bag full of water made an excellent bladder but after posting realized I failed to provide a plausible reason for that “wild shot” extinguishing the candle flame on the tank.  (Could have been as simple as a sneeze, guzzle of beer, dropping something, reading an unattached GM report, etc.)

I was advised many of the images flashed by too quickly to fully appreciate what was being displayed.  Yes that’s true, but I have always believed (perhaps mistakenly) if someone were interested in the material they could pause the presentation to inspect more closely.  Guess it depends on the device being used.

Frankly, I have NEVER BEEN SATISFIED with ANY of these “presentations” but the lack of time (skill, talent, ability, blah, blah, blah) dictates I do the best I can then just “throw them out there” in hopes a few of the intended points are “caught”.

Some of it was pretty straight forward.


You know, I have held on to that video of the coals in the fire for some time because I could always see something that seemed fitting – a simplistic view of


Rather like looking at large billowy passing cumulus clouds on a bright blue sky day – I can usually see and/or imagine something else in that passing vapor.

Can you see what resembles a human skull and horizontal distorted face in the image below?


How about now?





My attempted music composition is another  source of constant disappointment – one can only go so far without the requisite skill, talent and/or training.  DKNB was likely just one more in a series of  amateurish “viewer tortures” highlighted with unaccomplished, worn out elementary harmonica and guitar riffs, various keyboard sound effects and simplistic lyrics.

OK.   So what?

There doesn’t seem to be a waiting list for legitimate investigators or news reporters – much less professional musicians and/or videographers to document and expose this four decades old LDPCSD FRAUD.





A fraud, incidentally, which simultaneously undermined the greatest property sales variable (QUALITY WATER) for our massive two county semi-regulated COMMUNITY INTEREST DEVELOPMENT (the Lake Don Pedro residential subdivision) situated in the rugged, fractured rock, drought prone western Sierra Nevada foothills.

But then again, was this “loss” of the greatest property selling point for our subdivision property only incidental to the CSD FRAUD or …… a diabolically designed and essential sacrificial part of this “FOOTHILL WATER EMPIRE SCAM” in order to establish the initial “LEGAL RIGHT” to Merced River water so as to eventually facilitate its exploitation throughout the undeveloped rural areas of both counties while the thousands of oblivious MR WECs property owners of the Lake Don Pedro subdivision picked up the escalating costs?

Look at the historical record.

Follow the money.

What the “HELL” do you think?

What is happening here in LAKE DON PEDRO is an excellent example of what has been wrong in this entire country for a very long time regarding PUBLIC SERVICE FAILURES – a complete lack of accountability by those who work together to intentionally violate the law (CONSPIRACY) to utilize PUBLIC RESOURCES (tax dollars) for special interest PRIVATE BENEFIT/PROFIT while holding the “average citizen” to a much higher standard for far less serious transgressions of law.

And who ends up paying for all this deceit?


My best to you and yours, Lew

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