Well the Limbockers are leading the revised campaign of intentionally disrupting LDPCSD Board Meetings with their complaints about this website. They just don’t get it – an individual’s constitutional right to free speech on their own time/dime is not a business issue under the jurisdiction of the Community Services District Board of Directors.

Mr. Calvin Limbocker during Public Comment started right off complaining about what I post on this website (despite the ground rules clearly being read before Public Comment) but when I gaveled him, advised he was out of order and commenting on things that were not business of the district – he just continued (with vocal support from the SO-GOSIP). I requested a Deputy Sheriff be called. These people have absolutely no respect for meeting decorum. I recessed the meeting but Calvin “Doug” Limbocker continued on for almost 10 minutes (7 minutes past the normal 3 minute time limit. Even Mrs. Limbocker told him he was going over time but he said he didn’t care.) Once he finished his rambling “gripe session” of canned material some in the audience encouraged that I continue with the meeting but as soon as I reconvened Julie Limbocker started up and continued with her emotional rants with the same disregard for the rules. I requested they leave the board room but they refused.

You know, every meeting we repeat the Pledge of Allegiance but some of these “attendees” obviously do not comprehend the basic principles of our government.

The Limbockers (just like their supporting SO-GOSIP) go on, and on, and on about the grand jury’s comments regarding this blog but completely ignore and refuse to acknowledge our attorney’s response – for the second year in a row. This little group of chronic special interest disrupters hi-jacked yet another meeting with their inappropriate complaints about being exposed for the corrupt and disingenuous individuals they are, pure and simple. They do not want others to be aware of their nefarious activities and misrepresentations of the truth because that’s all they have going for them.

For those of you who have not read our attorney’s response to the Grand Jury concerning this website, here it is:

“The “blog” issue is a non-issue because no one is forced to read the “blog,” the “blog” is protected speech under the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and is also protected speech under the California Constitution, the phrase “blog by Board Members that do not support district interests” is vague and ambiguous with respect to “district interests” [e.g., according to whom?], and the Grand Jury has no authority to interfere with the exercise of constitutional rights.”


Once the Mariposa County Deputy Sheriffs arrived (not the police department as Julie Limbocker later wrote) he interviewed the SO-GOSIP in the parking lot then came into the board room for the other side of the story. Ultimately it was decided (Directors Ross and Skoien saw no problem with the Limbocker’s conduct – in fact seemed to enjoy the whole show) the Limbockers had already expressed what they wanted and agreed to behave. The Limbockers sat quietly in the audience only whispering to one another occasionally. Here’s the kicker, Calvin Limbocker had the following placed on the meeting agenda:

l. Advisory Committee: Request by Calvin Limbocker – The Board to consider establishing a Community Advisory Committee,

Yet both Calvin and Julie Limbocker had already left the meeting before the item was called. They waste everyone’s time and energy playing their little games of being community leaders.


Here’s another interesting piece of information that occurred at the meeting. I’ve been trying for two years to get some of our District’s founding documents but “others” have prevented this acquisition. Why on Earth would “they” refuse to have in our office the Public Utilities Commission paperwork transferring Sierra Highlands Water Company’s facilities and assets to the Lake Don Pedro Community Services District? I have obtained one part of the material but not all the exhibits and maps referenced in the document. One director thought the copying costs might be too expensive and Emery Ross of course has always been against having any information regarding the outside Merced Irrigation District Place of Use issue. His neighbor and best friend Mark Skoien supports whatever Emery wants. But why? Is it because Mr. Ross is part of that <1% of our customer base and has always protected his cattle ranching business that is operated with chlorinated water from the district which was intended for domestic residential consumption?

LDPCSD +$10,000 (Plus materials and installation costs) INFORMATIONAL SIGN

Years ago a former GM purchased a sign and had it installed in front of the administration office so announcements could be viewed by passing traffic. The slight illumination at night and during inclement weather was also advantageous in locating the circular driveway serving the billing drop box. Unfortunately it was not installed according to county regulations and was subsequently removed and stored. A few months ago I became aware that the Mariposa County Planning Department was holding public hearings and workshops to update the General Plan and County sign ordinances for later approval by the County Board of Supervisors.

I attended a meeting and explained the circumstances of our informational sign and questioned if there was any way we could legally have the sign re-installed. When IGM John Turner was hired I explained the matter to him and he immediately became involved with Planning Department workshops in Mariposa. After John left I attended two other meetings, one Planning Commission the other, Board of Supervisors with the same request. Yesterday after reporting to the audience that there is a very good chance CSD might be able to reinstall the sign after the first of the year (will require a building permit for existing concrete foundation), Emery Ross stated I had no Board authorization to attend those meetings inferring it was somehow an abuse of director responsibility and inappropriate. Unbelievable – I am still a citizen of Mariposa County and this Don Pedro community. Ross sits on his fanny doing nothing but protecting his own special cattle ranching interests but when somebody else is actually working for the district Ross complains. By the way, I did not receive one penny from the district for the multiple trips to Mariposa and hours I sat in board meetings. This was done on my own time in service to this district and community. [Incidentally, Sarah Williams, Mariposa County Planning Director and Damon Golubics, the Senior Planner along with the County Board of Supervisors, naturally, have all been very understanding concerning this matter.]



You know, I would enjoy debating ANY OF THESE PEOPLE (Limbockers & the SO-GOSIP) as to the facts and truth of any matter relating to this district but the problem is they just “turn up the volume”, shout down adversaries, misrepresent facts, and interrupt if they don’t care for what someone else says. They complain that they disagree with my perspective but the only thing they appear to disagree with is my right to FREE SPEECH concerning their counterproductive activities. They try to prevent me from voicing my personal opinion on my own website – imagine that. So unable to adequately express themselves (stand on their own merits) in other venues (ie, the youtube attack by Julie Limbocker and the Cal & Julie Limbocker Show) they now resume the traditional technique of disrupting our CSD business meetings with their “cry baby” antics and charges of unfair treatment. How does the Grand Jury expect our CSD to clean up our operations when sitting directors on the board encourage, condone, and dismiss the seriousness of such intentional disruptions?

There is no “potential danger” regarding these people – THEY ARE VERY DANGEROUS and committed to maintaining the dysfunctional status quo of your Community Services District.


My best to you and yours, Lew


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