• In answer to your question…..what did I think I saw in this photo?….and how did this image end up with the Hawk photos? Hey lew….answer that yourself. You are a very sick person and why would anyone care to see that? Is this your butt? Are you now going to expose your frontal side now too? I have found out a lot about you after the last board meeting….and it has not been good.

jlimbocker5 hours ago

• Your confusing comment exemplifies what I learned about you at the Lake Don Pedro Community Services District Board of Directors meeting in La Grange, California as well. You consistently remain ignorant to facts then act accordingly with personal insults, rude behavior and spurious accusations. Please be advised there are numerous websites which could cater to your interest in male frontal nudity images, but I do not share your interest or participate in such, good hunting! Lew 🙂

lew9532921 minutes ago


Folks this is a perfect example of how some of the people around Lake Don Pedro seem to be stuck in a perpetual cycle of ignorance and self denial.

What is so bewildering is the tenacity with which they cling to their obvious stupidity and continually engage in disingenuous activities, all the while apparently oblivious to how foolish and hateful they appear to others.

I really do not understand JLIMBOCKER’s comment because anyone who would take the time to view the video would understand exactly what happened to produce that image. There’s nothing sinister, nasty, obscene or disrespectful there. Good Heavens!


JLIMBOCKER could not understand the video because?

1. They did not view it and only commented based on what someone else incorrectly told them (this is usually the case with gullible/ignorant people who will believe just about anything if that is what they want to hear)

2. They viewed it only up to the “mystery photo” and became so enraged (or excited) they couldn’t watch the rest

3. They cannot read and only looked at images (“BUTT” even then, there is the clear “OKAY photo” explaining the image – complete with a flashing arrow under the finger crease – what sort of idiot could misunderstand that?

4. They cannot discriminate between a finger and an apparent “human butt”

5. They may possess some physical, mental or psychological challenge preventing normal perception, cognitive interpretation, and truthful expression

Whether this ignorance can be explained by any of the above reasons, or something else entirely, it really doesn’t matter. Any author who writes about things they know nothing about in a public environment only provides a glimpse as to their basic intelligence, integrity, and honesty.

Shame on you JLIMBOCKER!

You are a malicious and ignorant individual who thrives on creating and perpetuating disinformation for your own warped personal interests. The thought of your proposed service to this LDPCSD Board of Directors is repugnant and illustrates exactly why this district continues to suffer – because of hateful people just like you.



OK, with that unpleasantness out of the way, for those of you brave enough to view a simple little humorous video that does not contain any indecent photos, images or videos, so as to understand what our resident crackpot know-it-all JLIMBOCKER is erroneously babbling to the world about, here’s the link:

My best to you and yours, Lew


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