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04 April 16th, 2018 LDPCSD Monthly Board Meeting

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KAMPA & KOMPANY are apparently “circling the wagons” by restricting even more information to the customers who have been paying for this special benefit groundwater substitution program for Kampa’s 20 year old annexation plans.

Yup, like living a different country now.   Later

My best to you and yours, Lew

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Ever have your printer quit just when you need it to run a couple of quick prints? That’s what happened last Monday before the LDPCSD Board Meeting. Well, that and a bunch of other stuff.  (But to be honest there were some other sporadic minor printer malfunctions (aka WARNINGS!) prior to this that were annoying, ie, partial prints, low quality prints, long pauses while the printer was working out internal difficulties, etc.   — should have made time right then to investigate, yeah?….But, but, but….I can hear the hillside weeds growing right now……listen……if I don’t get them now it will be much more difficult when 3-4 feet high!)

I had drafted a quick Public Comment for the meeting while rushing around getting everything loaded in the truck (even the dog recognizes this pattern which signals to her the approach of numerous “no fun days” at the computer for either of us) – hit “PRINT” and continued preparing for the meeting departure while explaining she could not also attend.

The next time I checked the printer…..nothing.  Turned it off, unplugged power and data cables…waited, plugged everything back in — (this often works) tried to print again – but at the next “fly by” check…. still nothing.  So…turned off both computer and printer, waited, restarted, tried again, nothing. Starting to panic a bit so while attempting some common “printer fixes” scratched notes from the monitor on a legal pad for the public comment later – better rough notes than nothing at all right?   Well, maybe.

That was the most cursive handwriting I’ve done in a while and after days of weed eating, raking, pruning, and burning not very comfortable.  The legibility alone would have qualified for me for writing medical prescriptions – extremely difficult to read or forge – not to mention the poor spelling, grammar, and all those lines and arrows indicating where particular comments would be better placed in the rambling blah, blah, blah ……

Anyway, turns out the drivers for the printer had been corrupted somehow (turning devices on and off and unplugging them?  lol) but I was now stuck in a BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH “boot loop” due to a failed attempt at resetting the computer to a previous RESTORE POINT…… (thought maybe some of those untimely and “aggressive updates” might have been responsible)  around and around…..”we will diagnose the problem and repair computer”…..wait, wait, wait…..”Sorry could not repair, please try again”…….wait, wait, wait….. “sorry could not repair, please try again”……doing the same thing over and over while expecting a different result? Hum, sounds familiar….what was that again? Oh yeah…INSANITY!

Fortunately the suggestion of reloading printer drivers from my site tech proved to be the answer that solved the problem. [Of course a RECOVERY DISK was required to escape the BSOD boot loop to enter “SAFE MODE” for some basic repairs following the failed restore point.  YIKES! A couple of recovery disks/thumb drives might be advisable considering how long it took me to locate the one that eventually saved me!  So pleased that I had at least created such when I upgraded to, yes I’ll say it, WINDOWS10.]

I should also mention that without a backup internet connected device to decipher error codes (or someone you could call and ask to research what a bunch of numbers and letters meant), I would have never known what the problem actually was.  (Paying online techs $199.00 is not the way to go!)   Through all this I also discovered my hard drive is again reaching max capacity so I’ve been shuffling files and folders around with external drives to make room for the meeting reports.  (Not too keen on this CLOUD STUFF.)

So, was this lack of disk space the underlying reason I couldn’t initially listen to that Mariposa County BOD audio presentation?  Probably, since everything else sure seemed to slow down.   (EXCELLENT SYSTEM BY THE WAY – something like that for the LDPCSD would be great considering the low meeting attendance and scattered customer base.)

Then on top of all this (or intimately related) my fat numb fingers evidently pressed some micro switch on that handycam which instructed it to format the video in the highest possible resolution – NO NO NO NOT AGAIN!   Believe it or not 41GB for one video file which equated to:

Select a command ……..get something to eat.

Select another command……maybe do some laundry……

Select a command….. well, you get the idea – slow as molasses in January!

(Reminds of the AutoCad program when it first came out and the inadequate computers used to run it!)

Gosh, wonder if the National Security Agency (NSA) would ever consider granting us access to our own information they have already stored in their Utah spy facility anyway?

Might make things a lot easier for tech challenged big mouths like me yeah?

Probably not.  The online paid tech lobbyist union would fight that tooth and nail.

 later Lew

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01 April 16th 2018 LDPCSD Monthly Board Meeting

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This one isn’t too bad but I’m still having conflict issues between the cameras along with finding the right settings. I switched the digital audio recording for the video audio because it was easier to hear comments when a speaker faces a microphone – instead of the mic being behind them on the Handycam. Unfortunately, I didn’t notice an error until the video was produced — a slight synchronization problem – but it wasn’t too bad. Remember the old “Spaghetti Westerns” where the speaker’s lips NEVER matched what was spoken? lol “My name is nobody” – very humorous cowboy gunfighter spoof. Should see if my old VHS recording hasn’t degraded. Just wanted to acknowledge the problem. Interesting Public Comment.


I’m curious as to what was said at the Mariposa County Board of Supervisors Meeting on March 27th, 2018 during the discussion of the March 22nd 2018 storm damage with all the flooding and road washouts. I’ve tried multiple times, even downloaded the program recommended by the county site for their newer postings, but for some reason still haven’t been able to hear any of it yet. I connect OK but when it says its loading nothing happens for a few minutes until being advised of the failure. I’ll try again later.

1820hrs UPDATE: 

Was finally able to access the March 27th, 2018 Mariposa County BOS Meeting audio!  I can understand why Mr. Taylor did not want to attempt to explain the information regarding the Lake Don Pedro Community Services District.  Not only because it was negative but repeating such things from memory always run a risk for innocent misunderstanding. 

Much information about the life and death challenges faced, immediate damage sustained and the continuing cooperation between numerous “partners” from law enforcement, other agencies/entities, and various individuals.    Our Sheriff gave an excellent and very informative detailed report that did include his mention of “displeasure” with the CSD’s response to the emergency and offered assistance.   The Sheriff on at least two occasions specifically thanked District II Supervisor Merlin Jones for his work in keeping communications open with our common “pocket community” difficulties with transportation and communication.   

Supervisor  Jones later commented that while in the Lake Don Pedro area when the RED CROSS was distributing water he attempted to telephone directors and the general manager without success.  He stated he even went to a director’s residence to discuss the situation and was met with the response “we just don’t want to talk to anybody”, although apparently some conversation did take place.    Supervisor Jones questioned County Health Officer Dr. Eric Sergienko as to some apparent confusion regarding how “non potable water” could safely be used.   Dr. Sergienko stated he shared the Sheriff’s stated concerns about the CSD and commented without the assistance from the California Department of Water Resources he didn’t think there would have been effective communication with the district.   Dr. Sergienko then discussed aspects of nonpotable water use (NEVER DRINK) and the steps the LDPCSD would have to take to resume safe water service to all customers and also said they had tried to shape the district’s message but it had been a challenge.   Supervisor Jones advised he had more information about the LDPCSD that he would present to the Board in a report.

GOSH DARN IT….don’t like condensing such detailed reports……

You know, Dave Taylor is absolutely right…..if you want to know what was said…check it out!

Tell you what,… if I did this right, the following should make it much easier to find the parts dealing with our Lake Don Pedro Community Services District.


DOUG BENNEWIES, Mariposa County Sheriff:     @18 Minutes 32 Seconds

DR. ERIC SERGIENKO, Mariposa County Health and Transportation Director:   @ 45:40

CHEVON KOTHARI, Mariposa County Human Services Director:   @47:50


MILES MENETREY, Mariposa County District V Supervisor:    @53:04

MERLIN JONES, Mariposa County District II Supervisor:   @56:08

sounds funny but




Ranchito Drive is still closed – that’s the place where some poor guy drove into that huge open “pit”that swallowed his entire truck and camper according to the online Modesto newspaper and accompanying photograph. Fortunately the driver survived but I wonder what sort of roadway barricades were used to warn approaching traffic on that curve? Always easier to second guess when not there in real time when everything seems to be coming apart. There will probably be a lot of details not made public for some time. The section of HWY132 over Piney Creek (going uphill to Coulterville from the subdivision) is still closed along with portions of other roads and highways. One heck of a storm that’s for sure. I’m still discovering little washouts on my small place. Later, Lew

My best to you and yours, Lew

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(Yes, over forty years when you consider the LDPCSD was formed in August 1980 yet changes to the service boundary had evidently already been made by LAFCos BEFORE the California Public Utilities Commission transferred the former Sierra Highlands Water Company facilities and assets to the new CSD in January 1981.  WHERE IS THE ORIGINAL SERVICE MAP BASED ON THE SURVIVING METES AND BOUNDS FIELD SURVEY of 1980?  LAFCO paid for this multi-page survey….where is the frigg’n map?)

The September 26, 2017 REPORT OF INVESTIGATION, contained in the NOTICE OF VIOLATION, by the State Water Resources Control Board (State Water Board), Division of Water Rights, states on page one that it “received a complaint on February 22, 2016 via email against the Lake Don Pedro Community Services District (LDPCSD).”  Later it also states, “the complainant subsequently submitted CalEPA complaint 46350 on April 4, 2016.”

NOTE: The SWRCB Notice of Violation can be found in the LDPCSD October agenda packet between pages 29-38. 



ADDITIONAL NOTE:  The SWRCB color map contained in the LDPCSD agenda packet was also incorrectly preceded on page 37 with information regarding KAMPA’s $35,000 CAD mapping project which was ultimately used to once again intentionally misrepresent the legal PLACE OF USE FOR MERCED RIVER WATER per water license 11395 held by the MERCED IRRIGATION DISTRICT.


Considering there has been little information provided during our LDPCSD monthly board meetings by GM/Treasurer Pete Kampa regarding this MERCED RIVER WATER PLACE OF USE matter, I have been checking the SWRCB website (below) for months in hopes of locating additional information.  Unfortunately I recently discovered that a complaint date and BOTH locations were apparently documented incorrectly on this website for some reason.

How could the counties of


be confused with the counties of


concerning water rights of the

MERCED RIVER under WL11395?

The shear amount of incorrect information regarding Lake Don Pedro CSD water service OUTSIDE THE PERMITTED PLACE OF USE under WATER LICENSE 11395 certainly suggested an investigation was warranted and there is no doubt that the resulting September 2017 NOTICE OF VIOLATION was extremely helpful in dismissing decades of incorrect information provided to the public while intentional violations continued unchecked, however, when such important information as to WHERE THESE VIOLATIONS ACTUALLY TOOK PLACE IS ALSO APPARENTLY INCORRECTLY REPORTED BY THE INVESTIGATING AGENCY ON THEIR OWN WEBSITE, I cannot help but wonder ….

is something else being protected?

My best to you and yours, Lew


2016: General Water Rights Complaints

Date Submitted
Alleged Injury
1/20/2016 Middle Paddy Creek San Joaquin Unauthorized Diversion, Other Active
1/25/2016 Susan River Lassen Unauthorized Diversion, Other Determination Made
1/26/2016 NA – groundwater Trinity Other Active
2/9/2016 Unnamed stream tributary to San Vicente Creek San Diego Unauthorized Diversion, Other Determination Made
2/16/2016 Merced River Stanislaus Unauthorized Diversion Determination Made
2/16/2016 Salinas River San Luis Obispo Unauthorized Diversion Active
3/3/2016 Clear Creek Butte Unauthorized Diversion, Waste or Unreasonable Use, Impact to Public Trust Active
3/14/2016 Atascadero Creek San Luis Obispo Unauthorized Diversion, Waste or Unreasonable Use Active
4/4/2016 Merced River Sutter Violation of Term Determination Made
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Considering we have already had a few rattlesnake encounters up here in these foothills (all three dogs – fortunately without serious incident) the annual vaccination seems worth the cost and temporary inconvenience. Certainly no guarantee, but if bitten the vaccination should help reduce the severity of pain and venom effects.   The traveling time for appropriate treatment is another big consideration in these “semi-remote” foothills also.  Naturally there are many opinions on the subject of rattlesnake vaccinations – heck, consider there are many parents who refuse to vaccinate their children for fear of complications as well.  Many different perspectives.

This is only one article encouraging such medical treatment:


Reduced activity following any vaccination is reasonable and also provides time for some extra attention.  All my dogs typically “take the day off” after vaccinations with some extra sleep (and treats) but are raring to go the next morning.    Anyway – it’s getting to be that season again – be careful during foothill frolics!

My best to you and yours, Lew


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2’35” of recent LEW FLU

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Why this expression? I don’t know, just because I guess.

Yup, nasty strain of FLU. I took a gamble and did EXACTLY what good ‘ol Mom warned against…..getting back to a work routine too early and risking a possible relapse but I was faced with a garden shed roof collapse to that problem “leaning tree”.  Yeah, forced me out of bed a bit soon but thankfully I was able to remedy the situation without any serious problems although I had to lay down on the ground a couple of times to rest because of dizziness. Yes I considered the possibilities carefully….chainsaw, ladder, not feeling 100% – but was never-the-less able to remove the weight of the tree and save the roof – then “I crashed” for another day or two watching TV and picking up around the house a bit (which is always required).  Still not quite back to normal but definitely much better. Not being able to smell/taste food is always a problem with gaining your strength back but chicken noodle/tomato soup and crackers seem to always fill that bill – and of course….FLUIDS FLUIDS FLUIDS! Cannot risk dehydration while fighting those bugs. Well….I hear that familiar call for weed slaughter! later!

My (near) best to you and yours, Lew

PS: Please be careful with this year’s Flu!  Don’t be a dumb ass like I was – obtain the necessary medications some way and rest!

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“HEAD UP ASS”ertions

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Whoa – this year’s “flu experience” hit quite hard despite the annual routine of a peremptory vaccination.  Whether due to the particular strain I picked up during the last grocery shopping excursion or my advancing age (perhaps a double whammy of both these critical variables), it was not only unpleasant but painful.  The typical muscle aches and shooting pains up and down limbs were augmented with old surgical hernia repair pain due to the chronic coughing.  Don’t recall the hugging of pillows so much in past flu episodes.

Fortunately the Good Lord blessed me with a close friend who simply ignored my stupid semi-hermit motivated assertions of self sufficiency and ability to care for myself.  You know what I mean – that desire (however misplaced at the time) of not wanting to inconvenience others or subject them to potential risk because of our own immediate discomfort or need?

“Naw, thank you very much – I do sincerely appreciate your offer but I’ll be fine – just need some down time for it to run its natural course, but thank you very much just the same.”    

Yup, those confident words of self sufficiency could have been my last without intervention.  The next telephone call did not contain generous offers of assistance but rather straight forward instructions for me to follow:

“Don’t argue – I’m already in route, bundle up – I’ll meet you at the gate in 15 minutes – no visiting, just a “care package” drop and run.” 

And what a wonderful and needed “care package” it was!   Don’t know about the rest of you but without a NiQuil type product as a primary home remedy it is extremely difficult for me to get that necessary rest to recover.    NiQuil, DayQuil, vapor rub, miscellaneous food items….

Leanne, thank you SO MUCH for not listening to my “head up ass”ertions of not needing any help!

I can smell and taste again! 

Poor viewers…..recovery is on its way!


My best to you and yours, Lew

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Was Kampa’s past reported employment history as Manager and General Manager at Delft University in the Netherlands truly factual?

If so, why later remove the information?  Such experience at a major university is a good thing, yeah?

And why wasn’t his four years of PRIOR EMPLOYMENT WITH THE LAKE DON PEDRO CSD not included in that original employment history?

Was that Delft U employment in chronological order as suggested in the original report?  In other words, did Kampa work here in the States and then later travel to the Netherlands to work at Delft University as a Manager and a GM before returning to the United States and his other local water industry work here in California (Tuolumne Utilities District)?  Or was that stated employment an incidental bonus for Delft attendance as a student?  (ie, Students being rotated through such positions for experience and documented employment history prior to leaving academia for traditional employment?)

Either way, regardless of the chronological timing or how that managerial experience was supposedly acquired for public reporting, why would such employment information be removed from Kampa’s previously posted employment record on the internet if factual?

You know, if Danny Johnson and Emery Ross had required a traditional employment background check prior to PETE KAMPA’s appointment as GM (and given essentially unrestricted access to over 1 million dollars in cash – SERIOUSLY!  Does that FACT PATTERN sound like PUBLIC AGENCY FIDUCIARY DUTY TO YOU?), many of these persisting questions would likely have been answered years ago.    Including the fact, as Wes Barton pointed out in his Public Comment letter, PETE KAMPA is not even certified to run a water treatment facility.  What did Kampa actually manage at Delft U?  The entire university?  Obviously here in the United States right now Pete Kampa is a “remote general manager” who only selects the personnel for the various duties that require certification.


I knew yesterday’s storm was a bad one because in the past almost 30 years of working this land I have never observed that much water falling in such a short period of time.  My 6”- 10” PVC pipe drains choked up quickly with all the natural debris picked up along the water’s path downhill.  Flooding everywhere!   Although I knew there was going to be flood related damage across this foothill region that MyMotherLode news photograph of the roadway damage to Ranchito Drive (x Golfito) here in the subdivision was still quite shocking.

You know, there are enough horrible things that will naturally occur without INTENTIONALLY HIRING A GM who was clearly dedicated to expanding the OUTSIDE POU for Merced River water far beyond the entitled Lake Don Pedro subdivision.  (But of course that was the specific reason Kampa was hired – to obtain the grant funds necessary to construct expensive GROUNDWATER WELLS to supply that ALTERNATE SOURCE of water REQUIRED BY ALL LAFCO ANNEXATIONS INTO THE DISTRICT THAT ARE OUTSIDE THE PLACE OF USE FOR MERCED RIVER WATER UNDER WATER LICENSE 11395.  JOHNSON AND ROSS knew exactly what they were getting.)

When I viewed those photos of the extensive flood damage in the area I thought how nice it would be to have a GM/Treasurer from this area that was focused solely on the problems of this area and not dividing his precious/costly time between multiple CSDs.  Other CSDs that in addition to their own local difficulties and challenges, now share the common problem of a “remote GM” looking to exploit what he can through, and for,  his limited liability company, other consultants, and various business associates.


My best to you and yours, Lew

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