Another LAME Project (Lew’s “almost music” expression), actually a double trouble post. lol “All over” short for, “What IF All Over?” referring to loosing our FREEDOMS as AMERICAN CITIZENS if we don’t remove this SOCIALIST LEFT INFLUENCE WITHIN OUR USA GOVERNMENT as soon as possible, and “Bad Habit, Can’t Quit It” referencing this current Democrat Impeachment scam. Absolutely disgusting. Surprised I’ve lived long enough to witness (through television coverage) the nonsense conducted by “Shifty” Adam Schiff, Nadler and the rest of the far left.

Sure provides an excellent opportunity to glimpse into their version of what America would look like under their rule, yeah? What rights will be abolished with the stroke of a pen? Especially the important right to face any person who accuses you of committing a crime. Just imagine, anonymous complainants capable of violating your rights and freedoms for their own disingenuous goals. An America where criminals on the street have more rights than a duly elected sitting US President who is GOOD FOR AMERICA, but can never-the-less be setup by “holdover” obstructionist OBAMA/BIDEN/CLINTON, etc, anti-American operatives of the LEFT?

Amazing…..a solid link between the Democrat corruption here in the states and overseas clearly manipulating foreign governments with taxpayer funds and resources —-and for personal gain, yet rather than face the apparently quite clear quid pro quo and money laundering going on with a crooked former Vice President and his wayward irresponsible son, the Democrats have simply projected their own crimes on OUR PRESIDENT TRUMP who has been NOTHING BUT GOOD FOR OUR COUNTRY (please remember, as humans none of us are perfect but TRUMP IS GOOD FOR ALL AMERICANS IN OUR WONDERFULLY DIVERSE COUNTRY! (Reminds me, I have had a few recently naturalized citizens stop by the RECALL SHACK who were madder than most others due to Newsom’s policies in California. Primarily because of how long and hard they had to work to become a legal citizen yet Newsom devalued their accomplishments by making California a sanctuary state.)

Darn, just realized there was a third LAME that went with these…..about how the Democrats have conducted these clearly biased hearing….oh well, you know, not enough time. Here are the lyrics without the “almost music”:

Consistent cheaters who will not win

Because winner Trump didn’t cheat

Watch these impeachment hearings

You’ll see just what I mean

It absolutely is insane

How these traitors to the USA

Accept public funds and resources

For obstruction every day

Woke this morning after great night’s sleep

Prepared to take on the day

 But hearing opening impeachment statement

Feared another day of dismay

A conservative objection to witness comments

That words about President were disorderly

Resulted in a roll call to table the challenge

This I’d like to address formally

Impeachment Democrats reside in a world

Governed by hypocrisy, denial and fable

Only relevant information America obtained

Was this first roll call on a motion “to table”

Because every person supporting that vote

Should in memory have name and face detailed

So during next election when considering their worth

Each can be told to “hit the trail”

Impeachment Democrats are not a joke

But oh so far off the mark

Ask them simply what time it is

They’ll describe how to build a clock

By the time explanation has finished

And necessity for the known time elapsed

They congratulate each other on another success

In advancement of government collapse


Democrat Prosecutor said he was clearly a thief

And possessed overwhelming solid evidence

Even produced an extensive detailed list

Of items Defendant possessed in their presence

Democrat prosecutors stressed damage done

To our communities due to such crimes

How hard they must work to stop the wrongdoers

Yet harm to society continues most the time

 Vehicle parts, alcohol, drugs 

Guns, appliances household accessories

Weight of the evidence clearly dictated

No need for trial/defense attorney

Ultimately one photo was quickly submitted

That proved defendant’s pure heart

For at time of arrest he was waiting in cashier line

With the week’s groceries sitting in his cart.

(glue gun, automotive fuses, side mirror, aspirin, mouthwash, etc.)

This was intended to illustrate the point of how someone (or some entity) could be portrayed as guilty yet absolutely innocent of the actual charges due to the biased way information is presented to others.  How could a person be legally arrested for stealing items from the store if still in the store and waiting in line to pay for them? THEY CAN’T!

 Remember the old Andy Griffith show where Barney Fife incorrectly arrested an old lady for stealing store items (Barney was pretending to be a mannequin clothed in a hunting outfit watching her yet his “cover” was blown by a young boy who recognized him) – yet when confronted, she had not actually left the store so no crime.  Andy knew Barney meant well and had indeed likely witnessed the lady hiding objects on her person, so he (they) waited until the lady left the store and had her step on a scale which clearly indicated she had substantial weight concealed under her winter coat.  Busted. 

Anyway, all this current collecting of communication data that’s going on within our intelligence community (even if not actually analyzed initially) still has a potential of being used wrongfully if used to merely connect “dots of information” in order to simulate (falsifying) fulfilling the elements of a crime.  Everything the Democrat Prosecutors said in the LAME lyrics was pretty much factual.  Defendant had those items in his “presence”, rather than person.  All the blah, blah, blah about how criminal activity can negatively affect a community is likely factual, along with how hard honest law enforcement personnel labor to keep communities safe, but crimes are still committed, however, none of that had anything to do with our citizen victim who was simply waiting in line to pay for his shopping.  They misrepresented the importance of their “disinformation evidence” in an effort to deny the defendant an attorney to represent his case or even a court within which to hear the same!  All wrapped up neat and clean and ostensibly above board to protect the taxpaying citizens.  After all who is going to take the word of a criminal over that of the professional law enforcement staff at the DA’s office prosecuting the individual?  

Anyway, this was an imaginary situation where bad people in positions of public trust could abuse their position for personal and/or business motivations.  

OK… are the two new LAME PROJECTS merged into one:    

later, Lew