NOTE: This is an updated version of previous LAME “SARS FEAR”

Boy, wouldn’t that be a great headline for woke media outlets when they have no alternative other than to recognize the reoccurring universal pattern of “good over evil”? (Though it doesn’t seem too apparent or expeditious during an unjust and painful process.)

YUP, good over evil is a common expression but it suggests a diluted form of another concept that would rub these invading leftists the wrong way. Let me explain. Rather, like those folks who prefer to write or use “X-mas” over the actual word, and meaning of, “Christmas”.

Is “good over evil” yet another subtle example of softening a faithful statement to make it more palatable for unbelievers? Who knows? Guess it really doesn’t matter.

Ahhh, what the heck, my website, let’s just drop that redundant “o” in the word good to clean it up a bit and make it (as the biden admin likes to so ridiculously repeat when they are explaining something they’ve done/are doing/or will do, that is as clear as MUD!) …….


shall we?

“God over evil”

Sorry but had this realization once again (about Biden and his exploits actually being a GOOD VACCINE AGAINST what most of us see as a horrible insidious self destructive disease being cultivated within OUR AMERICA) and couldn’t move forward on some other projects until at least mentioning it again because I believe it has taken hold (the Biden Vaccine) within our infected country and is working! Yup! Big time and that “the best is yet to come” is materializing. (What me? Repetitive? lol)

My best to you and yours, Lew

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