MEETING CONTINUED FOLLOWING AGENDA ITEM CHANGE: There was a resolution of commendation presented to an employee for achieving his Grade II Operator Certificate followed by the audit review presentation. Despite a citizen complaint the audit was successfully defended and the extra work did not cost the district anything extra financially because there was a cap on the contract.   Naturally GM/Treasurer Peter Kampa [Kampa Community Solutions, llc, aka KAMPACS, aka KCS, his special district management company] greatly assisted in providing necessary information during the audit process. There was another advertisement for the CSDA presented by Kampa’s auditor…. (that’s where the following video will start – mo money! mo money! mo money! lol) Raise the water rates of MR WECS (MERCED RIVER WATER ENTITLED CUSTOMERS – of the Lake Don Pedro subdivision) who have already been victimized and exploited for decades, AND since 2014 by a special district management company owned and operated by a former disgruntled rogue LDPCSD employee who had, between the years 1994-1997, surreptitiously (quietly without board direction or authorization) personally attempted to “broker-like” annex thousands of acres into the LDPCSD for a special benefit water service to be paid for by all legal customers for perpetuity? Yes the above is a very long sentence but adequately describes a very long and calculated WATER SCAM against MR WECs! Pete Kampa is one of the primary individuals responsible for decades of district dysfunction, turmoil and failure to abide by clear water license 11395 restrictions on water service. He was brought back by a group of directors (and soon to be directors) in October 2014 who were also determined to expand district water service beyond the permitted boundaries of the operative water license, (11395 held by the Merced Irrigation District) despite the fact such expansion would require EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE GROUNDWATER WELLS with which to circumvent WL11395 in delivering an “ALTERNATE SOURCE WATER” to LAFCO ANNEXATIONS outside the approved LDP PLACE OF USE subdivision. An unacceptable gamble with such an indispensable, valuable and quality resource such as MERCED RIVER WATER from the watershed of Yosemite National Park. A subdivision blessing that has already been subject to improper sale, diversion, and theft for decades. How long was this exploitation actually in effect? When was it designed? By whom? Surely the plan was prior to August 1980 when the LDPCSD was formed by the county LAFCOs (LOCAL AGENCY FORMATION COMMISSIONS) of Tuolumne and Mariposa, with the later being the “lead county”. After all, substantial land had apparently already been secretly added to what the CPUC (California Public Utilities Commission) had noticed it was prepared to approve as the new district’s service area boundary in its January 1981 approval of the transfer of facilities and assets from the former Sierra Highlands Water Company to the new LDPCSD. That decision was very clear – only the properties within the former Sierra Highlands Water Company subdivision, and other areas specifically acknowledged as having a legal right to future service, would be customers of the new district. (BUT EVEN THAT SIMPLE STATEMENT HAD BEEN MODIFIED IN LDPCSD HISTORICAL RECORDS WITH AN ADDED FABRICATED SENTENCE GREATLY EXPANDING THAT BOUNDARY. IN OTHER WORDS, A FABRICATED GOVERNMENT DOCUMENT TO COVER EXPANSION ACTIVITIES TO QUESTIONING CUSTOMERS! DECEIT FROM DAY ONE!) That CPUC decision clearly stated water service agreements and line extensions previously agreed to by Sierra Highlands and other property owners belonged to Sierra Highland alone and would not become obligations of the new LDPCSD. Ahhh, but what’s the first thing this new LAFCO created public agency CSD started doing? That’s right…..expanding service outside the approved area of not only the area the CPUC had determined to be the legal service area boundary, but also, what State Water License 11395 had prescribed as the authorized PLACE OF USE for Merced River water pumped from Lake McClure! When and how was Pete Kampa actually brought into the Lake Don Pedro “LAFCO ANNEXATION EXPANSION FAMILY” in the mid 1990s? Sure, we know when he started employment here, but what’s his background other than claiming to have worked in the Netherlands shortly before, which he has since removed from the internet for some reason? Was he connected in someway to one or more of the major players in this water scam potentially worth hundreds of millions perhaps billions in property sales, various developments, basically anything dependent upon the availability of quality potable water – in an other wise rural fractured rock drought prone rolling Oak boulder foothill cattle grazing region? Folks with large parcels stood to make some big bucks if the scam were successful. Perhaps a connection with local government officials? Maybe family or friends related to the original developers of the subdivision and treatment facility? Whatever. Doesn’t really matter because KAMPA was, and is, bad news all the way around with his arrogant disregard for established water regulations he has known about for over 20 years especially while consuming limited public funds and resources to circumvent license restrictions to provide a subsidized groundwater special benefit water service for his LAFCO ANNEXATIONS developed in the 1990s. And now planning to charge the VICTIMS EVEN MORE? Sorry, but that’s bullshit also. My friends this is only another example of the leftist attack on our United States of America and system of law and justice. A redistribution of wealth, if you will, in the form of a public resource and intentionally LIMITED WATER SERVICE diverted from the thousands of legally entitled MR WECs in the subdivision to LAFCO ANNEXATIONS Pete Kampa set up himself 20 years ago when engaged in activities far beyond the scope and performance of his assigned duties. When caught in the middle of his “annexation scam” Kampa just suddenly resigned and left for McCloud CSD in northern California where he then betrayed that community so egregiously in a NESTLES CONTRACT for bottled water, that then Attorney Jerry BROWN demanded the contract be reconstructed due to the one sided inequitable nature of the agreement and damage to that community. Who looks out for … Continue reading BS2 AUDIT COMMENTS AND CSDA INFLUENCE