I think most of you are quite aware of my frustration with, and distrust for certain LAKE DON PEDRO COMMUNITY SERVICE DISTRICT historical documents that really cannot seriously even be considered business records.   These documents were furnished by the LDPCSD in response to my request for Public Information regarding how this District was formed and has been operated for decades.   I say that these are not true records because these copies of agreements, contracts, and such often were not properly signed by all parties involved; when signed there was no legible clue as to the actual name of the person or authority under which they signed; even the date of the transaction was missing.   Typically when one agreement referenced another document as being an Attached Exhibit, that Exhibit was never attached.  In fact, in the present research of Sierra’s transfer of property to the LDPCSD, EXHIBIT C has never been found.  Heaven knows I’ve requested it for several years. As I previously suggested somewhere in this mess of information overload, the documents were likely copied prior to being signed by the other parties and just filed in a cabinet folder. Yet we are expected to believe these incomplete documents were never replaced or augmented with the California PUC returned and finalized original that was dated, signed, and described the district’s service boundary? You know it is absolutely amazing how fast internet access and retrieval of information is changing regarding the increasing volume of material available.  Sometimes it is only a matter of months, weeks or days in obtaining the previously unobtainable.  Of course persistence also often pays off. ANYWAY, I believe I’ve found a very important official document with which we can now use to better evaluate and understand other activities occurring around that same time period.     Rather than a generalized time period using LDPCSD records an official legitimate CPUC DOCUMENT finally proves WHEN & WHAT Sierra actually transferred to the LDPCSD.   (That TIME LINE was a good addition huh?) SURE LOOKS TO ME LIKE FRAUD AND MISUSE/MISAPPROPRIATION OF PUBLIC FUNDS FOR OVER THIRTY-FIVE YEARS, but I’ll tell you what I really think after you read this NEW INFORMATION for yourself.  Lol Less than five (5) months after the LAKE DON PEDRO COMMUNITY SERVICES DISTRICT was formed, the CALIFONIA PUBLIC UTILITIES COMMISSION (CPUC) on January 21st, 1981, in Decision No. 92610, approved the Application of SIERRA HIGHLANDS WATER COMPANY for an order authorizing Sierra to transfer and assign its property to LAKE DON PEDRO COMMUNITY SERVICES DISTRICT, Application No. 59951 (Filed September 19, 1980). HERE IT IS:  CALIFORNIA PUBLIC UTILITIES COMMISSION APPROVAL