This term looks like it could be on a stock market display yeah?

“DNKB had climbed one and a quarter at today’s closing bell”.

Perhaps a word created using that file naming process where vowels are dropped to reduce the descriptive title length, ie,  “fraud 2014-2018” becomes, FRD 2014-2018; “theft” becomes THFT; “that no-good lying bastard becomes” THTNGDLNGBSTRD, etc.?

<CAN’T BE DUNK or DRUNK without an “R” moron! lol>

However, when used like:  “Members of this DKNB”,  it is a quality neutral assertion of fact without indication of potential desirability for inclusion in the group, you know, absent the context in which it was used.  For example,

“Members of this DKNB”, which was formed through the mutual efforts of various church leaders in the area, attributed their community success to the cooperation between……” would likely be perceived as a good thing with which to be involved, whereas,

“Members of this DKNB” were quickly surrounded by SWAT personnel and the area closed to traffic”, probably not so good – and might indeed suggest using a different route home.

Obviously when the words forming DNKB are revealed it certainly appears derogatory and dismissive yet this interpretation fails to appreciate the environment giving birth to the spontaneous shorthand.   So basically, blah, blah, blah … — …  🙂