Regarding the



Friday, October 21st, 2011 @ 1000hrs


NOTE: Verbatim transcriptions based on analog and/or digital recordings.


The agenda item was Government Code Section 54957(b)(2) – Public Employee Discipline/Dismissal/Release/Specific Complaint –  Pursuant to Government Code Section 54957 (b)(2), the employee may request that complaints or charges be heard in Open rather than Closed Session which the employee has requested.The meeting revolved around previous Personnel Committee Meetings regarding a grievance by one employee against another, and then, for lack of a better term, a corresponding cross-complaint by the subject of the original complaint.  Complicating the matter was the fact one employee preferred to have the matter handled in a Closed Session, the other in Open Session.  Rather than go through a long and time consuming verbatim transcription of employee complaints and cross complaints, combined with the sincere hope unnecessary publication of the specifics might more appropriately foster an environment for resolving the situation to the satisfaction of both employees, I am going to focus on another aspect of that meeting – another disruption by the SO GOSIP [Same Old Group of Special Interest People].


This most recent performance was conceptually quite clever, but, just like all the other scams and choreographed demonstrations the SO GOSIP construct and attempt to execute, it ultimately backfired in their collective face.  The “poor old Wile E. Coyote syndrome” to the max.  No matter how hard that Coyote tried, he just couldn’t get that Road Runner.   So too, the SO GOSIP collectively scheme, plan and set their diabolical traps.  They organize the assault and prepare by loading their mouths with accusations and personal attacks, then as a determined collective unit (of a few individuals) unleash their barrage of condemnation only to inevitably once again shoot themselves.   

KA-BOOM!    …… Nothing left but smoldering shoulders while the headless body frantically searches for the missing head that came up with the idea.   And just as in the cartoon, the SO GOSIP’s collective head just “pops back into place” with a blow to the stomach, they shake off the dusty absurdity of their actions and again diligently prepare for another show at the next LDPCSD Board Meeting.  Each time they finish such a production they march out with an exaggerated and bewildering show of triumph believing they were somehow successful but all the while embarrassingly oblivious to their transparent display of foolishness.             


Guess we should start off with the definition of “TUMMOTA”?  Simply, “The Unidentified Male Member Of The Audience”.  [And no,  “Male Member” is not intended to be a personality description just because a synonym for such happens to rhyme with Rick.  Total coincidence.]   The name TUMMOTA adds a bit more mystery to the new member of the SO GOSIP and will be much easier to type during verbatim transcription.  

I must confess the attendance of this overdressed newcomer, apparently pressed into service by the SO GOSIP, proved to be quite interesting albeit contrary to the Brown Act [Business of a specific nature that is within the subject matter jurisdiction of the legislative body of the local agency] and Penal Code Section 403 [Every person who, without authority of law, willfully disturbs or breaks up any assembly or meeting that is not unlawful in its character, other than an assembly or meeting referred to in Section 302 of the Penal Code or Section 18340 of the Elections Code, is guilty of a misdemeanor.”]

“TUMMOTA” quite obviously assisted the SO GOSIP (5-6 people) who once again blatantly disregarded Brown Act meeting requirements by transforming a business proceeding into another personal attack free-for- all.  [You know, attending other county government meetings is like going to church after experiencing a typical SO GOSIP hi-jacking.]  As most of you realize, the Ralph M. Brown Act was basically created to keep decisions of a governing board transparent to the public as well as provide opportunities for public input and access to information, however, TUMMOTA continually pushed his incorrect belief that the SO GOSIP had the right to bring up topics having ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH OUR CSD BUSINESS MEETING.   

Naturally “yours truly” was the specific target for their coordinated barrage of insults and outrageous accusations, most framed around this website for having the audacity to post the truth about what this group has and will continue to do if unchecked.  This right to free speech was made perfectly clear by the CSD attorney in his response to the Grand Jury but the SO GOSIP MUST CONTROL EVERY POSSIBLE INFORMATION SOURCE.   I am an evil man?  Whoa, pretty heavy emotionally charged statement by Coralane Porter when it was her turn at bat.   Once again…..   KA-BOOM!    I think you will find the forthcoming analysis of Ms. Porter’s statements quite enlightening.   I find it curious that the SO GOSIP object to honest personal commentary on serious issues within this community by a director.  They complain that my opinion should not be allowed because I am an elected official, but what they clearly fail to realize or do not understand is that because of that position I have been rather mild in reporting what I believe about these folks.  I look forward to the day when I will be able to write more freely about their duplicitous and special interest advocacy.  


The meeting contained a number of negative comments about an employee who was not even present which in itself is very illustrative of the SO GOSIP’s sense of “fair play”.  Especially interesting is the fact these are the very same people who vigorously backed a director who was forced to resign in order to obtain a plea bargain with the District Attorney’s Office in a criminal case.  And related to that case was the allegation that this former director had encouraged the Interim General Manager to terminate this same employee who was “rat packed” at the last meeting.   Please “recall” that two sitting directors went out of their way to conceal the entire mess and not address misconduct of their “third vote” director.  Notice a pattern of behavior?  An enemy of my enemy is a friend?  Given enough time this group will tear themselves apart because they are unethical, pursuing third party business and personal agendas, and there is no honor among thieves. 


Another amazing and commonplace characteristic of the SO GOSIP is their ability to abruptly change positions – at one meeting they criticized and berated a particular employee implying all sorts of unethical and unprofessional conduct, then at the next meeting, spin 180 degrees around and clearly supported that same employee in an adversarial proceeding against another employee.   I guess it’s fortunate for me there is absolutely no ambiguity in their united opposition to any source of information they cannot control.  It’s always preferable to know where you stand – whether good, bad or indifferent and I know exactly where I stand, and have remained standing while the SO GOSIP desperately scamper about attempting to gain credibility.  But alas, their actions speak louder than their insults.  These folks have tried to shut this website down from the moment it began over 6 years ago because they do not want truth and facts to escape the dominating control they have always exercised in this area.   Consider the motivation – follow the money.  


The SO GOSIP thrive on turmoil and exploit every opportunity to facilitate the creation and continuation of such regardless of the contradictory nature of their previous actions.    They flip back and forth, refuse to support their position with fact, and will toss a wrench into the business machinery just to see what happens.  Doesn’t matter, right or wrong, just or unjust, logical or illogical – the primary mission is to perpetuate turmoil so they have something to complain about which simultaneously provides the opportunity to proclaim they have solutions – to the very problems they create.   Kind of like protection rackets where victim parties pay someone not to damage their property or an arsonist firefighter who is first on the scene.  These people are disingenuous.        


I usually arrive at the CSD early so as to prepare paperwork and stomach for the next “demonstration” by the SO GOSIP but on October 21st noticed a couple of peculiar things.  Driving to the office I observed TUMMOTA walking North along Merced Falls Road between the Deerwood Corporation sales office and the new fire station on the west side of the road.   I correctly assumed this well dressed individual was in route to the CSD meeting but as I parked my truck I noticed there were other vehicles in the parking lot which was also unusual.  Took a few final sips of my Mountain Dew, got out of the vehicle and started towards the board room and that’s when I almost made a “Spot” in the parking lot.


Because that is what a lot of them become on highways, roads, and parking lots.  (Technically they are Trap Door Spiders but when the Europeans settled here they were reminded of the true Tarantulas back home so the name stuck.)   Anyway walking around the rear of my truck I almost turned one of those timid little creatures into a spot with my boot.  I walked over to the board room entrance where Mr. Wes Barton was waiting and we proceeded to talk about the critters being so abundant during this season – always perfect for Halloween.   From that position I observed our future “TUMMOTA” playing around with the “future SPOT” with something dark in his hand.   (Actually it’s not very nice to screw with the little guys especially if they are forced to release the small hairs on their backside by thrashing and rubbing with their rear legs.  This defensive action works.   One of my dogs once made the mistake of “nosing around” an irritated “Tarantula” and got a snoot full of those hairs which work like mace by getting up into, and irritating, the nasal passages.  That poor dog was sneezing and drooling for quite a while before it wore off.  No doubt effective because she didn’t mess around with Tarantulas anymore.)

I didn’t think much of TUMMOTA playing around with “SPOT” but later learned the “tool” he was using to harass the critter was his wallet and while doing so a passing Staff Member on the way to the board room observed some sort of a gold badge in the wallet.  (Remember the tune to Dragnet?)  Why was the wallet open?  Was TUMMOTA making an arachnid arrest?  Or was it just one piece of an elaborate scheme to misrepresent that he was some type of authority?  Oh, but it gets better.

Later during a break from a Closed Session, I was sitting on the tailgate of my pickup when TUMMOTA walked by and stopped a few yards away.  Without any introduction or small talk he curtly asked when I came on the board.  I advised I was elected in November to a four year term and took the oath of office on December 3rd.  TUMMOTA then asked a couple of peculiar questions:   “Are you sure it was December 3rd?   Yes – pretty sure.  “Could it have been December 2nd?”  Don’t think so, pretty sure it was the 3rd.   TUMMOTA scribbled down some notes and walked away to join a couple of other members of the SO GOSIP in the parking lot.  Hum, strange.


Members of the SO GOSIP advised others that TUMMOTA was from the State Attorney General’s Office and there was AG interest in our special district.   I later learned a member of the SO GOSIP had allegedly relayed that TUMMOTA advised her that my website was illegal!  (Sure wish I knew about that little mistaken assertion before resuming the meeting, I would have had a lot more to say to our officious intermeddling self-appointed acting president of the board.  lol)  


There is so much to report about this incident but it will go much easier for both of us if it is done incrementally.  Besides, I’ve got other work to do.  Earlier this week I was pleased to learn burning was permitted between the hours of 7pm-8am with a permit.  [1-888-440-2876 for burn information]  Unbelievable how quickly Pine needles, cones, Oak leaves, etc., continue to accumulate – but hey, it’s that time of the year.  Such ground coverage on a steep slope is extremely dangerous because it’s slick and losing your footing and busting your tailbone is something to be avoided.  Such an injury is not only quite painful but takes a while to heal. 

I’ll spend hours getting all the stuff raked into piles – wait for a permissive burn day – and finally get rid of it just in time for the next wind to re-deposit the debris everywhere but it still makes sense to do it a piece at a time and give sore muscles a chance to heal.   This morning I noticed the strong odor of vegetative smoke and wondered….. was this recent rain enough to drop the time restrictions?  YUP.  Just found out – daytime burning is now allowed.   (Naturally other restrictions still apply).        


The other day out raking and piling in preparation for the next burn I was thinking about seeing TUMMOTA just walking down the road towards the CSD before the October 21st meeting.   Just walking down the street…..   Next thing you know that tune was in my head and I was putting together some new lyrics to the old Manfred Mann “Do Wah Diddy Diddy” song from 1964.  I think this might be a good place to stop for now.

(Previous youtube video removed)

There’s TUMMOTA just a walking down the street

Singing – Do wah diddy diddy DUMB diddy do

Interrupts a meeting tells directors what to do

Singing – Do wah diddy diddy DUMB diddy do

Officious look (Commands the scene) – Officious look (Commands the scene)

Officious look, commands the scene is he dressed for Halloween?


Now who’s that speaker who pretends to be A.G.?

Singing – Do wah diddy diddy DUMB diddy dee

Anony-mous and his name he will not tell

Singing do wah diddy diddy DUMB – What the hell?

A-nony-mous – (He won’t tell)   A-nony-mous – (He won’t tell)

A-nony-mous – he won’t tell – could be head’n off to jail?


Wah Ooooooo

 I knew he was wrong and way – way out

Yes I did but he kept going on

Just like he knew what he was talking about


Asked him twice but his name he can’t pronounce

Singing – Do wah diddy diddy DUMB diddy do

Seems to me just another ANY MOUSE

Singing – Do wah diddy diddy DUMB ditty do

Wants to hide – (No guts), Wants to hide – (No guts)

Wants to hide – no guts could this guy be frigg’n nuts?

Wah Ooooooo

 I knew he was wrong and way – way out

Yes I did but he kept going on

Just like he knew what he was talking about


Every meeting the SO GOSIP make a mess

Singing – do wah diddy diddy DUMB – can you guess?

They make a lot of statements but the truth they cannot tell

Singing – do wah diddy diddy DUMB – What’s the bail?

A power need – (Support greed) – A power need – (Support greed)

A power need – support greed, use your brain and you might see.


Singing – Do wah diddy diddy DUMB diddy DUMB

Yes you guessed it – this little song is done.  


Have a great weekend!

My best to you and yours, Lew

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