Yup, meeting all these folks at the 59×132 NEWSOM RECALL SHACK has been quite educational. Some of the material is vaguely recalled from long ago school assignments or documentaries, however, the extended additional facts from the base information is extremely interesting as is the “first exposure” stuff. (Have you been “RED PILLED” yet?)

YES! I know, must get to this website organization…but for now at least it is functioning, right? Anyway, thought you might be interested in this well known flag and the historical explanation behind it’s use. (Even with a statement in a letter by Benjamin Franklin) I’m sure you have seen the below image many times before to decorate or mark with the bold statement on various everyday items…. coffee cups, rifle slings, pistol grips, belt and purse buckles, leather underwear, jock, bra and thong straps, ….,, lol

Anyway, really interesting and probably just as you were rightly taught in school, by parents/guardians, VARIOUS OTHER EVERYDAY PATRIOTS (versus the Socialist LEft which have a tendency to pervert and misrepresent anything GOOD and beneficial to OUR COUNTRY and CITIZENS. Of course it is not perfect, but it is committed to constantly striving to do better, however, this insane impeachment of OUR PRESIDENT (whether you voted for him or not, DONALD TRUMP IS OUR PRESIDENT and deserving of an unobstructed opportunity to implement TRUMP policies, programs and orders – not Nancy Pelosi and her dancing left Demo-rats who just happen to live where?

COMMON SENSE HERE FOLKS…..TRUMP is doing exactly what he told America and the rest of the world he was going to do if elected:


And despite comments by political experts such as:


Donald Trump was elected.


Donald Trump was elected despite the CRIMINAL INTERFERENCE of not only his campaign but the 2016 election as well by the Socialist Left Democrats! Working with????? Quite diabolical yeah?

And what were these DEMO SWAMP RATS DOING? Wrongfully utilizing the awesome power and authority of OUR GOVERNMENT through it’s maze of interlinked departments, agencies, and officials all in a clearly focused effort to elect their Queen of CORRUPTION HILLARY RODHAM CLINTON as the next US president!

(Heck the CALIFORNIA DEPARTMENT OF MOTOR VEHICLES at time of license renewal changed my REPUBLICAN PARTY to DEMOCRAT! Had to use a “provisional” ballot! DMV also wrongfully takes money from many folks up here in Mariposa County by incorrectly charging a $22 smog fee because the DMV COMPUTER mistakenly believes our location is in STANISLAUS COUNTY. I’ve been arguing with them about this for years….started in 2013 when Governor Brown appointed a new DMV leader. Great job. Finally got $44 of the $88 they owed me. Then they had the audacity to send me a satisfaction survey but it was already filled out with the highest marks permissible! (Fortunately the transfer station didn’t require a stamp for filing that important document. lol)

(Dear Lord thank you for your many blessings – but especially the 2016 election and this absurd 2019 SOCIALIST LEFT DEMOCRAT impeachment of OUR PRESIDENT – as it clearly documents exactly what perverted version of America these traitors to our Constitution have envisioned for our betrayed legal US citizen population.)

These Democrats attempt to misrepresent even simple COMMON SENSE things like the below “easy to understand and appreciate” cautionary ICON. We must take our state and country back from these so called Democrats as there is no doubt, they themselves truly represent the clear and present danger to our United States of America and the FREEDOMS which we should enjoy.

“Lew has left the soapbox…….lol”

My best to you and yours, Lew

PS: ,,,,,,,34 signatures @ the 59×132 NEWSOM RECALL SHACK this weekend despite “on and off” heavy rain and high winds on Sunday (10). I’ll post some images later….maybe lol