NO WAIT! better yet….



Better right? “Do it myself” Echo Chamber Hall of Lew’s Almost Music Expression. Yeah, makes sense too. Let’s see now, TDIMECHOF.

Never mind. Reminds me of some strange AutoCAD file dealing with dimensions. lol (Still have that story to do. Lord knows I have a lot of images and video clips of that adventure in bringing back to life ACAD R11 386 DOS Extended Version on that old clone 386.)

Sometime…anyway, back to the previous posting already in progress. 3/3/20@1802

This might work better and clean up the opening menu, yeah? Though (as you are painfully aware with my penchant for repetition), the following “projects” are essentially incomplete due to the lack of time to address them as I would prefer. Such is life. No doubt each of you can think of things/activities you wish you had more time with which to be involved. The list is as long as what human imagination and desire could and would naturally conjure up I would imagine. Yet each with specifics that constantly twist, turn, and mutate into similar yet completely different ….

whoa! Sorry, I digress. Maybe I’ll come back later, but for now, suffice it to say, we all have things we’d rather be doing if time from our other responsibilities permitted. That’s all.

Everything happens as it should perhaps and this was the time in my life I would discover the enjoyment I receive with the creation of these LAME Projects. Yes indeed. Expression is extremely therapeutic but it is also challenging in the respect I am throwing these presentations out into the public stream of information (even though in a digital “message in bottle” aspect as this website is closed) but still hope folks understand the “almost music” and lyrics are coming from a good place.

OK, let’s throw those suckers in here yeah? (Or at least individually listed under this menu heading.)