I observed my first “Hillary for ” sign displayed in a central valley farmyard in late November of 2015.

Passing the sign in my truck I wasn’t sure at first what I had seen in the blur of red, white and blue or what it had actually advocated.  I did wonder however, who would publicly advertise their support for such a person to be president of the United States considering the ever increasing evidence that she does not tell the truth and likely jeopardized our country’s security with her intentional mishandling of secret information through her non-government private computer server.   (Recent national news reports now indicate Hillary’s server also included information with the designation SAP – Special Access Program – touted as the highest form of government top secret information.)

Continuing down the rural county road something bothered me about the sign – the word following “Hillary for” didn’t appear to be long enough for the traditional, and expected,  word “president” – but what the heck was it?

A U-turn, short back-track, and second look revealed the message.  I laughed, took a photograph, and returned home to look up the website.  Ultimately I ordered a few items (in addition to the yard sign) for my collection of humorous political advertisements.  Naturally, like with anything else in public demand, there was a bit of a wait in receiving the merchandise, but worth the time.

Hummm….  TIME.   Something Hillary probably should do.


My best to you and yours, Lew

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