Under the category of COMPUTERS, “unforgettable” would best describe mine.


You know how it goes up here in these foothills when it comes to the occasional power outage or fluctuation in current. A minor current fluctuation on Friday, July 27, 2012 was enough to trigger the computer’s surge protector and at the worst possible moment. A technician was remotely operating my computer and while transferring data from one location to another my system suddenly started to reboot. The oven, microwave and other electrical appliances that usually require resetting after such an event were unaffected.


[Anticipating the technician’s forthcoming comments, the computer owner; with eyes tightly closed in front of a blank computer screen; the open palms of his hands pressed tightly against his ears, is hunched over in the chair rocking in a fetal position slowly shaking his head side to side is softly repeating “no, no, no, no, no, ..….”]

Here’s something you never want to hear a computer technician say during such an incident: “Ah-ooo, that’s not good”, followed with a hesitant “you may have lost some data” and finally, the most terrifying inquiry of all – “when was your last complete backup?”

Needless to say, since Friday I have been throwing back up thumb drives and disks into the computer, reinstalling updates and even picked up some equipment that should have been purchased with the computer years ago: a convenient external hard drive and a surge protector with battery backup.

Fortunately, I take photos and video like I write…..way too much! Lol It’s not unusual to shoot many images in the attempt to get the “best one” and that’s fine, but the mistake I make is in keeping all the shots that were top contenders for the “best one”. Much of the data loss is a blessing in disguise. I tend to be a packrat and keep stuff with only a remote chance of it ever being utilized again.



Contrary to the rumor that candidates were not able to apply in Mariposa County due to some late paperwork from our District Office, Mariposa County Clerk Keith Williams assured me yesterday everything is ready for anyone interested in running for a position on the LDPCSD Board of Directors.


There is no doubt in my mind there are many people in this community that could be of great service to this district and their fellow neighbors. Folks who would just consider the facts and honestly make decisions based on what is best for our district and all ratepayers. Individuals with integrity who are not afraid to “do the right thing” despite pressure from the very same special interests which created many of our current lingering difficulties.


There are different versions of the following concept:

Stupidity is doing the same thing over and over again receiving consistently undesirable results yet continuing the process in hopes of a different outcome.

This November the voting members of this district will decide which candidates will represent their interests. Some voters may not be aware of the serious issues affecting this district and might either fail to vote, vote solely by name recognition, or even just rely on the advice of someone else. Some may fear hurting a friend or acquaintance’s feelings by not actively supporting them for the position which is understandable but extremely dangerous since friendships have no bearing on an individual’s ability or integrity in representing public interests.

Please do not waste your time (as I have) in believing there must be some governmental department, agency or office that will swoop in and correct obvious problems because that responsibility essentially falls on the voters by virtue of who they elect to represent them.

Imagine this example: the District’s legal representation, based on regulations, specific legal training and experience recommends the District paint a wooden barn with traditional bright red paint, but for some reason, three out of five directors on the board ignore that advice and decide to stucco the barn, install a tile roof, and then paint the entire thing Turquoise with yellow stripes and pink poke-a-dots. What are the voters to do?

Sure, a recall might work but that takes time, organization and of course money, but mean while, what other ludicrous decisions and district policies might be made or created that are not in the public’s best interests?

Unfortunately, it’s like the anti-“whatever” campaigns …. The best way to quit is to never start.

This district is finally heading in the right direction with an experienced water professional as IGM and it would be a crying shame to see it revert back to the traditional chaos of micro-managing special interest directors.

This is your Community Services District – get involved – be the change you desire!

My best to you and yours, Lew

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