Please check out the below site, but be warned, it is absolutely disgusting what top Democrat government officials have been up to for years! Thanks, Lew

EVERY AMERICAN CITIZEN SHOULD UNDERSTAND WHAT WAS ATTEMPTED AGAINST OUR CONSTITUTION AND COUNTRY BY “DEMOCRAT-LEFT DEEP STATE ACTIVISTS!” (Still dislike using the term Democrat because I know many GOOD AMERICAN DEMOCRATS, but that is, unfortunately, the party that has been so obviously, and horribly, misguided by those with a clear Anti-American agenda.)
(Remind you of our Lake Don Pedro CSD corruption and the false Water License 11395 PLACE OF USE information injected into local, state and federal data streams to intentionally pollute the information thus permitting a continued multi-decade criminal conspiracy to violate existing state water law, utilize public funds to do so, while simultaneously defrauding thousands of MR WECs of the subdivision by forcing them to subsidize a special benefit GROUNDWATER SUBSTITUTION PROGRAM for LAFCO ANNEXATIONS OUTSIDE THE PLACE OF USE UNDER THE WATER LICENSE?)
Clearly not all government employees are honest and they need to be removed as soon as possible and prosecuted for their misdeeds against American Citizens.
This is, all of this Deep State activist stuff of refusing to perform official duties for which elected, appointed, or paid, just plain sabotage (naturally there is also a greed element for the “movers and shakers of their program”) against Our Country’s System of Law and Order – in favor of socialist-left ideals which necessitate the redistribution of wealth by a repressive government. Who are the folks wearing masks to conceal their identities from law enforcement and who physically attack and harm others who disagree with their ANTI-AMERICAN SOCIALIST LEFT GOALS?

Just as Liz Wheeler so eloquently named her FANTASTIC SEGMENT ON OAN –
this is exactly where Our Beautiful America is right now.
We have been invaded for decades and have a large population that would sell out this country for the next FREE OFFER of WHATEVER! We, as American Citizens could lose everything, all the rights and privileges our diverse population has worked for, gained and deserve to maintain and enjoy.
ALL AMERICANS stand to lose whatever is most precious to them if such tyrannical and dictatorial activities by our government officials are permitted to continue without exposure and accountability.