John Anthony Castro?

Such typical leftist deception, but unfortunately, still successful even when the underlying ploy is foiled because it still takes much, time, money and energy away from other more pressing legitimate issues Our Country desperately needs to address. WE are clearly under attack domestically and internationally and once again need a strong President like Donald J. Trump. Not a criminally abused elder who is manipulated like a string puppet by dead-serious global adversaries of our USA. Check out the information and realize crap like this has been going on across the country for a long time. Just like in the public schools. Every community knows who such people are and what Anti-USA policies they are pushing on the rest of us. All part of “their” deceptive plan. Be sure to check out the section titled: Litigation against Trump (Can you imagine the legal paperwork generated in those targeted states? The taxpayers money? All part of the plan.)

Gosh, I sure miss the good ‘ol days when THE WHO was just an excellent rock band with thought provoking song lyrics*, not an insidious evil tentacle of the CCP’s (Chinese Communist Party’s) declared unrestricted (not having limits) warfare on the United States of America and her citizens. Main Stream Media “BLINDERS OFF!” Anything goes my friends. We have been betrayed at so many levels. Accurate and truthful information is at a premium.

My best to you and yours, Lew

* … “Won’t get fooled again”

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