LDPCSD BOD SPECIAL MEETING (minus Closed Session?)

Yup, a Special Meeting but the noticed CLOSED SESSION did not occur. According to “channel two speak” (director comments captured on the Open Meeting recording that evidently outed some confidential Closed Session information not on the agenda) Pete Kampa will apparently continue to be the LDPCSD GM/Treasurer until the middle of May. Strange, someone recently advised that Kampa had been (or was shortly to become) appointed full time General Manager and employee with full benefits in Groveland, CA where he had previously been acting as an interim contract GM. Perhaps he is just hanging onto the LDPCSD until his next position of exploitation?)

Must be a lot of “KAMPA” to go around yeah? How can someone be “full time” at one Special District, yet “part time” at various other special districts? Is this a new Special District Management technique advocated by the CALIFORNIA SPECIAL DISTRICTS ASSOCIATION (CSDA)? Multiple public agencies controlled by one individual/company – ONE STOP MANAGEMENT SERVICES? lol

I noticed the below announcement which might support an upcoming full time GM position …… looks like that community is being geared up for some expensive projects that someone like Pete Kampa will be more than happy to fund with government grants/loans if the agency has enough money to leverage such. Who knows? Maybe Groveland has its own layer of special interests that need to get over some restrictive hurdles that only someone like Pete Kampa could manage? I see that Kampa was the TUD (Tuolumne Utility District) GM back in 2007 and currently pushing GCSD to once again regain active membership in the Tuolumne Stanislaus Integrated Regional Water Management Authority, etc.

I sincerely wish Groveland customers the very best but would caution that they be very careful in voicing ANY support for something they might desire without any adequate thought or research on the ultimate, or even foreseeable, consequences. (I DON’T BELIEVE IT VERY PRUDENT TO LEAVE DETAILS TO THE DEVIL) No doubt Kampa has quite an inventory of consultants, engineers, contractors, etc., who are well experienced with enticing good intentions and projected beneficial outcomes for all. I just hope a “ROAD TO HELL” for another community will not be paved with endless KAMPAGANDA “up talk”, half truths, and intentional community deception for other, less than obvious, motives.


Anyway, the LDPCSD Special Meeting…..

My best to you and yours, Lew
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