The political pendulum is in motion

And will correct recent BAD HISTORY

And while traitors scoff at “a little red wave

They’ll be hit with an ALL AMERICAN TSUNAMI!

Certainly there are always exceptions to any rule (or suggestion). There are a number of DEMOCRAT POLITICIANS whose courageous stand against their own misdirected Democrat party speaks volumes as to their overriding honorable character and duty to America and her LEGAL CITIZENS. NEVER-the-LESS, ANYONE supporting this Anti-American policy of the DEMOCRATS should be removed from office as soon as possible in an attempt to limit the INTENTIONAL DAMAGE to OUR COUNTRY and LEGAL CITIZENS – along with the massive global distrust being generated due to this CRIMINALLY APPOINTED FAILURE of a treacherous president. This blanket statement certainly also applies to all the RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) who have also betrayed this country as posers of true American conservative values when they swim in the same SWAMP. Just wanted to clarify that there are always exceptions to every rule ….. or in this case, suggestion. Essentially, what I am advocating is dumping EVERY SINGLE ANTI-AMERICAN POLITICIAN REGARDLESS OF PARTY AFFILIATION. (Assuming of course this country will have open and honest elections again.)

My best to you and yours, Lew

Strange times, yeah?