[11/29/2019: and the errors! Good heavens, didn’t see/hear them until produced, uploaded and downloaded,…..oops, perhaps a REVISION C is in order? With photos and video clips? Maybe make it a regular “menu item” if you catch my drift.

Should be some major information breaking December 9th and for those of us who have been asking since the Obama Administration: “how is such corruption permitted to flourish in Our Country under the banner of one of the two major political parties?”

Sure, political parties are comprised of human beings, therefore both subject to the traditional failures of individuals, especially those with a weak or nonexistent conscience, sense of right and wrong, moral compass, whatever you choose to call basic respect for all people.

Laws and regulations are only suggestions to these folks. Often it is only the potential for a severe sentence (if caught) that is the motivating influence for law compliance, whereas most of us obey it because of the principles behind the law- such as truth, honor and justice and how foreseeable negative consequences more often than not develop as a result of violation (pssst – you know, the kind of thing they also teach in Sunday school?) and not just because you might have to do 6 months in an honor farm for stealing from someone’s garage, store, whatever. Hum, probably a major reason for the LEFT removing GOD from our traditional societal activities and institutions? You know? Creating generations of public educated kids who, without other supportive elements in their lives, could theoretically be taught a more lenient, less conscience guided life?

Complex subject, just seems like teachers have had a tremendous amount of extra work thrust upon them for picking up the slack for many students who apparently were not provided proper discipline and/or learned to respect the rights of others at home prior to entering the school environment.

Anyway, seems these lawmakers (many practicing lawyers, doctors, engineers, etc.) are also the top professional lawbreakers as well and continue such activities as though they were completely ignorant of the law, which of course they are not. Just dishonest. Like a butcher with his thumb on the scale while calculating the price for a customer’s roast. Geez, didn’t mean to start this now….just wanted to say the video has lots of mistakes that might someday get corrected,. or not. Hear that before? lol later.]


This is an incomplete update of an unfinished project. Sounds clear as mud yeah? lol There seems to never be enough time to start, much less complete these things. I figure if nothing else I’m creating a “place holder” for the idea instead of letting the whole thing evaporate like so many others. Actually, the original was a place holder for this revision. Just not enough time to do them the way I would prefer.

I watched every single minute of that Impeachment Hearing and frankly I believe Adam Schiff and his group are far more dangerous to our country than the people that are routinely arrested, prosecuted, and confined for various law violations. These are highly educated people who refuse to acknowledge they are simply projecting their own OBVIOUSLY CONFIRMED UNETHICAL (CRIMINAL) ACTIVITIES towards President Trump. In other words, they attempt to accuse PRESIDENT TRUMP of EXACTLY WHAT THEY HAVE BEEN DOING FOR THEIR OWN SELF SERVING ENRICHMENT and advancements against our great UNITED STATES of AMERICA. Yes indeed, I agree wholeheartedly, these people are TRAITORS TO OUR COUNTRY!

Imagine, our President (as I certainly would expect him to) was confirming exactly where and for what those billions in tax payer dollars were actually going as previously setup by the Obama/Clinton/Biden administration. Yes, quite disconcerting that so many top Democrats are essentially involved with exploiting mineral-rich dependent countries by dangling US Aid in front of leadership. Heck, Adam Schiff said that Congress would not expect the President to write something incriminating that would be clarifying evidence for impeachment?

WHAT? Why write?

He could ALWAYS do a short video like former VP Joe Biden did when he explained with ARROGANT BIAS how he utilized forthcoming US Aid for extortion purposes in halting an investigation of the Burisma energy company and his son’s highly suspicious and lucrative compensations for a non-experienced board position. But recognizing that BIDEN VIDEO FOR WHAT IS CLEARLY REPRESENTS is far beyond the desires of those involved.


Oh well, December 9th, 2019 US Attorney Barr’s report will make for some very interesting reading (and might as well figure on some of the information being withheld for “NATIONAL SECURITY”. Look where these TRAITORS HAVE BEEN WORKING FOR YEARS!

Anyway, watched that Democrat impeachment scam and kept wondering how many of them are actually involved with BIG foreign money/influence and are simply attempting to throw attention off their own betrayal and obvious dirty dealings which harm this country and her citizens. Yup, watched that entire SHIFTY ADAM SCHIFF EXCUSE FOR AN IMPEACHMENT INQUIRY — ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING! IF NOTHING ELSE EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THOSE POLITICIANS INVOLVED SHOULD BE PROSECUTED TO THE FULL EXTENT OF THE LAW AND IN ADDITION…….BE PERMANENTLY PROHIBITED FROM EVER HOLDING ANOTHER PUBLIC SERVICE POSITION! (Unless court ordered as part of a NEW correctional program for dirty politicians …..lol…..life sentence to unpaid full time supervised work to benefit the general public. Heck, they could even provide FREE TAX PREPARATION! Maybe DOG LICENSE PROCESSING (so long as canines were not subjected to any communicable disease!)


When we hear the names and see the photographs of those involved in this highly orchestrated illegal pursuit (aka LENGTHY CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY AND TREASON) to remove OUR LEGITIMATE PRESIDENT OF THE USA, we should appreciate they rank quite high on a public service scale with the likes of other warm and fuzzy folks like Adolph Hitler or Joseph Stalin.

A NORMALCY BIAS (believing and praying that things will generally work out for the best if simply left alone despite the clear and obvious signs of severe trouble) WILL DESTROY US AS INDIVIDUALLY PROTECTED CITIZENS UNDER OUR CONSTITUTION AND THUS OUR ENTIRE COUNTRY IF SUCH TREASONOUS ACTIVITY IS ALLOWED TO CONTINUE AND FLOURISH! I now understand many things that never made sense to me, simply because I could not imagine how corrupt our highest positions in government actually were. Look at the FBI, CIA, and other special INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES…..they have been working for the DEMOCRAT SOCIALIST LEFT for decades right under our noses! Look how far they have been able to push their EVIL AGAINST AMERICA AND HER CITIZENS IN 2019……even a common pick-pocket thief, burglar, or even a violent criminal has more discernible protective rights against wrongful activity than a sitting US PRESIDENT!

Unethical conduct IN A CONGRESSIONAL HEARING SHAM DESIGNED TO CONCEAL DEMOCRAT CORRUPTION and simultaneously attack OUR PRESIDENT TRUMP because he has the fortitude and courage to take on such a DANGEROUS SWAMP FULL OF TRAITORS TO AMERICA!

Once again I attempt to use a humorous angle with this “LAME [Lew’s “Almost Music” Expression] in a homemade POLITICAL CONDITIONING/HYPNOTISM EXPERIMENT THROUGH REPETITION. What? Lew Richardson repeat himself? What? Lew Richardson repeat himself? Unheard of. Simply unheard of. lol

This “revision” of “SWAT MOSQUITOES and EAT THE BABIES” seemed the most likely candidate to emphasize such duplicitous and dishonest conduct taking place in our US CONGRESS. Every single one of those pursuing this impeachment scam should at a minimum, be sent home for the rest of their lives – if not to prison! (Actually, I believe some might actually qualify for the Timothy McVey retirement/exit plan!)

This is the UNITED STATES of AMERICA not some third world nation completely devoid of truth, honor and integrity – but you’d never know it based on Shifty Schiff and his DEMO-RATS!

My best to you and yours, Lew

PS Maybe someday (after December 9th) I will be able to complete further “revisions” with a more positive and uplifting approach? Like our President says, “we’ll just have to wait and see”. God Bless you, your family, administration, the United States of America and all her legitimate citizens.