December 26th, 2019 2030hrs

LAME = Lew’s “Almost Music” Expression


You know, I still can’t believe I’m doing this (playing with a guitar, keyboard, harmonica, etc. and digital recorder) as if I know what I’m doing – because I don’t – I am not a musician but  enjoy experimenting with the equipment in the attempt to create “background filler” for the reading/viewing of posts or an actual little song now and then to assist in expressing perspective or opinion about whatever. 

Prior to this LAME Experiment I had to rely on whatever “canned music” came with the software for general use which was great at first but the same stuff over and over was boring (YES, I KNOW….JUST LIKE ME, OVER AND OVER…..) plus, being the work of someone else was not too exciting. Figured I would rather use my own “almost music” creations rather than the quality “real music” of another.

Most certainly there is some sort of cathartic aspect to this little jaunt into public displays of inadequate talent and skill because normally I WOULD HAVE NEVER PARTICIPATED in ANYTHING such as this due to the obvious potential/reality for sustained self embarrassment. But something happened one day and I am still unsure exactly what it was.  An immediate change in attitude with a corresponding lack of concern for what others may, or may not think about this partial solution to an escalating frustration.  Yes indeed, an escalating situational frustration because in all good conscience, after years of inquiry, I honestly believe this LDPCSD matter to be an intentional corruption of something once perceived as a brilliant concept for controlled positive development.  Enter the the California Special District in the form of a “Community Services District” or CSD.

Limited services, to a particular group of people, with a geographically defined boundary of service, with that limited service furnished for only the costs necessary in its production.

Wow, sounds good, however, the LAFCO creators of our CSD, through its own calculated activities 10 years prior to our district formation, effectively set into motion annexation activities that would actually prevent realization of every single designed characteristic  of  that Special District operation.

Yup, the LDPCSD was guaranteed an eventual miserable failure sometime in the future – just like the mouse that dizzily stumbles away thinking he successfully avoided the trap – only to take a perpetual nap within my clothes dryer – producing an exciting new dryer scent for clothing. Yuck.

BELOW LAME: I had heard that tune so many times – couldn’t get it out of my head, so I started making up my own words to fit my continuing opposition.  Why not a Christmas sounding advertisement?  lol Thus:
BELOW: Think I have this “GUS SONG” one somewhere else also????  Pretty straight forward- Give Us everything, you water and subdivision future in this drought prone area:


GUS (GIVE US SONG)  w/Lew’s Lunar Lounge Lot

BELOW: Audio experiment in deception following a typical morning after Jalapeno feast:
Ahhh yes, the DIGITAL KNOW NOTHING BAND!  I know these guys.  They are with me all the time. 
“I would say I couldn’t get rid of them, because I probably could, but they are often useful, so I keep them in the hood.”  (One of them just did that!  I swear!  Think it was Curt!)    lol

OK, enough canned stuff.  Time to attempt creation of my own “almost music” background filler and lyrics!