Thursday, while traveling south on Merced Falls Road just outside Merced Falls, I saw something I don’t recall ever noticing before – the Lake McSwain spillway flowing!

Yup, noticed something white on the horizon and took a short detour to discover  it was indeed whitewater.   Thought I’d grab some quick video of this beautiful sight after so many years of drought (of course it may not be so beautiful down river for those with flooding issues). Some of the scenery landscape along the river sure makes more sense when you consider what this area must have looked like before the two Exchequer Dams and the McSwain Dam interrupted the natural flow during extremely heavy flows.

My best to you and yours, Lew


PS: Starting on some of the highlights of the Monday, March 20th, 2017 LDPCSD Monthly Board meeting.  (Apparently other programs will still work with the backup process running in the background – just a little slower than it already is)

PETE KAMPA refusing to “straight up answer” a serious and legitimate question about the groundwater arsenic and whether it is removed with the treatment plant filters (recently “emergency repaired” for +/- $300,000) or diluted with pumped lake water (as previously stated was the process) is outrageous.  [What good are KAMPA & KOMPANYS “special benefit groundwater wells” during a drought if there is no lake water to dilute the groundwater arsenic level for safe consumption per health department standards?] 

There was no detailed research or investigation required to answer this simple question which has apparently received different answers depending upon who asked and when.

Why the evasive statements and/or refusals to answer?  The arsenic content of that “alternate source” groundwater production that PETE KAMPA & KOMPANY have been pushing since October 2014 (and later developed with substantial grant funds which could have been used to repair/replace our failing primary infrastructure) is a very important issue, as is, how that arsenic is ultimately removed.  Yup, very important to those of us who consume the only product of the LAKE DON PEDRO CSD, other than grief and frustration that is.   🙁


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