Learn something new every day. Had a Patriot stop by a couple of weeks ago who gave me a crash course on the above which I had observed but did not fully understand. Thought I’d pass on some of the education….. like with the “Don’t Tread On Me” flag – just interestingly reassuring in this current STATE of CALIFUSION sporting a Socialist/Left self serving agenda of Constitutional restrictions on Second Amendment Rights not to mention the attempts to completely abolish all gun rights.


I recently read that the below “quote” may not actually be attributed to Benjamin Franklin as written. (I originally pulled the quote off a site that advertised Ben nklin famous quotes – go figure….. “saw it on the internet….therefore it must be true yeah?” lol) Apparently some words were added to a base quote for clarification of meaning, but whether intentionally done to misled or merely extrapolated based on other information not presented is unknown. Still, seems like a reasonable statement and many other similar statements have been made by famous folks expressing the same concept.

Do I believe every American citizen should have a gun?

Absolutely not! Many should not even be driving a motor vehicle on public roadways! Like everything else in life…..comes down to individual responsibility. Frankly, when you examine the most precious offerings of our society for the future the next generation of citizens comes to mind, but what are they being taught in often Socialist/Left leaning educational organizations? Then it takes a lifetime to realize the truth with all those wasted years behind them learning left propaganda.

This is not only wrong but extremely dangerous which is another reason I believe the SOCIALIST/LEFT/DEMOCRAT impeachment of President Trump is a good thing…..a real life – down to earth example of what these ANTI-CONSTITUTIONAL THUGS truly represent:

their “new america” without the Constitutional guarantees to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The Constitution doesn’t simply provide all citizens these lofty goals….but rather the absolute right to an equal opportunity to achieve such through honest work, dedication, and equal protection under the law.

Does it work as designed all the time? Of course not. Look at the SOCIALIST, LEFT DEMOCRATS in the House of Representatives for the perfect example of America gone wrong. But that is exactly what “they” want to achieve their goals of a reorganization of the United States of America— but into what?

Sure wish they would identify a country in the world with as much freedom as the United States, not to mention our wonderfully diverse population that makes us that much stronger as a nation.

OH YEAH….numbers 500 and 501 on the NEWSOM RECALL DRIVE at the intersection of HWY59 x HWY132 were obtained by a NATURALIZED COUPLE! A couple who personally experienced oppression and violation of human rights in their prior home country. They know exactly what this country stands to lose if the Socialist Left Democrats are permitted to continue their transformation of America. Too bad every single citizen of this country could not spend some time in a third world state – not on vacation throwing their dollars around like crumbs to a hungry population but as an actual average citizen of that country so as to experience what it would be like not to have that BEAUTIFUL US CONSTITUTION as the guiding light to the freedoms we have enjoyed for over two centuries – and counting!

Yup. Many “born here” citizens have no concept of the extraordinary rights we possess here in the USA and why people from all over the world risk injury and death to come here and become a US citizen. (Naturally many come due to the BAIT by Socialist Left Democrats of free everything to encourage violation of our immigration laws and the bolstering of their voting supporters for “EVERYTHING FREE”.

These career politician traitors have perverted the whole concept of US CITIZENSHIP in their continuing effort to obtain their Anti-American goals. ALL OF THEM SHOULD BE REMOVED FROM ANY PUBLIC SERVICE PERMANENTLY! (No, not violently, but through the ballot box and laws designed to prohibit their further obstructionism within our great country. PROFESSIONAL POLITICIANS spending decades entrenched in bitter partisan politics? It was never intended to be such. Such “fixtures” in Washington DC need to be replaced with patriots upholding the backbone to this great country……..the US CONSTITUTION!

“Never trust a government that doesn’t trust

its own citizens with guns.”

Some Benjamin Franklin…… plus?