My Father was a United States Air Force Command Flight Instructor and believe he would want this important information passed on to US citizens, especially in this environment of anti-American activities.

Rather than trying to paraphrase this important information or clumsily attempting to cut and paste the targeted information about the terrorist attack in Florida with mixed results, figured I would just link to the site of the article the same way it was forwarded to me ….. naturally there are a lot of other embedded advertisements for “what-evers” around the article. Anyway, here’s the link to some pretty shocking information about flight training going on for foreigners.

(I still remember as a child all the beautifully designed color flags of other nations flying on poles around Castles round drive when first entering the base. A beautiful memory seeing those flags on a breezy day – at least the varying colors and designs as seen through a child’s eyes without an inkling of what they might actually represent.)