What the frack happened to our 1980 official water service boundary map when the Lake Don Pedro CSD was formed?

[Which is a California public agency by the way]


Published on Jan 13, 2017

Imagine if you will….., a community services district (CSD) that mysteriously loses its official water service boundary map shortly after district formation in August of 1980. Phew! That sure was a lucky turn of events considering where MERCED RIVER WATER was/is being served [and planned to be served] (which incidentally, also requires an expensive SPECIAL BENEFIT GROUNDWATER SUBSTITUTION PROGRAM financially supported by the 99% of legal river water users in the residential subdivision for which the water treatment plant was originally designed and constructed.) How can Merced River water be “Reserved” for properties clearly located OUTSIDE THE LEGAL PLACE OF USE under water license 11395 (held by the Merced Irrigation District) as illustrated on the LDPCSD website map? Did the Merced Irrigation District create those hatch-shaded areas of reserved future use around Lake McClure and Lake Don Pedro as the map LDPCSD GM PETE KAMPA posted on the LDPCSD website suggests? Or were those shaded areas added to the original MID map at some later time? (Like the added words to the approval for the transfer of facilities and assets by the California Public Utilities Commission to the newly formed LDPCSD? – Check out how that CPUC TRANSFER was intentionally changed in an attempt to COVER UP what the DISTRICT was doing with MERCED RIVER WATER from LAKE McCLURE.  Here is that link:  FABRICATED CPUC DOCUMENT )

   Fabricated public agency documents?

Shame shame shame.


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