Yup, disgusting. Your LDPCSD elected/appointed directors asking someone like PETER J KAMPA what they can discuss at their own board meeting. Pretty much says it all, yeah?

March 18, 2019 LDPCSD BOD


Director Emery Ross mentions raw water tank will be paid for in 2013.  So?

Public Comment:

Wes Barton.  Suggested someone call Angels Camp who is attempting to hire septic/water operators at $67,000 -$87,000. Won’t happen.

President Danny Johnson, excited about the possibility of more grant money.  Board needs to plan for the “what ifs?”.  Johnson commented on Ross’s observation that the prior loan would be paid off in five more years for the 1.7 million gallon raw water tank.

NOTE: That is the large tan water tank next to the replacement Administration Office required due to the original office being destroyed by arson in February 2012 during research into the OUTSIDE MERCED IRRIGATION DISTRICT PLACE OF USE WATER SERVICE AND THE CONTINUING SUBSIDIZED SPECIAL BENEFIT GROUNDWATER SUBSTITUTION PROGRAM FOR LAFCO (Local Agency Formation Commission) ANNEXATIONS INTO THE LDPCSD SERVICE AREA with many of them actually set up by our current GM/Treasurer PETER J KAMPA! Yes indeed. 

Peter Kampa set up over a thousand acres of LAFCO ANNEXATIONS between 1994-1997 when first starting his infamous water career here in the United States – as a rogue employee clearly operating outside the scope and performance of his job at the time.  Naturally, all additional costs (which are quite substantial) are PAID FOR BY THE 99% OF MR WECs (Merced River Water Entitled Customers) of the Lake Don Pedro Subdivision, who obviously, do not require GROUNDWATER SUBSTITUTION to maintain water license compliance with the State of California for all the Merced River Water that illegally leaves the residential subdivision for consumption outside the legal PLACE OF USE.  Cute little scam, yeah?  Back to President Danny Johnson…..

Johnson wondered if that (sitting director, and a commercial cattle rancher OUTSIDE THE MERCED IRRIGATION DISTRICT  POU who uses SUBSIDIZED GROUNDWATER SUBSTITUTION FOR HIS CATTLE RANCHING, Emery Ross’s comment of the loan finally being paid off in 2023)  would signal the time to take on more district debt for system repairs and replacement?  If the new grants come through, great, but the board should prepare for the unexpected.  Don’t want to be in the position of failing again (which GM/Treasurer Kampa had acknowledged a couple months back).  Johnson stated he was also excited to see the new engineer at the last meeting.   (But has ANYONE EXPLAINED TO HIM WHAT PETE KAMPA HAS BEEN DOING WITH THE WATER LICENSE ISSUE AND SPECIAL BENEFIT SERVICES TO LAFCO ANNEXATIONS HE SET UP 20 YEARS AGO?) Johnson said they (his comments) were just some thoughts for the “team”.

Director Russ Warren asked how to introduce discussion regarding fire and this insurance thing we got here? Johnson said the director should talk to Pete and set the matter up on the agenda for another meeting.   

I don’t like this merely repeating what is said but I’m in a time crunch. Ah heck! You should probably hear it from the horse’s….(be nice Lewie) mouth yourself.

Disgusting special interest non-MR WECs representation as usual.

My best to you and yours, Lew

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