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HWY 59 X HWY 132



Mariposa 11

Stanislaus 7

Merced 7

Calaveras 3

Tuolumne 3

Fresno 2

Tulare 1

Santa Clara 1

Total Nov24: 35 petition signatures!

GRAND TOTAL (3 days) 138

Good Sunday turnout, (thank you for the heads up on other sites – all in it together yeah?) We may not have the number of voters compared to more populated areas – but we live in these beautiful foothills, our opinions count the same, and good folks from all over the state pass through, sign and confirm (from their perspective) – serious damage has been done to our once great and proud state and the nonsense needs to stop. Time for COMMON SENSE by removing such arrogant politicians who can outright lie to constituents with impunity …ahhhh, ..blah, blah, blah, tired. Done. My best to you and yours, Lew

BELOW: Sunday sunrise over easy with a side order of crescent Moon.


SATURDAY, November 23rd, 2019


Guess what? WE (thank you again all signers who stopped!) broke the November 17th, 2019 1st RECALL SHACK total of 56 concerned California citizens! Yup, 57 today! LOL (YES! Of course they are all different people and not just a repeat do-over of last Sunday +1! lol) Great day on multiple fronts but not enough time to blah, blah, blah about it right now, suffice it to say this Newsom recall activity as been a blessing for me personally too. How else would a semi-hermit have met 103 nice folks who have similar believes about our California? Yup, a lot of good people in this big ‘ol world.


NOV 17, 2019:

MARIPOSA:         17 signatures


MERCED:             11

TUOLUMNE:       10

FRESNO:              4

MONTEREY:        1

TOTAL NOV 17TH: 56 signatures

NOV 23, 2019:








TOTAL NOV 23: 57

NOV17 & NOV 23 GRAND TOTAL: 103!

My best to you and yours, Lew……oh yeah, three photos of the Saturday set up…see you tomorrow? later!



FRIDAY, November 22, 2019



Woke this morning and realized

A major incorrect assumption

Because the DNC TRUMP works against

stands for


Seriously, think about it…..all this talk portraying PRESIDENT TRUMP as acting against the interests of OUR COUNTRY when he is simply making sure the CORRUPTION ORCHESTRATED UNDER THE OBAMA/BIDEN/ CLINTON ADMINISTRATION has truly been cleaned up before committing even further substantial taxpayer funds for security aid to countries practicing ANTI-AMERICAN activities.

Sounds reasonable to me, but please consider that this massive corruption was clearly facilitated and maintained through duplicitous employees, operatives, and agents of the DNC. What could be worse one might ask? Simply, such corruption has also been intentionally ignored, condoned, and covered up by the very DEMOCRATS pushing this baseless and politically motivated impeachment of the ONLY PRESIDENT TO ACTIVELY – and effectively DRAIN THE SWAMP of such dangerous Anti-American actors.

The double standard that has been practiced by the Democrats in this sham of an “inquiry” regarding Equal Protection under the US Constitution, is more than enough evidence as to their lack of credibility and interest in doing what is best for our country.

A Vice President of the USA working to protect a lucrative deal for his wayward son in a European country with an admitted history of severe corruption utilizing the power, authority and resources of the United States of America? Hypocritical? Organized criminal activities on an international level?

Rather like the CALIFORNIA SPECIAL DISTRICT SCAM here in Lake Don Pedro where a 20 year CALIFORNIA SPECIAL DISTRICT ASSOCIATION Board Director and previous rogue LDPCSD employee (Pete Kampa), violated every single characteristic of a SPECIAL DISTRICT (limited service, defined customer base, designated service area and service provided for only the cost necessary to produce the service) to unethically expand a subsidized groundwater substitution program circumventing explicit Place of Use restrictions in water license 11395 to provide service to the LAFCO ANNEXATIONS he wrongfully set up 20 years earlier when beginning his infamous water career. He moves on, legal customers are left with the price tag of a decades long criminal conspiracy to violate state water law. Oh yeah, and DEEP STATE ACTIVISTS AT THE STATE WATER BOARD ASSIST IN CONCEALING THE ENTIRE CRIME! All with taxpayer money and resources. The State Water Board even advertises that the Merced River (leaving Yosemite National Park) is located up north near Sacramento! How much confidence does that instill? And our state Attorney General? Also connected to the Washington DC missing DNC server concealed from investigating officials!

While President Trump continues to work on national-international issues of corruption orchestrated by the DNC, as citizen taxpayers of this state we need to do our part in cleaning up California……RECALL GAVIN NEWSOM! Hope to see you this weekend at the “FLASHING RED LIGHT RECALL SHACK!”

My best to you and yours, Lew

! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

11/21/2019/1931/ Perhaps both Hunter and his former VP President Father somehow knew he (Hunter) was going to need substantial cash in the future for one reason or another due to his apparent poor life decision skills? His Father seems to have publicly gone quite some distance out on a limb when bragging on a video how he was able to thwart an investigation into Burisma by holding back US aid to Ukraine until the criminal prosecutor was fired. Naturally impeachment democrats believe that was just President Obama’s Vice President Joe Biden who was also a father simply protecting and securing his wayward son’s future financial security utilizing US taxpayer resources and authority. Completely different than President Trump doing what he was elected to do: DRAIN THE SWAMP! You know, Democrats keep harping about President Trump’s actions but to be quite honest, I personally would have been disappointed if he just gave away hundreds of millions….billions….to a traditionally corrupt country – especially when that corruption is linked to the Obama Administration and VP Biden. Did I understand correctly that the misrepresented “whistle blower” who orchestrated all this is actually an intelligence operative from that previous SWAMP ADMINISTRATION? Did any of you (who also watched all of that nonsense) come to the same conclusion that many of these Democrat witnesses had already been tagged as “leakers” and spies and slowly placed in “containment” so the President’s AMERICA FIRST POLICY could be implemented for success? Naturally others were simultaneously permitted to scamper about continuing their DEEP STATE SUBVERSION so as to identify other anti-USA agents working against OUR PRESIDENT’S POLICIES AND WAY OF CONDUCTING GOVERNMENT BUSINESS. Yup a bunch of DEEP STATE ACTIVIST HOLDOVERS continuing their unwarranted attack on President Trump since day one all claiming to be more knowledgeable than our President and his Administration. Strange how these holdovers never saw anything wrong with Burisma/Biden/Obama/Clinton, etc!

Catch a burglar inside cracked safe

Who claims it is ALL YOUR FAULT

For having something others want

But then locking it in a vault! lol


Why do the Democrats keep calling a DEEP STATE DEMOCRAT ACTIVIST (who was subverting the will of an elected US President) a whistle blower when he was technically no such thing? Why are they refusing to have this individual who is apparently a former Obama/Biden intelligence officer, and involved with a number of suspicious Democrat activities including Burisma/Biden, just testify in an open hearing so all citizens (regardless of party) could see for themselves the individual’s testimony and evaluate it for credibility so as to finally understand the actual beginnings and ultimate goal of this so called “impeachment proceeding”?

Think I might have some space allocation problems.

Trying to rearrange things…. probably need to dump those old crappy videos of the Merced River leaving Yosemite National Park down to Lake McClure. I downloaded those years ago before using YOUTUBE links, so they might represent a decent amount of “reclaimed” area for other blah, blah, blah and such. lol Heck. I don’t know. later, Lew 1330hrs, 11212019