NOTE: I haven’t researched the whole thing yet, but apparently the quote I referenced to Ben Franklin regarding questioning a government that doesn’t trust it’s citizens with guns, maybe inaccurate. Evidently there are a number of similar quotes attributed to such famous people that are not technically exact words, therefore not “quotes”. Whether intentionally taken out of context or extrapolations based on additional references not specifically listed, who knows? (Must be true— saw it on the internet! lol)

Disinformation is a horrible thing due to its rippling effect – a lot of wasted energy. Kind of like these FAKE NEWSOM RECALL SITES….everything sounds good (is that an effect of “echo chamber targeting”? lol), but when you look at the legal requirements for a legitimate recall petition in this state one must ask, how can such misrepresentations be permitted to remain?

OOPs! Forget that the Socialist/Left/Democrats have a tight reign on public communication thanks to heavy support and cooperation from the entertainment, news, and technology industries. Certainly there are conservative interests operating also, but for what ever reasons, up to now not nearly effective enough in draining the swamp of characters dedicated to undermining our Constitutional Freedoms. Fortunately things are indeed changing for the best. True, there maybe some snags along the way but I truly believe the course is correct and the average American citizen has taken notice as to what hideous version of America these Socialist/Left Democrats are pushing. Ignore what they say but look at what they do which is in clear contradiction of the Constitution.

Their country? One where anonymous complainants can secretly testify against adversaries, attempt to destroy lives, yet the victims do not have the right to face such dishonest politically motivated operatives in an unbiased public court to prove innocence?

These people have attempted to remove President Trump since day one – because they never imagined it was possible Donald Trump could win. Never considered the possibility. Arrogant with the self confidence that all their duplicitous groundwork cheating and disinformation would pay off. Suddenly, they were dumbfounded with the realization they had deluded themselves with their own confidence thus immediately ramped up the violation of law, dirty tricks, scams and “wrong side of the Constitution” operations which, to everybody’s loss, they have perfected through the decades.

The solution was simple for this Anti-American group (especially since so many of their supporters have heads so far up their own asses they need windows in bellybuttons just to see where they are going!…lol)

Since they couldn’t legally impeach the President according to US Constitutional requirements, these arrogant lowlife Socialist/Left/Democrats simply designed their own “make up” requirements for a nonconforming impeachment and the Constitution be damned!

Yes I think this Socialist/Left/Democrat group of power hungry traitors have done this country and its GROWING MASS OF PATRIOTIC CITIZENS a big favor through their real life demonstrations of what the UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION actually means in their pursuit to destroy OUR COUNTRY while exploiting positions of public trust to their financial and political benefit. Constitution and US citizen be damned thus far but I think they have a rude awakening headed their way in the 2020 election.