Recent 59 x 132 NEWSOM RECALL SHACK images

Saturday-Sunday December 7th & 8th, 2019…..

57 more signatures!

total: 242 great folks stopping by and signing. California thanks you!

Yeah, yeah, yeah…..a lunchtime number for a city RECALL BOOTH….lol But it’s the concept that counts…. the opinions of rural residents, as well as those of folks passing through these beautiful foothills, count just the same as an opinion from a big city. (Assuming one vote per individual right? …

Rain on and off but many of the same comments from those who stopped to sign……saw another place at so and so, but when I returned later the “booth/table” etc., was gone! Hoping consistency here at 59×132 will pay off on the weekends to come. Make a day trip with some friends up to the foothills and stop by to sign! California will not get better without your help. Wishing “someone” would do something is a waste of time – sign the petition and cause the needed change to our beloved California – she needs our help now more than ever.

I was wondering…..would any of you folks ESPECIALLY THOSE WHO HAVE ALREADY SIGNED…. be interested in a short video clip of your perspective to be shared here on You know, a short comment to other Californians explaining why you believe Sacramento needs a political overhaul starting with Governor Newsom? OK, <cheerleader segment concluded for now…..but think about it…..could be helpful and fun! > later!

Predawn set up