As Scots speakers would sound, but a good question though: Should Old Acquaintance be forgot?


Open meeting at 1303hrs, Pledge of Allegiance, establish quorum: Vice President Bill Kinsella, Directors Emery Ross, Mark Skoien, Victor Afanasiev and Lew Richardson present as well as Interim General Manager Dan Tynan and Board Secretary Charise Reeves.


Thank you, anyway, my name is Donna Morasci I just happen to run into something online and was furious, ah, so I thought I’d better attend one of these meetings. I’d like to get it straight right off the bat about my, whether I have a friendship with Emery Ross or not, which I don’t, I’ve met him twice.

[NOTE: A May 3rd, 2011 email by Director Emery Ross entitled: “Poe- investigation and interview results” was sent to all directors with the first sentence reading: “After reading the Poe information in the Board packet, the following clarifications need to be made” The email then contradicts previous statements made by Director Ross at the January 18th, 2011 Board meeting when he initially presented the “Poe meter matter” to the board with assistance from Director Skoien and former Director Vicki Keefe. In the second bullet point Ross states: “I have known Donna Morasci for years, and well know who her friends are.”]

Once he did ah, ah a write-up on my Bison Ranch, a couple of yea– year and a half ago, ah after that, ah he had an ad in the paper which didn’t have his name on it but I called it for “hay for sale”. Picked up a couple of bales of hay from him. He had a ah cow down with “milk fever” he was going to let her die and I um, I said if you have XY and Z she’ll stand up, so I’ll get her straightened out for you. They happened to have it, I hit her in the vein, the cow end of the line, survived, ah but anyway what I’m on fire about is that I’m, I’m hearing, I know now that it was represented that Emery Ross with Mrs. Poe for years have been misrepresenting anything that I may do in regards to a property that I had on HWY 132 and ahm, I bought that property in 1986 , for, close to 43 acres ahm, after being there a time or two realized it was lower than I wanted to be, I wanted to be really in the snow line. Ahm, bought a ranch, a bigger ranch 120 acre ranch up above Coulterville and I just kept this ranch for a savings account if you will ahm or to decide what I was going to do with it later.

My neighbor Mrs. Poe was going to ah, she owned the place and they were living in a mo – in a travel trailer I believe up there and they were putting in a ah double wide, they had already bought it. She wanted to know if I wanted to go in on water with her and I told her no. I bought another ranch I’m going to be developing that ranch, that’s where I’m going to live not down here. And ah, she ended up making application, which I never made an application for water on my property there, ever, ahm she made an application I presume and went ahead and had it drilled across the road. There’s been a lot of chitty chat about this. Ah drilled it across the road. She called me again asked me if I’d, after she had drilled it, if I wanted to ahm go in on halves and put water on my place and I told her no, I had bought a larger ranch and I bought it right after I bought this place and ahm, so anyway ah, she says well it will make your property value worth more and I said no, I just, I’ve got to spend a lot of money I built a house up there I’ve developed that ranch I put a lot of money into it and so there’s no way.

Bottom line the last time she called me ah, was after she had drilled it across the road and she told me she goes, well they’ve drilled it across the road here’s what it is, if you want to go in on it now you’d pay half of that and I said I don’t. I appreciate your offer but I have no intentions on doing that and so that was it. I have heard nothing but BS on this whole subject I’m so furious.

VP Kinsella: From the who?

Donna Morasci: This whole subject

VP Kinsella: Oh, OK

Donna Morasci: Since 1991 there’s been a lot of that chitty chat around in here about it bad mouthing my good name Donna Morasci Martin and just recently and, and Ross is one of the big ones batting it around –

Director Emery Ross: I don’t have, I’m not on the internet you’re talking about Lew – I have nothing to do with the internet

VP Kinsella: Wait, wait, let her finish

(multiple voices, cross talk)

Donna Morasci: Hey you know what? Hey listen Ross, you know, I’m already hot so just let me say what I got to say

Director Ross: with me

Donna Morasci: but, but here’s the thing, you know you’re representing like you knew that was an agreement between her and I, and I didn’t even – I have no idea who you were until a couple of years ago

Director Emery Ross: Lew made the presentation, I had nothing to do with that

Director Richardson: I beg your pardon

Director Emery Ross: You made a presentation up there on the board

VP Kinsella: OK,

Director Richardson: Whoa, whoa, whoa, OK, excuse me for a second, you brought the Poe meter issue up in January, you brought it up then and you said that this woman here owed Mrs. Poe money

Director Ross: Poe says that yeah, she put in (inaudible)

Director Richardson: No you said that –

Director Ross: Poe said that and I

Director Richardson: Ahhh, here we go again

(multiple voices, inaudible)

[NOTE: The following verbatim transcript regarded Item I: Customer Request to Remove Meters from Property on the January 18th, 2011 Regular Board Meeting Agenda. Mrs. Poe was not in attendance and the matter was presented by then President Emery Ross, Vice President Mark Skoien with a map of the disputed area furnished by a former director. It should be noted that a number of clearly incorrect (or suspicious) statements were made during this presentation and have been highlighted. The letters Ross referred to were never furnished to Directors Kinsella and Richardson nor were they provided to the CSD office until AFTER the January meeting.

[January 18th, 2011 Meeting]

President Ross: Next item is Mrs. Poe I think, isn’t it? (Inaudible) Mrs. Poe, went down and looked at her property and talked to her (mumbling and cross talk), ahum, she’s got three meters on her 41 acres, we’ve got a map from ah Director Keefe, she has one continuous lot, she’s surrounded by BLM. Next to her is the Martin property and ah, you know, she wants, she can’t afford these three meters she doesn’t want to discontinue her water service but she just wants to have one meter because now that it’s $47 she can’t afford it. Her husband has medical problems and pays $900 a month I think it is, or six, for medicine and she just can’t afford it. The meters are in the names of her two sons, I got the, I’ve got proo – letters from the sons saying – hey take the meters out, however, there is an original bill where she purchased the meters herself, and ahh, so we really didn’t need the letters from the sons but we do have that, we have the original billing and ah it’s one parcel surrounded by BLM and no other parcel. The map is in there, she doesn’t want to get out of the district she just wants to be let, she wants to keep her water but not have two meters that don’t do anything. Ah Vice President Skoien you have a comment?

Vice President Skoien:  Yeah, it was, it was basically a family plan that went wrong their plan was, her two sons would ah (background talking)

President Ross: Guys back there, we’re up here – someone’s talking.

Vice President Skoien: … would ahh put houses on this property in her perfect world way back and it hasn’t worked out that way her sons are married with kids in the big city and you know they love to visit but they don’t want to live here (laughs). And she’s been paying for it all along even though they never put the other houses on that property there are two extra meters besides her meter and she’s always paid, but it’s, they’re not going to ever do any other houses.

President Ross:  It, it, it almost doesn’t need to come to the board I think. I talked to Dan about it

Vice President Skoien: Yeah

President Ross: …you know, you just take the two meters out unless it needs to be a board decision, she doesn’t need three meters they’re all on her property and, you know, we can take them out right?

Vice President Skoien: Just find out which one goes to her house….

President Ross:  The key here is that she does not, she’s not going to pay any kind of availability or anything like that for this one lot, when we take these meters out they’re just on one lot.

Vice President Skoien: Also point out that, the letter to you from Syndie, (CSD Billing/Customer Service Representative) this is not the way it is, where it says there are two adjoining properties that have different owners one of them who share a meter box with Mrs. Poe that’s not the way it is.

President Ross: That’s not true.

Vice President Skoien: There’s a meter box on the other side of her driveway for another piece of property….

President Ross: That belongs to Martin.

Interim Manager Dan Tynan: Yeah, once I talked to Emery I realized….

Vice President Skoien: Yeah, so this is, this is, I don’t know where she got this info but it’s not the way it is.

Dan Tynan: Pull the meters and…(inaudible)

Skoien: Yeah, it’s…

President Ross: Well, I guess just for clarity we’ll say, the board will make a motion that we ah, I’ll entertain a motion from the board to pull two meters that belong to her but her sons pay for in Palmdale, she will not be on the availability roles for those meters because it’s one lot.

Vice President Skoien: Yeah

President Ross: OK, that’s a motion.

Vice President Skoien: I second it.

President Ross: Do I have a second?

Vice President Skoien: I’ll second it.

President Ross: We got a comment out here a minute ago, go ahead Wes. (Laughter)

Former President Wes Barton: I may have people mistaken here, but it seems like two years ago, ah,

President Ross: Aha-huh….

Wes Barton: …… I know the board, the board (Ross…yeah….) … issued a new hookup letter of some sort…

President Ross (interrupting): That’s correct….that’s the lady that lives next door….

Wes Barton: ..… so I think that should also be looked at…

President Ross (interrupting): I don’t think so – let me tell you what that’s about

Wes Barton: … terms of ….

President Ross (continuing interruption): ….let me tell you what that’s about….Mrs. Poe way back in the year zero, drilled a hole underneath 132 and brought it up to her property, Betsy, what is that lady’s name?

Betsy Ross (President’s wife): Um, Donna Morasci …

President Ross: Morasci,

Betsy Ross: …(softly) Martin

President Ross: ……said I’ll pay, I’ll give you half, OK? This is what the board decided what you and I are going to be talking about, and Wes and those guys said when Morasci hooks up she’s got to pay Poe, that’s what we agreed to we honored the former board’s decision, so she owes her for that pipe coming underneath the road and I think it’s something like maybe six grand and they made her put in a fire hydrant too, so before Morasci can ever hookup we’ll probably be dead and no one will ever remember this but she owes this lady who is about to sell her house and leave probably

Vice President Skoien:  But this doesn’t affect that (inaudible)

President Ross: Has nothing to do with it, has nothing to do with this issue.

Wes Barton: Has nothing to do with the two meters?

President Ross: Nothing

Vice President Skoien: No, that’s the other…(inaudible)

Wes Barton: (inaudible)…put those two meter back in someday….(cut off by Vice President Skoien)

Vice President Skoien: Well no, the meter that is on the other side of the driveway of the lady who was supposed to pay for the boring of the highway it’s there, it’s just not hooked up

(Cross talk)

Vice President Skoien: …. it’s a private…..

Wes Barton: … let you guys know, just remembered in the back of my head, if I can find (inaudible)

President Ross: (inaudible) … got all these letters and the guys sent letters agreeing and all that stuff, OK, go ahead.

Chuck Rebert (ratepayer): Yeah, if that woman bought the meters, she owns the meters, so you can’t take the meters unless you buy them (inaudible) meters or else just lock them down or pull them up or (inaudible) …

President Ross: Chuck thank you for bringing up a can of worms, thank you for bringing up a can of worms.

Vice President Skoien: You’re right technically but she doesn’t care about the meters. She doesn’t want to pay that availability – the standby (cross talk).

(Much background talk)

President Ross: Wait a minute, hold it, hold it, hold it…

Vice President Skoien: …… leave them on her front porch, she don’t care

(President Ross gavels audience)

Chuck Rebert: ..I mean the meters have value if you take the meters, you know, you can sell them to somebody else and….

(Multiple voices-inaudible)

President Ross: You know, you know, you know Chuck what my solution for this is? (Inaudible) I briefly talked to Syndie about this. We’ve always said when I bought my meter, bought my meter right? They say you want 5/8s or 3 quarters? You know, one is more than the other, I’ll take the cheapie one I’ll buy that one. And we’re always say we’re buying meters. Ron Hunt said buying meters but I think what you’re really doing is connecting, it’s a fee to connect to the system I don’t think you’re really buying a meter … because…

Chuck Rebert: Well I’ve got a gentleman sitting behind me that was charged $3,000 three times for the same meter it’s ridiculous, so anyway, this feeds into this…

(Cross talk-multiple voices)

President Ross: Really big issue, I was going to try and just dodge that bullet and bring it back another time, because you know, people, the board is going to have to wrestle with that issue of do you own that meter or not, I don’t, I don’t think you do but, but, but we’ve got to clarify that, other board members may think they do, I don’t know.

Chuck Rebert: OK, I, I left you guys something specifically to that issue of ownership of meters, so you can put that, I brought it today so we could put it on the agenda some other time but it speaks…

President Ross: I believe that Mrs. Poe is OK with if we take- remove the meters just so long as she doesn’t have to pay the ….

Chuck Rebert: Yeah that’s fine with her…that’s fine with her…

President Ross: But you know the problem is, if you say you’ve got the meter, right, and then we leave and back in the meter goes, that’s a problem I think it’s a connection fee really although it’s been called something different, you know, Kal (Kalvin Gile) were you going to say something?

Chuck Rebert: Part of that too is…

President Ross: Kal – were you going to say something?

Chuck Rebert: … you know, charge to connect up to the water I mean there are some places they charge you $30,000 ….

President Ross: I know, I know, I know….

Chuck Rebert: ……and should not be here ever, anyway…

President Ross: Do you have any comment? Mr. Tynan?

Interim General Manager: Oh, I agree with you, it’s not like owning the meter because if somebody doesn’t pay their bill for I believe it’s three months, six months, we pull their meter – then there’s no other way of shutting them off you know, or them just going out and just turning back on the water. If they haven’t paid their bill in six months our only option is to pull their meter so they are paying for the water, I don’t know how else…

President Ross: Mrs, Mrs Poe is OK with the meters being gone OK because I asked her specifically the question just as long as she doesn’t have to pay the money so, ahh, did we, so now we’re completely sidetracked did we have a motion on the floor and a second or not?

Charise Reeves: Yes you did, you had, I don’t have it word for word cuz you read it too quickly…

President Ross: (inaudible)

Charise Reeves: ….. I’ll go back to the tape and listen but I believe it was pull the two meters and not put them on availability because the meters were on one property or something to that effect…

President Ross: (inaudible) (multiple voices in background).

Director Skoien: it never subdivided

Charise Reeves: …. I’ll get it word for word based on what you said in the tape and it was a first by you and a second by Skoien.

Director Kinsella: Subdivided?

President Ross: OK, any more comments out here? (Multiple voices) OK, back, back to the board, all in favor of this motion?

Vice President Skoien: It was just planning ahead for a family plan that went wrong.

President Ross: Director Skoien did your hand go up or down?

Vice President Skoien: Oh… I’m…

President Ross: OK, he’s good.

(Unanimous vote to remove meters based on information presented by President Emery Ross, Vice President Mark Skoien and a map by Director Vicki Keefe. In April Directors Richardson and Kinsella requested a revisit to this issue based on new information which contradicted statements by Ross and Skoien. The requests were denied by Ross, Skoien and Keefe.)

Back to the December 19th, 2011 Meeting where Donna Morasci contradicts statements by Ross and Skoien.]

VP Kinsella: OK, it’s not going to get any better

Donna Morasci: …. I had no contract whatever with Mrs. Poe in writing or verbal. I had no application put in here for water on that ranch with you guys, OK? I had no agreement with the ah the guy that was doing the excavating – zero. OK? If, if there’s anything that I do, I’m involved in all of my projects and I would have been in on that – I wouldn’t have put the line coming across right there by her place I would have had it come more closer to mine I mean in the center but it’s a moot point because I had, it wasn’t my thing, she was hoping if I paid half – ‘cuz she was going to live there anyway, she was paying the whole thing no matter what but if I paid half how wonderful.

VP Kinsella: yeah

Donna Morasci: and I don’t blame her for trying, I don’t blame her for trying. What I do blame is there was a lot of fraud that’s happened here and cover up and Ross is involved I think in both of them.

Director Ross: I haven’t done anything

Donna Morasci: …and let me tell you why, because my, my name and my property was added to the Poe’s bill to have three meters up there, three boxes, whatever, for one APN and you can’t do it from what I understand.

Director Ross: You can

Donna Morasci: OK? Now to make it, to make it where Mrs. Poe could, she went ahead and added a son and ah, Pattison or something, Hank Pattison, ah to my APN, I’m the only one on that since when do you guys go ahead and put something in my, my property, my APN and then you’re sending the bill out of town to one of her sons, this is the fraud right here, this is the fraud.

VP Kinsella: That was a question, that was a question that we had.

Donna Morasci: And, and ah, hey my numbers in the book for a good 18 years around here, it’s ah, as far as finding (inaudible) it’s you know, if you pulled the local book it’s right there. Ahm, Mrs. Shaw was another one that had fraud committed against her. They went ahead, I don’t know Mrs. Shaw, Ramona Shaw, but they went ahead and put her other son John Terry – she’s been married a bunch of times, who knows, she’s got three or four different names, I don’t care about that. The point is it was fraud on both Mrs. Shaw and myself. And then a cover up because when I started to sell this property I had called the water district here and I remembered from years ago that when I, when I was even just chitty chatt’n about this at all, that if you paid for whatever coming in, a pro-rata that there’s a possibility you could have a meter. I called here and somebody said and I’m looking for my notes, it was a few years ago, I will find my notes, but I talked to somebody and they said well, we have a Martin, Martin is a married name I’ve been married one time Martin. Morasci is my real name when I was born. Ah if you’re confused, but anyway, ah, I called here one time and I’m looking for these notes right now and I will find them. I talked to somebody and she goes well we have a Martin and it might have been Pattison and I said no-no I own the property by myself and ah, and then she called me back sometime, and she goes no, you don’t have a meter on that, there’s no – and you’d have to go in and make application and go through all of this stuff to get one. Because I was going to sell it and I wanted to know what, what could I represent to somebody? Is there community water possible or drill a well? You know, I told him hey, drill a well, the guy that bought it from me I said you may be able to I don’t know, but you can drill a well, you know.

VP Kinsella: Who was that person?

Donna Morasci: What’s that?

VP Kinsella: Who was that person who bought it from you?

Donna Morasci: Michael Schwartz

Director Skoien: He’s sitting there

(multiple voices- discussing difference between Schartz and Schwartz)

Director Ross: It’s on, it’s on the agenda, it’s on the agenda

VP Kinsella: Scharts or Schwarts?

Director Ross: Schartz, it’s on the agenda, it’s the same guy.

(Multiple pronunciations of the name)

VP Kinsella: Oh OK

Director Ross: It’s on the agenda Bill

Donna Morasci: It’s Schwartz that’s what he told me

Director Ross: It’s on the agenda, it’s an agenda item

VP Kinsella: Yeah, OK

Donna Morasci: Anyway, he ah, well, the problem that I’m having is that there was, there was fraud committed by this district, by the water district, and a cover up. And, and then, because that allowed my property to possibly be in, in a problem with ah, I don’t know if you guys do a foreclosure I know a lot of water companies do, if you’re Bay Area, you don’t pay your water bill could be one hundred bucks they, they’ll take your property. It’s like property taxes, and ah, so there seems to be a lot fraud and a lot of BS which I’m not happy with. I wanted to get it straight in here and I, and it’s been bantered around – oh she won’t pay her bill, you know, well you know what? I didn’t have a damn bill to start with.

Director Ross: Never did

Donna Morasci: And I’ll tell you what no one has a, I’ve made no agreement with anybody. Yes sir?

Director Mark Skoien: Well I just, talking about the bill, I, no doubt something was, we’ve all talked about it, got done funny in that office somewhere on the APNs and all that, ah, but there was, we have, I don’t happen to have it with me here today but there was a bill that was separated for yeah, it was written up back, I don’t know why they did it – now let me finish, and it even mentioned that they’ll be no meter attached to the Morasci property it was for the tunneling and they had it split, the bills are in there.

Director Richardson: But why would her name be on it if she didn’t have a contract?

VP Kinsella: Yeah

Donna Morasci: I didn’t have (multiple voices, inaudible, cross talk)

Director Skoien: We never have figured that out but the bills were in there

Donna Morasci: ….because it’s a bunch of BS, I want it straight, it’s a bunch of BS

Director Skoien: (interrupting) I have no doubt if it’s done

(Major cross talk)

Donna Morasci: I don’t want my good name mixed

Director Skoien: in that office (inaudible-multiple voices) funky like we’ve always said…

Donna Morasci: illegal crap that’s being done in here, and, and some of your directors, you know, I mean talk about Grand Jury, there needs to be another Grand Jury investigation into this and trust me there will be, they’ll probably be a law suit involved in it.

Director Skoien: Well this was done way before any of us were here (laughing) you know

Donna Morasci: It doesn’t matter

Director Skoien: No, I know it doesn’t, it was done by this CSD

Donna Morasci: But it’s still a top, it’s still a major topic. Does Mr. Schwartz deserve water over there? Yes, he does, why not? He does. Look at all the bullshit fraud that’s happened between here and there, and we’re, you’re still talking about this and I think there was a meeting in 1991, get, move on from this, but what you’ve got to do, I don’t, we’re not going to probably move on too quick because of the fraud and the know, know it all cover up. There’s cover up in here and let me tell you why, because when I called in and when they pulled those meters, they pulled them so I wouldn’t find out. And when the first word that the girl said in her mouth was right, oh you, there is a, you already have a meter on there. Well I know it can’t be because I don’t. But I did, there was a meter in my name which I didn’t know about and there was a meter in Mrs. Shaw name she didn’t know about it. It’s not right, it’s not right, and it’s not fair and I want a public apology, at least for bantering my name around when who knows who was setting out here in the audience and thinks when they meet me think, oh my God (inaudible) I don’t want to be friends with her, she’s, she’s some bad gal.

Director Skoien: Well, I, I, I think I agree with you, I think something funny years ago went on in there with all these EPN, APNs and, and, and because you didn’t have a meter, we, we’ve kicked it around we still haven’t figured it out, but I don’t think Mrs. Poe even had anything to do with it. She just wanted the meters.

Donna Morasci: Oh you’ve got to be kidding?

(Multiple voices, cross talk)

Donna Morasci: …Mrs. Poe….and, and her son’s names just immaculate, all of a sudden, they’re on with my APN which you could only have one meter on, and then Mrs. Shaw, which is I guess another bordering property, on….come on!

Director Skoien: She is, I don’t think she, (inaudible) they got registered that way in here I think. That’s just what I think.

Donna Morasci: Isn’t that interesting that those are both of her sons going to two different directions, just, two different addresses, my address is on the APN,

Director Skoien: right

Donna Morasci: I’ll answer to either one of those names, my address is on that APN did you guys send me a letter and say hey, we’re going to be doing this, ahh, I understand you, you’ve got a piece of property you want a meter on? Hell no.

Director Skoien: I don’t know what was sent way back then, who knows?

Director Richardson: I, I, I thin, you know, again it’s all supposition because this happened quite a while ago, but what it appears as though, the Poe’s sons placed two meters on Mrs. Poe’s property but so it would look alright on our books, your APN number was assigned to one of them and Mrs. Ramona Shaw’s APN number was assigned to the other.

Donna Morasci: And it’s fraud

Director Richardson: yeah, I think that would be fraud.

Donna Morasci: And all the, all the bad batting around in here about my name

Director Richardson: You’re right, that’s wrong, that’s wrong.

Donna Morasci: It’s libel, it’s libel, it’s slander, and it’s not right.

Director Richardson: Well

Donna Morasci: You know, I didn’t get, I didn’t pay attention to anything, of course I don’t you know, I didn’t think twice about anything going on down here, you know, but ah, these, let me tell you where the cover up comes in, when you guys wanted to pull them out because I was going to find out – that’s where the cover up comes in – Ross knew about it,

Director Ross: I didn’t know about it (laughing)

Donna Morasci: He went to school with Mrs. Poe

Director Ross: (laughing) I didn’t go to school with her

(multiple voices)

Donna Morasci: that’s why he stood up in here in the Minutes, I’ve read a few things

Director Ross: it wasn’t me

Donna Morasci: I’ve read a few things Ross, and ah

Director Skoien: The lady came here and just asked to have them removed

Director Ross: She did

(Multiple voices)

Director Richardson: No, no, no, no she did not come here to ask, Emery came here and asked

Director Skoien: Oh

Director Ross: She, she called me

Director Richardson: When I, and I asked you that and you never gave me an answer of why she was not representing her own interests rather than a, somebody on the board?

Donna Morasci: That’s a high point of interest in my opinion

Director Ross: She gave it to a board member and I wrote a report. And all this stuff happened like in 1960 and I not even here.

Donna Morasci: No it didn’t

Multiple voices, cross talk, inaudible

Director Ross: Well these meters were put in a long time ago

Multiple voices – cross talk- no, no

Director Ross: I wasn’t on this board, I had nothing to do with it

VP Kinsella: Have you contacted the district attorney?

Donna Morasci: I’m going to, and, and the DA is going to be involved, the I’m going to do civil law suits as well

VP Kinsella: You may want to confirm that the statute of limitations has, has

Donna Morasci: I just found out, it starts when you find out.

Unknown voice: absolutely

VP Kinsella: Well, sometimes, sometimes that’s correct and sometimes it’s not, (multiple voices, inaudible)

Donna Morasci: (inaudible) I know a little bit about the law – I’m correct

VP Kinsella:  I’m not
trying to you know BS you I’m just telling you that if the district attorney
says the statute of limitations runs out the only other alternative you have
would be civil law

Donna Morasci:  Well, I, I you know the DA, I you know, they need to investigate what’s going on if you guys are doing that, someone’s got to keep a tighter handle and double
check and make sure, is this that person’s APN or are they putting it on
someone else’s property?

(Multiple voices)

Director Skoien: That’s what should have been done in that, that’s what should have been
done in the office years ago.

Director Ross:  Years and years ago.

VP Kinsella:  OK, Charise has a….

Charise Reeves:  I just want to say going from this point, Syndie does get a copy of a grant deed, I can’t speak to what happened back in the 90s, but I know now she gets the grant deed that goes in the file you know. None of us were here

VP Kinsella:  We, we, when this thing first came up we had concerns as to why your name was hooked up with a, a one of the Poe children

Donna Morasci:  and had I known I would have been in here a long time ago, had I known in 91 I would have had my little self right here, but I didn’t know any of this stuff was going on.

Director Skoien:  But you had a bill separated with

Donna Morasci:  But not generated by me!

Director Skoien:  No, but,

Donna Morasci:  I  understand that somebody penned my name in

Director Skoien: that’s what you’re saying I don’t know (cross talk)

Donna Morasci:  I can pencil your name in…. you want a bill? (laughter)

Director Skoien:  No, I’m just saying they brought it as part of this agenda item we were doing and it was split and billed to you and (multiple voices)

Director Richardson:  No

Director Skoien: (inaudible)…billed meter going to Morasci

VP Kinsella:  The bill went to Poes with Mrs. Morasci name on it

Director Richardson:  No the bills went to Mrs. Poe’s sons Hank Pattison and John Terry

Director Ross:  Right

Donna Morasci:  Using  my, using my property

Director Richardson: Well using your APN so on the books everything looked right

Donna Morasci:  And that’s still using my property

Director Richardson: Yes it’s a fraudulent use of your APN true, and I, I can see what you’re saying that if, if somebody had reneged on a contract or something
theoretically it could have, something could have been a lien could have been
put on your property, and you wouldn’t even know about it.

Donna Morasci:  Yeah if they didn’t pay their water (inaudible)

Director Richardson: Right

Director Skoien:  I don’t know who handles all the APNs and assigns them and who did that way back when

Donna Morasci: You guys

Director Skoien: obviously you didn’t want it done

Donna Morasci:  I didn’t want it done or I would have been here in black and white

VP Kinsella:  Ms. Morasci, I can, I can promise you that any inquiry by the district attorney or any other (inaudible) agency ah, we’ll cooperate with them right down the
line.  This is not good for you, it’s not good for anybody and if fraud has been committed I want to get rid of it, I want to

Donna Morasci:  Fraud has been committed what else could you call it

Director Ross:  Years and years, and years (iniaudible)

Donna Morasci: Somebody had to stop and think how are we going to get these other two
meters in ah, in, in in my name?  Who’s going to benefit from this?  Mrs.
Poe!  Period.  Dot. Dash.  Mrs. Poe!  The Poes. It’s their sons.

Director Afanasiev: Mam, which county do you live in Mariposa or Tuolumne?

Director Ross: Mariposa

VP Kinsella:  This is Mariposa

Donna Morasci: Mariposa, well no, that property is on both Mariposa and Tuolumne

Multiple voices

Donna Morasci:  Which property, the property we’re talking about, where I live is Mariposa.

Director Afanasiev:  I mean the property we’re talking about

Donna Morasci:  The property we’re talking about is there’s a little bit, is, is Tuolumne and the other part is Mariposa, the bulk of it is Mariposa County.

Director Afanasiev: Ok, can I make a suggestion and talk to DA Segrestrum in Sonora?

Donna Morasci:  Sure, yeah.  Well you know what, the DA is one thing, civil is the main thing probably, in my mind, and what you know as far as the, hey, someone needs to check out what’s going on here’s where I think the cover up is – you guys know those meters were in all these people’s different names and instead of, did you call, did I get a notice or a note saying hey we want to hear from you?  Did Ramona Shaw get one?  No.  And Ross is trying, has tried to cover it up.

Director Ross:  I haven’t covered it up (inaudible)

Donna Morasci:  But I want it on, I want it on the record he doesn’t know my friends and I’m not, I’ve seen him twice and you know what?  And I don’t, you know, I don’t want to deal, I don’t want to deal with him, and I didn’t like him when I first met him.

Director Ross:  Well that’s nice

VP Kinsella:  OK, ahm, then, you will contact the District Attorney in both counties?

Donna Morasci:  Well I’ll contact some, I’m already in a process

VP Kinsella:  Well either or

Cross talk

Donna Morasci:  I don’t know if it’s DA, well yeah, maybe I will they might

VP Kinsella:  Well if they

Donna Morasci:  You’ll find out

VP Kinsella:  If it was perpetrated in both counties then both counties should be contacted and then let them work it out as to who the lead county is going to be

Donna Morasci: Technically (multiple voices) I think those members are probably right
on Tuolumne ah County

VP Kinsella: The, the, the

Director Richardson:  Ah, kind of in a weird position here but, in, in light of your, your statement of your public reputation and stuff I have written blogs on the internet about
things that transpire in here

Donna Morasci:  That’s what I picked up

Director Richardson: I thought that might been, I thought that might have been it

Donna Morasci:  That’s where I had a heart attack

Director Richardson: I want to assure you I’d like to get together with you and you give me
the factual information and I will certainly write a blog explaining the whole
situation, what really happened.

Donna Morasci:  Thank you, I appreciate that.  All right.

VP Kinsella:  Thank you.  Any other comments from the audience?  OK, I’ll introduce

Wes Barton:  Maybe you wish it was me instead huh?

VP Kinsella:  Huh?

Laughter – multiple voices

VP Kinsella:  You got all the attention this time (laughter)

Donna Morasci:  Well I appreciate your time really

Multiple voices

VP Kinsella:  Oh you’re, you’re welcome

Wes Barton:  It had nothing to do with you

Donna Morasci:  Well that’s OK


VP Kinsella:  Ms Morasci….

Donna Morasci:  I need a good laugh

VP Kinsella:  Lew will, you’ll get in touch with her?

Director Richardson: Sure

Vp Kinsella:  Lew will get in touch with you and he’ll get his portion straighten out, and then we’ll work with the district attorney or any other agency that ah makes an inquiry on

Donna Morasci:  OK

VP Kinsella:  But it has to be a legitimate agency though

Director Skoien:  Yeah

Donna Morasci:  Well we only did, of course I guess you know, I don’t know that kind of crud is an irritation too, of course it would be a legitimate, get real, you know?

Director Afanasiev:  Well you’d be surprised (multiple voices – inaudible)

Donna Morasci: The illegitimacy is setting in this room

VP Kinsella:  Whoa (laughter) there are

Donna Morasci:  I’m serious you make accusations about people that are not true and you know and how many people have attended these meetings a bunch and my name has been
dragging around in here, it’s not right.

VP Kinsella:  OK, thank you

Sally Punte:  Is this the first you heard of this?

Donna Morasci:  Yes

VP Kinsella:  OK, any, any other comments?

Donna Morasci:  They talked about it in October, they talked about it (inaudible)

VP Kinsella:  OK, the next item is the presiding officer’s report, since I’m the presiding officer, there ain’t no report (laughs) The next item is Board reorganization, we need a
president and/or vice president.  So,

Director Afanasiev: You mean president and vice president not or?

Charise Reeves:  Yes

VP Kinsella:  Well if somebody else is named president

Director Skoien:  You’re still the vice president

VP Kinsella:  I could still be vice president

Director Afanasiev: No, no if you’re not nominated, according to the (inaudible, multiple
voices, cross talk, laughter)

Director Skoien:  Yeah cuz he’s just acting, he is the vice president

VP Kinsella:  OK, we will, OK let’s open it up, and it’s nomination for board president.

[NOTE: I don’t know about you folks, but that’s enough for me right now.  We’ll pick up the next blog during the nomination process, until then, HAPPY NEW YEAR’S DAY!]

My best to you and yours, Lew

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