I was curious as to how that contract PETE KAMPA negotiated between the McCloud CSD as its General Manager and the Nestle corporation, which wanted to purchase 200 million gallons of local water for bottling,  turned out a few years back.  NOTE:   Pete Kampa worked for the McCloud CSD for 7 years. Read the short paragraph below and note the method of operation – quick board action without sufficient investigation and research. Many assumed a discussion would be had, questions fielded, and the community would then work together to assess options. They thought they were there to hear about a proposal. But after Kampa and Palais did their PowerPoints, the crowd was dumbfounded when the gavel struck and Dragseth and the other four board members voted unanimously to sign the contract right then and there. The deal was done. Very familiar as to how PETE KAMPA’s management contract was approved at last Firday’s Oct 3, 2014 LDPCSD meeting. No real discussion of options or alternatives.  Just DIRECTOR EMERY ROSS micromanaging again and calling his old friend and former co-worker PETE KAMPA, and secretly relaying that the Lake Don Pedro Community Services District General Manager’s position was open – even though the information was confidential/privileged for directors only. WITHOUT ANY PUBLIC NOTICE OR ADVERTISING OF THE GM OPENING, KAMPA had a FIRST STRIKE management proposal and CONTRACT READY FOR SIGNING at the meeting only two days later. Three directors signed it, one voted no, the other walked out “sick to his stomach” with the typical non-transparent governmental action and favoritism typical of DIRECTOR EMERY ROSS. Yes, my stomach feels better thank you. No research into Mr. Kampa’s previous employment took place regarding our LDPCSD or other locations like McCloud CSD or Tuolumne Utilities District (where his employment was terminated).  There was no opportunity to question KAMPA about the circumstances of his prior resignation from our LDPCSD or the complaints from customers shortly before he left.  No chance to ask about his expanding the District’s SOI (Sphere of Influence) through Mariposa County even though such service outside the legal Place of Use under License 11395 is clearly prohibited. Anyway, seems our new LDPCSD manager PETE KAMPA, has a history of such behind the scene behavior up in Siskiyou County as well.   Unfortunately, I now believe KAMPA was definitely working with ROSS on his CLOSED RECRUITMENT FOR CRONIES CRAP, but of course that is just my opinion. READ MORE ABOUT THIS:    Stop NESTLE WATERS   My best to you and yours, Lew