Due to some configuration difficulties which made computer access very slow, the website program had to be reinstalled last week.  No biggie.  Retyped two of the blogs.  Although not very exciting, I placed a link to Friday’s 1/2 Moon just to see if a video clip test would play properly – which it did.  That was good news. 


The incorrect billing for the Waste Water Facility for the last several years represents a lot of water that some called “water loss” while blamming the CSD for failing to respond to leaks in a timely manner.   I’m sorry, but I don’t believe it a coincidence that some of those doing the loudest complaining were in actuality receiving a benefit from the under billing because their homes are located in the special benefit sewer zone around the golf course.  

Does this situation sound familiar?  I mean, particular individuals [and/or businesses] complaining about something perceived as wrong or unfair to them, attributing the cause to something or somebody else as a distraction from their own participation in receiving, or attempting to receive, a hidden benefit?   

[“The lady doth protest too much, methinks.” Hamlet]

Unfortunately, I do not believe for a nano-second this will be the final example of such  preferential water deals that all ratepayers have unknowingly covered financially for years.   


Do you know our CSD was supposed to assume the responsibilities of the original waste water facility back in the 1980’s but due to equipment problems with that system it never occurred?    When that facility was finally replaced with the one further down on Ranchito Drive near the golf course, it was still understood that our CSD would manage that facility, but once again, due to system difficulties that did not happen.  In April of this year the Mariposa County Board of Supervisors approved $111,000 (and change) for replacement of motors, pumps and other equipment at the waste water facility.   Was such equipment replacement normal for a facility only five years old?  



During the campaign of “lost water” (as the major problem facing CSD) many residents questioned the regular observance of tanker trucks in the area along with the possibility of large amounts of water being surreptitiously shipped out of Don Pedro for some reason.   Of course nothing could have been further from the truth because water was not being transported out, but rather, LEACHATE was being transported in from the Mariposa County landfill for processing at the Don Pedro waste water plant.  [Could that program have anything to do with the plant’s expensive equipment replacement?]


Anyway, I do not know if the county still plans for our CSD to assume management of the waste water facility (sewer plant).   Seems to me supplying safe and affordable drinking water for this community is the most important issue but only time will tell.    

This is such a beautiful area with great potential.  Maybe everything will be taken over by another entity?  Water, sewer, and other services our CSD can legally provide?   Who knows?  Who cares?  Do you?

My best to you and yours, Lew

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