Nova Rockafeller and Tom MacDonald

What can I say? The beat? Music? Lyrics? Humor? Logic? Presentation? Perhaps the utter “IN YOUR FACE” DEFIANCE? Guess all of it is attractive to one extent or another especially now with what has happened to America as a result of this LEFTIST-DEMO-RAT infestation in our Nation at every conceivable level.

Sure explains the needless headaches from pounding my head against the wall with the absolutely illegal deception that has corrupted our “Community Services District” here in Lake Don Pedro for decades. The truth is simply buried and ignored – replaced with “feel good platitudes of working for the community good”. HA! These little Leftist Demo-Rat Socialist acting directors are only parroting their heroes at the higher levels of absolute betrayal and incompetence to legal American citizens. They couldn’t be bothered with researching the water issue themselves for the truth? Hired a former traitor (to legal customers in 2014) to finish setting up a subsidized special benefit water service for County LAFCOs (Local Agency Formation Commission) annexations (that incidentally violated that commissions own 1976 operating regulations) by including much property (some proposed subdivisions) that was CLEARLY OUTSIDE THE LEGAL PLACE OF USE FOR MERCED RIVER WATER (origin YOSEMITE NATIONAL PARK) per the STATE WATER LICENSE – into the water district which only increases the extremely expensive GROUNDWATER SUBSTITUTION DEMAND in a drought prone region. Called a clue my friends. Then the public records of those annexations are closed by Mariposa County? Whoa.

Whether on the local level, Sacramento or Washington DC – all across America a rude awakening is headed for these WOK imposters of “good community leaders”.

I can’t rap, but here’s my own lyric:

Why follow liars, cheats and frauds?

Their ethics and morals are anti-God?

Lie, cheat, steal with impunity

While emphasizing their service to community

(Just like the current appointed president – nothing but garbage to achieve their LEFTIST GOALS.)

Dang it! Hate it when I think of those scoundrels!


Although the below songs have nothing to do with Lake Don Pedro and our history of local corruption per se, – the outwardly expressed defiance is exhilarating and encouraging. Yup, defiance was the hook for me on this particular rap. lol Both Nova and Tom are very talented whether one cares for rap or not. OK……ladies first………

The following Tom MacDonald lyric (below title: PEOPLE SO STUPID) has been bouncing inside my grey matter since I first heard it……probably because it is succinct and powerful in pointing out a gigantic contradiction. There are a lot of such observations in this presentation.

“Let’s talk about abortion, sorry, tell me how this works – bacteria is life on Mars but a heart beat isn’t life on earth? Weird.”