Feb. 19 2018 update


(after treatment plant for distribution)

39%     JANUARY 2018

43%    DECEMBER 2017

33%    NOVEMBER 2017

UNKNOWN RAW WATER LOSS lately (not reported)



I thought this issue a worthy subject for a sub menu so I will start placing information about our District’s water loss related material on this page so it will be easier to reference.  (Rather than searching through old posts.)

During the last meeting (January, 18th, 2017) the WATER LOSS topic was discussed.  As Wes Barton has pointed out on a number of occasions, since PETE KAMPA took charge of our LDPCSD, WATER LOSS between Lake McClure and the treatment plant (raw water without treatment) has virtually been completely ignored – despite the fact we pay electric bills to pump it out of the lake and transport it through an 18″ diameter pipe to the treatment plant – at least it was intended to go to the treatment plant.   (I believe Kampa has previously stated the state was only interested in TREATED WATER LOSS and not RAW WATER LOSS. )However, in all fairness, that statement may have been made regarding a particular department dealing with water for human consumption, because surely some department or agency in the State of California would be interested in “lost water” or “water theft” from a public agency even if that public agency refused for almost 40 years to remedy the situation.)

What reports have been produced (sporadically – almost like someone is hiding something, eh?) only represent the WATER LOSS between the treatment plant and distribution system, ie, metered & billed paying customers, miscellaneous leaks, and as I questioned last meeting, potential theft that may have been continuing since the treatment plant first became operational.

Who knows if, or how many, “unknown connections” have been serving a portion of OUR EXTREMELY LARGE WATER LOSS THAT HAS REGULARLY OCCURRED FOR ALMOST 40 YEARS?

Here’s something else rather strange.  There have been two occasions during meetings (that I am aware of) where the district has reluctantly admitted (during apparent STATE MANDATED UPGRADE construction projects) that large diameter water piping (18″) has been discovered and the DISTRICT (INCLUDING THE ENGINEER) HAD NO IDEA WHERE IT IS GOING OR WHAT THE PURPOSE OF IT MIGHT HAVE BEEN.   Or is?????   Unbelievable.

You know, I have studied google earth maps of this area for a while now where it is quite obvious that the water in particular “ponds” appears to be an off color to those that appear naturally fed (often dry up or are greatly reduced in size during Summer).  The water appears more light green, sometimes yellowish, and I have been told that may be an indication of the presence of chlorine in the water (treated water from the plant) that feeds the water body.  I am no expert but would venture to guess there could be other reasons for particular ponds being a different color as well, but still worth investigation to rule out undocumented water deliveries.  But who knows when you cannot get straight answers from your own CSD?   (Yes, I did notice this phenomenon in regards to the cattle ranching director’s stock pond that mysteriously appeared during a Summer.  <link to old page> MYSTERIOUS POND


OK, let’s continue this WATER LOSS sub menu with another HIGHLY SUSPICIOUS POST whose link somehow mysteriously became unstable (within the last couple of months) ie, – where viewers could not see this information.  Just discovered this one with the new software!  Cool huh? 

Only the first video link was corrupted but I included the other two for continuity of the report on that massive leak.

May 30th, 2016: