WHO exploited countless human beings?

Like pawns in a global life/death game?

Figured I’d save your sensitive ears today

And post with a short non-LAME


Who sent the world poor invitations?

Opened American borders wide?

Who denies responsibility?

With failures justified with lies?


Who can barely even walk?

Or make a coherent speech?

Who leads the party of endless wars?

Feeding on our nation like fat leach?


Who abandons our true allies?

Even our own dedicated troops?

Who blames everything on Donald J Trump?

Who is oblivious to truth?


WHO is exploiting all these human beings?

It’s ironic but a painful truth

Biden doesn’t have the slightest clue

Because he’s a victim too


Spokesperson for an organization

Stripping humans of dignity

But there’s poor Joe banging his drum

Supporting a treasonous DNC


Just like US legal citizens

“Ice cream Joe” merely fodder too

Just a non-Lame opinion

But as always, my best to you.

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