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THURSDAY, August 6th, 2020/1121hrs

Here’s an interesting article on Governor Newsom and his “do as I say, not as I do” hypocrisy.

Monday, August 3rd, 2020/1015hrs

Sorry, but I do not believe for a nanosecond that the police officer(s) charged with Mr. Floyd’s death truly intended to kill the man for allegedly attempting to pass a counterfeit twenty dollar bill.

True in the eyes of the law, at least for charging and conviction, it doesn’t matter whether the death was considered an intentional act (possibly supported with other evidence such as prior statements of the intent to kill or spontaneous exclamations of such intent during the actual arrest) or a legally “implied” intent, ie, actions which go far beyond approved methods in affecting arrests where the intent can be IMPLIED because of the foreseeable consequences of the wrongful or negligent act which resulted in the death. (Handcuffing someone to an empty pool drain when the pool is being filled because without constant monitoring (and rescue) the person will surely drown if not removed from the situation in which the officer placed the arrestee. “Ooops! With all the excitement I just plain forgot where I was temporarily holding the arrestee” will not work as a defense since the activity leading to the death was foreseeable and outrageous with a clear disregard for the subject’s safety.)

Honestly, I was quite shocked at the number of high ranking politicians and law enforcement personnel that were throwing the word murder around so causally prior to any investigation being completed. The language of law is extremely specific. Again, the intent to kill may be IMPLIED due to extreme negligence or lack of normal concern for another human being displayed during or after arrest, but if that is the case it should also be clearly stated as such by others….”the officer’s actions were so egregious and shocking to the conscience the specific intent normally required of a crime has been implied and the charge of murder is appropriate.” Stating an officer was just a cold blooded murderer is hardly the same thing.


Choke holds have been illegal in the State of California for decades due to the fact they have a greater potential for being lethal if used improperly (true regarding a lot of things yeah?) whereas proper use of the carotid restraint has prevented an untold number of unnecessary injuries to those resisting arrest and has likely saved many lives. Seriously, intoxicated people are often belligerent and aggressive due to the intoxication and unwanted contact with law enforcement and often behave in ways they otherwise would never even imagine. They are not in control and will do things clearly not in their best interests at the time.

Rather than rolling on the ground trading punches, or using mace and a baton on the intoxicated citizen, a quick disruption of the blood supply to the brain permits the time necessary to get the cuffs on without serious collateral damage to either the arrestee or officer. The arrestee wakes up with cuffs on – usually after doing the “chicken” (dance – uncontrolled spastic like muscle movement resulting from a lack of oxygen) asking “what happened”? (Yes I have experienced the “chicken” as a volunteer while training in POST (Peace Officer Standards and Training course), you signal the person applying the hold with a slap on the leg to stop when you first notice the symptoms brought on by a lack of oxygen….but sometimes that warning slap is too late.) lol in this limited example.

Yup, only takes a matter of seconds for a well performed carotid restraint to incapacitate a violent individual (or naive student) without serious injury (baring some temporary petite hemorrhaging around the eyes and/or a deprivation of oxygen headache). HOWEVER, if in the excitement of the fight (or improper instruction) a carotid restraint is improperly applied (wrong position of the arm and muscles around the neck) – it can become a “choke hold” which poses a far greater danger to the arrestee by possibly crushing the throat and preventing oxygen from entering/exiting the lungs – rather than simply restricting blood flow temporarily to the brain. Two completely different animals which the LAME STREAM MEDIA seem to constantly confuse.

Let’s see then, chemical agents and a baton thumping (old school as there are now stun guns, nets, etc.) vs a quick nap without further injury? What would you chose (when ironically not in the position to make logical decisions in your own best interests due to over indulging in whatever?) Why should an otherwise decent citizen be subjected to far more dangerous apprehension techniques because they partied too hard and got a little wild?

Seems to me with all the detailed expansive education and training of law enforcement officers already – protestors and their supporters who demand even more specialized training, which obviously couldn’t hurt, are actually missing the point of this UNNECESSARY VIOLENCE all together!

It is the citizen who is in serious need of BASIC EDUCATION AND TRAINING in cooperating with law enforcement rather than consistently pushing the envelope of proper behavior to the point of unnecessary violence on both sides.

Yup, some sort of citizen re-education is what is missing because probation and parole just doesn’t seem to work as planned, especially with recidivists.

I wonder if any male Democrats are currently recovering from sex reassignment surgery in order to qualify for “Burisma Joe’s” VP slot? LOL


Wednesday, July 29th, 2020

Check out our governor’s driveway yesterday in the below news video…..

LEW HERE: Gee, wonder what our anti-gun socialist left governor newsom would have done if those protesting in Fair Oaks outside his home became violent, verbally threatened him, and instead of simply chaining themselves to the metal gate tore it down down and proceeded towards his home— all without the CHP (CA state police) handling the matter for him? Consider the senior couple in St. Louis who successfully defended their home and themselves from violent rioters (who BROKE DOWN THE METAL DRIVEWAY GATE AND ENTERED PRIVATE RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY) with their guns without firing a shot….(great deterent when a criminal believes they could get shot!) yet still a leftist district attorney in Missouri wants to prosecute them? So, what do you think Newsom would have done if at home with his family, with no state police protection and the protesters tore down the metal gate and rushed towards his home? Surely he doesn’t possess a gun, right? lol OOPS! I know! Almost forgot. Why would he care? He and his family could just sneak out the back way to the American River and escape by watercraft. Just leave the house and all the property to the rioters! Newsom isn’t like the rest of us who have worked so very hard to obtain, maintain and protect what we have. Newsom will always be able to get more “stuff”. Even FREE STUFF worth millions of dollars! Heck, apparently that whole mansion estate was also a FREE GIFT! (Golly, the ethics classes required in CA public service clearly instruct gifting to politicians and public officials is a BIG NO NO and subject to FPPC (Fair Political Practices Commission) regulations and enforcement – lol…..LOL


Yet here is Newsom and his comrades subjecting ALL CALIFORNIANS to a foreseeable and unnecessary potential for loss, harm, injury and/or death due to their socialist left agenda which includes such foolishness as open borders, a sanctuary state for criminals, restriction of 2nd Amendment rights with a desire to completely abolish, no voter ID, etc. Must be easy for Newsom to talk about fairness and equality for all Californians when he can receive millions of dollars in property free of the legal constraints to which the rest of us “commoners” must adhere while he is simultaneously protected by state police paid for with tax dollars from already victimized citizens.

Newsom and his ilk must leave CA.GOV ASAP if we are to save California and re-institute what most believe to be the “TRUE CALIFORNIA VALUES” which should be honored, pursued and maintained.

Wednesday, July 28th, 2020/1115hrs

Only in Califusion….while many Californians are concerned about potential home eviction due to the financial constraints brought on by the Chinese Communist Party COVID-19 pandemic (which have been re-configured by the Left into desired weapons against President Trump’s re-election – [nice try but it won’t work]), … has our Leftist governor perhaps provided yet another example of why he and his comrades are not to be trusted with our constitutional freedoms? Is this just another real life example of his often touted “California Values”?

Wednesday, July 28th, 2020/0815hrs

I am very proud and thankful Attorney General William Barr is at the helm of the Department of Justice and wish every American citizen could have viewed (or will view) yesterday’s most recent example of yet another ludicrous sham of a government hearing produced by left Democrats.  Seriously, the Democrats (led by J. Nadler, photo below)

Jerrold Nadler, NY 10th Congressional Representative – has been in Washington DC since 1992. Personally, I believe this guy (along with other individuals) belong in a confinement cell for conspiratorial criminal activities within government to advance leftist goals. (Example: hoax impeachment evidence submitted with Senator Adam Shiff to conceal actual long running Democrat criminal activity.)

set up this “dog and pony show” joke of a hearing; had the Attorney General appear by subpoena (like he doesn’t have far more important issues to deal with during the continued assault on the United States of America), but then after asking stupid questions clothed in political speeches these Democrats repeatedly (and rudely) refused to even allow AG Barr to answer their ridiculous and unethically loaded “yes or no” questions”. (Non related example: have you stopped beating your dog? – either answer is an affirmation to beating a dog. But if one refuses to fall for such a baited question, then the questioning party states the witness refuses to answer the very simple question which is considered evidence of guilt.)

The lack of interest in the truth of the matter was constantly displayed by Democrats who did everything they could to conceal the facts from the American public. Nadler’s games remind me of Pelosi’s tearing up of the State of the Union, these folks are simply hack performers – certainly not legitimate politicians working for the USA and the legal American citizen. I admire AG Barr’s ability to be so cool, calm and collected when faced with a hearing composed of traitors to the American concept of RULE OF LAW.

Yesterday’s hearing was just a mirror image of the Democrat’s embarrassingly unfounded hoax of a presidential impeachment which was also based on personal opinion, perspective, lies and false reports.  The Democrats orchestrate such worthless hearings as PUBLIC FUNDED UNNECESSARY forums for pathetic attempts at political relevancy.  On and on about what they think, believe, desire, demand…… while simultaneously preventing the WITNESS LEGALLY SUMMONED TO THE HEARING FOR QUESTIONING from speaking!  Unreal.

Yup, a judiciary committee hearing where the United States Attorney General is prevented from providing legitimate explanatory information about the rioting in this country which all American citizens should hear – yet the Democrats who called the meeting actively prevent the attorney general’s Under Oath testimony from being heard. OUTRAGEOUS!  

Yes absolutely shameful that such unethical activity is permitted to continue in this nation.   Such FAKE PUBLIC SERVANTS need to be removed as soon as possible as they only waste time, public resources and intentionally conceal the truth which supports and encourages even more frustration, damage, injury and death in this country.

Please check out the many informative educational videos available on the OAN (ONE AMERICA NEWS) network website.  No doubt some of them might be of great surprise to you while clearly illustrating just how disingenuous and ANTI-AMERICAN the “lame-stream media” has become.  FAKE NEWS covering FAKE PUBLIC SERVANTS should have no place in our freedom loving American society!   

Speaking of educational videos, there are many methods for distributing important information. Most often (as with the OAN News Network) this is accomplished through serious productions emphasizing important variables regarding the subject matter to better explain the problem at hand, however, comedy is also a highly successful approach in explaining and distributing important information about a subject that in itself is not funny in the least bit. (Comedy relating to otherwise horrific events.) So with that in mind, perhaps many of you remember Chris Rock’s video on “How Not To Get Your Ass Kicked By The Police”, 2007 I believe.

I recalled Chris Rock’s skit after watching OAN’s Pearson Sharp present a serious video about proper interactions with police where he pointed out most people learn such respectful interaction with others in kindergarten.

Pearson Sharp reporting on OAN on police interaction

Seriously, it all comes down to truthful factual information with which we make logical and fair decisions.

My best to you and yours, Lew

Monday, July 27, 2020/0945hrs

Hello, yes indeed, still here but quite busy with my own property work but after reading the April LAFCO (LOCAL AGENCY FORMATION COMMISSION) information couldn’t resist a quick blah blah blah regarding sneaky activities still being conducted by MARIPOSA COUNTY regarding the Lake Don Pedro area and that tangled mess of a waste water (sewer) treatment facility.  What planning?  Right?  

That facility, designed and constructed by Mariposa County in order to support the uncontrolled development of housing which also violated our subdivision’s WORTHLESS CC&Rs- covenants, codes, and restrictions, was created to replace the old sewer system that was located WITHIN THE MERCED RIVER WATER PLACE OF USE under the water license.  This meant the old sewer system could use Merced River water which was the LDPCSD’s ONLY SOURCE of water at the time.    However, the county constructed the new sewer system OUTSIDE THE POU for Merced River water and must therefore be operated with our extremely expensive emergency drought groundwater which is produced by grant funded ground water wells former GM/Treasurer (and two tour employee) Pete Kampa had developed by intentionally misrepresenting LDPCSD’s service area and water license facts to state and federal authorities in order to obtain the grant money.   (Kampa was successful in introducing incorrect service maps to many different entities.) 

Such deception never seems to end and is a perfect example of what is happening across our entire country –  unscrupulous individuals pursuing their own financial interests utilizing public funds and resources which are of course paid for by already victimized citizens.

ABSOLUTELY NO ACCOUNTABILITY, much less prosecution, for intentional criminal conspiracies spanning decades to violate State Water Law Regulations which have negatively affected tens of thousands of innocent property owners.  (Yet millions of “powerless regular citizens” have had their lives irrevocably harmed or destroyed due to prosecution for low level or “victimless crimes” because the rule of law was stated to be so damn important – bullshit!)

Please do not forget, the LDPCSD is a CALIFORNIA SPECIAL DISTRICT, and our former crooked GM/TREASURER Pete Kampa has been a board director with the CALIFORNIA SPECIAL DISTRICT ASSOCIATION (CSDA) for approximately 20 years!  Hum, two decades.  And it was 20 years ago that KAMPA wrongfully (without board approval or instruction back then) set up many LAFCO ANNEXATIONS into our LDPCSD for his special interest connections.  (One of which was a proposed 900 acre residential subdivision across the road from the LDPCSD new administration office (replaced the original office destroyed by arson during investigation of this very matter) but is now illustrated as being WITHIN DISTRICT BOUNDARIES, yet was previously identified by LAFCO as SOI (Sphere of Influence) until only a short time before KAMPA’s returned to the LDPCSD to finish his LAFCO water empire scam with grant funded water wells!   I honestly do not believe this property was ever legally annexed as I was later told by the LAFCO EXECUTIVE OFFICER while investigating annexations into the LDPCSD, but if it was annexed, why on earth conceal such fact from the public for twenty years?  Why did a LAFCO 2008 publication clearly illustrate the property as SOI?

Sure, KAMPA was caught and left in 1997, but the 2014 LDPCSD Board of Directors (Danny Johnson and Emery Ross the two primary instigating directors – although all are obviously guilty for not questioning such blatant violation of existing law when requested to do so multiple times at monthly board meetings by a former board director who had studied the matter extensively) again hired KAMPA in 2014 to complete the water scam he initiated back in the 1990s!   (Obtaining the groundwater wells necessary for an ALTERNATIVE SOURCE WATER to circumvent the water license restrictions.)  Sure, Kampa was caught again doing illegal stuff this time and left under a cloud of suspicion in 2019 as well – HOWEVER – JUST LIKE 20 YEARS AGO – THERE HAS BEEN NO ACCOUNTABILITY FOR HIS (and others) INTENTIONAL CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES.  Also, just like twenty years ago, KAMPA may have suddenly left but  the innocent LDP subdivision property owners are once again stuck with the costs associated with such betrayal and dishonesty.  So in addition to unknowingly paying for this fraud of a special district since 1980 new financial debt is incrementally being added to the pile of deceit by our local “leaders”.

Yes indeed.   COVID-19 might stop normal “above board” county work (that actually assists citizens) but when it comes to the continual abuse and exploitation of the property owners and residents of the LAKE DON PEDRO OWNERS ASSOCIATION subdivision, well, surreptitious under handed dealings have continued just like they have for over 40 years next month (August).


Here’s a suggestion for your COVID-19 cleared calendar – take a look at “their” (PLANNING & LAFCO) past work on the Mariposa County website regarding the LDPCSD.   There are many years of listed annexation information.  OOPS!   Almost forgot, all those questionable “special interest annexations into the LDPCSD by Tuolumne and Mariposa County LAFCOs that were CLEARLY OUTSIDE THE WATER LICENSE PLACE OF USE FOR MERCED RIVER WATER have curiously now been secreted away from public view.   Checked again this morning…..

“LAFCo Resolutions


Golly gee, could I be the only one to notice that the years 1996-2004 are completely missing?  Or that those years actually listed between 1966 – 1995 contain no useful information (heyday for LAFCO annexations into their 1980 created LDPCSD) because when you select a particular document of interest – for example:

“95-4May 15, 1995Lake Don Pedro Community Services District (PDF)”

 this is what you get:

“We’re sorry, but there is not a web page matching your entry. You entered: Click here to go to the home page

Fortunately many of these annexations are available on this website under the opening menu LDPCSD – the MR WEC FRAUD TIME LINE” (as they were copied, scanned and then inserted into the site library)


Worst of all – local, state and federal law enforcement entities won’t seriously investigate such blatant violations and resulting cover-ups!

The Mariposa County website also appears to suggest a different culprit by implying it is a STATE CONTROLLED activity whereas in reality it is the POWER OF THE STATE exercised on the LOCAL LEVEL BY LOCAL OFFICIALS!  (Cute little trick there yeah?)


[Actually, this ongoing special interest corruption and highly suspicious LAFCO ANNEXATION SCAM of properties outside the legal water service area, was planned some 10+ years before the LAKE DON PEDRO COMMUNITY SERVICES DISTRICT (LDPCSD) was even created in August 1980 – in complete violation of the specific approval by the CALIFORNIA PUBLIC UTILITIES COMMISSION in transferring that prior water company to the LAFCO created LDPCSD. 

Consider: the State of California declared the Merced River water (under MERCED IRRIGATION DISTRICT license 11395) had been fully appropriated in July 1980, then the very next month these LAFCOs approved the LDPCSD formation yet the original LAFCO survey map of the legal district water service area has been missing for 40 years!   

This is usually called

(imagine a long continuing drum roll)   


Why?  Because these LAFCOs expanded the water service area far beyond what was legally approved by the CPUC and LDP subdivision owners have been secretly paying for this absolute betrayal for decades and are now again being set-up for even more abuse with the County attempting to force the LDPCSD to take control and operate the County’s poorly designed, special interest planned and constructed, loser of a waste water disposal system while expecting the legal LDPCSD customers to pay even more!  The county of Mariposa created the entire mess – why should already victimized legal LDPCSD customers pay for further local special interest corruption?]

Here’s what I read this morning from the Mariposa County website:

“At a meeting in April 2020, the Board of Supervisors amended the FY 2019-2020 LAFCo budget to remove funding for items 1 and 2 above. This was due to the COVID-19 epidemic. Staff was also directed to:

3. Start the process of transferring the Lake Don Pedro Special District Sewer Zone to the Lake Don Pedro Community Services District, and

4. Send a commissioner or two to CALAFCo’s annual conference. Relative to items 1 and 2 above, the current proposed LAFCo budget for next FY does NOT include funds for the Mariposa Public Utility District’s MSR, SOI Amendment or Change of Organization. I intend to pursue these funds at mid-year, should the County’s budget rebound, and monies become available.

Local Agency Formation Commission P a g e| 2 Relative to item 3 above, LAFCo staff will continue to pursue this directive even though no funds were requested for this work.”

Lew here again, speaking of MSRs, why has the




despite the many unorthodox LAFCO changes to “their” special district’s water service boundaries?

Why does the current GM/TREASURER refuse to furnish the FAKE MAP Kampa and his board used to misdirect and mismanage this district for almost five years which has once again brought this district to potential financial crisis?

This is usually called a …….

Guess this blah, blah, blah is just another waste of time as these and many other questions have gone unanswered for years with little hope of answer without major change.  No one seems to care until a rate and fee hike is passed but then it is too late.  (It will be the same case with our Constitutional Freedoms on the National level without major change to the current direction by the Left.)

Oh well, I’ve got to get back to my own work.


Hard work for myself (fight) or the next owner (flee) – who knows?

California, as managed by left Democrats, has been a complete fraud, but the problem is, by the time victimized citizens find out they’ve been misled they are already totally invested in one way or another with the state (family, work, home/property) and it is too late for appropriate remedies with what life they may have left. 

Here’s my personal suggestion for helping not only our entire country, but Califusion (formerly California) as well –




My best to you and yours, Lew

Sunday, July 5th, 2020/ 2120hrs

Sure was a beautiful foothill evening for the Fourth.

Apparently there were a number of foothill area fires last night but as far as I know all were quickly contained and extinguished without serious damage or injury, but as most of you know, the potential for firework initiated fire seems to always survive for some time after the 4th of July.  

Surprised at how many displays there were in the valley and how late at night. I attempted some time exposures but zooming up on the distances involved only produced for images with very small blurry puffs of color lacking good definition.  Video recordings were essentially worthless except for the audio of cricket, night birds and the distant “BOOMS” from explosions primarily between Chowchilla to Modesto which of course included the communities even further west like Dos Palos, Los Banos, Gustine etc.    The interval image setting, however, worked great. 

Ah oh, 1455hrs just heard a plane speeding by overhead….. yup, looks like Merced Falls at the treeline along the river. Hard to tell. Helicopter circling. Doesn’t look too bad yet but there are strong westerly winds – at least up here right now.

The 5 seconds between each of the 99 exposures created an interesting video which made it easier to identify the varied “puffs of color” from the typical light emitting stationary objects like tall buildings and radio towers. lights. 

Check it out: (all that upload time for the WRONG FILE! Did it again – redundant file name boo boo strikes again……..)

I truly have a hard time accepting how anyone could honestly believe this Joe “Burisma” Biden traitor is capable of anything other than what he has proven himself to be: a stone cold lifetime crooked politician now running for president in hopes of avoiding long overdue justice for his absolute betrayal of the United States of America and its legal citizens. Joe Biden is a real piece of work as are his leftist friends and cohorts.


Heard talk of another Governor Newsom Recall attempt, sure I’ll sign a petition but my standing on a corner 12 hours every Saturday and Sunday for 3-1/2 months was a “once in a lifetime experience”.   Figured if I was seriously contemplating leaving 60+ years of the only legal state residency I’ve ever had along with 30 years of back breaking work landscaping and building my  intended “final home” here in Lake Don Pedro, well, I should at least put some sincere effort into fighting what I believe to be the primary reason I (and so many others) would even think of leaving decades of improvement work in their once beautiful and proud state for less expensive perhaps more difficult or inconvenient land to develop and live that most folks would never even consider for one reason or another.   

But at my age I’m looking to simplify anyway.  I am so blessed because I have desirable options either way; stay and fight for what CALIFORNIA ONCE STOOD FOR or seek freedom and peace from over taxation in another state that appreciates honest law abiding taxpaying citizens.  Yup I can easily envision doing either one which only makes the argument that much more difficult – you know…. constantly going over and considering the respective PROS and CONS.  Regardless, I don’t believe I’ll be a petition circulator again, especially now with the COVID-19 issues in the USA thanks to the Communist Chinese Party (CCP) and the fact my left foot still hasn’t quite recovered.

Sure wish I knew and/or realized years ago just how bad and potentially intolerable things were becoming here in California yet when I stop and think about it,   I do lol – because I was too busy dealing with and surviving what I had already learned about duplicitous individuals using positions of public trust who could abuse public authority, misuse limited resources and commit serious crimes with impunity for their own corrupt personal reasons.  Gee, why would anyone necessarily believe the whole fucking state was collapsing under the accumulating weight of its own lack of accountability repeatedly demonstrated by unethical public officials and bloated departments intentionally violating the law while “mushroom citizens” pay more and more despite receiving less and less except for the escalating frustration and anxiety?

Yeah, perhaps I just couldn’t see the forest (the corruption of the State) through the trees (local more obvious corruption)?

I digress.   Yeah, I’ll sign another Newsom recall petition but I won’t be a circulator again, besides, I really don’t have much confidence in California elections anyway because the Democrats cheat like hell.   I don’t believe there has been a truly fair election since they took control of this state. But we shall see. I am greatly encouraged by stories of people changing party do their own disgust as to how their once great party has been hi-jacked.

better check on the upload…..(Well, the dumb ass uploaded the wrong file again….think I’m going to fire him. lol)

Sunday, July 5th, 2020/0714hrs

Not to say that there was a single individual out there actually interested in this, but here is the complete audio of the last LDPCSD Board Meeting on June 15th, 2020 never-the-less:

Eschscholzia Californica aka California Poppy

SATURDAY, JULY 4th, 2020

After midnight before the file uploaded, so July 3rd & 4th! lol


Thursday, July 2nd, 2020

Howdy! Doing some “off the cuff” writing. Trying to figure something out that was stated at the last LDPCSD Board Meeting (June 15th, 2020 – received my CD in the mail and just finished listening to it – didn’t even charge me for it this time -weird huh?) and have been revisiting old posts in attempt to find the specific information. Based on a related photograph date I’m currently looking around August 2017 for the information and while doing so ran across the below post which is relevant to the difficulties this district is still experiencing (a massive water loss and lack of director accountability ranking at the top of a very long list).

Anyway, how about a digital field trip to that 2017 meeting PUBLIC COMMENT where I finally identified the crown jewel in Pete Kampa’s secret annexation work twenty years earlier when he was first employed by the LDPCSD (1994-1997)? Kampa’s second tour of employment: October 2014- JUne? 2019). This is a major component to a LAFCO annexation scam spanning decades – even all the way back to berfore the birth of this exploited California Special District in 1980.

Yup, for twenty years the district and Mariposa County Planning/LAFCO were able to conceal a proposed 900 acre residential subdivision (supposedly approved by LAFCO in 1995) across the street from the LDPCSD administration office (both of them: the one destroyed by arson during an investigation of this very annexation issue, and the second replacement office).

Concealed from the public. The rate paying MANDATORY LDPCSD CUSTOMERS. Even those elected/appointed and serving on the LDPCSD Board of Directors during the last 20 years. Critical land development and proposed water use information intentionally concealed from those not involved in the continuing fraud and corruption. Wow. Mariposa County finished formation of the district in August 1980. Big anniversary coming up next month yeah?

Seriously, how could such conduct by participating oath sworn officials and their contracted, hired, appointed and/or salaried cohorts be anything but a criminal conspiracy within a local public agency to defraud the legal customers? not so lol

Yes, I admit going over this old information makes me a bit angry that such despicable conduct continues without accountability despite the clear detriment to the thousands of Lake Don Pedro property owners in the subdivision who have been intentionally victimized for decades.

Anyway, here’s the old post while I continue searching for the target information…….

Wednesday, July 1st, 2020/0910rs

The below article makes far more sense to me than what the Democrat Left consistently puts out in justification for their Anti-American assault on our Republican form of Democracy. The destruction of our freedom loving society is the Left’s ultimate goal which should be obvious to anyone who follows legitimate news organizations and gives a rat’s ass.

These “homeland domestic terrorists” need to go “bye-bye”, one way or the other (could we trade them in for the millions of folks who recognize the difference and only dream of becoming a legal US citizen?) The LEFT has clearly drawn a line separating the two sides, and unfortunately, it is indeed a war between the “us” who love the USA as an ever evolving free country versus “them” who are set on abusing those precious freedoms in an attempt to destroy the greatest freedom loving country on the planet.

Later, Lew


Thursday, June 25th, 2020/ 2046hrs


Typical blah, blah, blah……don’t trust DEM GAMES!

1 Democrat Games

2 1:15 Tranq’d Out

3 3:47 Won’t Support Democrat Stuff

4 5:59 Mob of low life cheaters

5 8:18 Dems will……

For a grand total of 11 minutes and seventeen seconds you will never get back as we continue this journey together into our new Chinese Communist Party & Democrat viral infected world of deception, invasion, and eventual “ATTEMPTED” total conquest of OUR UNITED STATES of AMERICA. (OUR meaning every single one of our highly diverse individual legal citizens who sincerely “pledge allegiance to the flag”. Scoff if you wish. I did once as well. Wasn’t but a few years away from academia that the reality began sinking in about what the word “Democrat” actually meant in real life consequences, but I faithfully maintained the carefully cultivated college tolerance for things that I may not have personally approved, but “hey this is a free America” – pursue what you wish but do not harm others. Often easier said than done, consider for instance – is there any such thing as a “victimless crime”? I digress.

I honestly believe this is the most “vulnerable” we have ever been here in America. Much different than the cold war escalation of unthinkably powerful weapons pointed at the evil block bullies or their proclaimed boy scout counterparts. This is much closer and familiar because we’ve been “conditioned” in our own homes, apartments, schools, religious organizations, work and recreational places, etc. for decades. Conditioned to what? You might reasonably question.  Change bait.   

Yup.  Sure everything changes, it is also called growth, however, some change is obviously counterproductive and should be avoided due to its foreseeable negative consequences.  (Over fertilizing a crop will kill it as effectively as starving it for nutrients – there is a “sweet spot” in between the two extremes encouraging healthy productive growth.)

Just something I’ve been mulling over in the grey matter.   Seems an old expression fits:   If you don’t stand for something you’ll fall for anything.  All this Democrat Left proposed major change to our country is just more bait for a very dangerous trap specifically designed to ultimately destroy this Republic and its Rule of Law. 

Does the following actually sound like attractive common sense change?  Open borders?  Abolish the police?  Free all legally convicted prisoners?  Abolish constitutional rights?  Prohibit self defense firearms?  No voter identification with open elections where anyone passing through can vote?  No individual responsibility or accountability?   A mob collective determines what is permissible or acceptable? 

Here we are.  A group of thugs who don’t like a statue in a public park for one reason or another (often don’t even understand or appreciate the true facts and inspiration in creating the tribute in the first place) unilaterally decide it is offensive and therefore, in the name of the public good, tear down and destroy the expressive work of art.  

Well, at least they are honest about their intentions – even depictions of the Lord Jesus Christ are subject to destruction.  Been trying to take “IN GOD WE TRUST” out for years too. (Did they already? Lol)

Yeah, our tolerance for clear invading competitors has gone way too far.   Appeasement never works, because once the stated goal is provided such social terrorists will only demand something else until we have given away every single thing we have of value.    What then?   Ohhhh, and that’s the best part…..we will then have the privilege to work for the new terrorist infused government – maybe eek out enough to survive in their New America – you guess the name and spelling.

  My best to you and yours, Lew


Tuesday, June 16th, 2020/1047hrs

What the heck…..might as well try again yeah? Still can’t believe the LDPCSD refuses to furnish the map Pete Kampa and his complicit Board of Defector Directors used to misdirect district operations for so many years (and for so much money) while consistently refusing to acknowledge errors of the past while continuing their plans to raise our rates and fees again. For how much more? Twice as much? Perhaps three times as much? Want to talk about transparency of government?


The only thing transparent about the LAKE DON PEDRO COMMUNITY SERVICES DISTRICT is continuing deception and betrayal and a lack of accountability for intentional wrongdoing! Anyway, here’s the most recent request for information sent this morning:

Oops…forgot to include the email subject line!

“June 15 2020 LDPCSD Board Meeting Audio CD request & past outstanding information request”

“Hello Syndie, when the CD is ready please advise and I will make arrangements to pay for it and pick  up.    Also, regarding my previous requests for obtaining the MID (Merced Irrigation District) 1993 Shape file map which former GM Peter Kampa used in his multi-year costly attempt at enlarging the LDPCSD Place of Use boundary for Merced River water under WL11395 (ie, water service outside the LDP approved residential subdivision Place of Use),  I have still not received this map (much less an answer as to why) from current GM Patrick McGowan despite multiple requests.  What is the holdup in furnishing this PUBLIC INFORMATION?   This map was unequivocally utilized under Kampa management to fabricate other government documents; apply for millions of dollars in state and federal grants; misdirect financial resources and district water service operations for over four years – all to the special benefit of owners of LAFCO ANNEXED PROPERTIES in the LDPCSD that were clearly outside the approved subdivision PLACE OF USE boundary.  (In other words, the LDPCSD had no legal duty or moral obligation to provide any water service for LAFCO ANNEXATIONS – much less the unilateral right to saddle thousands of unsuspecting legal water customers in the subdivision with those substantial and increasing added costs.)   This matter is something that needs to be addressed and cleared up prior to any vote on another PROP 218 to increase water rates and fees since funds from the last PROP 218 were clearly used to pursue the KAMPA water service expansion plan that was completely based on that 1993 MID shape file map.   Customers have a right to understand how such an expensive multi-year LDPCSD boondoggle could have been launched and maintained for so long based on an antiquated map Kampa had apparently picked up and possessed for over 20 years (when first employed at the LDPCSD between 1994-1997) and evidently used since then in orchestrating his decades long water expansion scheme.    This map has never been revealed to district customers despite multiple  requests.    Only the Merced Irrigation District, investigating State Water Board and Pete Kampa have been privy to this information that has been misused against legal customers of this district.    Is there something else (regarding this map) that is also being actively concealed from the public prior to the next proposed rate increase Prop 218 vote?          Thank you, Lew Richardson”

SUNDAY, JUNE 14th, 2020/0945hrs

This website, just like my cameras, the guitar, keyboard, computer, etc., is only utilized for a very small fraction of what it is actually capable of producing, creating, facilitating, organizing, presenting ….whatever. Primary reason? I remain uneducated and ignorant as to how to properly use the darn thing! I am a digital immigrant and unfamiliar with much of the technology.

Yup, seems everything I own is only used for some basic limited purpose while far more desirable capabilities are overlooked, ignored, perhaps even forsaken, because I’m too busy and distracted with other activities that take precedence and require immediate attention to really “dig in” and understand the equipment. Rather like juggling different projects which insures none are completed as I would prefer due to a lack of available time.

Recent simple example: Planting Poppy and other wild flower seeds must be done before the blistering Summer heat arrives. OK, germinating seeds require optimum weather conditions to successfully grow and flourish. So one must plant before it gets too hot but not so soon that a late frost instantly terminates the growing process. OK, got it, however, rapidly changing weather conditions lately have made even that simple little requirement a bit more challenging…..seriously, over one hundred degrees on one day then less than a week later hail and sleet? lol Plus the area to be planted must be cleared properly of other vegetation.

Now let’s add the annual destruction of accumulating weeds, brush, pine needles and other unwanted vegetative debris. through the permitted burning process. This can only take place during the designated “burn season” whose exact days for such work is governed by a host of environmental variables and not made known to the “burning public” until the beginning of that particular day in a prerecorded message via a telephone call by the property owner. It is either YES or NO.

Where am I going with this blah, blah, blah? Simply, I’ve let this website slip a bit while pursuing other “priority work”. I noticed some links were failing and not working properly. Some information had been removed from the internet so the link was essentially a “dead end”. EXAMPLE: Noticed the video regarding CALIFORNIA CORRUPTION involving the political families of NEWSOM, BROWN, PELOSI and GETTY had been removed from the internet so all the viewer saw was some sort of a “SORRY VIDEO NO LONGER AVAILABLE” message, but fortunately at least in that case, another “newer” video had taken its place so it was just a matter of finding and entering the new URL so viewers could check out the information. But first I had to notice the link had failed. It just takes time.

SHORT STORY? I need to better organize the website material which is going to take some research and study and equates to the site simply being a continuing WORK IN PROGRESS, so please forgive the mess.

Speaking of various projects, I should be receiving my new soldering iron this month for the repair attempts on those two DR-40 digital recorders. Yes, I know, probably should have just sucked up the loss and let it go (with the lesson of being more careful in tight areas with various extension cords connected to equipment attached to tripods) but the idea of small inexpensive detached earphone modules making two $150+ pieces of equipment essentially worthless (for my limited LAME purposes – lol) is intolerable for me without a genuine attempt to repair myself since “professional assistance” appears unlikely. The repair part was very inexpensive as I received a pack of 5 replacement modules for under $5.00! Only took some time to research and learn. The real expense (apparently) is in the time required for the disassembly, micro soldering, reassembly, shipping, handling, etc.

Once I receive the new iron I can start practicing what I’ve learned on those internet circuit board repair videos. Whether this particular repair plan works or not I’ve still learned something valuable and interesting that has already produced useful spinoff applications. I’ll try to post some photos of the repair plan with some of the new equipment later. Lew

Thursday, June 11th, 2020

Honestly never thought I would say such a thing, but here it is:

“thank Heavens the burn season is over in Mariposa County!” 

(Most likely there is a handful of chronic CALFIRE callers expressing the same sentiment, yeah? lol 🙂

Although thankful and greatly appreciative for the extended burn time made available past the Memorial Day Weekend by CALFIRE and the other agencies responsible for the scheduling, I was once again, unable to complete everything I wanted to accomplish. 

Like with so many other things in life it is a multifaceted activity with a host of changing variables making what appears to be the same activity every season actually a little different each time: erratic weather with late rains that often restart the growing/eradication cycle (which is very disappointing following successful early attacks in control – yet the alternative is worse because if you wait too long to guarantee no more rain you end up with a much heartier, heavier and thicker fuel load that is far more difficult to cut, rake, and burn); then there is the traditional increase in property landscaping projects which correspondingly requires more maintenance; many unrelated outside issues which interfere with scheduling such work, like doctor/vet appointments, shopping, garbage disposal, posting comments of outrage regarding these Democrats on a website, ….. ooh  yeah, let’s not forget a world pandemic brought to us by the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) which is still not completely understood as to its creation, release, spread, and far reaching ramifications –  yeah, that virus confusion didn’t help much and made everything just a bit more difficult to digest. 

Another major and constantly changing variable is my physical ability to do the work as I age.  (Although past decades of successful work and experience can be quite helpful in safely streamlining the process, I am never-the-less growing older and gradually will become less efficient which equates to taking more time during a fixed limited window of opportunity.  That sucks, yeah?)  Sure there are all sorts of powered tools and equipment that can greatly assist with this reduction in individual performance (that ATV/cart has been of monumental assistance) but the writing is clearly on the wall and I can read.  

So what is the point?  Living and enjoying what we have and do now.  The future will take care of itself one way or the other.  Recall the old lyrics from a Beatles song? 

“Life goes on within you and without you” 

Pretty heavy yeah?

So, no more burning?  Great!  My body needs a rest anyway and I need to finish my California Poppy project.  (This COVID-19 stuff has been depressing and a real drag so I decided to cheer up my environment with more color – golden poppies and other wild flower dry blends.     Yes, surely more work and expense – but also more enjoyment for those who appreciate such things.   The basic concept is a flower garden producing enough seed to gradually extend the color through gravity and goundwater runoff via a seasonal creek.  (Birds will also assist in this seeding endeavor.)

Might this project assist a bit in distracting from the absolute idiocy displayed by so many out of control Leftist traitors set on destroying the greatest freedom loving country in human history?   

I hope so. 

Yup, our country would surely be headed for hell in a hand basket if these SOCIALIST LEFT DEMOCRATS were permitted to continue their self serving Anti American nonsense.  Thankfully more citizens are waking up to the utter betrayal by such Democrats who will likely once again be stopped dead in their tracks in the 2020 election.  But we shall see.

Hard to believe that the greatest country in the “free world” is threatened by our own Leftist Democrat cheats and liars who consistently pursue Anti American policies for OUR USA that cannot even pass a simple and basic “COMMON SENSE TEST”?   (Defund and abolish law enforcement? Good grief!  Even elementary school children can recognize that clear danger – especially in Democrat controlled large cities that already boast massive murder rates that continue to increase!)

Yes, all this and much more may be true and quite discouraging at times, but aren’t the wildflowers beautiful in that meandering creek bed?  

My best to you and yours, Lew

Wednesday, June 10th, 2020


TUESDAY, JUNE 2nd, 2020/1021hrs

Guess what today also is?

That’s right……


Although I still may not get ‘er all done – I’ll put one heck of a dent in it!

Again, thank you to the authorities in charge for recognizing this year’s uncooperative late weather systems and permitting such property maintenance to continue past the Memorial Day weekend! (Hate to leave burn piles for the next end of the year burn opportunity (Fall) as “critters” often make homes within the accumulated debris…..turns an otherwise simple debris burn into a vicious multi-species familial attack which is of course quite disturbing.) Later.

MONDAY, JUNE 1st, 2020/0854hrs

Whether or not it qualifies as situational irony (when contrasted with the destruction of public and private property across America as a result of rioting after the death of George Floyd while in police custody), it sure makes another good example as to the pitfalls of assumption. Yup, apparently another one of the few times I recall debris burning being extended past Memorial Day weekend.   On one level strange, yet on another, more than appropriate – and APPRECIATED!

The last few nights while walking about (contemplating what other projects I could start and not finish –lol) I thought it felt like rain.  Humidity was up, low cloud coverage, cooler temperatures, etc.  (Poor Space Station observation for sure.) I wondered, why couldn’t control burns be permitted to continue under these great conditions?   Figured probably because of a set pattern of normal operation which might be easier for citizens to remember – MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND = NO MORE BURNING (generally).

This morning, once again, it really “felt like” rain.  I was going to push on with different activities but something quite basic was nagging at me ….how does one know for sure it IS NOT a burn day without calling 1-800-440-2876 for an answer by the regulating authorities?   The immediate response was – why waste my time – today is the Monday AFTER Memorial Day weekend – therefore burning season is over, well, likely over,… generally over……  Ahhhh,…., up jumps that qualifying term ”usually”   which makes it an accurate and reasonable response but certainly not a definitive answer.   “Usually” leaves wiggle room for the alternative.   So with the nagging possibility that fire professionals have also recognized that some peculiar weather systems have recently interrupted this normal “fire safe” pre-Summer work many property owners perform each year, figured I’d call just to be sure.

SURPRISE! TODAY MONDAY, JUNE 1st, 2020 is a burn day in Mariposa County (with a valid burn permit).

Yup.  I could not have been more wrong about the initial NO BURN ASSUMPTION!

Well, this certainly changes everything for today (won’t know about tomorrow until it arrives right? Lol) Have a lot of work to do (can’t say finish) .……..later!   Lew


Thursday, May 28th, 2020/2140hrs

You already know the excuse…. another project unfinished (not the way “we want”) but was more desirous of moving it along. Seriously, these little projects could last for weeks if I pursued all the ideas (the others come up with -lol) I think would make good additions. Problem is, the process is rather time consuming, so? If I’m going to add a little anyway??? why not add more? lol Yup, each one of these stupid LAME projects could be turned into a long running opera (spanning more time than I care to imagine right now) – with only a limited number of interested parties….(the other band members -lol). But remember, Dear Viewer, there is a therapeutic and beneficial side to this activity for me – this LAME Stuff is enjoyable and does greatly assist in releasing some of the frustration involved with digesting REAL NEWS and clearly seeing from where the obstructionism originates. Whatever. Hope it brings a smile or a chuckle. Take care of yourselves. MBTYAY, Lew

Thursday, May 21st, 2020/0944hrs

A government big enough to give you everything you want, is strong enough to take everything you have.  — Thomas Jefferson

Tues May 19th continued (1422hrs)

Absolutely perfect example regarding those questions of whether or not ignorance is bliss!  Between outside projects I was ducking in for a quick news check.  A little Mtn Dew and bite to eat.  So President Trump with one of his cabinet meetings was on television with a host of interesting comments by those involved.   Recall how I was blah, blah, blah in the last post about Mariposa County hopefully foregoing more ordinance legislation against property owners when they so obviously fail to enforce or abide by their existing regulations (and how the Socialist-Left-Democrats only expand government into absurdity making it less efficient and more costly to legal citizens who pay the taxes):………., so what was President Trump doing today in addition to the update on important COVID-19 information and how the Country was going to be opening back up? 

Signing an Executive Order to reduce the outrageous over regulation in the United States of America!  All 50 states!   GOD BLESS AMERICA AND HER GREATEST PRESIDENT in my life time who not only acknowledged long festering and talked about problems (easy to do), but the one who has faithfully followed through on campaign promises to address them.   Our President Trump has consistently demonstrated not only his strong belief in America, its continuing Freedom, and ALL her citizens, but more importantly, his obvious ability and determination to get things done which primarily means eliminating the decades of swamp legislation that has hobbled our Country and harmed its citizens.

Since I was already recording the presentation I decided it would be a good time for another one of my little experiments regarding how people might view things due to where they obtain their news…. So, a quick check of FOX (I was on OAN – One America News). …… Yup, just as I thought, FOX News was also covering a Presidential event that SHOULD BE of interest to all concerned citizens.  Then the true subject of these impromptu experiments…..CNN….what was going on there?   Yup, same as always, literally talking about yesterday’s news while bad mouthing President Trump. 

So is ignorance bliss?  Don’t know I watch OAN and FOX.   Maybe the question should be answered by those who only watch CNN for their news.   I sure can see how a person who only watched CNN might be programmed into believing someone like Joe “Burisma” Biden could be even a satisfactory leader.

TUESDAY, May 19th, 2020

The “Heroes Act”??? ….. by ZEROS in FACT!

Is ignorance truly bliss? Would I, or any of you, live happier lives without awareness of the utter betrayal by DEM LEFT SOCIALIST officials? Fake “public servants” who are clearly more interested and dedicated to the welfare, success and happiness of people from other nations rather than the legal United States of America citizen to whom they owe a legitimate and sincere concern?

Just a thought I wanted to document for future comment before it was replaced with something else – so much to do after these recent rains. Pretty sure I got some good lightning and thunder recordings but haven’t had a chance to check them out yet. Great to get more rain for use during the rest of the year, but once again, the weed control cycle starts over. Fortunately it is much easier when already “thinned out” a bit. Whatever, blah, blah, blah …. who cares? So long as there’s season to enjoy in this beautiful foothill environment, right? later

0828hrs: SOME POTENTIAL GOOD NEWS…. I was just advised by a resident in North Mariposa of the possibility that Mariposa County officials may indeed be rethinking those “International” property management ordinances which many see as only another devious method to increase the county revenue stream on the backs of property owners already overburdened with excessive taxes, fees, assessments, etc. (we shall see) Wonder when previous actions by the county documented in public files will again be open to the public for review? Shouldn’t the deceptive past be cleared up first before again forging into the future with even more unnecessary and damaging legislation with little hope for meaningful success with the exception of creating only larger government which requires increasing taxes for operation? Throwing flammable material on a fire (in a proposal to extinguish it) certainly comes to mind. later

Happen to catch the first photograph of the MURDER HORNET QUEEN?

SATURDAY, MAY 16th, 2020/1539hrs

Strenuous work/exercise (in addition to a good night’s sleep when exhausted) is quite useful in eradicating, or at least mitigating, some of the deleterious effects associated with the ever increasing frustration, agitation and anger experienced due to activities of others which negatively affect my own life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.

 Even such healthy alternatives to stress must be pursued with moderation especially when considering the traditional diminishing physical capabilities most experience as they grow older.  [ie, walking up and down a steep hillside was much easier 30 years ago so I now use an ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) in conjunction with a variety of power tools.  lol]

Raked and burned well after midnight on Thursday thanks to the almost perfect conditions for such activity – slow ignition, good clean burn with limited ember emission all accompanied with the exquisite environmental background sound of “night birds”, crickets, frogs, toads, occasionally accented with piercing Owl screeches.  Included in the evening’s performance was the returning distant overhead roar of aircraft engines flashing red and white strobes in the starlit  Moonless  sky.   Even HWY59 between Snelling and La Grange again sported illuminated evidence of travel albeit not with the traditional moving strings of white/yellow and ruby jewels traversing and meandering the roadway darkness below the lit valley horizon.  (Headlights/tail lights below the valley city lights)  Absolutely beautiful and so peaceful.

In Nature’s immense church 

From a different foothill pew

An evening-morning service

Attended by burning Lew 


The next morning, while simultaneously considering how much longer before a walker might be necessary for the first trip to the bathroom after a “burn night marathon”…….

(Good Heavens was I sore! – lol  Complete with another early morning exaggerated “Monster-Like” stiff & swaying walk down the staircase for emergency gulps of orange juice to relieve two leg cramps!  Mustard and pickle juice work also – forgot to leave them on the night stand! You know, the first time I did the “Monster CRAMP WALK” in the wee hours of the morning I scared the heck out of Liz – she jumped up, backed away in disbelief, and curiously watched as I monster-walked (and cussed like a sailor) downstairs to gulp OJ. And how does Liz react now?

Raised eyebrows

Maybe raises head

Figures just a another dance

So doesn’t get off the bed!)

…… I realized how I had become one of those property owners I didn’t understand 30 years ago when beginning this journey into California property ownership.   (Especially when the property is governed by yet another onion skinned layer of government which can also be misused by the unscrupulous.)

Yes indeed, I clearly remembered driving up here from the valley to water my trees, bushes and flowers and/or start some other landscaping project on what was to become my FINAL HOME.    Upon seeing some resident outside doing something on their property, I eagerly awaited eye contact so I could smile and wave while continuing on with my own life, liberty and pursuit of happiness in these beautiful foothills.   

I found it rather disappointing when the individual(s) who were engaged in watering, landscaping, trimming shrubs, raking…etc.) never looked up or casually turned to view the passing vehicle.  My readiness for an enthusiastic friendly quick smile and wave was instantly replaced with something more like a feeling of confused rejection.  How could anyone appear so apathetic in such a wonderful environment?  Here’s the kicker – I CLEARLY RECALL thinking to myself decades ago —- what happened to those people – I’ll NEVER be like that when I finally build and live up here.


I left the valley for foothill residency swearing I’d never become involved with politics in any form again because of past deceit, betrayal and an indignant pain already carried compliments of other unscrupulous people who illegally used the power of government in an attempt to completely destroy me.  All in another failed attempt to conceal their own wrongful activities – but in a nutshell, it was one of those even when you WIN you still LOSE something of value.

I started landscaping my property with traditional tools: six foot steel pry bar, sledge hammer, pick, shovel, various rakes, buckets, and wheelbarrows.  Initially many of the powerful swings of that pick and sledge hammer, and the hard jabbing strikes expanding a crack in a boulder with the bar were motivated by, and repeatedly sustained with, thoughts of striking back at those so clearly culpable for the lies and false information used against me in protection of themselves.  I really don’t know how long such repressed anger was converted into obliterating rocks instead of smashing skulls and only know that at some point I was just simply exhausted yet very pleased with the results of untold hours of hard back breaking labor.  (Three complimentary hernia surgeries and years of sporting various lacerations, bumps and bruises as award bonuses.) 

 I do not enjoy thinking about worst case scenarios or being suspicious of the motives of others, but quite frankly, I have been conditioned to do just that because of what I have experienced in this life journey – especially with the facets of Lake Don Pedro Owners Association and property ownership in a Common Interest Development residential subdivision governed by a Property Owners Association, its subdivision provided water by a California Special District (Lake Don Pedro Community Services District) which is greatly influenced by professional lobbying organizations such as the California Special Districts Association (CSDA), blah, blah, blah….   with the LDPCSD being created in 1980 by two county LAFCOs (Local Agency Formation Commissions) using the power and authority of the State on a local directed level to set up over 3,000 future property owners in the LDP subdivision to cover costs necessary for a groundwater substitution program in order to circumvent water restrictions in the water license to provide an alternate source water required by LAFCO for its annexations into the LDPCSD service area that could not develop with the Merced River Water pumped from Lake McClure under water license 11395. The California Public Utilities Commission quite clearly only approved the residential subdivision for water service by the new LAFCO designed Community Services District and …..blah, blah, blah…. no one cares because the LEFT has corrupted such organizations to the point honest citizens would be surprised if there were not rampant unaccountable corruption in Democrat controlled government. We are only now finding out the truth behind the continuing attack on PRESIDENT TRUMP WHO IS CHALLENGING THIS DEM SWAMP CORRUPTION HEAD ON. Consider how the FBI, CIA, IRS, blah blah blah has all been used to cover DEM POLITICAL ANTI-AMERICAN ACTIVITIES……but don’t think it happens on the local level as well? Consider also that blah, blah, blah……..

Outright betrayal at every single level which generally only requires the property owner to pay more and receive less.  What’s the point?   Why can’t government responsibly enforce the massive laws, regulations, and policies it has already created— BEFORE CREATING the next slew of failures which will only in turn seed the next generation of losing legislation?  And all the time VICTIM PROPERTY OWNERS PAY AN INCREASING COST FOR LESS (unless frustration, anger and thoughts of moving out of state to find a new home where responsibility of the property owner is rewarded with lower fees and taxes, and not over taxed to fund the ever growing examples of “feel good but do-nothing” frivolous Socialist-Left scams and boondoggles are somehow considered desirable results.) 

So many times I’ve heard some horrible news report on television about a violent attack on another person or group, and have spontaneously thought something like “what the hell is wrong with that jackass?” yet now more frequently wonder:  “what the hell have those jackasses done to that perpetrator?”

You know, it’s another burn day.  I took yesterday off but time is ticking down for the season.

Let me jump ahead here since I’m digressing a bit. [Ranks right up there with my penchant for repetition….. hum, repetition and digression, actually they’re not only related but are quite often the same thing.]

ANYWAY, I have all sorts of prepared stuff for posting (photos and video) that I thought at the time were funny while making some good points concerning the circumstances of the most recent CALFIRE CALL and how I maintain my property which, in addition to throwing me back into a contemplative rut, has illuminated something else that bothers tremendously:

I am not aware of the true motivating intent of the CALFIRE callers, which again, I believe is the most important aspect, therefore, my jokes, ridicule or jabs at WHATEVER they did  (or did not do) would be patently unfair if they were truly motivated with a legitimate concern a real fire might materialize and represent a danger.  

Contrast this with Pete Kampa and the Board of Directors groundwater substitution fraud with grant money which is an entirely different animal as there is plenty of evidence that ‘ol Pete knew exactly what he and the board were doing in violation of the water license and other law.     Ooops, digressing again….. common subject too yeah? lol   

Why did the “reporters” continue to watch the scene after their report and our exchange of the facts, and continue such for several minutes (as I returned to work) but then just before the truck arrives, leave?

(Since they had remained for so long already I figured we’d all go over to the site and take a look. Which would have provided time for both sides to express their legitimate concerns, assuming the call was sincerely motivated for safety concerns, where upon I could have also sincerely apologized for the “mind your own business” wisecrack (because after all wildfire is EVERY PERSON’S BUSINESS) – but, …. which of course would still apply IF IT WERE A “GOTCHA CALL” by chronic harassers.)

Avoid their identities being known or a potential confrontation with the angry subject of their call? 

Since nothing had been touched in the area of the smoke and focus of the call, could they have realized once the FIRE TRUCK got there they’d have to explain how the situation wasn’t as bad as they initially thought?  But what changed?  Why was the seriousness of their call “mitigated”?   Because there was an exchange of information between the individuals involved prior to the truck’s arrival. 

They advised it was an unattended fire and therefore had reported it as a danger, whereas I advised “it” (a smokey pile not fire) was attended, it was a burn day, I had a valid permit and the appropriate equipment and they should mind their own business (yes I regret that comment if they were sincere -repetitive remember? lol)

So, could both sides have legitimate perspectives based on what they observed and understood? Most certainly.

They see smoke, worry about a possible spread, have no idea someone is nearby still working and monitoring so they reasonably call CALFIRE just in case which is laudable conduct and should be encouraged not dissuaded.

However, following the EXCHANGE OF INFORMATION BETWEEN PARTIES a new understanding of the facts materializes.

So there it is, full circle and right back to square one. 

 Was there prior knowledge by the callers of my traditional burning activities which might have explained the otherwise suspicious appearing smoke thus making a call unnecessary? 

Have they made such calls before? Was the call just another plausible technical “gottcha” without serious consequence other than my embarrassment, anger and retrospection of such other past unnecessary calls?  (I kid you not and have no idea of the circumstances, but a fire truck just rolled by my place (apparently non emergency) going downhill! You know, it sure might be interesting to know just how many such calls and how much money is spent each year on call outs based on misunderstandings, incorrect information, or even blatant harassing by chronic complainers?)

Who knows when one of the parties can remain anonymous and not be questioned as is the “call victim” EVERY SINGLE TIME IT HAPPENS. The caller gets to disappear without justifying the (as it turns out) unnecessary call.


PRIMARY QUESTION:  Do firefighters and property owners want any observed unexplained or suspicious smoke reported to and checked out by CALFIRE?   


Well then, perhaps I should just plan on having some assorted snacks and beverages ready for the next call out?  You know, table, chairs already setup …… hey, it’s a fire call, maybe a bar-b-Que with hot dogs, hamburgers, and such?  Leanne had a great suggestion… help with the expanding annual event – some reasonably priced hillside valet parking areas for the increasing crowd of “Lookie Lews” (lol) that will undoubtedly be attending as the yearly event develops more of a following.  Maybe some booths with homemade control burn souvenirs?  (“If you look carefully you can still see and smell a smoky smudge on the top side of this piece of wood debris from the May 12th 2020 event…..well, looks like a piece of brown cylindrical wood anyway …. Peculiar smoky smell, …… though strangely familiar at the same time……..” <Liz barks in the distance>)

Yup, additional parking will certainly be required once the electronic advertising blimp arrives with the long flowing color banners and streamers while it plays the live version of “FIRE ON THE MOUNTAIN” by the Grateful Dead.  Oh oh!  Almost forgot the “DROUGHT BUSTER” FOOTHILL WATER SLIDE and vehicle wash unit! Gosh, so much to plan, design and develop just to burn some weeds ….. but here I am again personally unprepared for the future as today is another approved burn day and I haven’t ordered my deluxe 4×4 EZ Walker from Amazon for tomorrow.    A real pisser in the morning yeah?   Lol   Later, Lew

Thursday, May 14th, 2020, 1215 hrs

A good night’s sleep can make all the difference yeah?   Shaking off the slumber this morning one of the first thoughts that slowly materialized in my waking gray matter was this:

I forgot one of the most important facts regarding that highly suspicious call to CALFIRE last Tuesday by two older folks reporting a fire danger resulting in yet another unnecessary call out of a fire truck and associated personnel….

(Please recall that the MOST IMPORTANT FACT is that these two “well meaning citizens” NEVER SAW FIRE from that pile they claim was unattended, but only a smoldering spent pile of previously burned debris waiting for another load of cut weeds to be placed on top for burning)

…. Are you ready?

IT HAD RAINED only 20-30 minutes earlier and a light rain was falling right around the time our two (I at this point believe) FAKE ANONYMOUS SAFETY DRIVEN COMPLAINANTS were calling in an unattended fire that did not even exist.

Seriously, and I can prove this. 

I STAYED at that particular burn location (Often more than one because sometimes it makes more sense to burn near the cut location instead of trying to haul all over the place – all depends upon location (steep grade) and weather conditions (moisture and wind) UNTIL CONFIDENT THERE WAS NO FIRE DANGER*  and returned to the temporary “base camp” on the ATV/CART to fill another 3 gallon backpack tank with concentrated roundup  (I have tried dragging the weeds with the ATV but roundup does the best job – even at its price because most weeds don’t grow back with late rains).

THE RADIO WAS PLAYING from the area of that wide open cattle gate to the adjacent residential property.  The radio was loud enough to be heard over on the adjacent lot where I was working –  two reasons for this:  1) Music makes the work easier, and 2) I had previously figured with the radio playing during the day and a light on at night while doing such work – even the most easily confused nosey-neighbors would understand everything was fine and just mind their own business!  Wrong.  Apparently such people need to feel like they have control over others.  Funny, they are the ones desperately requiring some control and a perfect example of what is wrong with this country.    

Yup, even a blaring radio was not enough to prevent this most recent harassment and invasion of my privacy.  And during a COVID-19 LOCK DOWN NO LESS!  Lol

This radio variable is another peculiar aspect casting even greater doubt on any sincere motive for placing that call to CALFIRE by this “OFFICIOUS INTER-MEDDLING SELF APPOINTED CITIZEN SAFETY SQUAD”, or perhaps,  better yet….. the “NO CLUE-0   SAFETY  DUO”   lol

Seriously, am I or anyone else, supposed to believe they couldn’t hear that radio playing ….. or the dog barking only a short distance from their “stake out” position on the roadway above the corner of my property?

* Every time a property owner burns debris they are accepting responsibility for the consequences of their actions…..any damage, injury or death which might happen and are attributable to their activities if a fire were to escape.  A  HUGE RESPONSIBILITY for any THINKING PERSON!  There should be a corresponding responsibility and accountability for those who waste public resources needlessly by utilizing emergency public services for childish games of personal harassment, which are likely due to political position differences.   You see this behavior from the left all the time.    

Ooops, getting ahead of myself again (sorry my mind is racing with so many easily provable facts that this entire episode was indeed just another “gottcha call” (unsubstantiated semi-emergency call based on highly exaggerated information while ignoring common sense FACTUAL INFORMATION – all apparently intended to harass someone USING PUBLIC RESOURCES for performing a legal activity on their own property!  





So ANYWAY, Tuesday was a perfect morning for such work except for the light rain showers that periodically fell because I needed at least 30 minutes for the Roundup to dry set  before any moisture could dilute its efficiency which naturally would defeat the whole expensive and time consuming exercise.  (I think that’s another reason these folks pissed me off so much as I have worked extremely hard for decades keeping both properties fire safe then JOKERS like these play games that only increase taxes and irritate neighbors.)

So I’m preparing for another Roundup spray (if rain stops long enough for the set) but my dog starts barking at the bottom corner of the residential property.   First thought?   Ah OH – the BIG PREGNANT SKUNK?   (Unfortunately turned out to be my calling Skunks! lol)

I tell her to quiet down, she does, but she starts barking again at the same spot. This happens multiple times until I stopped what I was doing and responded and walked over there to look.   I admit to sometimes not “catching” what she is telling me but she trains me well and have learned she will not stop barking until I understand and clearly acknowledge to her I see what she’s pointing out.  So I finally walk over to the corner and look up through the perimeter landscaping and instead of seeing a vulture on a fence post, or cat crossing the deer trail, I see this……..


This wasn’t a big deal because folks often stop in that area because the road has a fairly clear and visible wide sweeping curve (however, going too far off the road is dangerous – a vehicle once rolled over and down that very steep embankment but fortunately the driver was uninjured) and is used to stop and talk on the phone or look at the valley view – perhaps even take a glance at my 87′ x 87′ Tarantula weed-eated into the hillside every year. I mention this only to explain vehicles stopping in that area is of no great surprise. Thanked Liz and continued with my work. She starts barking again, but this time closer to the corner. Did someone get out of the vehicle? I walk over there again, nope, just the truck sitting off on the edge of the road. (Glad their exhaust system didn’t catch those weeds on fire as I haven’t made it to that side yet. Heck, may not even do it this year – why encourage or make it easier for such crap from those kind of people? lol

Reassure Liz everything is OK but the cycle repeats. This is when I pulled out my camera took some photos and video of the now suspicious vehicle. I do not believe they were unaware of the radio since it was turned up or Liz’s repeated barking, they just didn’t care – more interested in something else – that’s what alerted me something was wrong and they might not be the “regular good folks” who occasionally stop for whatever reason.

Could they be my “ANONYMOUS CDF/CALFIRE/SHERIFF CALLERS OF THE PAST?” Could they truly be concerned about my ongoing work? I mull over the pros and cons of contacting them eventually deciding to walk around to the corner and confront them.

Liz and I go through the open gate around to the corner, I tell her to settle down. I’m drinking a Mountain Dew and asked if there was something I could help them with.

Said something about an unattended fire, and I look over at the campsite and see a small column of smoke from the debris pile which was quite small and clearly raked together in the clearing, told them it was a fire, was attended, it was a burn day, I had a valid permit and the proper tools and water. I was told they had called CALFIRE, I said the should mind their own business. Liz and I returned to the ATV and drove the north firebreak, took a left down the west fire break, then another left on the mid-trail. Sopped and continued our raking work from cuts made days earlier.

I would occasionally glace up to see the pickup still there, but with my gate open wanted to make sure they didn’t steal anything but they just sat there dutifully watching on their “NO CLUE-O DUO” FIRE SAFETY STAKEOUT POSITION above the SE corner of my property.

Yup, never changed my plans and continued raking the next burn pile with the ODD COUPLE sitting there watching. We were both waiting for the same thing: a responding CALFIRE firetruck to arrive with personnel to correct this horrible safety violation. Yes, quite confident I had nothing to hide or conceal I just kept raking and talking to Liz about our audience.

I was chuckling to myself about all the different ways other people might handle such a situation. Just below that steep embankment is another burn pile location – no doubt some folks might have thought it the perfect time to surreptitiously sneak over there and light a small pile so that a huge cloud of smoke would suddenly billow up and envelope our safety citizens on stake out. <drifting music>……Can you imagine that “NO CLUE ‘O DUO” conversation? <drifting music fades into video inside the “stake out” pickup….

DRIVER: “Can’t wait till he rushes over to stop the smoke, is the camera ready? We’ve got to get a photo of him at the site before they get here”

PASSENGER” “Yes dear, all set…..I know the routine……but wait….Look! He’s not going over to the smoke… he’s going somewhere else… he’s raking somewhere else – he’s not putting out the smoke”

DRIVER: “Don’t fret my creepy sneaky, just wait. He knows the FIRETRUCK is on its way he will stop the smoke before they get here for sure – they always do.

PASSENGER: “Even with us sitting here watching…

DRIVER: “Doesn’t matter, he’ll just take the long way around, but he’ll eventually go over and stop the smoke you’ll see…. we got him now”

PASSENGER: “Then we say he put out a blaze just before the truck arrives right?

DRIVER: “Yes, we got ’em for sure this time Foocums. He knows they’ll be here soon, he’ll stop the smoke and that will only make him look guilty for sure…..let me see the camera”

PASSENGER: “Sure Daddy, it’s right here…..”

THEN as both look down at the camera on the vehicle’s front seat the entire pickup is suddenly and inexplicably engulfed in a spontaneously generated thick cloud of dense vegetative burn smoke. Their eyes raise to view absolutely nothing but their horrified screaming faces reflected back through the increasingly darkening smoke stained glass windows. The swirling smoke is quickly augmented with animal-like grunting chants while trash can metal lids bang in a tribal like rhythm immediately outside the vehicle and growing closer …..

The vehicle starts but the thick smoke is sucked in like a vacuum through the AC system and quickly distributed within the interior as both occupants continue screaming in disbelief….

DRIVER: “I don’t know which way the wheels are turned…..I don’t know which way to steer….. if I put it in gear and drive we might go off the embankment!”

PASSENGER: (Violently coughing and choking) “Oh Daddy, what are we going to do?”

I chuckled and continued to rake the cut weeds. Liz continued to look back at the “emergency calling junkies” parked on the side of the embankment.

ANYWAY, people handle things differently. Only a few minutes before the firetruck arrived the Black Dodge Ram 1500 pickup with the “NO CLUE’O DUO” slowly pulled away from their stakeout position.

Hey! It’s a burn day! Maybe more later. Have some other photos I’d like to share.

Later, Lew

Wednesday, May 13th continued…….2223hrs

Yes, I should not permit such little things to bother me so much, however, the issue is not once or twice dealing with such nonsense, but many times through the decades.  I will admit the last few episodes have been without the traditional notoriety of sirens and flashing emergency lights which is GREATLY APPRECIATED as their legally required attendance is embarrassing enough which is precisely why SOME complainants make such harassing reports – they attempt to dissuade others from participating in legal activities the complaining party does not personally support or condone.

ANYWAY,  this last incident also did not show up in the Sheriff’s log, which is also nice.  (I avoid calling to prevent such public pronouncements of “iffy” or just “heads up” issues in my neighborhood.  If it’s worth reporting I’ll send it in writing so there is no confusion with any second, third, etc reiterations.  Recently I sent an email with photos to Animal Control regarding an extremely large Black & White Skunk.

See it? To the right of the Oak tree in the dirt path? Doesn’t look like it from so far away but that is a large Skunk.

Pregnant? That was Mom’s guess and the internet says birthing indeed occurs April – May.  Or, possibly diseased because such nocturnal animals should not be seen in daylight?  Again, internet says not necessarily so for the Black & White variety …. but you never know and I would feel horrible if someone or their pet was injured by a diseased/rabid wild animal wandering the neighborhood which I saw and failed to report.     CRAP!  Hope it wasn’t a domesticated B&W that ventured off from a loving exotic pet home somewhere? ….. You never know.  Perhaps its the one that skunked Liz  a few months back?

ANYWAY….an ANONYMOUS (or any mouse) COMPLAINT is a safe way to be confrontational because the person can challenge someone else’s activity without putting their own name and identity behind the matter if information turns out incorrect and harms another.  

If I observed something I honestly believed to be a fire threat on vacant land (especially if located near my residence) which has obviously been subjected to numerous installed firebreaks and trails for decades, the first thing I would do is ascertain if it was an active controlled burn project or wild grass fire, (versus a smoldering spent controlled burn pile – which which could of course still represent a hazard IF OTHER COMBUSTIBLES WERE CLOSE ENOUGH FOR IGNITION – 10′ minimum – but even that distance is not enough with high winds – circumstances dictate the activity); confined or growing fire? – which would take only a few seconds observation to determine in a tall dry grass environment.  

If no one was observed near the stationary non expanding isolated smoke, I’d honk the vehicle’s horn and holler “Anyone there?”  “You OK?”  Something like that.   (Someone might be temporarily out of sight, or injured, you know….folks expire while performing physical property-landscaping activities all the time and being in Rattlesnake country would probably only increase that possibility.)  If I couldn’t locate someone nearby or identify a residence likely associated with the property, (is there a gate to an adjacent property?    Closed?  If OPEN, is there current activity on the adjacent property?)  Heck, if the area of concern was not fenced and easily accessible  by obvious dirt trails and perimeter fire breaks, I’d walk there myself and check it out to make sure someone didn’t need help or that a fire might start and spread.  

But that’s me and there is no doubt many folks (perhaps even a majority now considering the left drift of our country) would disagree with taking any personal action or responsibility in the matter at all – after all, that’s why complaints are confidential – just call authorities tell them what you observe and honestly believe to be a violation of law or danger and let them sort out what the facts are and if a threat indeed exists.    

Whether the complaint was legitimate and makes sense considering the circumstances; an unfortunate misunderstanding; or even an example of the tried and true method of harassment practiced by the unscrupulous without accountability – the actual intent precipitating the call really doesn’t matter at all to emergency responders.   They receive a call, they respond.  Can you imagine it any other way?  Like the “boy who cried wolf”, yeah?

You know, a few times I even called in advance to say “it’s a burn day, I’m burning”, but then thought such calls might be considered annoying (at least to new employees in the last 30 years), yet, then again, isn’t responding to a none hazard with a full compliment also annoying and potentially drawing limited resources from  other more serious and deserving responsibilities?  

Regardless of the motives behind the call and what happens from that point on, no biggie, the complaining party remains anonymous unless brought to court on some other related matter legally requiring their identity.

Yup, I have no problem with any of the above with the exception of intent being immaterial to such situations when it is used to  camouflage a less than sincere belief such a call was necessary.  What did Pete Kampa and his State Water Board supporters, his CSDA, etc. do under cover of a legitimate drought emergency?  Just more false information and fabricated official government documents to conceal forty years of CALIFORNIA SPECIAL DISTRICT FRAUD perpetrated against every single property owner in the LAKE DON PEDRO subdivision since formation in August 1980 when they became mandatory customers for a groundwater substitution program for LAFCO (Local Agency Formation Commission) Annexations outside the water license permitted place of use for Merced River water.   Complete with “Deep State” operatives and supporters who ran internal interference for the 20 year California Special District Association (CSDA) board director and Lake Don Pedro general manager/treasurer. And the State Water Board?  Sacramento?  Washington DC?  The deceit  NEVER ENDS!  Look what Obama, Biden and their criminal cohorts have done to innocent patriots of this country to derail President Trump – all to protect their leftist goals and increase an ANTI-FREEDOM GRIP on a dumbed down American population thanks to the continuing betrayal by LAME STREAM NEWS SOURCES.  Just never ends until we do.

You know, I should be outside burning right now, but this whole “ANY MOUSE” complaint system bothers me and I didn’t sleep well last night – hum, distraction and exhaustion, not a great combo when performing dangerous work yeah? Ahh, the rest will probably be helpful, besides, I now have a couple of new projects to pursue.

What ever happened to simple respect for others?    

Later, Lew

PS:  Did I mention the fact that from the time I was made aware of the telephone call to CALFIRE I simply returned to my raking work in the other area and never approached the “reported hazard area”.  All observed by the dutiful citizen complainants? I wanted responding personnel to see exactly what prompted the call without comments as to how I had changed the situation prior to CALFIRE ARRIVAL.  Wonder if that’s why the complainants left only minutes before their arrival?

Wow.  What horrid memories and realizations this most recent incident has triggered. There was something else important regarding this that I’ve failed to recall right now … maybe later.

You know, COVID-19 certainly isn’t the worst thing to have happened within this country.


WEDNESDAY, May 13th, 2020/1414hrs


I am sick and tired of OFFICIOUS INTER-MEDDLERS who call CALFIRE to report burning activity on someone else’s property when it is a lawful burn day under a valid permit and facilitated with the proper equipment.  I have been creating fire breaks on my property for over thirty years (cut, rake and burn) and have never had any fire leave the designated burn area covered by the permit.    Obviously burning in a drought prone foothill area is inherently dangerous and I have experienced the alarming “flare up” which catches you off guard and teaches some valuable lessons – fortunately with only the loss of a few more weeds designated for destruction anyway.   

The whole point of removing flammable material from your property is to prevent unwanted fire damage – not to accidentally cause the same during prevention activities.

Some people do not approve of debris fuel burning for any reason – and that same mentality assisted in allowing our forests to become too fuel heavy and far more dangerous when fire does occur.   Some folks will even attempt to stop such legal activity they don’t like by harassing those who do burn by reporting to the authorities an emergency situation that SIMPLY DOES NOT EXIST.  Sometimes such reports are motivated for the simple reason of animosity for the person involved.  Imagine that.

 The sad part is such disingenuous complainants get away with such activity because of the confidential nature of the complaint process.  Government wants citizens to report dangerous situations so as to avoid potential (and avoidable) damage, injury and/or death.   So, in the final analysis whether the complaint was legitimate or merely a way to wrongfully harass someone else without accountability – the identity of the complainant is essentially scared and protected and victims will never be able to discover who was actually responsible for the false report and any resulting distress or inconvenience.  (Of course, if another situation were to develop that was caused by a false report then the complainant’s identity might be ascertained through a separate cause of action in court to address any damages sustained as a result of that false report…. say if someone experienced a heart attack or something with the evidence supporting a conclusion the report was indeed unfounded, malicious and specifically intended to harass the victim. )  

Let me be clear:   I have no problem with folks reporting to the authorities something they truly believe represents a legitimate danger and many times I have sincerely thanked folks who stopped by and inquired about what was going on, however, when such common sense alternatives are bypassed or completely ignored (talk to those present in the area) one must consider the possibility such a call was just another attempt (among many) to harass and inconvenience others using FREE public services. 

Yesterday was the first time I have ever advised such a complainant to “mind their own business” —

(got tired of the dog barking at their presence and confronted them as to what they were doing for several minutes stopped on the road above overlooking my work) [should I have called in a vehicle code roadway traffic hazard and misuse of emergency flashers? lol]

— and that bothers me because if someone were honestly motivated to make such a call I’d have no problem with their actions –  but I’m sick of officious intermeddlers who call in serious complaints without first reasonably confirming a realistic threat even exists. (Unnecessary waste of emergency services as well.)

SO….. Dear Black Dodge Ram 1500 occupants from yesterday @ 1142hrs – let’s compare notes on your reported incident and see where reasonableness begins and ends. Would photos of your vehicle, you and your activities help speed up this identity process?

Had I been able to obtain your COMPLAINANT names I would have just called.

My best to you and yours, Lew


Sunday, May 10th, 2020

HAPPY DAY…….to all you Mothers out there! lol

Serious questions still remain following Governor Newsom mask deals…

THURSDAY, April 23rd, 2020/1100hrs

Hello! Hope you are all weathering this new American experience satisfactorily. You know, when you think about it, this has most likely been a good experience for us as a country as it is linked to many “contentious issues” that the DEM LEFT has pushed for decades (open borders, sanctuary cities/states, anti-Constitutional policies and regulations, etc.) which I believe are responsible for much of the mess.

No doubt some of these problems have been intentionally fabricated in order for the False Flag attack to be convincing (ie, one party secretly creates problems (usually to their own advantage) to further confuse, divide and weaken the TRUE SUBJECT of acquisition and control (primary adversary); blames a “False Flag third party” as the actual perpetrator for all the trouble; then proposes a solution to assist their target adversary – (which again, whether successful or not – is constructed to guarantee benefits to the responsible manipulating party); which then takes on the responsibility for corrective measures – for which they are also highly compensated. Stop the problem to their benefit, or let it continue to fester unrexolved to their increasing benefit as well! Just one big con to get what the LEFT desires. (Perhaps a country like China?)

The DEM SOCIALIST LEFT blames CONSERVATIVES for failures within the country which might result in ANY death, injury, harm, annoyance, loss, etc. to anyone within country to garner their collective disgruntled votes – (and to provide right to vote if none exists)

and dividing Americans into subgroups makes this process much easier. Why attempt to “convert” one large cohesive group of “FREE American citizens” when they could be more easily manipulated and exploited when divided it into smaller groups with their own particular interests –

(determined by whatever criteria desirable or available such as race, religion, sex, social cause, etc.)

– then simply promise each group whatever they desire while explaining only those nasty selfish conservatives prevent their dreams from becoming reality, therefore: Vote DEM SOCIALIST LEFT for the FREE STUFF you need and want!)


when in actuality the DEM SOCIALIST LEFT seeks the conquest of our Constitutional Republican form of Democracy.

They claim to want true, 100% democracy, when what they truly seek is the tyranny that results when a simply majority of often uninformed citizens rule. Gee, wonder if that has anything to do with sanctuary status and voting rights?

ANYWAY, there are rules and regulations to prevent foreseeable loss, injury or harm, and of course there are also exceptions to those rules during emergency or exigent circumstances, however, what is the truthful underlying intent for circumventing these traditional procedures? What truly drives decisions which seem to defy basic common sense? Sure is hard to look into another person’s heart and mind for what truly motivates them but as citizens we sure as hell can look at the past activities of our politicians for clues regarding suspicious activities and I have observed a consistent disregard for the opinion of the legal citizens of this state and an honest, reasonable use of public funds. The below story might turn out to be another good example, yeah?

Almost done with another LAME regarding the above. Maybe tonight – but first……seasonal fire breaks! later!

Ahhh, what the heck….weeds will be there tomorrow also! lol

Friday, April 17th, 2020/1940hrs

As is so common, after uploading and downloading I discovered some mistakes (missed when others were caught – lol). Oh well, such is life. Hope you are all doing well with this “hunker down” exercise. When not busy tracking and hunting down a wild 5+ year old sliced Ham in the foothill darkness, I stay active finding lost clothing, tools and other stuff. lol

ANYWAY, sure sounds like a more reasonable explanation is beginning to materialize regarding how this pandemic, which has caused so much pain and loss to so many people, actually started. Can you imagine what other even more lethal viruses are stockpiled all over the world in such bio-labs?

Sen. Rick Scott: WHO Failed the World with COVID-19 Pandemic
“Amid the coronavirus pandemic and Communist China’s New Cold War with the United States, the World Health Organization (WHO) has served as a puppet for the Chinese Communist Party,” Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL) writes in Fox News.
“American taxpayers are the largest contributor to the WHO budget. There needs to be accountability for their failures and their willingness to help China hide the coronavirus from the world.”
Click here to read more.
New information from a Justice Department inspector general report on the FBI’s spying into the 2016 Trump campaign should concern every American. “Let [this] sink in. The FBI knew that at least some of its evidence against the Trump campaign, and maybe more, was likely part of a Russian disinformation campaign,” Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) writes in The Wall Street Journal.
President Trump released an Easter Sunday greeting video from the White House yesterday. “This Easter will be much different than others because in many cases, we’ll be separated physically only from our churches . . . We’re getting rid of the plague,” he said. “We’re winning the battle.” Read more from Charlie Spiering in Breitbart.
“As we medical professionals brace for the influx of patients and make the necessary preparations, I am reassured by the seriousness with which President Donald Trump is taking the situation and by the specific assistance his administration has provided doctors and other professionals on the front line of this pandemic,” Robin Armstrong writes in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

Monday, April 13th, 2020/1015hrs LEW HERE AGAIN IN BETWEEN INSERTS – lol

30 days today not leaving my home (includes property landscaping). Received this article and believe it a necessary part in understanding what is happening to this entire world compliments of the Chinese Communist Party. Realize, the USA has just passed Italy in the rising death rate due to the Wuhan China COVID-19 disease. Read this article and think back to all the businesses and property being purchased by the Chinese in California alone. (Use to be dedicated buses of Chinese cruising this state buying up massive plats of land, farm and commercial.)

Folks, the DNC and NATIONAL MEDIA, with their rabid radical left direction for decades, has sold this State and our entire country to China with ONLY OUR PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP AND HIS ADMINISTRATION representing the best chance of reclaiming our state and country from the communists. (Apparently they (communists) only have another 38 years left on their 100 year goal of irradiating the USA in completion of their world domination.) PLEASE! Do not confuse the people of a country with the politics of their geographical area!

Yes, I know, I’m shocked to be writing this as well. But look at the facts and what is happening to our UNITED STATES of AMERICA. Democrats create and exploit every single weakness – REGARDLESS OF THE DAMAGE TO OUR COUNTRY and CITIZENS – so long as they (democrats) achieve their goals and that means further alignment with the CHINESE COMMUNIST PARTY of the PEOPLES REPUBLIC OF CHINA against the UNITED STATES of AMERICA.

Again…. do not confuse the often innocent people of a country with the political world objectives of their “party”.


Was COVID-19 only a “softening agent” for communist control of the world? Keep your eyes on the South China sea and the military buildup in that prized shipping lane.

“Hidd’n Biden as a US president after his obvious betrayal of our country and citizens just to personally cash in on the Chinese invasion of our country? Makes my skin crawl!

Subject: Italy sold down the river…why not USA?

Subject: Italy sold down the river…why not USA?

Montecalvo, Lombardy, Italy.

As I sit here in my involuntary isolation, it was just reported that overnight 743 more people died and 5,249 new cases have been reported. This brings the total cases of infection to 69,176 and the body count to 6,820. We take relief in knowing that 8,326 people have recovered so far. (Numbers as of 3/24, 8:30pm in Italy.)

Most towns here in Italy, from the upper reaches of the Alps to the ancient shores of Sicilia and Sardenia, while not deserted, are closer to being ghost towns than the bustling centers of tourism, business and daily life they were just a few weeks ago.

Stores and shops have been shuttered. Restaurants and coffee shops no longer serve customers. Schools, universities, sporting arenas.. even our museums and theaters.. all closed. Even the Vatican City has closed its gates and armed patrols monitor the 20 foot tall walls that protect it!

Streets and roads are now empty for as far as the eye can see. Normally they would be filled with crazed Italian drivers in tiny cars and scooters (the ones that sound like demonic insects) darting here and there, reaching the limits of centrifugal force on our roundabouts. In the piazze of our towns and cities, there are now officially more pigeons than people.

Many of us know someone who has been infected and recovered. Some of us know someone who did not recover.. now they are dead. But everyone knows someone who has been affected by this microscopic monster in one way or another.

Sixty million of us are in lockdown.. it is like a war zone here. We are being held prisoner in our own homes by an unseen enemy that sneaked in unnoticed.. by most of us. As you will read in just a few more minutes, there were those who knew something like this was coming.. or at least they should have.

So who is to blame? With all this craziness swirling like a whirlpool at our feet, I just had to find the blame answer. And so I have spent my free time (of which I have a lot in these days) digging and researching. I was literally shocked to discover how this has come to be.

I am not going to bore you with talk of Patient ‘0’ who spread it to Patient ‘1’ and how mathematics efficiently explains the rapid expansion of infection. No.. I am going to tell you how (as I see it) the virus came to Italy.

It has everything to do with communists. Allow me to explain.

Beginning in about 2014, Matteo Renzi, the imbecile ex-mayor of Firenze (Florence) acting as the leader of the Partito Democratico (synonymous with the Italian Communist party), somehow managed to get himself elected as Italy’s Prime Minister. To give you a proper frame of reference, Matteo Renzi was so far left, he would make Barack Obama look like Barry Goldwater!

At the same time that Renzi was leading Italy into oblivion, strange things were happening in Italy’s economy. Banks were failing.. but not closing. Retirement ages were being extended.. for some reason the pension funds were dwindling or disappearing. The national sales tax we call IVA (Value Added Tax) rose from 18% to 20%, then to 21% and again to 22%.

And in the midst of all this financial chicanery, the Chinese began furiously buying up Italian real estate and businesses in the North.

Now the reason I mention Renzi and the Chinese together is that strange things were also going on between the governments of Italy and China. A blind eye was being turned to the way the Chinese were buying businesses in the financial, telecommunication, industrial and fashion sectors of Italy’s economy, all of which take place in Milano.

To be brief.. China was getting away with purchases and acquisitions in violation of Italian law and EU Trade Agreements with the US and the UK.. and no one in either of those countries (not Obama in the US or Cameron in the UK) said a thing in their country’s defense. As a matter of fact, much of it was hidden from the public in all three countries.

In 2014, China infused the Italian economy with ,5 billion through purchases of companies costing less than ,100 million each. By the time Renzi left office (in disgrace) in 2016, Chinese acquisitions had exceeded ,52 billion. When the dust settled, China owned more than 300 companies.. representing 27% of the major Italian corporations.

The Bank of China now owns five major banks in Italy.. all of which had been secretly (and illegally) propped up by Renzi using pilfered pension funds! Soon after, the China Milano Equity Exchange was opened and much of Italy’s wealth was being funneled back to the Chinese mainland.

Chinese state entities own Italy’s major telecommunication corporation (Telecom) as well as its major utilities (ENI and ENEL). Upon entry into the telecommunication market, Huawei established a facility in Segrate, a suburb of Milano. It launched is first research center there and worked on the study of microwaves which has resulted in the possibly-dangerous technology we call 5G.

China also now owns controlling interest in Fiat-Chrysler, Prysmian and Terna. You will be surprised to know that when you put a set of Pirelli tires on your car, the profits are going to China. Yep.. the Chinese colossus of ChemChina, a chemical industry titan, bought that company too!

Last but not least is Ferretti yachts.. the most prestigious yacht builder in Europe. Incredibly, it is no longer owned by the Ferretti family.

But the sector in which Chinese companies invested most was Italy’s profitable fashion industry. The Pinco Pallino, Miss Sixty, Sergio Tacchini, Roberta di Camerino and Mariella Burani brands have been acquired by 100%.

Designer Salvatore Ferragamo sold 16% and Caruso sold 35%. The most famous case is Krizia, purchased in 2014 by Shenzhen Marisfrolg Fashion Company, one of the leaders of high-priced, ready-to-wear fashions in Asia.

Throughout all of these purchases and acquisitions, Renzi’s government afforded the Chinese unrestricted and unfettered access to Italy and its financial markets, many coming through without customs inspections.

Quite literally, tens of thousands of Chinese came in through Milano (illegally) and went back out carrying money, technology and corporate secrets.

Thousands more were allowed to enter and disappeared into shadows of Milano and other manufacturing cities of Lombardy, only to surface in illegal sewing shops, producing knock-off designer clothes and slapping ‘Made In Italy’ labels on them. All with the tacit approval of the Renzi government.

It was not until there was a change in the governing party in Italy that the sweatshops and the illegal entry and departure of Chinese nationals was stopped. Matteo Salvini, representing the Lega Nord party, closed Italy’s ports to immigrants and systematically began disassembling the sweatshops and deporting those in Italy illegally.

But his rise to power was short-lived. Italy is a communist country.. socialism is in the national DNA. Ways were found to remove Salvini, after which the communist party, under the direction of Giuseppe Conte, reopened the ports. Immediately, thousands of unvetted, undocumented refugees from the Middle East and East Africa began pouring in again.

Access was again provided to the Chinese, under the old terms, and as a consequence thousands of Chinese, the majority from Wuhan, began arriving in Milano.

In December of last year, the first inklings of a coronavirus were noticed in Lombardy.. in the Chinese neighborhoods. There is no doubt amongst senior medical officials that the virus was brought here from China.

By the end of January 2020 cases were being reported left and right. By mid-February the virus was beginning to seriously overload the Lombardy hospitals and medical clinics. They are now in a state of collapse.

The Far-Left politicians sold out and betrayed the Italian people with open border policies and social justice programs. One of the reasons the health care system collapsed so quickly is because the Renzi government (and now continued under the Conte government) redirected funds meant to sustain the medical system, to pay for the tens of thousands of immigrants brought in to Italy against the will of the Italian people.

If you remember the horrible earthquake that decimated the villages around Amatricia, in the mountains east of Rome in 2015, you would also remember how the world responded by sending millions of dollars to help those affected.

But there is a law in Italy that prevents private donations to charitable Italian organizations. All money and donations received must be turned over to a government agency, who in turn is to appropriate the funds as needed. But that agency is corrupt just as are all the others.

Most of the money never reached a single victim in the mountains. The Renzi government redirected the vast majority of those funds to pay for the growing immigrant and refugee costs.

As the economy worsened under the burden of illegal immigration, compounded by gross government spending and incompetence, unemployment rose quickly.. especially among young people. The unemployment rate for men and women under age 35 is close to 40%.

So more money was diverted from the health care system and used to pay what is known here as guaranteed income. Whether you work or not you are paid here, especially if you belong to the PD! The government simply raises taxes on those who do work.

Let me give you a quick example of the height of insanity to which Italian taxation has risen. If you live in a building that has a balcony or balconies.. and any of those balconies cast a shadow on the ground, you must pay a public shadow tax! I will say no more!

The point I am trying to make here is that not only did the Chinese bring the virus to Italy (and the rest of the world) it was far-Left politics and policies that facilitated it.

This should hopefully be a warning to Americans that while they work to rid themselves of the China Virus, they should just as vehemently endeavor to rid their government of any politician that circumvents the Constitution and ignores the laws of the land.. plain and simple.

Giacomino Nicolazzo is one of Italy’s most beloved writers. Born and raised in Central Pennsylvania, he lives in a small village in Lombardy where he writes his books.

SATURDAY, April 11th, 2020/1733hrs


Diarrhea and/or constipation

Might depend on what one eats

However stomach cramps, vomiting and dizziness

Might suggest expired meat

Like the management of COVID-19

Opinions on food expiration vary often

But infection by virus or simple food poisoning

Either one could lead to a coffin

When in doubt toss it out

Being frugal shouldn’t sacrifice safety

Big lesson to learn in rotating reserves

Because I haven’t bought meat like this lately

FREEZER EXPLORATION DIARY: Just after sunup our party made another treacherous decent into the frozen wasteland with Curt actually having threatened two band members (names not important) with various physical injuries if they continued their initial refusal to participate in the search for more food.   Yes, Curtis can be quite the motivator.  They sure listened and it didn’t take much coaxing after Curt reminded them with graphic specificity exactly what he did to a drummer once (name not important) who had rudely clipped his nails (I’m assuming fingernails, but who knows with these guys?) during a rehearsal with one of the offending clippings somehow becoming wedged between the F and F# keys of the Casio during a rather lengthy LAME recording.  Although that incident happened years ago I admit to still cringing at the thought of what Curt did to that “individual” every time I clip my own nails – and no!,  I was not the infamous previously Curt-ti-zed Drummer.   I recall one of the “options” Curt detailed recently involved an atypically shaped icicle and the speed at which such would melt given the threatened circumstances.    Yes, the journey continued without any further objections as to the potential dangers involved.

After approximately two hours of winding our way between several varying sized blocks of solidly frozen mystery meat and questionable home bagged packages of assorted vegetable matter, we finally arrived at the heart of our soon to be unexplored ice cave.  The cavern was quite a sight in its own with the various shapes, arrangement and colors of the different packages forming the walls, floor and ceiling but especially so under the reflective illumination from the powerful LED lights attached to our helmets.  These light beams would occasionally create frighteningly effective illusions of danger with only shadows that were constantly dancing about the irregular cave environment.  Just a momentary glance while in stride might suddenly present a large open crevasse in the ice floor directly in front of you – you instinctively jerk back in survival panic at a large dark shadow which only quickly disappears into the cold when another band member’s light erases the illusion in answer to your little girl like scream.  It’s hard to explain, but those ice cave shadows were almost sinister in their deception.  Yup, very creepy. 

Looking to the north was a tall cliff of stacked Jimmy Dean breakfast ham, cheese and egg plastic wrapped sandwiches which, had they remained in their original packaged boxes, would have represented little concern for our safety, but as they had already been removed from those boxes for easier transportation in ice chests at time of purchase, they now became a constant moving nuisance to our journey with periodic falls of four sandwich packages further blocking egress beyond our base camp ice cave.  East of our position was a loosely packed conglomeration of boxes and bags containing waffles, hotdogs, garlic bread, etc. which appeared fairly stable assuming the underlying support structure below the cave floor remained intact.  To the south was the most dangerous situation imaginable for this frosty environment – an extremely large gold foil wrapped Ham delicately balanced on a poorly constructed stand of boxed vegetables, hamburger patties, chicken breasts, two steaks, and a pound of bacon.  The bacon!  Of all the items in there, if not for that flat, thin package of bacon…. had we only known in advance just how sensitive to movement that frozen plank of plastic wrapped bacon really was…..we could have avoided the injury to Curt’s leg…..along with the harrowing hike out of that frozen hell.  (Not to mention Curt’s flair for unabashed cursing and swearing the entire way home.)  West of our position was a naturally formed large plastic shelf supporting an untold number of individually boxed and bagged items which also appeared to be fairly and safely stored.        

Setting up the base camp should have been the clue for abandoning the quest and simply returning home but the gnawing hunger and boisterous growling of stomachs forced our perseverance forward.  Then, it happened, in one simple misguided attempt to slightly modify and reposition the frozen slab of bacon – the unthinkable was set into irrevocable motion – that frozen bacon – now moving sliding bacon – complete with a slightly audible squeal produced by the friction between it and the ice floor below – melting and sliding – sounding almost like a cry for help.   Yes! That’s it, a squeaking cry for assistance from its closet meat relative – that large mountainous gold foil wrapped Ham!

Immediately after this melting ice cry from the bacon below that enormous Ham began to slowly shift position and then, accented with the unmistakable sound of crackling ice crystals, that pig started its heavy tumble down to the ice floor below releasing several other precariously positioned items in the wall as well.  Packaged food, ice, and large chunks of frost under the heavy handed influence of gravity crackled and squealed its way to our position.  We were suddenly engulfed in a full scale frozen food avalanche the likes of which still cause me to shudder with only the thought. 

Well, I’ve spent too much time on this already, obviously, all band members were ultimately able to dig themselves out to safety and have learned from that horror.  Each of us has personally vowed to never permit such a dangerous condition to develop and/or exist to such a point again, however, one big question still remained as we worked to clear that frozen environment of expired and potentially dangerous food: 

what to do with a large 5+ year old frozen ham?    

I suggested a “no eat bar-b-que” since putting it in the trash was out of the question due to the eventual decaying smell – but you know Curt… he is still quite angry about his injured leg and thought a re-kill of the offending Ham a far more appropriate use of our limited time.   

You know, working with this crew is a real pain in the ass sometimes.  Later.

Wednesday, April 8th, 2020/ 0130+?

Leading another expedition into the garage freezer tomorrow if all goes well. It was touch and go today a couple of times but fortunately none of us were seriously hurt, (band members-lol), but now two of them refuse to go back claiming it “just wasn’t worth it”. I admit, there are things down there, strange things, deep down below the frost and ice in the depths of that box of frozen expiration dates counted and racked in terms of years not months. More like a frozen museum of peculiar things I do not recognize as ever having had purchased or storing for someone else – strange shapes, sizes, assorted packaging, like looking into another person’s world of edible clutter and digestible trophies of whatever. Yes, very, very deep into a subzero world that time forgot – maybe tomorrow we will be ready to dig in and discover exactly what has been concealed beneath all the unmarked paper, plastic and tinfoil. Surely better than a four+ month old yogurt. later. maybe. lol

My best to you and yours, Lew

TUESDAY, APRIL 7th, 2020/0015hrs

APRIL 1st, 2020/1850hrs

CRAP CRAP CRAP! lol (you’ll see) Found some time for a revision of the last LAME. Take care everyone! We’ll get through this.

Tuesday, March 31st, 2020

Have to play around with this stuff or I forget how to do it—fingers get stiff also. Use it or lose it right? lol Hope you are all making the best out of this historical situation. So many questions – especially in light as to the timing of that gigantic Red Herring Fraud of an impeachment process. Was it just about HRC not winning the 2016 or perhaps something more diabolical in making sure the LEFT was in the driver’s seat if the unthinkable happened, you know, domestic civil unrest; nuclear or biological warfare on home ground; national supply chains severed or severely restricted, etc all that “it’s only a movie” stuff only a few weeks ago. Welcome to the new world environment of extremely suspicious viruses.

Can you imagine what DEM SOCIALIST LEFTISTS would be doing to our country’s CONSTITUTION right now if their coup de tat on the TRUMP PRESIDENCY had been successful? – Or even further back to the crowning of their Democratus TermiteISIS queen HRC? “Gee, we really hate to do this (what we’ve been trying to do for decades) but due to this horrible “________________” (fill in blank – this case virus) all Constitutional Rights are suspended and marshal law is in effect until further notice.

Look how they had already hijacked and wrongfully utilized government assets, top law enforcement and intelligence agencies for their criminal conspiracy to remove OUR PRESIDENT….can you imagine the politically motivated ANTI-AMERICAN government overreach that would be immediately implemented for perpetuity?

PHEW! Anyway, I’m attempting to use this hunker time to organize things a little bit better. Cleaning my place is a bit of an adventure because there are built in little rewards for the effort, along with disgusting discoveries of forgotten chores too – like mummified mice in traps….”Oh yeah, forgot about that one….” “sure explains that smell a while back”….etc. Good stuff too – actually found some more clean laundered clothing that had been missing for several weeks again. Hey, you can only wear a few things at once anyway, right? Yup, this “down time” is like shopping at home! (Cool thing is most of it fits without any returns! lol)

MONDAY, March 30th, 2020/ 1709hrs


Old LAME background with comments about the COVID-19 VIRUS RELEASE PLAYING NEAR YOU. So much to digest, but if I understand some of what is NOT BEING SAID, apparently it is expected that everyone on earth will eventually be infected with this virus (under normal living conditions – might be a good time to live on a space station somewhere yeah?) unless naturally immune or can remain negative until the vaccine is developed. OK. Did you folks already know that the 2002-2003 SARS Epidemic was fueled with accidental virus releases from a laboratory? I don’t recall that particular tidbit, but have always considered such was certainly possible. Can you imagine how many such bio labs exist on this planet that are involved with virus research? Like mentioned a while back, who really knows how many of the ailments suffered by residents of this planet have already actually been cooked up in a lab and released for some reason. Whether by accident or intent may not even matter anymore? Only the reality of existence.

Still find it frighteningly amazing how similar all the SCI FI STUFF is to our new virus environment. Only thing missing is the Zombie aspect. You know, if a crazed zombie bites you – you become a zombie, and so on….hummm, virus transference. Don’t recall right now, has there ever been a zombie movie where the transformation of humans took place due to viral transference involving a Walmart store door handle? What about money as a vehicle? Sneeze into a Benjamin and pass on the inevitability of a zombie disease ? Wonder when Tyvek bio-suits and SCBA (Self contained Breathing Apparatus) gear will be common place clothing and accessories hanging in “still human” hallway closets next to the assault rifle and/or shotgun? Wonder if all that stuff will be tax deductible as a necessary living expense/apparel? Perhaps the IRS won’t even be around after the ultimate release giving way to simple government collection squads of zombies who just stop by and take whatever is left from a dwindling population of tolerant and accepting humans of the once great America?

Friday, March 27th, 2020/1406hrs

INTERESTING – but who really knows?

Bouncing from project to project today – intermittently checking the news about COVID-19, I wondered if a specific blood type (A, B, AB, or O) had any effect with immune responses to such viral infections as this Novel COVID-19. Although not yet subject to peer review, some Chinese research of people in the Wuhan area suggests Type A maybe more susceptible and O more resistant.

ANYWAY, I followed a couple of links (likely trying to look up unfamiliar terms and words – difficult reading if not educated in this field) and ended up with the below article from November 09 2015 that is absolutely fascinating. (But of course who knows if legitimate or not?) Again, at least for me, it was difficult reading with the constant interruption of having to lookup definitions of the jargon used in such scientific study and research – but still, absolutely wild.

So many astonishing things happening – just saw a program on television last night where the “matrix” of a pig’s bladder was used to grow the tip of a finger back! Bone, nerves, veins, fingernail – even the fingerprint was replicated perfectly when compared with a 40 year old military record! Came about with the study of Salamanders and how they can grow limbs back rather than like humans who clot, scab and scar. I recall watching the show and immediately imagining how every first aid box of the future will have sugar/salt like packets of “Miricle Matrix” for sprinkling on any wound, from lacerations to traumatic amputations. And yes! It has been successfully tested on a Vet who lost much of his leg muscle from an IED (Improvised Explosive Device) overseas. Apparently this Matrix co-ordinates and instructs the cells what to build according to what remains. I believe it was several weeks for the finger tip to grow back and there are a number of trials going on now. Imagine, although Pig heart valves have been used for many years as replacements for humans, now the bladder (routinely disposed of in slaughterhouses) can be used to harvest the matrix for regenerative medicine.

But again, that was a show on television and may not have explained everything….(yes, I believe it was authentic regenerative medical research) but you know me… I wondered, if someone growing a missing finger back and picked his nose with the finger that had this “Miracle Grow” on it…. and the inside of the nostril had a small bleeding cut……????? lol Yes, I thought of other situations but wanted to keep it clean. ha ha

ANYWAY, thank Heavens there are researchers who can study such things and discover or invent vaccines and cures for these deadly viruses, yet at the same time, if I’m understanding this article correctly, in order to understand such deadly viruses and how they react with other organisms (how the Horseshoe bat can transfer to a Civet, which in turn is the transference link to humans) they actually create viruses from different known and “mapped” existing strains to see how similar or different they are from the virus being studied.

See what I mean? In order to understand a deadly virus infecting the entire planet, they must create similar nightmare viruses in order to understand and document the current threat. Again, maybe I misunderstand, but essentially it seems as though “they” must create other nightmare virus threats in order to understand and defeat the current virus threat. Which is what worries me with this COVID-19. Was it naturally occurring as this article suggests others are, or was it created for research and accidentally exposed to the world outside the laboratory?

What do you think? I’ve got to get back to work but will probably be “feeding on – chewing on…. whatever” on this article for awhile – of course realizing I do not know if it is legit. Still I’ve learned something new. Later

Friday, March 27th, 2020/0030hrs – Lazy LAME in production – lol

How many of you have ever used a ration card? I did for two years decades ago while living outside the United States. Of course my card was an “old school” paper punch out where items of popular demand (or high expense) were printed on the card and every time that item was purchased that item description would be punched out on the card by the cashier. Bye bye that month’s ration for whatever. Next month, a new “full card” of items to purchase and consume or otherwise enjoy. (Ration cards assisted in preventing Department Of Defense inventory resale on the local black market.) Judging from the current reports on the news it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if we are all headed for such rationing on a more high tech level to control excessive public purchasing of common necessary items. Might even help with a new American diet plan for some citizens with difficulty in losing weight, Heck, I’ve already lost a few pounds without even trying! Just self rationing to postpone that inevitable shopping trip into a higher population density. Yikes! lol

Tuesday, March 24th, 2020

Hunkered down house cleaning, hunkered down property maintenance, hunkered down inventory and conservation of food. beverages, supplies, hunkered down recycling of an old LAME for this hunkered down hello, hunkered down frustration with the continuing DEM Left Socialist nonsense led by Nancy Pelosi and her hunkered down dancing leftist traitors……. hear the new and more accurate definitive term for this Covid-19 world crisis?…..(No wonder Democrats are so upset.) The CCP VIRUS, (Chinese Communist Party Virus). Wonder if it is related to the recently reported 21 million state monitored, health programmed, facially recognized – real ID cross linked banking & social security integrated Chinese cell phone accounts that were suddenly deleted from records while funeral homes and crematoriums were running 24/7 for weeks? Probably just some sort of weird coincidence, after all, the official report of actual deaths in China has been far below 4,000 people. (Obviously every single life is precious, but such a low report seems to defy probability.) I’m afraid we have only been partially educated as to this living nightmare introduction to our NEW VIRAL WORLD…..still waiting for the other boot to drop. Creepy, so many of these current news reports sound just like the news reports in all those old horror movies.

Let’s see, I’m forgetting something……

Wednesday, March 18th, 2020/2236hrs

Have a government job and are compensated with public funds yet refuse to perform your assigned duties because you don’t personally agree with the Trump Administration and its policies due to your Socialist-Left principles and goals? No problem. bye bye

TUESDAY, MARCH 17th, 2020/0835hrs

YOUR LUCKY DAY! I don’t have time for a LAME production – just the thought……

Confused Socialist-Left equality

Treats completely different things the same

Misdirects to incorrect solutions

A classic Democrat shell game

There’s nothing wrong with annexation

When meeting appropriate criteria

Regarding Lake Don Pedro water service

This requires annexing to proper area

Subdivision residents paid for their water

Through another layer of Owner Association rules

Created with intent to conserve precious water

Yet outsiders have treated us as fools

Even agency name was a slight of hand

As water company was intended to serve a minority

Of land owners within residential subdivision

Not a foothill region developers call community

Sure Outside Place of Use owners demand water

But should not receive for one big reason

LAFCO only annexed into sham water district  

Instead of water entitled subdivision

$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $

Suggested serving instructions:

  1. Start below video (for the background music) then,
  2. Read the March 16th 2020 posting…..makes the reading more tolerable….lol


March 16, 2020 | by Lew | Comments Off on ONLY A SWAMP ANNEX!

Less than a year with this GM/Treasurer? I admit to being quite disappointed as I MAY HAVE mistakenly believed we finally had a GM/Treasurer laser focused on the needs of the legal water using customers within the Lake Don Pedro residential subdivision. (Could McGowan still be the right guy who was only momentarily sidetracked with the continuing influence of the last 40 years of misdirection within this local CALIFORNIA SPECIAL DISTRICT? Institutionalized corruption and fraud is a difficult program to just turn off like a water spigot.)

Yet, rather than placing this matter on the agenda as an item clearly visible to the public, and therefore subject to potential public discussion during a “BORED MEETING”, this WATER WHEELING proposal was secreted away in the GM’s unsigned administrative report in the March 16th, 2020 LDPCSD agenda packet (below):

For district resident? “A district resident”? or for “district residents”? Same problem as with past illegal water service….do it for one….do it for everyone! Why are legal owners forced to subsidize outside PLACE OF USE water service? Like that insurance commercial – we should only pay for what we need (use).

So, apparently district funds have already been spent on legally researching this proposed new side business. Actually I was quite surprised to see the term again – I believe the last time it was on the agenda it pertained to a large land development project on the shores of Lake McClure. Wonder if it is that 900 acre proposed residential subdivision that had been concealed from the public by the LDPCSD and LAFCO for over 20 years until only a few months before SNEAKY PETE KAMPA WAS RETURNED TO THE LDPCSD in 2014? Remember? The LAFCO meeting I was prohibited from attending as a director on the board who had studied the matter extensively? The annexation project Kampa had been working on since the mid 1990s when here the first time?

OOPS! Guess a definition of what I’m referencing is appropriate, yeah? (Also sorry for the lack of organization….rushing for the meeting.)

Basic definition of water wheeling: the conveying of water through the unused capacity in water ditches, canals, pipelines or aqueducts by another water provider; the use of utility conveyance facilities by other than the owner, whether voluntary or involuntary.

In other words, for a fee to be determined (there are California “water wheeling” cases currently before the court regarding how such charges are to be fairly calculated due to a law suit claiming unfair billings) our district will begin transporting water for property owners apparently outside the approved water service area of the residential subdivision to who knows where? Essentially another unnecessary and complicated side business (meter readings, reporting, billing, etc.) when the district already cannot properly perform its required duties and obligations according to the law.

3/16/2020 @ 0845hrs: WOW! Just received notice the LDPCSD MEETING HAS BEEN CANCELLED until APRIL 20th 2020!

How convenient! lol

Consider……..this provides our crooked board another month for more behind the scene negotiations on how to provide yet another costly special benefit to owners of LAFCO ANNEXED PROPERTIES paid for by the already 40 year victimized legal customers of the subdivision!

Here’s a lol regarding this COVID-19 panic……

The monthly Lake Don Pedro Community Services District Board of Directors meetings were already unintentionally prepared to counteract the spread of COVID-19 since they have routinely boasted public customer attendance rates of between 0 – 3 customers for years! Heck the most attended meetings for this board only occur when those in the audience, contractors, consultants, etc., are paid to be there! lol


Is a “LACK OF CONFIDENCE DISCLAIMER” really required for my negative comments about the LAKE DON PEDRO COMMUNITY SERVICES DISTRICT after all these years? lol

A CALIFORNIA SPECIAL DISTRICT that has been exploited since FORMATION in AUGUST 1980 – and then even more so in OCTOBER 2014 with the unethical appointment of a prior rogue employee (1994-1997) PETER KAMPA, who is also a sitting 20 year board director on the CALIFORNIA SPECIAL DISTRICTS ASSOCIATION (CSDA) – and personally responsible for setting up many of these sham annexations over 20 years ago?


I personally do not trust a single director on the current Lake Don Pedro Community Services Board of Directors due to their prior years of absolute betrayal to over three thousand Merced River Water Entitled Customers (MR WECS) of the Lake Don Pedro residential subdivision. Specifically, that betrayal regards a subsidized special benefit groundwater substitution program with misrepresented GRANT FUNDED WELLS for all the LAFCO (Local Agency Formation Commission) annexations in the LDPCSD.  These highly suspicious annexations even violated LAFCO’s own governing regulations (established 4 years before LDPCSD was formed) regarding the obvious necessity of available/”adequate water” in the first place. 

Good grief! (Then later, a 1987 in depth Sphere of Influence Report

[projects where future water service would likely be provided in the
county by the LDPCSD]

WITHOUT ONE WORD about the legal restrictions in water license 11395 prohibiting serving OUR ONLY SOURCE OF water outside the subdivision and golf course area!)  Sounds unbelievable yeah?

Total betrayal to the taxpayers and property owners within the LDP subdivision who are also mandatory customers of the LDPCSD which the counties of Tuolumne and Mariposa apparently only formed as a surreptitious way to HOOK INTO AND EXPLOIT water license 11395 for a massive water service program throughout these drought prone foothills for their respective LAFCO ANNEXATIONS. Perfect for the counties – they didn’t have to develop the water source and the expense could be passed on to the unsuspecting owners of property within the subdivision.

All this (and much more) under a water license regulating the Merced River which had only the month before (July of 1980) been state certified and declared a river FULLY APPROPRIATED TO BENEFICIAL USE ACCORDING TO THE STATE CONSTITUTION!

The County of Mariposa has for approximately a year now even closed the ability for the public to view LAFCO annexation paperwork on its website – check out what happens after selection of a desired resolution below: (copied and pasted this morning from the Mariposa County website)

July 6, 1976
Approve establishing guidelines in which LAFCo will only consider applications for Annexation where it is shown that adequate water and sewer services are provided for (PDF)

That sure wasn’t very helpful in understanding what LAFCO had been doing for all those years, was it? Why would the Local Agency Formation Commission prevent citizens from reading the annexation resolutions they had already produced utilizing public funds and resources? Is hiding this information now going to change the OUTRAGEOUS and CLEARLY FORESEEABLE DAMAGES to this community that have been experienced in the last four decades? What else are they hiding? Damage is already done…..or is there more bad news on the horizon for property owners in the subdivision?

Anyway, so the new GM/Treasurer is working with our attorney to investigate the possibility of “Water Wheeling” as another sideline business for the LDPCSD.  Wonderful. Hum, isn’t that just another curious term that is actually dedicated to providing yet another unnecessary additional service for more OUTSIDE MERCED IRRIGATION DISTRICT PROPERTIES not entitled to Merced River Water from the LDPCSD?   Very, very sneaky.


The LDPCSD Board of Directors do not tell the truth, have cheated legal customers for years, and refuse to guarantee they will not do the same thing again with the next water rate/fee PROP 218 increase – despite their past activities that were clearly in violation of water license restrictions resulting in a State Water Board Notice of Violation – a NOV which on three (3) separate occasions has experienced attempted closure with even more false information provided by Pete Kampa to his cooperating cohorts within the SWRCB.  Still waiting to hear the final report on this multi-year nightmare of special interest fraud and criminal conspiracy to violate state law.

REMEMBER? Not one of them (LDPCSD directors) would simply pick up the telephone and call the State to ascertain if what they were doing was legal. How many times did I ask, even begged those directors to simply make the call. Yes, I know. They already knew what they were doing was wrong – just didn’t care to be told so by the State Water Board.

Well, they were anyway. Rather than a simple telephone call on their part, it took a complaint and years – but they were clearly told they were wrong and yet to this day still refuse to acknowledge that fact to customers. Rather like the county hiding it’s annexation paperwork, doesn’t change the damage for which all customers are financially responsible. Cheats. Simple cheats.

Perhaps they believed with Pete Kampa they could get away with it again? After all, old Pete was a professional with the CSDA – CALIFORNIA SPECIAL DISTRICT ASSOCIATION, and the LDPCSD was a California Special District.

Yup, ‘ol Pete was the Sneak who actually set up many of these annexations when employed here the first time between the years 1994-1997 – when those Directors had no idea what he was doing on “company time”. So in 2014 our special interest CSD board once again appointed Pete Kampa GM/Treasurer through a highly unethical closed recruitment process and turned over $1 million in cash (from the last successful PROP 218 years earlier to avoid bankruptcy) without even a simple employment background check to ascertain what Kampa had done when employed here the first time!   (Psst….Emery Ross knew exactly what Kampa had done back then because Emery was working with him and was the 2014 director who violated confidential board information and notified Kampa of the upcoming GM vacancy so Kampa could proffer a first strike contract ready for signature at the next board meeting without competition!)

The LDPCSD records were pretty clear as to Kampa’s past activities regarding his side-line annexation business for ANYONE INTERESTED ENOUGH TO READ THE MATERIAL! But not the appointing board who provided KAMPA access to the district’s’ over one million dollars in cash?

And now this same board wants even more of our money through yet another PROP 218 to raise rates and fees without even acknowledging what they did with the money from the last Prop 218?   The absolute gall.

Seems to me since its formation in 1980, the LDPCSD has never focused its attention on the legally required duties (much less moral obligations) of providing quality water to the residents of the Lake Don Pedro subdivision for only the costs necessary in providing that service.  We (MR WECS) have the additional “onion skin of local government”  with a governing board of directors, governing documents, yearly assessments, CC&Rs, violation committees, blah blah, blah…..we have paid dearly for that exclusive right to Merced River water service since the beginning! 

Yet the very mechanisms legally created to provide and protect that service have been hi-jacked by the special interests of real estate and land development not satisfied with merely selling subdivision property.



One might think it was long overdue for the district to start focusing on the legal customers yeah?  Don’t hold your breath, today’s “Administrative report” hints at yet another frolic and departure from the primary duty of serving subdivision residents.

Apparently legal expenses have already been incurred investigating the feasibility of WATER WHEELING for outside subdivision land owners wanting water service.   Who knows? Perhaps in April the board will merely announce the district’s new side business at MR WECs continued and increasing expense?

But wait a minute…..the LDPCSD hasn’t turned a profit in two years (even as a nonprofit where the money returns to operations), and recently paid another company $30,000 to find the best way to raise rates and fees between 45% to double the current charges, (too bad that company wasn’t witness to the years of lies this board has perpetrated against customers while pursuing their expanded subsidized water plan for those LAFCO ANNEXATIONS not entitled to river water service. REM the $30,000 for Kampa’s digital map project to create the final answer to the PLACE OF USE issue yet the map was devoid of the information? Only instructed the viewer to contact the MERCED IRRIGATION DISTRICT FOR MORE INFORMATION! lol-not), the LDPCSD hasn’t been able to obey water license restrictions since formation in 1980,  yet the new GM/Treasurer (who apparently has a Merced Irrigation District family upbringing that was considered confidential information not to be released to the public by continuing Board President Danny Johnson at time of appointment)  is actively working on once again expanding unnecessary water services including this WATER WHEELING business?   The MID was receiving Water Rights from property owners and forcing the LDPCSD to come up with ways of paying for those “RIGHTS” by providing future water service to those properties that were OUTSIDE THE PLACE OF USE BOUNDARIES OF MID’S OWN WATER LICENSE! MR WECs get screwed again! But wait, isn’t MID actively circumventing restrictions in their own water license in an effort to obtain further “water rights” held by the property owner? This whole thing stinks and smacks of fraud since the LDPCSD was formed in August 1980 – without the approved service map on file with the appropriate agencies! Oh….and so much more.

What has 40 years of special interest catering to LAFCO annexed property owners outside the legal subdivision already produced?  Community turmoil and greater costs and a loss in quality service to those entitled – not to mention a continuing ESTIMATED water loss of between 25%- 45% for decades. 


Last month the lost water report was once again unreadable with a director guessing the print read 28%! The OUTSIDE PLACE OF USE REPORT is still absent in the agenda packet (that was the only way for legal customers to keep an eye on where our water was going outside the subdivision – outside POU cattle rancher and long time CSD Director Emery Ross has been trying to get rid of that for years! Congrats Emery – you can still contaminate the LDPCSD with your own personal dysfunction.)

Well, at least I don’t have to worry about a potential COVID-19 infection by those miserable  excuses for public servants today! Can’t wait for the upcoming public events where they will attempt to cajole and explain how another PROP 218 is absolutely necessary for our continued water service.

Welcome to SWAMPEDRO!

Please take care of yourselves for the next 5-8 weeks. Remember…this virus can remain active on smooth surfaces for days……anything you touch is a potential infection…..we live in a new world now for a number of reasons that we’ll likely be discussing until we’re gone.

My best to you and yours, Lew

PS – almost forgot…..



THURSDAY, March 12th, 2020/2000hrs

Well, it reminds me of a caravan anyway. But to where? Mbty&y, Lew

MONDAY, MARCH 9th, 2020

I think it is very sad Democrats are so concerned about the 2020 election that they would subject one of their own to such cruelty. Seriously, can you imagine this man in complex, high pressure negotiations or capable of making split second monumental decisions for the safety and security of this Country and her citizens? This is simply wrong – and so am I for believing Democrats might have been better than this.

My best to you and yours, Lew

Cruel to all concerned.

For more information on the above subject (including a brief introduction as to Joe Biden’s own work years ago – mentioned in one of the last paragraphs of the article):

A different perspective regarding this slow, yet disturbing, fade from political significance in the upcoming 2020 election:

Even from the LEFT there are serious questions as to mental capacity for such a powerful and stressful job:

FRIDAY, MARCH 6th, 2020


Yup, anyone (much less a court of law) telling Becerra to follow the law is certainly old news….. going all the way back to how he even came out to California as it’s Department of Justice Attorney General. Just as the Washington DC investigators were focusing on the computer server in Becerra’s control (as head of the Democrat Caucus – this was the case where a fake server with incorrect information was provided to law enforcement instead of the REAL SERVER with which they were interested) our former Governor Jerry Brown decided XAVIER BECERRA would be the perfect person to be the HIGHEST LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER IN THE STATE! And Californians wonder what has been happening to their once great and proud state?

LEFT -SOCIALISTS DEMOCRATS NEED TO VACATE SACRAMENTO AND ALLOW THIS STATE TO RECOVER FROM THE MANY YEARS OF THEIR FOOLISHNESS. This is insane! People lacking the basic integrity required for the jobs they currently hold – yet they are the ones making policy for the rest of us over taxed, over regulated law abiding citizens?



Another court tells Xavier Becerra to follow the law

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra, right. (AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli)

By The Editorial Board | | PUBLISHED: February 8, 2020 at 11:19 a.m. | UPDATED: February 8, 2020 at 11:19 a.m.

One would think that California’s highest-ranking law-enforcement official, Attorney General Xavier Becerra, would be fastidious about following state law. Unfortunately, Becerra has refused to fully comply with a new statute that requires the release of police-misconduct records, even though the courts have rebuked him. It’s shameful.

The Legislature enacted Senate Bill 1421, a groundbreaking transparency measure that requires police agencies to provide records about officers who were involved in shootings or who had been found to have used excessive force, been dishonest or committed sexual assault. Until its passage, California had been one of the most secretive states regarding these records.

Instead of fulfilling his duty, Becerra rejected media organizations’ request for applicable records and filed legal challenges,  thus emboldening local departments to drag their feet. Some agencies have complied, which has led to eye-opening news reports. One series, published by this newspaper, found that hundreds of police officers have been convicted of crimes, but continue to patrol the streets.

Those news reports reinforce the importance of the new law. The public really does have the right to know about how these public officials behave on the job.

In a case filed by news outlets, a state appeals court last year told Becerra to release all non-exempt records. His office released a few records for state agents, but not for those working in other police agencies. Late last month, an appeals court once again ruled against the California Department of Justice, finding that it must indeed release the requested records. The attorney general now says he is reviewing the decision.

Becerra’s office has made a variety of dubious arguments. For instance, it insisted that it may delay records releases until police-union legal challenges are complete. It claimed that releasing such records could endanger police officers. It argued that releasing public records is too burdensome. Instead of doing his job upholding the law of the land, Becerra’s office has served as the cat’s paw for the police unions, with which he seems closely aligned.

Fortunately, the courts are not buying his foot-dragging. “Contrary to the department’s contentions, the legislative history does not even remotely suggest that disclosure obligations should be limited to an officer’s employing agency,” the court declared. The law’s “history is replete with evidence of the Legislature’s intent to promote greater transparency.”

The decision rebuked the Department of Justice on virtually every point. Even if the Becerra were right that releasing public records jeopardized officer safety, the court found that his department could review specific records in consultation with local agencies — rather than simply withholding the entire bundle of records.

The court looked askance at the justice department’s concerns about the compliance burdens placed on the agency: “At the very least, however, we may infer that the Legislature chose to enact SB 1421 despite its awareness that the department’s compliance would entail significant expense,” the court ruled. Indeed. Since when can government bureaucracies simply refuse to abide by a law simply because it’s costly for them to do so?

THURSDAY, March 5th, 2020 0909


WEDNESDAY, March 4th, 2020/1747hrs

Nothing to see here folks………nothing to worry about……..just a virus that apparently escaped from a Super Bio Lab in China. No doubt an accident. Accidents happen all the time. Right? Such things are never really tested on a population without their consent, right? To think other wise would create a whole different class of questions. Wonder how many times citizens may have actually been exposed to infectious diseases cooked up in a lab somewhere for the purpose of researching spread time and effect for a potential biological warfare germ? Never intended to kill, but a test run for effectiveness? Sounds like a television plot, yeah?

Any, let’s try again….never pays to rush things…..still have numerous files I haven’t even listened to yet. But you know……not enough time yeah? (1800hrs)

Monday, March 2nd, 2020/2311hrs

THURSDAY, February 27th, 2020/0004hrs

Uploading now. Found some other misplaced LAME files for this project, go figure. The file production is insane. Sometimes when real late (or early) and I’m tired I’ll name a file something I’m sure I’ll remember. Yeah, right. After some sleep…..??? Where the heck was I?

Either that, or because I use external drives for storage, I sometimes get drive letters confused due to the similar redundant material on the drives and place files somewhere in a directory whose name I promptly forget. Whatever.

Always something but since I already had the files…might as well use them, yeah? May fall asleep waiting for the upload….if so, then in the morning. No biggie. Video is pretty much the same as the one below, just some tweaking of the audio track with some passing thoughts.

Background: While listening to a playback of one of the older versions on the new recorder a day or so ago – I used the damaged one (no playback) to record some additional material for FLEE OR FIGHT, aka, Sloth on Crack. You know, sipping a cold beer and listening to sour notes on the playback and commenting ……thus this “Sloth on Crack Gastrointestinal Version” was born while just “farting around” with the old recorder – as one might say. Made me laugh when I first heard it later on the computer (had forgotten what had actually been recorded) so thought I’d …….. your know……pass it along to you…. as one might also say. 🙂

Full of beef and bean burritos actually.

My best to you and yours, Lew

Ahhhhhh, here we go: 0654hrs……GI Version! lol

Tuesday, 02252020/2331hrs

Thursday, 02202020/0002hrs

Have been busy preparing for Spring and cleaning up fire breaks for Summer. (And finding missing clothes and such.) Had this idea since first viewing that reprehensible conduct after the President’s State of the Union address. As usual, had no idea what to do for a LAME until I started. Really weird, the project just kind-of dictates what to do, unfortunately the ideas must utilize whatever I can muster for the production, which is obviously amateur at best, perhaps harmful to voluntary human auditory appreciation at worst. Yup, lots of sour notes. A true “hunter of notes”. Didn’t even attempt to correct a single bad note this time. Really sped up production (not a big surprise yeah? lol) This was a quickie (although sincerely expressing disgust) just to touch base with the equipment again and say HELLO! Feet are still quite painful. HEck, just 12hr weekends on my feet took until Wednesday-Thursday to feel better….ahhh, just in time for Saturday morning! lol Then that last “push” five days in a row! Sure can’t accomplish things like I could when younger, although I suspect I maybe working a bit smarter. I can only hope so. Yup appreciating the diminishing capabilities with age is a bummer. Expected though as everyday above ground is an accomplishment. MBTY&Y, Lew

Monday, February 17th, 2020/1032

Still alive and catching up on all the stuff I let slide for awhile. Never was the greatest “housekeeper” but even to my lax requirements, I recently crossed the line. It is all good though. Created a living environment puzzle to solve – incrementally, just as created. Recently found a large clothes hamper that was buried under some empty collapsed cardboard boxes for a few months. What a fantastic surprise – rather like Christmas as a kid….it was full of clean folded clothes! (Thought I had a lot more underwear and socks than were routinely laundered the last few months – lol) Then a pair of clean blue jeans under a blanket. Wow! Clothes shopping in my own house!

Anyway, nothing too serious, mostly clutter, and misplaced items but the outside work is another matter entirely. Almost all tree leaves and needles have dropped – along with a healthy dose of pine cones littered about – lovely for that quiet evening walk downhill when placing a boot on that little sucker ….. YIKES! Tailbone beware! (lol)

I hear the weeds growing at night as they mock and tease my feeble attempts of control during this decades long seasonal battle for landscape domination. As always, a temporary treaty will eventually be established recognizing the needs of both sides for the Spring and Summer. (Following a few windless day chemical agent attacks executed to gain a more advantageous position during the upcoming MVT (Miscellaneous Vegetation Treaty) negotiations.) lol

Yup, crucial time period with such great weather….take a long nap and the weeds seem to sprint to their maturity height!

Anyway, still here busy finding lost clothing (fortunately already laundered) slaughtering weeds, finding misplaced tools, etc. MBTY&Y, Lew



Finally! The Federal Government is going to be looking into and correcting the obvious organized criminal activity that has been in control of this State, our state, of California for many years.

Consider – a State Water Board that believes, and even publishes on the internet for public review, that the Merced River leaving Yosemite National Park and flowing through the Counties of Mariposa and Merced (and a tip of Stanislaus) and westward to the San Joaquin River in journey to the Delta…… ALSO RUNS THROUGH SUTTER COUNTY?




Absolutely unreal yeah? All because corruption is everywhere in government. When politically motivated, – “deep state activists” simply refuse to do their assigned government duties in favor of their “social justice” excuse for criminal conspiracies to violate the law. Folks, our state (and it’s information network) has been sabotaged by those who put private third party profit, power and control over that of the public service for which they were elected, appointed, employed, contracted….. whatever!

As Californian citizens we have been sold out.

We’re not alone. This “Democratus TermiteISIS” has been identified in specific areas across this nation which will also require corrective attention for any chance of a sustainable future with the freedoms granted in OUR US CONSTITUTION.

This is going to be quite interesting as the tentacles of corruption reach quite far and in ALL QUARTERS! Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, Peace Freedom, Green, Left, Middle, Right……whatever! As long as human beings are involved there will be corruption and victimization of others for profit but it is HOW SUCH CRIME IS HANDLED that determines whether a particular approach makes COMMON SENSE OR NOT! GO GET ‘EM MR. BARR! later, Lew



The “new Prop 13” by XAVIER BECERRA…

(remember how he tricked voters with his “REPEAL THE GAS TAX” misleading proposition introduction – specifically ruled inappropriate by a California Superior Court Judge?) ….


Absolutely duplicitous conduct.

So essentially, voters must see-through this continuing deception by NEWSOM, BECERRA and company (Socialist-left DEMOCRATS) and


in order to keep the tax protections of our beloved OLD PROP 13! (Prior to that people were losing their homes to increased taxes for the classic “give aways” by Democrats.

Diabolical trickery again yeah? Such politicians need to be dumped ASAP (as soon as possible) if we are to reclaim this state for COMMON SENSE GOVERNANCE!

I now understand some of the confusion expressed by non-signers of the RECALL GAVIN NEWSOM PETITION due to my sign “HELP SAVE PROP 13”.

My argument was simply, if you want to save the OLD PROP 13, recall GAVIN NEWSOM as governor which would simultaneously help defeat this NEW PROP 13 (to raise billions in new taxes), again misrepresented by Xavier Becerra (our current Attorney General who fled Washington DC due to the missing computer server law enforcement was requesting – why was Becerra paying those Pakistani brothers and their wives so much more money than their regular salaries? And one was married to a Ukrainian? Hummm, maybe Becerra himself is directly involved with that entire misrepresentation of the Russian/Ukrainian election influence they tried to pin on President Trump? Sure would explain his misusing the power and authority as CA AG against ANYTHING TRUMP! (all those law suits brought with other Socialist-left AG from other states). Sure also appears to be a reoccurring MO (modus operandi – method of operation) in how Xavier Becerra misrepresents facts in order to garner support for his ANTI AMERICAN ACTIVITIES!)

That’s the kicker with such people: IF their proposals are so good for the average legal Californian – why must he lie and deceive in order to get support?


in order to SAVE THE OLD PROP 13!

Still strange….why on earth would someone refuse to recall Governor Newsom, yet simultaneously want to keep the old PROP 13 to keep taxes down? Save money to live!

NEWSOM and his cohorts want BILLIONS IN MORE TAX DOLLARS for “GIVE AWAYS” TO “BUY VOTES SO AS TO REMAIN IN POWER!” Hell, look what his Auntie Pelosi cooked up with Schumer, Schiff, Nadler, etc….against OUR PRESIDENT!!! How much money and damage done to our citizens as a result of that fraud, hoax, sham, scam……whatever.

More later…need to get these last 90 petition signatures processed.

Again, a BIG thank you to all who stopped by with an additional special thanks to those few apparent Newsom supporters who just politely nodded “no” to my presence at 59×132 while advocating the recall of Gavin Newsom. One man in particular caught my eye who repeatedly demonstrated the honor, integrity and class of the OLD DEMOCRAT PARTY (by just nodding “no” as he passed) a party which has unfortunately been hi-jacked by the NEWSOM/BECERRA radicals set on destroying our state in pursuit of their LEFTIST GOALS by any means necessary.

Thank you sir. I respect your polite expression of disagreement and I truly wish you and yours the very best.

Later, Lew

SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 9th, 2020/2130HRS

OK, here are the results for the last day for signing the recall petition at 59×132:










Thank you all grand total for the 59×132 shack: 710!

WOW! What an experience!

More later, My best to you and yours, Lew

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 8th, 2020/2022hrs

OK…here are the fantastic results:









AND SPECIAL THANK YOU to Brian and Rosie from Denair for obtaining another 5 signatures on their own!

Folks, to be honest, I’m beat. There is so much more I want to report, and will, (photos too – have a new “bear buddy”….those of you passing through the intersection Friday and Saturday probably know what I’m referencing right? Anyway, more on that as well with photos) ….have I mentioned TOMORROW IS THE LAST DAY TO SIGN THE NEWSOM RECALL PETITION AT THE 59×132 SHACK?

Well, it is…OH! Another SPECIAL THANK YOU to all of you spreading the word to friends and family (perhaps strangers? I don’t know. lol) Great job! Many commented they had heard it from…….???? Just one last request in preparation for the last possible day to sign the NEWSOM RECALL PETITION at the 59×132 RECALL SHACK….



Thank you all.

My best to you and yours, Lew

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 7th, 2020/2102hrs

A BIG thank you to the 13 folks who stopped by to sign today!  (Technically, more than 13 came by – some were just visiting – always welcome

(Did I mention there are ONLY TWO MORE DAYS TO SIGN THE ONLY STATE APPROVED PETITION TO RECALL GAVIN NEWSOM AS CALIFORNIA GOVERNOR!) some are couples where one had already signed, or a signer with friends, etc.)  Anyway….THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU!  I look forward to more adequately expressing some of the things this recall journey as confirmed for me while simultaneously educating me to the experiences expressed by others. Yeah, not very clear. I’m rather tired tonight. More later. Have a few images of today’s adventure…..

<But then, suddenly… an extremely loud, deep echoing commanding type voice  – (like on the original Wizard of Oz -yes I date myself)……>



OH YEAH? Guess what? A new record was set this morning at +/- 0530hrs …….


Viewers know I’m not comfortable mentioning someone’s name under these circumstances without specific approval, so I’ll just say this early-bird gentleman was from Los Banos and lives at



gottcha! lol

anyway, this gentleman was in route to the lake and saw me setting up. He stopped, got out of his vehicle, approached “the shack area” and asked if too early and should he come back later? …. “absolutely not” I said as I tackled him to the ground before he could change his mind as Liz barked from the pickup cab……..nah, …… didn’t tackle him, but did advise he was a record setter. Yup, this earliest signer made all those previous early morning setups worthwhile!  (Had several in the +/- 0700 – however, as one might expect most people don’t like stopping in a (creepy music fades in) rural……isolated county intersection….. under a red flashing light when it’s 30 degrees F to meet a perfect stranger in the dark to provide personal identifying information while a dog of unknown temperament is barking from an open pickup door window in the background …..

Did I mention there are only TWO DAYS LEFT for signing the ONLY OFFICIAL CALIFORNIA SECRETARY OF STATE APPROVED NEWSOM RECALL PETITION at the Flashing Red Traffic Light Recall Shack at HWY59xHWY132 in La Grange CA? (There must be adequate time for processing by the February 13th deadline.)

Paperwork finished…. here are today’s results:

MERCED                             4

TOULUMNE                       4

MARIPOSA                         3

STANISLAUS                       2

TOTAL FRIDAY:              13                  THANK YOU ALL!(Your State thanks you too!) 



Got to get going…but here are some shots from Friday’s adventure.

Friday morning Moon setting in a westerly direction
Fortunately much warmer than yesterday (I CAN’T FEEL MY TOES!)
See the Moon through the Oak trees?
Sure was glad when this number rolled over! lol Thought about not reporting it, but hey! It’s a frigg’n number! Shouldn’t relate to anything else, still rather curious about all those requests to pose by the utility pole?(lol)
Did I mention there are only 2 days left to sign the NEWSOM RECALL PETITION?
“Frequent flyers” in La Grange
Well, Moon rising in the East….sun setting in the west, must be quitting time.





THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 6th, 2020/1930hrs


Found this in yesterday’s notes (a little boring when there are no signers. OOOOhhhh…… don’t want to hear/read any more LAME stuff? Get folks to come down and sign and keep me busy! lol


Tearing up President Trump’s State of the Union

Said more about Nancy Pelosi and her fits

Confirming once again for those who watch

She’s just an arrogant disrespectful piece of Schiff!








pretty close to yesterday’s morning temp, yeah?
Thursday just before dawn
STARTING COUNT Thursday morning
You might be surprised at all the stuff embedded in the asphalt around the intersection. When this is all over I’ll post a photo of all the “flat tire” items I’ve picked up while walking around waiting for the next signer to arrive.
Any La Grange locals looking for a lost lucky lock? or…..asphalt security locks only work when they are locked! or… way to secure a highway? or……
Thursday running count. THANK YOU ALL! Now “herd” some more in! lol (note: a number of folks picked up blanks today! WAY TO GO! Three signers to a page – if more folks did that????) REMEMBER: We only have three more days~! Incidentally, beautiful day today, don’t you think? later

THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 6th, 2020/0400hrs (posting of yesterday’s morning photo)

Rather cold for Wednesday’s predawn setup. Ahhhh, feels so good when that old glowing gas bag finally gets up. (NO! I’m not referring to Nancy Pelosi! lol)

OK! Let’s get to it for the next few days and acquire as many signatures as possible! Who knows? This truly be our last opportunity to make needed change in our California. To me the big question should be:

if all this Socialist-Left movement is truly wanted and GOOD FOR THE LEGAL CITIZENS OF CALIFORNIA…..why must Newsom and Xavier Becerra lie about what they are really doing? REmember the REPEAL THE GAS TAX misleading statement by Becerra last time? Well, he is doing EXACTLY THE SAME THING THIS TIME WITH PROPOSITION 13!

Seriously, think about it, how can they possibly continue to GIVE AWAY THE TAXPAYERS MONEY without much more coming in?

Sure, those who want FREE STUFF will vote for such an unethical assault on the taxpayers burden but only property owners will pay for such an abuse of government power and authority.

Didn’t like the death penalty – so it disappeared. Do you think Newsom wants another recall? This is likely our last chance!

Shake the trees and bushes and get those registered voter signatures! See you later, Lew

Wednesday morning continued ……

Pelosi’s stunt fired me up…..OK, last few days folks. Those of you who have been so kind to spread the word through social media, – again, thank you very much….but our California desperately needs us all to get as many signatures as possible! Anyway you prefer – stop by HWY 59×132 sign – I’ll process for you; stop by “the shack” and I ‘ll provide you with FREE BLANKS and you can be a “circulator” yourself. Don’t let the form intimidate you – it’s easy and all instructions are on (I can also fill you in on some of the things I’ve learned if you wish. Family, friends, friends of friends, social clubs, whatever! This could truly be our last opportunity to stop this nonsense (if such a Socialist-Left governor can continue to ignore the majority of voting citizens as to the government THEY WANT, what’s to stop him from going even further? (Why even spend the time and money for an election when the public so clearly supports Gavin Newsom, his Auntie Nancy Pelosi, etc and the Socialist-Left domination of our once proud state? Why not? If enough people do not sign this ONLY OFFICIAL STATE APPROVED recall petition to remove GAVIN NEWSOM as governor, laws will inevitably be changed to prevent any further attempts. So, this is it folks. Really want to save your entire state from looking like the Streets of the NEW SAN FRANCISCO, LOS ANGELES, etc)

Get out there and gather signatures! Turn them in yourself or drop them by the RECALL SHACK HWY59 x HWY 132 at the flashing red traffic light – LA Grange Fruit Stand SE corner. HOWEVER do not forget…..THEY MUST BE IN THE CORRECT COUNTY ELECTIONS OFFICE BY FEB 13th TO BE VALID

Again, thank you all! OK Wednesday, Feb 5th, 2020 results:






TOTAL: 16 WAY TO GO! 643 Grand total Not bad for the first time out on a weekday! Alrighty then, let’s do this or never complain about what is happening, and will continue to happen, to our wonderful California. Socialism is easy to incrementally vote in (“free stuff” gets a lot of votes, but still costs money you know?) but you must FIGHT to get out when it inevitably fails. See you out there! MBTYAY, Lew

PS: Ballpoint pens only! No gelpens (I know, they’re my favorite also). Carefully explain with examples how to fill the form out (YES! You can fill it out for those signers who need assistance….everything except the signature OR MARK!) Thank you all…..especially for the honks and waves of support…gets a little discouraging at times…..feet hurt too! lol later.


Nancy Pelosi sure cleared up a major difference between Democrats and Republicans last night, yeah? Although conservatives certainly disagreed with Obama’s transformation of America I don’t recall any conservatives tearing up his State of the Union on camera for the world to see. Perhaps this personality characteristic provides some explanation as to why Gavin Newsom treats the legal California voting citizens the way he does while continuing his pursuit of damaging Socialist Left policies for OUR CALIFORNIA?

MONDAY, February 3rd, 2020

My best to you and yours, Lew

SUNDAY, February 2nd, 2020

I would have never guessed….and on game day!

Sixteen signatures!







627 GRAND TOTAL (Weekends since Nov 17th 2019)

Again, thank you all for taking the time and being concerned about OUR STATE. No doubt much more later as I have learned very much the last couple of months. MBTYAY, Lew


SUNDAY, February 2nd, 2020


START 590 + 21 = 611 then + 9 turn-ins = 620! Way to go.
Absolutely frightening that 1) the case was even heard (due to obvious faults and errors), and 2) the vote would be this close considering the obvious UNCONSTITUTIONAL NATURE of this extremely biased partisan attack on President Trump. Trying to identify, does the US Constitution require/suggest a bi-partisan impeachment? THe Socialist-Left-Democrats have gone rogue and need to be replaced as soon as possible as there is NO INTEGRITY!
More later! And you thought you had escaped? lol








GUESS WHAT? Another 8 from Mariposa and 1 from Tuolumne (9 total!) from another local Patriot! How cool is that! Thank you so much. So, 30 signatures counting all for the day (I’ve only been updating the board with those I witnessed @59×132)


Gosh, sure hope such a valuable offer doesn’t cause a traffic jam! lol

Might be a “going out of business” giveaway. (You will be responsible for mailing or delivering them to the appropriate elections office by February 13th, 2020!

If so (going out of business), again thank you all so very much. I can honestly say, regardless of what happens, I wouldn’t trade the experience of meeting you all for anything. I’m tired. More later.

Sorry about any typos…don’t like this keyboard … difficult to work with…..did I already mention that? I firgit. later

VOTES on some of Chuck Schumer’s nonsense: 49/51 49/51 (still watching House Impeachment Democrats make a bunch of motions for their continued attack on Our President Trump who has already tolerated more than any other president in history. Enough is enough. All should get back to the business of America and her citizens. (Of course for the Left impeachment of the President has been their primary focus since he announced his intentions as a candidate. Want to talk about bullying?

Remember when the Supreme Court ruled on reading Constitutional Rights to suspects? Miranda Rights in CA? Mentioned in every cop show ever made? “Read that scumbag their rights and book ’em!” The Fruit of the Poisonous Tree Doctrine? Remember those horrid cases where all the evidence clearly indicated the defendant’s guilt but there was no valid search warrant so all SOLID EVIDENCE was thrown out of court? Even confessions were inadmissible if the person was not first advised of their of their Constitutional Right to remain silent (plead the 5th in court) or the right to counsel which would be provided free? Yup, interesting how the President of the United States isn’t afforded the same rights we all are supposed to have under the Constitution.

Was this impeachment supposed to be bi-partisan under the Constitution? I’ve got to stop watching this (recorded) ….I have petitions to give away! lol

FRIDAY, JANUARY 31st, 2020


(Naw, was actually just telling reporters only one question at a time -lol)

Anonymous complainants, secret closed door hearings, inability to confront accusers, second hand-third hand hearsay information, incompetence, clear hatred and bias for President Trump (perhaps a bit envious of his success), “deep state activists”, Socialist Left obstructionists, administration holdovers sabotaging Trump policies, etc.

House Impeachment Val Demings made this statement in her presentation:

“Fundamental fairness requires

evidence in trials”

You’ve got to be kidding me!~ This from a 20+ year former law enforcement officer? Wonder how many people she arrested for drunk driving but never obtained a blood, breath or urine sample? Never read an arrestee their Constitutional Rights? Perhaps Ms Demings forgot that before one ever gets to a court or trial they must first be LEGALLY ARRESTED AND PROSECUTED. (Pssst, hey Val! That generally requires probable cause and solid evidence PRIOR TO ARREST AND PROSECUTION that a crime was indeed committed ….not a contiually growing list of hostile witnesses to an incident a long time ago before an already impaneled jury! Good Heavens! These jokers are using the media again to cover up their total INcompetency! Seriously, I think they owe the American taxpayer a BIG ASS refund!)

These DEMOCRAT IMPEACHMENT MANAGERS are clearly demonstrating what sort of America they have in store for the rest of us if they can get away with doing this to the GREATEST PRESIDENT IN MODERN AGE!

Don’t even think about what these Socialist Left Democrats say –



So I am watching the Senate Impeachment Trial and using a tablet and portable keyboard to record some notes. I had just typed “I forgot” (was going to comment on forgetting to do something else) when I glanced at the screen and saw “U firgit”. What? Seriously.

When your right hand is positioned incorrectly on the keyboard (right hand index finger on the letter “H” instead of “J”, you get U firgit instead of I forgot. Thought it interesting that a simple little hand positioning error could point out a major problem in dealing with these Socialist Left Democrats……..we “firgit” all the ridiculous stuff they do because it is constantly being updated with more ridiculous garbage! I forgot, and U firgit! lol PLEASE! Make a point of watching that WHC response, extremely interesting and explains much. These Socialist Left Democrat obstructionists must go! Democratus TermiteISIS! lol Mbtyay, Lew

NOTE: This LAME was based on some of the information in the opening presentation by Jay Sekulow the Presidents attorney. All White House Counsel gave compelling and educational presentations. Quite refreshing after months of the same inferior “wishful garbage” by House Impeachment Democrats. Absolutely disgusting they are paid to misrepresent the Constitution like they do.

MONDAY, JANUARY 27th, 2020/1656hrs

WOW! Finally completed day one, and started day two of the White House Counsel defense. Good Heavens! Talk about logically, but more importantly – legally shredding the House DEMOCRAT MANAGERS’ IMPEACHMENT CASE! Finally, sensible comments on what DEMS have been shoving down America’s throat. Recall all those objections that were ignored by the DEMS during the House “RUSH TO JUDGEMENT”?

All their partisan “shortcuts” and deceptions are coming home to roost completely on their shoulders. Yup, sure appears to be absolutely devastating to any common sense and legally confined analysis of this ridiculous trial against President Trump by panicked, sore losing Socialist Left Democrats fearful of the 2020 election.

Simply, DEMS are terrified with permitting the American public to elect their own president! This is going to quite interesting.

Sure wish those that support this perverted version of America by the DEMS would watch the White House response as dutifully as I have watched the Democrat misrepresentations for months! How could anyone argue against the undisputed facts regarding the lack of procedural due process and the horrific abuse of authority by the House of Representatives led by Rep Jerome Nadler with the entire scam orchestrated by Senator Adam Schiff who is the House Intelligence Chairman who conspired with the Biden CIA holdover “deep state activist” who they incorrectly refer to as a “whistle blower” as if his actions have been ethical? And this is only maybe half way through the president’s defense? This is historic foolishness that will be condemned for many years and has cost a substantial amount of public funds and resources that could obviously have been better spent on better government. Democrats should be required to pay back such waste of taxpayer money.

Here are 2 photos from yesterday’s petition outing-

Supervisor thought

Sunday, January 26th, 2333hrs update:

WOW! 25! Even with morning fog, rain, sprinkles…..then sunshine!

Here’s the breakdown:

We have a tie for the TOP SCORE! (Of course there are many “outstanding” that will be coming in from various counties also, ie, signers who wanted other blanks to circulate themselves. WAY TO GO! We are rapidly running out of time. If you’re not registered log on to the California Secretary of State Website and do so AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! If you know folks who are not registered help them do so, then give them the opportunity to help save our precious CALIFORNIA! )


STANISLAUS 8 (Stanislaus has kicked some Newsom highway ass lately!)





SUN TOTAL: 25 (590 since Nov 17th doing weekends)

Sorry but I’m fading fast (00:00+) Whoa! Just finished the first part of the White House Counsel presentation… about seriously kicking some Socialist Left Democrat Impeachment Ass! Finally! The truth is coming out thanks to common sense, logic, legal facts, etc. Yes indeed, Adam Schiff et al, should all be held accountable for their absolute betrayal of our Country, Constitution, legal citizens, abuse of their power and authority, attempted coup against OUR PRESIDENT, etc. They are lying cheats and should pay for their crimes and at a minimum be removed from office as soon as possible!


Sunday, January 26th, 2020/0430hrs


You know what? If we could manage another 14-20 on a rainy day…that would be great! FOLKS, …….the time is ticking away. February 13th is the end of the recall effort but for “circulators” (like yours truly), February 6th is the last day to hang around HWY59xHWY132 waiting for Patriots to stop by. (Of course there are many “blank petitions” which were handed out for return later…..get those in as soon as possible!)

As blah, blah, blahed before, if you want to get signatures yourself and either don’t currently have a legitimate petition to have copied or are unsure of the address….or don’t want to deal with self addressed stamped #10 envelopes……???


I’LL GIVE YOU ONE/SOME along with a crash course on getting it filled out properly, then simply drop it back off to me and I will insure proper processing.

(Unfortunately, in this day and age of “deep state activists” who believe they can violate any law or regulation when pursuing their distorted “SOCIAL JUSTICE” campaign of actual lawlessness, I don’t trust high density populations with large government operations – say like the US POSTAL SERVICE in Sacramento. All it takes is a couple of well placed Socialist Leftist Democrats in key positions and presto! Where did those stuffed envelopes go? Democrat magic!

I implicitly trust our local Post Office Officials, but when mail routinely goes all the way to Sacramento first before turning around and returning only to jog a few further miles to the east, well, let’s just say there are a lot of opportunities for an “ANTI-TRUMPER” to make an envelope disappear that is addressed to a location his “Leftist Command” has designated as TRUMP ORGANIZATION (even though it clearly is not, it is a bipartisan recall effort to remove a very dangerous individual pretending to be a real governor who listens to the voters.

But of course, we must also realize (and trust) that type of criminal activity might be surreptitiously monitored for just such occurrence, yeah? What a perfect opportunity for the “good guys” to do a little house cleaning of “deep state” criminals pretending to be activists who simply steal and destroy US Mail…..ummmm, isn’t that still a federal offense?

YES! STANISLAUS COUNTY had the greater number of signatures on Saturday again, but it was close. (This is a “catch up” report earlier Sunday morning.)


SATURDAY, January 25th, 2020/1855hrs

HOWDY! Ok, here’s the report….and again, thank you all so much! Extremely reassuring to know others see and understand the same thing! Enough for now….here are the counties and numbers:







Thanks again – I’ll add more tomorrow! MBTYAY, Lew


Friday, January 24th, 2020 (continued) 1948hrs

Yup, a frightening thought when President Putin appears more trustworthy and possess more credibility than House Intelligence Committee Chairman “Shifty” Adam Schiff and his band of Anti-American Socialist Left Democrats! Our Country’s most dangerous enemy dwells within the Washington DC political SWAMP!

FRIDAY, JANUARY 24th, 2020/1120hrs

Yesterday, following a grocery and materials run, I returned home to stow the bounty in garage, cabinets, refrigerator and freezer then plopped down in the recliner for some television time.  A big mistake if I wanted to relax because the channel was left on CNN coverage of the Senate impeachment trial.  You know, that is an interesting aspect in itself.

While OAN routinely reports on worldwide news, as a personal “check of sources” I occasionally switch to CNN to see what news they were reporting.  Most often CNN presents nothing more than some panel of Democrats discussing how bad President Trump is and why their impeachment is so important to maintaining the American Democracy –  <gag! Can’t believe some people actually eat such feldercarb>   – yet when the President is making some appearance somewhere CNN rarely covers the matter like other news sources.  Do you recall how ANYTIME Obama was speaking somewhere just about every single channel covered the occasion?  Well, not for a President pursuing PRO USA & legal citizen goals! 

Unless it is impeachment related or can somehow be twisted and repackaged into potential bad news for TRUMP and/or his administration, you can only count on CNN for their steadfast Socialist/Left/Democrat support blah blah blah panels of Trump haters.   Anyway, the last time I used the television I was watching their impeachment scam coverage so when I turned on the television yesterday there’s Democrat Impeachment Manager Representative Demings going on dramatically explaining their view that the President was attempting to utilize his position of authority for his political benefit. 

What?  Trump was, is, and will continue to be, quite busy DRAINING THE SWAMP as requested by the American public who is tired of disinformation, Socialist Left Democrat false promises and excuses for such Anti-American activities by Democrat officials, agencies, and departments.    The PEOPLE OF THIS COUNTRY want President Trump to make sure US TAXPAYER DOLLARS are going to a foreign state which will assist in the support and protection USA interests.   Political corruption and theft of huge sums of money is something OUR PRESIDENT SHOULD BE INVESTIGATING, yet Democrats are far more concerned with attempting to further conceal their former Democrat Vice President Joe Biden’s highly unethical dealings with Ukrainian officials in protection of his wayward son’s (and others’) money stream from Burisma energy company.  Imagine that?  Not one Democrat interested in that massive corruption coverup?

So I’m listening to Ms Demings drone on about what she and her party thinks of President Trump, which incidentally, is THE VERY SAME STUFF we’ve heard for months!  Nothing new, but quite telling as they CLAIMED and continue to CLAIM to have a great case with enough compelling hard core evidence to prosecute OUR PRESIDENT immediately….. but then want to reopen their closed House investigation so they can pile on even more skewed hearsay information and testimony to their already ridiculously vacant case.  I believe one of the Republican officials said it best, when he commented if such a case were brought in a criminal court not only would the judge dismiss it for lack of evidence but sanctions would be brought against the attorneys presenting such a politically motivated case devoid of evidence.

So I’m listening to Demings and reading along with the statements she is quoting in her barrage of false accusations against the president when I thought I heard/observed a conflicting statement between her reciting (quoting) prior testimony of Democrat witness Ms Hill (frankly I did not have much confidence in ANY of her testimony) and what was actually presented in the news captioning.    Something wasn’t right……so I went back to check…..what do you think?

Who has the time to check everything these “CHEATS” present? You would think for something as important as attempting to remove a duly elected US President, an Impeachment Manager House Representative would get her information straight – especially when prefacing her statement of another person’s testimony with “and I quote”! Nothing but DRAMA DEMOCRATS staring in their Socialist Left “Panic Play”. Sure might encourage one to wonder just how many people in Florida may have been wrongfully arrested, convicted in court, and served, or are currently serving prison time due to disinformation presented by Ms Demings while “serving the public” in law enforcement? Mbty&y, Lew

WEDNESDAY, Jan 22, 2020/

Good morning all. Yes the following article is rather long but well worth the time on a very important subject which the SOCIALIST LEFT DEMOCRATS have

once again completely misrepresented

in their panicked rush to appear relevant to the American public. No doubt these Democrats are our country’s worst enemies and should be removed from their positions of public betrayal in the upcoming 2020 election and every election that follows.


Declaring war versus waging war.

Excellent article in explaining the difference while simultaneously pointing out how the DEMOCRATS fail to support our country in favor of their politically motivated Socialist Left nonsense!

Yes indeed, I will say it again…. personally, I prefer even the illegal immigrants entering this country who were/are sincerely looking for the opportunity of honest work and a better life for themselves and their families (versus the millions summoned here by Socialist Left Democrats looking for “BOUGHT VOTES” by promising FREE EVERYTHING to those without “skin in the game” YET paid for by the already overtaxed and regulated average legal citizen.)

….. than ANY of these SOCIALIST LEFT DEMOCRATS who routinely “sell out America” and her legal citizens in order to maintain their positions in OUR US GOVERNMENT where they actively work against OUR AMERICAN PRINCIPLES and VALUES.

They (SLDs) intentionally do this in their continuing failed attempt to harm a great president who has, and is, answering a sincere call by the PATRIOTIC AMERICAN CITIZEN to DRAIN THAT POLITICAL SWAMP! (NOTE: Political party is not an issue in this respect as there are LEGITIMATE AMERICAN PATRIOTS in every political camp who can discern and support the COMMON SENSE actions of TRUMP & PENCE over that of the continuing disinformation and propaganda produced and distributed by Socialist Left Democrat activists.)


Drain that SWAMP of dishonest characters like Nancy Pelosi, Jerome Nadler, Adam Schiff, Chuck Shumer, etc. (I would be here for hours researching and listing all of the Socialist Left Democrat American traitors attempting to “reconfigure America” into their perverted vision! A vision exemplified in what paticular current country on this planet? That’s right. Doesn’t exist. They want to gamble with the greatest freedoms ever provided to citizen’s of a country in hopes of obtaining what they want: TOTAL and COMPLETE CONTROL! )

These traitors make much talk about American values, truth, honor and justice…..

(same way in which GAVIN NEWSOM and Xavier Becerra replace the factual historic CALIFORNIA VALUES with their corrupted Socialist Left anti-American goals – simple BAIT & SWITCH which works on those who fail to do their own research and mistakenly trust such dishonest individuals – Repeal the Gas Tax? Prop 13 disinformation? California Death penalty? [Strange, NEWSOM & Becerra refuse to uphold the California voter’s decision on the death penalty yet have no qualms about instituting it [A DEATH PENALTY] against our state in the attempt to achieve their anti-American – anti-Californian goals!] Oh yeah, and don’t forget how they absurdly assert that President Donald Trump is responsible for all their failed Leftist scams against the California legal citizen!

…..they (Socialist Left Democrats) demand to have the same authority and power as the duly elected President, yet when provided with the perfect opportunity to put their professed high standards and integrity to a PUBLIC TEST by simply acknowledging the OBVIOUS corruption within their own DEMOCRAT PARTY (recently clearly documented with former Democrat VP Biden’s QUID PRO QUO VIDEO where he laughingly admits to abusing his position of authority and power to protect the BURISMA CORRUPTION providing millions in laundered cash to his son and other Democrat cheats), ……. they are not just silent on the issue, but take extraordinary measures to further conceal and cover up their duplicity!

America did not elect crooked Hillary Clinton, much less Nancy Pelosi and her assorted dancing Leftists to clean up and defend this country and it’s citizens.



And that is exactly what OUR PRESIDENT is doing and the “SWAMP DWELLING CRITTERS” don’t like it one bit and will do ANYTHING to obstruct the wonderful progress TRUMP and his administration are making in that continuing effort.

(Phew! Maybe I shouldn’t read the news first thing in the morning? lol)

Here’s the article, please read and consider the important distinctions between declaring war and waging war.

Thank you Mother Lode District 4 Congressman Tom McClintock for your below illuminating article – too bad we couldn’t force the left to read and understand!

Tuesday, Jan 21, 2020/0610hrs

Good morning! Just couldn’t get this out of my mind from yesterday’s reading about our current California Department of Justice Attorney General Xavier Becerra:

“Becerra’s server which was illegally tapped into about 60 other

congressional members offices. None of the dozens of Democrats, who

also paid the Awan’s, pressed charges.

(The above quote from the second “Democrat IT Scandal” link below.)

Seriously, think about that…..all Democrat congressional information being funneled to a Socialist Left Character like Becerra and data being hacked from outside thousands of times with all that confidential information going “who knows where” in the world? Then when things start heating up Becerra is appointed as California’s highest law enforcement official and leaves Washington DC? Good grief how can there be any surprise that California is lawless with the likes of Becerra heading the DOJ?

Notice also in the video presentation how Becerra goes on about the public’s right to request public information?……Notice the “qualifier”, the right to REQUEST, but not RECEIVE? Typical sounds good Democrat talk which turns out to be worthless feel good garbage that only perpetuates wrongful activity in their DEMOCRAT SWAMP!

(Again, there are many “good Patriotic Democrats” who are apparently holding on to their cherished Democrat Party affiliation of the past which has unfortunately been hi-jacked by the radical Socialist-Left but there may be another aspect of this which I have missed. I was told the other weekend by some signers that they personally know many Democrats that, although remaining with that party, are never-the-less strong Trump supporters and absolutely disgusted with the Impeachment Scam currently exhausting precious time, money, and resources from what citizens truly expect from their government…….honest service to the people – not their political parties. You know, that makes sense.

Who really cares what you may be called in “whatever” political party so long as you stand and vote for the founding principles of this Nation? Who knows, such patriots in the Democrat Party may be a surprise “punch” to the radical Socialist Left which is destroying our State and Country with misrepresentations and absolute lies?


The Islamic Republic of Pakistan is a country of south Asia created in 1947 as a state for IndianMuslims on August 14, 1947 as a result of the partition of India. It is bordered by Iran, Afghanistan, India and China, and has a coastline on the Arabian Sea. Its capital is Islamabad; other major centres include Karachi, Lahore and Peshawar. The nation is about 97% Muslim, as many Hindus and Sikhs native to the region were slaughtered during the partition of British India, which many opposed.[1] Pakistan, a large poor country with a weak economy—but with nuclear weapons—is friendly to the U.S. but hostile to neighboring India, a much larger country. Pakistan has an unstable political system, with Taliban terrorists growing in strength in remote mountain regions, where they support the insurgency in neighboring Afghanistan.

Gosh, wonder how much information from Becerra’s server also made it to Russia, Ukraine and other countries? So what do Democrats do in response to this MAJOR INTELLIGENCE HACK OF DEMOCRAT LEADERS? REfuse to file complaints and instead accuse PRESIDENT TRUMP of wrongful behavior! Outrageous!


See what NEWSOM and BECERRA (and supporters) are doing? They replace true CALIFORNIA VALUES with their perverted political scams and dishonesty (and use it to disguise their true motives) yet wrongfully tell citizens TRUMP is trying to destroy “CALIFORNIA VALUES” which is absolute hog wash!

These Socialist Left Democrats have substituted their crimes and betrayal of the the public for the legitimate and worthy California perspectives which made this state a beacon for desired change and hope. Californians have always been extremely understanding and compassionate towards others, but the Socialist Left has weaponized that compassion and turned it against THE TRUE CALIFORNIANS who made this once proud state.

Climate change? Not really a big issue when things like Getty Oil money and influence orchestrated Newsom’s PLUMP JACK wine fortune and vast holdings of wine country (humm, Napa, Mendecino, Lake Counties refusing to turn over Newsom Petition receipts? Surely just a coincidence. Only 32 people in the entire San Francisco area support Newsom’s recall? lol

The Socialist-Left-Democrats ARE THE SWAMP yet cling to the hope Californians, as well as the rest of the country, will continue to buy into their BAIT AND SWITCH antics to destroy California and the Nation in favor of their foreign political ambitions. Leftist ambitions that have already inflicted much damage and will continue to do so if not stopped by the LEGITIMATE VOTER who is waking up to this outrageous disinformation campaign that everything is TRUMP’s fault….. when in actuality, they are only projecting on TRUMP exactly what they have been doing for decades!

BETRAYING THE LEGITIMATE LEGAL CITIZENS OF THIS COUNTRY – but fortunately CITIZENS ARE WAKING UP a little more every single day to this diabolical betrayal!

REM that LAME tune chorus?



Monday, 01202020 2020hrs … just couldn’t resist. lol

Anyway……below is what I recalled about that missing Democrat Caucus server which was apparently set up to direct all other data of other congress personnel to the server under control of Xavier Becerra.

Fortunately, the part of this rather long video I was referencing is at the beginning, however, at the very end is an interesting prediction by Xavier Becerra,,,, (A similar one is heard on an OAN (ONE AMERICA NEWS) CH347 DirecTV commercial, something like, As California goes, so goes the rest of the nation” Becerra says to watch California because other states and territories need California so they will be doing “it” as well.

Reminded me of a parcel of Nevada land I was interested in, especially since it appeared as though power might be available, but it turned out the generation was by coal and California refused to purchase the power so the plant closed along with proposed increased availability for residential service in the area. Oh well, back to the “off grid” property search.

I have heard that hundreds of thousands have left California including many businesses going to other states that appreciate their service, product, etc. Who knows. I’ve talked with folks in Nevada who have already observed a negative California influence. Heck, I read some Nevada statues that actually referred to CA Law as the basis of it’s law! That’s scary.

Monday, Jan 20th, 2020 / 1600 +/- (Continued)

Wow, check it out….no wonder we didn’t hear much of the history of our current California Department of Justice Attorney General Xavier Becerra while in Washington DC regarding that missing DEMOCRAT CAUCUS COMPUTER SERVER in his charge ……closed hearings and not one of the “victim Democrats” filed a complaint?

Yet look at the time, public funds and resources spent by these Left Democrats in their failed attempt to project their own actual crimes and unethical practices on OUR SUCCESSFUL PRESIDENT TRUMP – especially involving Ukraine and Russia!

Look at the money paid to these “IT” specialists. Look how many times the information on that server (which evidently possessed the records of many other Democrat congressional officials which were supposed to be on their own private and protected government servers…..yet collected to Becerra’s! Then it went “missing” when the investigation as launched.

Gosh, also consider the fact the brother of the main actor in this IT scam of Democrat information hacking was married to a Ukrainian. Geez, these leftist’s must solicit for second, third and forth hand information from ANYONE who might suggest or makeup something suspicious or bad against TRUMP in their SHAM OF IMPEACHMENT DISTRACTION – yet their ENTIRE PARTY is filled with perfect examples of unethical, criminal and Quid Pro Quo behavior.

Sounds just like Hillary Clinton and her thousands of emails on NON SECURED GOVERNMENT SERVERS – many with classified information jeopardizing who knows how many lives around the world?

REM? “There are no such emails!” “Ooops, except for these……and these…..and a few thousand over here…….” “Maybe a few hundered over there…..” Absolutely disgusting. Benghazi and all that? Interviewed by the FBI yet not under Oath? lol

Yet a “Biden Left Democrat political deep state CIA spy activist – Obama holdover” can have reporting requirements changed to protect him as a “whistle blower” so he and crooked Democrat ADAM SCHIFF and others could surreptitiously cook up an impeachment plot to remove President Trump while BIDEN & SON et al are still counting BURISMA money out of the UKRAINE! And so much more!

Left Democrats are tripping over each other exclaiming how bad Trump was for questioning the corruption of US Foreign Aid to Ukraine…..but golly gee Professor….the crooks, corruption and coverup all seem to originate and continue within the DEMOCRAT PARTY…..check out this article about our current Attorney General…. does he sound like a law and order type Left activist? lol

MONDAY, JANUARY 20th, 2020

Sorry, I ran out of steam yesterday and failed to update the petition signing. My bad. So here it is for SUNDAY January 19th, 2020:









Considering the weather (cold and foggy) still a good turnout, thank you all! Actually, I’m still surprised when a vehicle pulls over and I approach the driver and they say something like: “Oh, you come to me?” You betcha! No reason for you to get out of your vehicle – I’m already there! Guess I need another sign huh? …….. DRIVE-THROUGH PETITION SIGNING? lol Of course some folks want to get out of the vehicle due to a long drive already made or coming up. Doesn’t matter to me, but when I see a vehicle pull over “into the zone of interest” I immediately approach so they don’t have to get out of their vehicle.

Again, thank you all for stopping by and signing – now get out there and rustle up some more family and friend signers!

HOW ABOUT THIS? Would you like to circulate your own petition for just a few folks? Stop by HWY59xHWY132 and I can provide you with some blank forms and a quick “how to” (full instructions on You can send them in yourself, or drop them off to me for processing.





I understand the reluctance. I’ve never done this before either, but once you get going it isn’t that difficult —- certainly easier than looking for a new home state! not so lol. What NEWSOM and his ilk are doing is wrong. They are killing those of us in the middle of the extremely wealthy and the extremely poor.


“missing Washington DC computer server Xavier Becerra” (our state’s highest LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER? LOL) is successful in repealing PROPOSITION 13, many more of us may not even have a choice but to leave our home state due to substantially increased taxes.


Every time I have grocery shopped in the last year I have noticed a reduction in purchasing power and it is getting worse every month. Not to mention how so many items are locked up in cabinets now to reduce the escalating theft. Certainly not convenient shopping any more.

I find it difficult to believe more folks don’t understand NEWSOM & COMPANY cannot keep giving away public funds to those not even California citizens (and other suspicious Socialist/Left/Democrat activities) without reaching further into the pockets of average legal citizens who are already just trying to survive in this current STATE OF CALIFUSION with its over regulation, unnecessarily high taxes and absolute waste of OUR TAX MONEY. It is only going to get worse if legal citizens don’t stand up and object. It doesn’t have to be like this folks. COMMON SENSE SHOULD REIGN, not radical far left goals set on the reconfiguration of America.

Raise my property taxes? Heck, I can’t even obtain PUBLIC RECORDS WHICH THE LAW STATES I HAVE A RIGHT TO OBTAIN!


Like I tell the folks who stop by to sign the NEWSOM RECALL PEITION –






OH yeah, another BIG THANK YOU to those who have advertised on social media sites – many signers have told me that’s where they learned of the opportunity! (I don’t use Facebook, etc.) Good work!

My best to you and yours, Lew

Breezy before dawn
Thanks to Sunday’s 15 – the next setup will begin with 551! Way to go CA travelers!


Cold and foggy day, but a great turn out – thank you all!

Although it is rare someone will stop by to sign before sun up, several stated they saw me predawn but couldn’t stop at the time. Perfect. later, Lew









TOTAL: 30 + previous 506 = 536 on Saturdays & Sundays (well, 534 because 2 were snagged on a foggy weekday) since November 17th, 2019 (Plus there were approximately 50 signatures by other circulators! Not bad for just hanging around waiting to meet more nice folks who are obviously informed.

I’ve said it before and will undoubtedly say it many more times during this recall process….. regardless of what happens …. this experience has been absolutely fantastic for me personally. Where else would I have met 536 great folks who stopped by to sign as I have already? Actually more than that since many times one spouse/companion had already signed and they stopped so the other could sign as well. Geez, then there were the carloads of folks where some had already signed, so I’ve probably met over a thousand wonderful people at that intersection. Looking forward to meeting many more of you as well! TICK TICK TICK……..time is getting short….if you plan to stay in California and are not a millionaire start collecting signatures or volunteer in some other way, donate to RANAF.ORG – talk with friends and family. If Becerra’s current misrepresentation of the PROP 13 issue is successful (like it was with the “repeal the gas tax” scam wording he used despite admonishment by a Superior Court Judge, get ready for a massive property tax hike coming soon! These socialist left democrats are great at giving away public funds in an effort to stay in office but then immediately turn to the already abused taxpayer to fund their political careers as they continue to “give away the store”! Absolute bullshit. Talk to people….educate them……..get them to a NEWSOM RECALL STAND! Again, thank you all for taking the time to stop by and sign…….now get out there and bring me MORE! lol (kind of joking, kind of not….lol).

My best to you and yours, Lew


Thursday morning thought: shall we just cut through all the Socialist, Left, Democrat propaganda pushing this ludicrous impeachment scam and get to the heart of the matter using a few questions?

First question:

Did President Donald Trump violate clear requirements contained in the United States CONSTITUTION for this Democrat Impeachment process to even begin, much less flounder and be used as a disingenuous political tool of the left in an attempt to leverage the senate before finally being transmitted to the Senate?


Second question:

Why has such activity been permitted to continue?

Because Socialist Left Democrats have complete control of the House of Representatives which is the only entity that could possibly bring articles of impeachment against a sitting president, even if nonconforming to the Constitutional requirements.

Third question:

If the articles of impeachment do not conform to the requirements under the US Constitution for such an impeachment proceeding, why is this massive waste of time, money and resources of the American taxpayer being expended on such an Unconstitutional Socialist Left Democrat political attack on our President?

Because they are Socialist Left Democrats who are still very upset that their intended queen Hillary Rodham Clinton lost their RIGGED 2016 presidential election. These Democrats are unable to handle the reality HRC lost and are dedicated to removing President Trump by any means imaginable including wrongful use of the authority and power entrusted to the US HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES.

Fourth question: Why would the Socialist Left Democrats intentionally violate clear impeachment requirements of the US Constitution in their myopic pursuit to remove President Donald Trump?

(Refer to above) Because they are also Socialist Left Democrats who have no respect for law when it does not support their Anti-American agenda. Essentially, they do not give a rat’s ass about the US Constitution, the United States of American or the legal US Citizen who continues to pay for such outrageous behavior orchestrated by a group of childish poor sport losing cheaters commonly known as Socialist Left Democrats.

Fifth question: What can American Patriot Citizens do to correct such an abomination of Justice within our Country?

Vote every single Socialist Left Democrat out of local, state and federal positions of trust in the 2020 election and keep them out!

Here is a good formula (and it is of no surprise that news reports often now omit the “D” (Democrat) and “R” (Republican) letter indicator!)

“D” stands for DUMP

“R” stands for RETURN (or REPLACE with another “R”) lol!

PS: One of the biggest things California voters can do to help their country is to return CALIFORNIA to the LEGAL CITIZEN RESIDENTS! GET TO A NEWSOM RECALL BOOTH/STAND/TABLE — get a petition and make copies and circulate to your family and friends…….make new friends! Take it from a semi-hermit – YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

Less than a month to go and this NEWSOM RECALL could be HISTORIC if California voters once again stand up and fight for their rights!

Socialist Left Democrats haven proven time and time again they donk’t give a damn about OUR RIGHTS!

OK, Lew has temporarily left the soapbox – lol later!


Sunday January 12th, 2020 (continued)…. OK are are Sunday’s results:





SANTA CRUZ 2 1st County representation! Welcome!


ORANGE* 1 Another first! Welcome!

TOTAL Sunday: 23

Weekends since Nov 17th: 506

*Another first ORANGE COUNTY! WELCOME! Here’s something interesting, the signer advised there was a tremendous outpouring of people signing in Orange County! Recall Orange County was one of the eight counties on the OAN report about officials refusing to process petition receipts.

Certainly if that information is correct (county election officials refusing to perform their duty and process a legitimate Secretary of State approved recall petition because they personally support Gavin Newsom), everyone involved should be looking for new employment because such “deep state activity” has harmed the citizens of this state long enough and should be dealt with immediately and harshly.

Such wannabe “social activists” are destroying our state (country as well) with their spoiled child routines of intolerance and “offense” to anything they don’t personally approve and then wrongfully use government authority and power for their anti-American Socialist/Left obstructionism.

I still can’t believe the State Water Board reported Merced River water license violations occurred in Sutter and Stanislaus counties, rather than Tuolumne and Mariposa. Don’t these water experts know the Merced River starts in Yosemite meanders down to the valley, and joins the San Joaquin in route to the ocean? (Also extremely curious is the fact the responsible party attempting to violate license restrictions had a Delft University Netherlands connection, as well as being a 20 year board director with the CALIFORNIA SPECIAL DISTRICTS ASSOCIATION, and the 3 month new Division of Water Rights employee who was assigned to work with this orchestrating license violator/CSDA director, was also European educated. Ahhh, probably just a coincidence. lol

Anyway, hearing from a well informed resident from that area was like hearing encouraging information of massive resistance from deep within what has been touted as a Socialist/Left enemy territory. (Or just limited Newsom support, but in critical “bottle neck” areas of government where they could inflict the most disruption?)

Walk with me here…..if Orange County was indeed primarily pro-Gavin Newsom, what petition receipts would there be to ignore in the first place? In other words, if the majoriy of citizen’s of Orange County are satisfied with Newsom why would they sign a petition to recall him? However, if, as was reported to me from someone who lives there and saw it first hand – there was indeed a tremendous response to the recall Newsom petition, wouldn’t that be a motive for “cupcake activists” to pitch fits and tantrums while crying they refuse to perform their jobs because they support Newsom and his Socialist/Left agenda that is destroying our state?

Start Sunday with the correct count!
Unfortunately, FAKE online petitions hurt the legitimate recall of Newsom

Sorry…..need to stop for now. later 2140


SUNDAY, JANUARY 12th, 2020

Personally I believe this video to be a perfect example of what was going on with a number of high ranking Socialist/Left Democrats padding their prospective “after government service” retirements. (No doubt the same story as repeated itself on the other side as well but Democrats seem to have mastered the activity.) The environment at the time was was perfect for such “high and mighty LOWLIFES” and those involved with Ukraine were likely professional scammers long before that. Take a look at the “CLINTON CASH” scandal – those two were up to their eyeballs in dubious dealings since Whitewater in their home state of Arkansas.

Listen to this above nonsense and realize what was actually going on behind the scene regarding billions of Ukrainian dollars being laundered and funneled to wrongfully acting partners like Biden’s son Hunter as an energy consultant/director with virtually no experience to justify the outrageous salary and perks provided. Was the “salary” simply a way to insure VP Binden’s cooperation in the totality of this money laundering scam? Look how long it is taking to simply find the truth regarding HRC’s “missing emails”.


OK, here is the report:

25 signatures from the following counties….picked up a new one! Shasta! Welcome.










Thank you all so much!

Even though not too many sign this early – a lot come back later
Before the giant burning ball was up
Ooops! 458 + 25 = 483! (When things get busy I update the tally later, must have done one twice by accident…..I’ll reset to 483 tomorrow morning to make it legit! lol – ok, so 483 + 17 = 500, right? lol 17+ tomorrow to break 500?


GUESS WHO ERASED THE DATE THAT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE HERE? <yup> I’m sure there’s a way to recover it – maybe, I’m too tired to mess with it now….Friday? Before that? Crap. One of the downsides I guess to using this page format. whatever. …..<below is older ….. not a post… update?….whatever. later.

Well, one of the two Secretary of State approved Newsom Recall Petition efforts has failed – the one in San Diego. (Still find it disgusting that a search online for NEWSOM RECALL usually produced more “fake recalls” than information on the two legitimate ones. Pretty difficult challenge when media is so clearly pro-left.)

Will the dropping of the San Diego petition be helpful to the ERIN CRUZ RANAF.ORG NEWSOM RECALL PETITION that I have been supporting at the 59×132 Newsom Recall Shack? Who knows? Sure do hope so.

As stated before, the RECALL OF GAVIN NEWSOM as our California Governor is something I believe is a correct response to ANY POLITICIAN who so arrogantly ignores the vote of the people in favor of their own personal opinion – regardless of the good intentions that particular voter override may have claimed.

“Why run elections at all?” will likely be a Socialist/Left Democrat talking point or PROPOSITION FOR APPROVAL very soon, because with their (fabricated) evidence of overwhelming public support for Newsom’s Socialist/Left policies being so obvious – why waste public resources that could be used for climate change or important Left social justice efforts?  Why have any elections that only reaffirm what everybody knows is the obvious majority support for the Socialist/Left agenda in California?    Sure, that’s what they’d like everyone to believe…..elections are no longer necessary in the Socialist Left Democrat Peoples Republic of Califusion.


Seems pretty apparent (based on the many investigations and news reports) that the State of California (as with most democrat strongholds) has a serious problem with voter fraud.   It was obvious going into this recall business that a governor who was elected into office through benefit of voter fraud by garnering higher numbers in apparent support would likewise have a “built in protection from recall” with that higher election percentage since the percentage for recall success is based on the percentage of the total votes cast in the last election enthroning Newsom.  In other words, rampant state election fraud dictates any recall would be even more of an uphill challenge than it already was.  So it is with “entrenched” politics yeah?

Wonder if the DMV will again change my party preference to Democrat like they did last time I renewed my drivers license? Motor Voter surely helped to get Newsom in, and obviously assists in keeping him there!

It is what it is and will not change unless “THE PEOPLE” demand such change.   If this is what the majority of legal California citizens want, so be it, we either adjust or leave.   Apparently 700,000 plus have already decided to leave with many more considering such abandonment of their former “home state”.  Perhaps I too will resume my own property search elsewhere after this recall effort?   No hard feelings, just the realization I do not want to reside where not welcomed even if it was my home state of sixty something years. Things change right?

I am so blessed because whether I stay or leave I can modify my “later life style” to accommodate immediate needs and still survive fairly comfortably.   


Please recall it wasn’t too long ago that many influential and well known “talking heads” from political, entertainment, and business related worlds assured voters Donald Trump would never be president.  


Remember all those professional polling organizations?  Same thing – Trump could NEVER BE PRESIDENT.  Nancy Pelosi (Gavin Newsom’s Auntie) said we could take her statement “to the bank” (Was Pelosi referring to one of those DNC banks like former VP Binden and Son utilized when pilfering billions from the people of Ukraine through the corrupt Burisma energy company?)  “Recall” some of those folks even promised to leave the United States of America if there was indeed a Trump Presidency.   Well, he’s president and those promising to leave stayed in this great country never-the-less.  Wonder why? Did they not mean what they said? Did they change their minds about Trump? Maybe it was simply “political theater” in an attempt to emotionally connect with people and they never seriously considered leaving? Who knows?

Everyone is entitled to believe, and vote, as they wish (at least for now), but the way I see it is simply this:

a person either believes in (FILL IN BLANK) and is

committed to working for, achieving, and/or protecting

(FILL IN BLANK) – or not.

I believe Gavin Newsom is a poor governor and should be removed so I will stand by that opinion and continue to collect petition signatures up until the legal state deadline despite those who guarantee the recall will not be successful and anyone supporting it is wasting time. 

OK, my time to waste. 

Who knows?  The 2016 chant of “Never Trump” was certainly incorrect.  Sure, the way in which NEWSOM STRONG counties are refusing to process petitions is disconcerting, but such outrages always take time to correct.  If the report is factual sure sounds like some county employees should be looking for new work if failing to perform official duties.  (That “deep state” stuff again?)  Look at Hillary Clinton and her infamous missing emails.  Not over by a long shot and we’re still learning more thanks to efforts of groups like JUDICIAL WATCH. 

Besides, (and this is the most important aspect) as above,

why should an adversary’s prediction of failure negate or dismiss a legitimate and sincere opinion or belief that Newsom has betrayed the legal California voting citizens and should be removed?

See you this weekend!

My best to you and yours, Lew



YES Rich you are ABSOLUTELY CORRECT (was hoping you were) – it is indeed permissible for me to fill out the petition for recall with exception of the signature/mark portion of the petition. I was aware family members and recognized service providers could do such, but the individual circulating the petition? I just wasn’t sure and didn’t want to accidentally invalidate your or anyone else’s vote. But like I promised – I checked into the matter.

Sorry for my ignorance and thank you for your understanding that my only hesitation was the concern about your vote counting with all the others. Heck, when I first started this I was awake all night wondering if my entry of xx/xx/2019 would be thrown out when the example showed xx/xx/19! (Despite your understanding and great job I was never-the-less embarrassed and deeply sorry for the inconvenience – which, thanks to you, will not occur again.)

So, with this new information in mind, if any of you viewers require some assistance in filling out the petition, please stop by 59×132 and I will be more than happy to assist up to the point of your signature/mark. As stated when I started volunteering for this recall work, I’ve never done this before and although I read instructions online (along with other sources) I never specifically saw where the circulator could fill out the form. (Requirements can also vary between states.)

Along the same lines (special situations), I can appreciate the fact many of you on the weekends are traveling in big rigs, large truck-trailer recreational units, and/or atypical trailer configurations (saw the longest trailer unit for the first time in real life last weekend – absolutely wild – saw them on TV but not passing by in reality…whoa- can only imagine the savings), or just don’t care for “detours” regardless of how minimal (although per above not always easy to accomplish), so, if you would like to sign and could pull over safely for a few minutes (say while checking load, tires or something on your rig) all I need is some affirmative notice of interest and I will come to you with the clipboard, petition, and pen in hand.

(That’s one thing I have not participated in with this recall stuff, I don’t wave at folks to come in and sign, or whistle, yell, “stand on my head to make folks sign” etc. lol as the whole concept was if you’re interested you will stop and let me know. Often when approaching a vehicle that has stopped I am greeted with some variation of “where do I sign – I’ve been looking for you”. lol However, if a rig is across the highway I can’t be playing a live version of “FROGGER” and going back and forth across a highway to see if someone wants to sign! lol



(I just fill in county name on petition – think I’m up to 16 or 17 different counties now… picked up San Luis Obispo and….???? need to check)

Doesn’t take long but just remember, although the GOVERNOR can do whatever he wants, WE MUST WRITE BETWEEN THE LINES OR “THEY” CAN INVALIDATE YOUR VOTE! So, try to write small and leave enough room for:


Print name as on ballot material then street number and name (123 Elm),


Signature, City and zip code.……….YOU’RE DONE!

My best to your and yours, Lew


Tuesday, January 7th, 2020….1108hrs My deliberation has concluded, I will report.


This issue was brought up last weekend when someone suggested I contact the Lake Don Pedro Baptist Church to advertise the NEWSOM RECALL SHACK at the intersection of HWY59 x HWY132 in La Grange, CA.  

Let me preface the following blah, blah, blah with this: 

How the leader of any church governs, regulates, shepherds, “flocks”, whatever, their followers is his/her and their congregation’s business (unless of course it truly is Anti-American and advocates violation of law, destruction of property, and attacks upon our citizens.) 

I was only trying to get the word out for those who might be interested and was quite surprised at the unequivocal answer.

So, NO!  I did not intentionally ignore the local Baptist Church regarding my efforts to obtain NEWSOM RECALL PETITION SIGNATURES.  I contacted the Church through its website by email very early Sunday morning before leaving for the intersection with the request of a simple notification to attendees of the opportunity.   I advised the request was “in the blind” (would not be able to receive any immediate response) as I would be out there when message likely received. I waited a few days and with no response I called and spoke with the church representative who answered the telephone.  I explained the situation and she advised emails had not been checked yet (thank heavens this was not some religious emergency where immediate grief counseling or such was required by a member of the congregation yeah?) but she assured me the Pastor would receive the message.  Again, no response, so I tried calling again on Friday December 13th, 2019 at 1018hrs, this time connecting with Pastor Hans.

Surprisingly, the Pastor seemed unsure if he had received my email.  I explained that I was operating a petition signing “shack” at the intersection because I did not want to contact people directly (I don’t like unsolicited emails, telephone calls, visits, etc. and did not want to do the same to others) and wondered if he could simply, as a public service announcement to his congregation, announce the opportunity to sign a recall Gavin Newsom petition was now available locally.  I told him one of the most common statements by signers was they could not locate a convenient location, or, when they did see one and returned after completing the main reason for their current trip,  only found the “station” had moved elsewhere.

Unfortunately, and to my utter surprise, the pastor refused to make such an announcement stating he did not want to become involved in such political matters.  This was quite confusing since I know for a fact political issues have been addressed by that Church in the past (including local recall efforts) with even the Pastor himself moderating an LDPCSD candidates night at the high school.   Even the Church’s long time bookkeeper applied for, and was appointed to the LDPCSD Board of Directors, which ironically, I truly believe – and documents will support – has been one of the most corrupt special interest boards in the history of this CALIFORNIA SPECIAL DISTRICT—they even refused to simply request a legitimate official California State Water Board Place of Use Map which governed their activities!

That board essentially SOLD OUR WATER DISTRICT to Pete Kampa (and his Kampa Community Solutions, LLC)….

(a 20 year former rogue employee between 1994-1997 who quickly left after being caught orchestrating LAFCO ANNEXATIONS in Tuolumne and Mariposa into our district without board authority or direction)

….. who  was unethically returned in 2014 to complete his LAFCO ANNEXATION plans with state and federal grant funds intended for drought relief of existing customers, but was actually used to develop very expensive groundwater wells needed to provide water service outside the water license which serves the subdivision and golf course.  The district has used this water license since 1980 formation. 

Anyway, for a church whose leader states he doesn’t want to become involved in politics, well, that ship seems to have sailed in an opposite direction many years ago.  

Still it is not really my business, or is it? 

Perhaps the pastor has an understanding with his followers that he will unilaterally make such political related decisions so as not to “bother attendees” with such decisions of whether or not they might be interested in signing a California Secretary of State approved recall petition for Governor Gavin Newsom?

Maybe everyone who attends that church accepts and supports the Pastor’s decision to “not inform” of such local civic opportunities? (Wonder what else is concealed?)

Or does that religious leader’s refusal indicate he knows for a fact there is not one single conservative leaning minded person who attends HIS church?   (Versus a church of GOD)  BUT WAIT!  That cannot be true since the individual who spoke to me last Sunday signed the petition and was very thankful for the opportunity even being there!

Could there be one or two other individuals at that church who might be interested in signing the petition but are unaware of the opportunity in their own community?

Your guess is as good as mine – but see how easy it can be for good people to be intentionally left out and uninformed about issues and opportunities in their own home state?   

My best to you and yours, Lew



Yes, the following JUDICIAL WATCH VIDEO is almost an hour…..but a great “refresher”. Listen while fixing dinner, doing laundry, or just relaxing. It is amazing how much we forget when constantly bombarded with NEW ANTI-AMERICAN ACTIVITIES by Socialist/Left Democrat government officials…..(and other “trusted organizations” we might automatically assume are looking out for our best interests – when perhaps they are not! I’m wrestling with whether to report on such a local issue right now. Wondering if reporting on it would be a good thing or not. I’m leaning towards….yes, the truth is always the best policy regardless of how it is received by those who do not want to hear and attempt to suppress.)

ANYWAY, this video is an excellent RECAP of some past and current events which document how the Socialist/Left Democrats have wrongfully been using the power and authority of the US government (public resources) to push their ANTI-AMERICAN AGENDA, but even more importantly, concealing from the American public just how horribly wrong it all is!



<YAWN> Much better. Wanted to mention being quite pleased to also hear from several folks about how they felt more comfortable stopping by a recall “station” where it was not so crowded or confined as in larger communities, but rather, out in the open with good visibility.

Yup, like a major foothill highway intersection in clear view of a steady stream of passing vehicles! NOTE: For you folks headed somewhere on the weekend with a big rig or large trailer who don’t want/or can’t, make the small detour, if you stop near the intersection I can usually go to you if not busy with other signers. I understand turning around or leaving your equipment is not an option. It’s actually pretty quick, PRINT name as it appears in your ballot materials, number and street name (123 Elm), signature, city and zip and you’re on your way again. OF COURSE, California politicians do what they want, but WE MUST WRITE BETWEEN THE LINES! lol)

As I said, personally I am not comfortable going into congested areas to attend controversial activities in a time when the Socialist/Left Democrats believe their “social justice scam” permits abandonment of civility and intentional violation of law and the rights of other citizens. (ie, If any of these sensitive cupcakes become offended by legitimate skepticism or outright disbelief in man’s responsibility for “climate change” violence and destruction of property is perfectly acceptable to stop such contrary opinions from being heard in their perverted version of A SOCIALLY JUST AMERICA. Seriously, does that sound like the America you want to live in? Where free speech/opinion is abolished through wrongful street enforcement by radical Left thugs who are incapable of hearing opposing views because it upsets them so much? Good grief.

Rights of citizens? Can’t help but think about equal protection under the law as well. What about honest local government officials? Look what property owners here in Lake Don Pedro have needlessly experienced for decades. (Obviously very unpleasant stories on both sides of the water license place of use equation – but the fundamental failure was to simply obey the clear restrictions on Merced River water place of use.)

How could a Mariposa County 1987 detailed Sphere of Influence Study completely overlook even one word about the obviously known water restrictions contained in water license 11395 held by the Merced Irrigation District while actively planning where to extend water service that the LDPCSD could not legally furnish? Smells like those things that live in water…,.oh yeah, fishy.

Was that the plan all along? Create a “sham of a California Special District” only to get access to water license 11395 through the entitled subdivision and then just expand boundaries? Sure might explain why the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) approval was not obeyed or why a fabricated representation existed in our LDPCSD files. Might also explain why the original 1980 LDPCSD water service boundary map has been absent since the field survey (which still exists) was completed.

When caught wrongfully expanding the district’s boundaries did these unethical “movers and shakers” essentially institute an expensive subsidized groundwater substitution program (circumventing license) and put that substantial escalating expense on the financial backs of unsuspecting innocent property owners in the subdivision for perpetuity? Absolutely diabolical – and what a betrayal to property ownership on multiple levels. Your tax dollars and assessments at work?

I have been trying to understand this mess for over 10 years now (unfortunately think I DO UNDERSTAND) but such quest is made even more difficult when both the LDPCSD and County Planning/LAFCO refuse to honor legitimate requests for public information. (Add to that law enforcement, grand juries, complaints to State DOJ, Governor, etc.)

Heck, haven’t been able to view pertinent LAFCO records on the county website for over a year. How can the LDPCSD ignore my request for the most important piece of evidence concerning this whole FOOTHILL WATER EMPIRE SCAM operating for decades…. which is the MERCED IRRIGATION DISTRICT SHAPE FILE MAPS provided by MID which Pete Kampa said proved the water license place of use had been changed in 1993. I want to see for myself how this 20 year trained CSDA director was mistaken about the information.

What was the basis for the use of those millions of dollars in public funds?

Yup, 40 years of fraud, community turmoil and expensive subsidized groundwater substitution used to circumvent the water license restrictions to benefit COUNTY LAFCO ANNEXED PROPERTIES brought into the LDPCSD (Lake Don Pedro Community Services District – a California Special District) 20 years ago by a former rogue employee.

A former rogue employee unethically returned in 2014 as GM/Treasurer and permitted access to over one million in cash without even a simple background check! Money used to misrepresent the district to State and Federal departments and agencies in order to obtain grant money intended for drought relief for legal customers which was actually used to develop an alternate groundwater supply for his OUTSIDE PLACE OF USE annexations – because they could not develop without such.

Yes California has certainly gone Socialist/Left. Gosh, why did information such as this rogue GM/Treasurer’s prior DELFT UNIVERSITY EXPERIENCE in Europe suddenly disappear from the internet? Why was the original investigator (who performed an outstanding factual investigation up to that point) transferred to another division? Why was investigation delayed so long until another European educated 3 month new State Water Board Division of Water Rights “new employee” was given an investigation involving a situation intentionally misrepresented to the public for 40 years? A new employee who then in obvious cooperation with the CSD rogue GM/Treasurer, attempted case closure three different times with only more false information provided by the GM/Treasurer?

What about the arson of our LDPCSD administration office during investigation of outside POU water service?

What about the attempted replacement of that 40 year old legitimate water license 11395 Place of Use map in State Water Board files with that rogue GM’s FAKE DIGITIZED MAP which wrongfully expanded boundaries? Oh yeah, that fake map was also produced by a CSDA affiliate member. Auditors, insurance, everything controlled through such state lobbying organizations.

A sitting California Special District Association board director using the authority and power of that organization to exploit a California Special District and its customers. There are so many more questions.)

Consider: Not only was the rogue employee brought back to finish his annexation plan by providing the necessary groundwater with public funds for the development of private property interests….

(including a 900 acre residential subdivision on the shores of Lake McClure which was either (1) concealed from the public and LDPCSD customers for 20 years by LAFCO and the LDPCSD, or, (2) annexation paperwork was only recently changed (2014) to appear as though annexed in 1995 (there were many past attempts to annex that were never completed.) Also, remember the LAFCO meeting I was prohibited from attending as a sitting board director where representatives of the LDPCSD and LAFCO officials agreed to change long established LDPCSD water service map boundaries? Gosh, isn’t that called a clue when one director who had studied the issue was prevented from attending? This 2014 boundary change was necessary so the groundwater scam could be put to actual use.)

…… but he came back with his own KAMPA COMMUNITY SOLUTIONS, llc, management company catering to CALIFORNIA SPECIAL DISTRICTS like the LDPCSD, while also a sitting 20 year influential board director on the CALIFORNIA SPECIAL DISTRICTS ASSOCIATION (CSDA). Needless to say, the CSDA and its affiliate members have been extremely influential and helpful in this outrageous betrayal of legal Merced River water customers in the subdivision.

All to be quietly paid for by the thousands of MERCED RIVER WATER ENTITLED CUSTOMERS (MR WECs) of the LDP subdivision who did not require such expensive groundwater for their legal service under the water license. And now we must consume water treated for arsenic and other contaminants not found in our quality lake water, just so it can be blended and sold outside the Place of Use for Merced River water to LAFCO annexed properties.

Sorry, didn’t know this was going to happen. Must have been the comment about citizen rights in California or something.

So, the above is how the LDPCSD used the proceeds from the last PROP 218 rate and fee increase (million dollars provided to Pete Kampa), and now they want to raise rates and fees again – without even acknowledging how they mismanaged the last increase to the special interests of private land developers with annexed land. Where is the guarantee they won’t do exactly the same thing again? Personally, without such public acknowledgement by these local leaders who were responsible for this nightmare and a guarantee of no further misuse of funds I will vote against any rate and fee increase. They are irresponsible.

Yes indeed, I repeat myself – but the loss of our rights and how it occurs is worth repeating until corrected.

My best to you and yours, Lew



59X132 UPDATE-

Start Sunday with Saturday’s total thus far from November 17th 2019 (Primarily weekends with only two “snagged” when I spent two hours in the fog after going to the post office. Figured what the heck, was in La Grangeanyway might as well try. Still wondering what the difference might be during the week with decent weather …..if any.







TRIP FOURS. Told folks what their number was when I had a chance – who knows? Maybe a lucky number? Hummm, drawings based on entered numbers….lol Since some folks asked whether I was being paid, thought the intro to the “increasing number” was appropriate. I can not always contribute money to such efforts so I donate time. (Which is becoming more and more valuable as I age.)
Nice even increase

What a great response! Thank you all for stopping by and please feel free to stop by anytime….(no, not as a “petition signing decoy vehicle” – although some of you today also observed/experienced that common occurance and can testify as to its validity) especially so due to our conversations being interrupted ….but for a great cause of course yeah? … more concerned folks stopping by to sign! Seriously, I enjoyed all these exchanges especially when they morphed into a “group conversation”….almost like a political group therapy! lol Thank you all.

I learn something every time and one of the most repetitive, and comforting lesson is simply this: I am not alone. You are not alone. WE are not alone. With all our beautiful diversity we are never-the-less American citizens with Constitutional rights that are being restricted and threatened with abolishment by a Socialist-Left-Democrat agenda to completely change the United States of America.

Anyway, how could a 30 signature day get any better?

35 from another local (please stop by again, couldn’t find your phone number – OK to use your name while complimenting you for a splendid job?) who collected his own! Absolutely fantastic!

Just think if those that could—would, during the next 4 weeks, collect as many signatures as possible from their friends, family and other concerned patriots who were complete strangers until they met at a NEWSOM RECALL table, booth, shack, organization, club, church, … whatever!

We are not alone and will certainly be heard quite clearly in 2020. Later,

My best to you and yours, Lew


  1. WOW!  
  2. I thank you all VERY MUCH, but more importantly…..
  4. Want to play a game?

47 signatures today @ “59×132”! 

Here’s the break down: (every single one appreciated – keep them coming!)

STANISLAUS                       16 whoa!

MERCED                             8

TUOLUMNE                       8

MARIPOSA                         7


ALAMEDA                           1 GOOD JOB!

CALAVARAS                        1

TOTAL                                 47 ! Just beautiful

How about a MULTI COUNTY RECALL PETITION CONTEST?  Wait!  Hear me out first – because this is rather humorous – in a way, at least I think so, but I crack myself up all the time anyway.   Hee hee hee (old school lol)…..this contest could be absolutely wild for the NEXT 5 WEEKS…. (February 6th I believe is the last day in collecting signatures)  ESPECIALLY if successful in dramatically increasing the RECALL PETITION response from voters!

Concept could be utilized in various ways….contest between districts, cities, service organizations, churches, etc. Add a little fun to something you believe in anyway…..challenging others to keep up with YOUR PACE!

  ……..”OK, Lew, appreciate the concept that a little fun makes any job easier, but why would this “petition game” be so funny?  ……Because I read about the concept in Gavin Newsom’s 2003 book CITIZENVILLE!   I kid you not!  

Here’s the gist of it: Newsom was advocating that government garner free work by citizens through making a particular activity fun and/or competitive with others who were also supportive of the activity, program, service, WHATEVER!    He stressed how some people will perform a tremendous amount of excellent work absolutely free (or even at great cost personally) if they were devoted to the cause or goal at hand. 

Basically, cities were availing themselves to such free volunteered citizen labor and would reap the benefits from highly successful results in the solving of long term city problems by simply making the corrective action, reconfiguration, new method, …whatever improvement …… fun and competitive.  [Yes indeed, the obvious can sometimes be quite elusive in the “real world”.] Newsom  used the concept as mayor in San Francisco as did other major cities sporting problems that could not be solved up until implementation of the new approach. Gosh, can’t help but wonder how many were Democrat controlled?  

See the absolute irony here?   The exquisite beauty of it? Using Newsom’s own advocacy to remove him from the position of Governor …..due to his own arrogant and consistent betrayal of the legal taxpaying California citizen!  Basically, ….. a thanks for the idea of solving our Gavin Newsom problem in California Mr. Newsom! Who knows?  There might be a few spin off books coming out down the road?   Like….”HOW TO REMOVE YOURSELF AS CALIFORNIA GOVERNOR” BY GAVIN “RECALLED” NEWSOM? “Want to play a game?” by Gavin News….. <sorry, I’m beat>

Yup, I couldn’t help but chuckle to myself reading his book there at the intersection of 59×132 under the red flashing traffic light while leaning against a 16’ utility trailer I converted into a NEWSOM RECALL SHACK so I could collect my own signatures after having already been misled with some “online recalls” that do not actually count in legally removing him as governor.   Pretty diabolical concept, yeah?  (LAME: “Democrats cheat and lose, hard habit can’t quit it” – lol)

Wonder how many of these “fake petitions” are Socialist/Left Democrat created and funded so voters “only think” they signed a real petition and therefore – no need to go to the time and trouble of signing a physical one at a legitimate RANAF (Reforming America Now Action Fund) petition table, booth, stand, whatever!   (Originally the trailer configuration was designed and planned to be used in searching for a new home/land in Nevada – then I thought …. why am I leaving my property of 30 years backbreaking work because of others who have hi-jacked and misled our state for their Socialist Left agenda of completely changing AMERICA?) 

So how could WE (California citizens who want such treachery removed from leadership positions in our state government) use that CITIZENVILLE information for our devoted cause in removing Newsom as Governor?  (Not to mention the long line of other leftist politicians following his lead.)

A GAME. A CONTEST. A COMPETITION of “will and dedication”. Which county can out-do another in the most signatures on petitions to RECALL GAVIN NEWSOM! (Referencing 59×132…because once again (I repeat myself you know) however, this concept could be utilized in a multitude of ways – fun, competition, etc. by various organizations.)

I saw a bus pass by today and I thought….too bad they couldn’t stop for a short break and those interested could sign…….. lol Other enterprising supporters might consider setting up a particular “Newsom Recall Tour” for folks that were going to make the trip anyway.

If nothing else….continue to tell your friends and family, ….. take a pleasant weekend foothill drive up to La Grange and put Gavin’s concept to a practical and beneficial use in SAVING THE CURRENT CALIFUSION!

Obviously, today, SATURDAY, JANUARY 4th, 2020…….STANISLAUS COUNTY took honors with16 SIGNATURES! Nope, no pay. No reward – other than the most important reward a citizen could possibly hope to attain…. taking affirmative action in protecting their home state from further destruction!

(Yes, I know, there should be some sort of handicapping system for the long distance signers….….(Alameda has done well!) but hey, I’m exhausted …. For now, let’s just do the best we can in collecting the maximum numbers we can until February 6th…. I’ll make a point of reporting them as soon as possible, like I did tonight.  Oh yeah, and remember….YOU can always collect your own signatures as well if you want (friends, family, church, nudest colonies – gun clubs (likely already done! lol) , bowling, WHATEVER!   I have to wrap this up – fading quickly. Want further information? Here two of my trusted sources: (Reforming America Now Action Fund)


OAN (one America news television network)

Anyway, just an idea, but regardless…..


Not only were the results today fantastic, but it sure makes the time go by faster too!  Thanks for the honk and waves too!  (Sometimes I miss wave, thumbs up signals and such due to light reflection, tinted windows, etc., but I appreciate it all regardless of the occasional miss!)

My best to you and yours, Lew

OH…couple of photos:

TOMORROW WE WILL START OFF WITH 428 (since Nov 17th doing weekends)

January 3rd, 2020: Late start, no big surprise yeah? Let’s see … recent bummer, severely damaged my digital recorder in a tripod accident. (Learned note to self: never engage in other activities involving substantial movement while leashed to LAME equipment through cabling… opening a slider to toss a tennis ball outside for your canine companion.)

Life can be so weird sometimes. Only a day or so earlier, while working with it, I was contemplating about how much enjoyment these LAME PROJECTS have provided for “self expression” and how that little DR-40 recorder was what enabled the activity. [Highly recommended for others who might want to try such activity!] I remembered reading a bunch of customer review’s prior to purchase and how one customer commented about an accident damaging his and the cost of a replacement did not bother him in the least. Well, ditto my friend. (Under $200)

I’ve been down similar roads before with electronic equipment. No doubt it could be easily repaired (using the correct tools which I do not possess) but the repair cost (time involved in disassembly and accessing the board to be repaired – diagnostics of other components potentially damaged upon impact, etc) would also go a long way towards purchasing a brand new unit. Hello Amazon….it’s me again. lol

Yup, even with a 12′ extension cord, a slight tug on the cable to the recorder caused the tripod to fall….and where did it land? Directly on the connected headphone jack. Once I determined that everything worked except the headphone jack (unit would record, store, download, upload, playback, etc.) I realized the most important features of the unit were worthless. Humm, a new one was already ordered, what did I have to lose? Cracked the case open and sure enough two small soldering points on the plug recepticle had broken off the circuit board.

The unit is worthless for primary purpose of dubbing without a playback through headphones (there is a small speaker but quality and volume are deficient). Could still be used for different channel recording or as a general back up recorder…..just have to download to computer to hear it! lol Essentially all the good stuff is useless without headphones. Yes, tried to solder back on without success …could be a number of reasons it didn’t work, plug unit itself had been slightly twisted out of shape…internal connections damaged requiring a new plug? Damage to that specific area of board due to excess leverage by the plug pin on impact? Other metal points in wrong configuration? Poor soldering by a dumb ass? lol Although the “why not” attempted repair failed, everything else apparently still works.

Wonder if the speaker could be reconfigured into a headphone jack? Or are they powered differently? Heck I wouldn’t care if it was a Frankenstein recorder with extra wires hanging out and duct taped to the case if it would enable a functioning external headset plug! lol Yes, I’m a packrat too! If there’s a potential future use I keep it. Guess it will go into the “maybe someday” pile of old equipment and components? Reminds me…..have an interesting/humorous story about AutoCad R11 and 386 computers for some other time. That was a SUCCESS STORY which took a tremendous about of time, research, and effort, yet little cash to finally achieve!

Anyway…such is life. The slightly more expensive “newer model” is in route as I type. Likely a blessing in disguise – I could no longer read the operating decals on the different switches and controls as they had worn off months ago. Who knows, maybe this will encourage a new and more efficient way for producing LAME PROJECTS?

You see, LAME is an acronym for…….



My best to you and yours, Lew