Drought Solutions for Don Pedro

On behalf of our clients Lake Don Pedro Community Services District (LDPCSD), Kampa Community Solutions has as of October 2015 successfully secured $1.1 million in state grant funds for the construction of three new groundwater wells serving this rural residential community with a population of 3500.   These wells will provide enough water to completely replace LDPCSD’s surface water supply from Lake McClure, which is expected to go dry this winter if substantial rain does not materialize soon.

KampaCS teamed with Kennedy Jenks Consultants from Sacramento, Binkley Associates of Sunnyvale, The Source Group of Pleasant Hill and a variety of local consultants and contractors to develop this new source of water supply from concept through design, permitting, environmental review, well testing, and construction within  a ten month period!

Building a new water supply for any community in California is very difficult these days. But to do so in less than one year, with no access to the remaining surface water in local lakes, drilling productive wells in the Sierra’s hard-rock groundwater environment and doing so with 70% grant funding is truly testament to the skill and diligent effort of the team!


FEB 26th, 2016.  LEW HERE. 



(The above KAMPA advertisement was posted October 6, 2015, exactly one year since our BOARD appointed a management corporation and its CEO as our nonprofit public agency General Manager.)

 Once again I fail to see ONE WORD about KAMPA’s intended continued expansion of the LAKE DON PEDRO COMMUNITY SERVICES DISTRICT (LDPCSD) service boundary by circumventing Place of Use (POU) Restrictions in Water License 11395 held by the Merced Irrigation District (MID) with ground well water production.

PETE KAMPA told our community (and the world) that the wells were absolutely necessary for continued water service, however, what he did not admit was the fact these EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE WELLS CONSTRUCTED WITH PUBLIC FUNDS were planned all along to expand district water service even further beyond L11395 prohibitions.  How?  Through “ground water substitution” for illegal surface water transfers of Merced River Water to properties not entitled under L11395.  (Our surface water treatment plant is essentially being used to “launder dirty ground water” to get around L11395 restrictions.  How does this work?  By mixing equal  amounts of ground water with river water!  That’s the magic formula to permit our district to serve Merced River water outside permitted areas.

Expensive and unreliable ground wells paid for with public funds are the mechanism to circumvent the state water license.

Soon as some of these wells were producing PETE KAMPA and the Board of Directors (the majority: three of five, were appointed – not elected by the public) prepared to expand this “outside MID POU” service even further by proposing to abandon a previous resolution prohibiting such.   Although the matter was referred to LDPCSD Committee for further research (members likely appointed by directors who favor expansion) for about two months, this was the second attempt to rescind the prohibiting resolution.  The intention to expand with this new “emergency ground well water” is clear.

Our primary customer base is divided between less than half of the 3,128± entitled Merced River water properties being  water consumers with the remaining paying availability fees on their property taxes for future water service.

ANYWAY, the point is, with all the talk and advertisement about what a great job was done in spending a fortune for ground wells during an unprecedented drought for a withering community, the real reason for so many wells being drilled has continually been avoided like the plague:

secret expansion that circumvents the water license under which this district has always operated and the legal customers are expected to pay for the deception.