How on earth could the above determinations be made (REM: LAFCO RES 76-4?) regarding the availability of adequate water for the LDPCSD to serve outside the subdivision and golf course area when WATER LICENSE 11395 RESTRICTED THE PLACE OF USE FOR MERCED RIVER WATER TO THOSE AREAS?

The district had no groundwater wells for substituted service (as that LEGAL REMEDY was later wrongfully used to circumvent the restrictions in WL11395 thus creating a secret and illegal CSD policy to subsidize water for those owners of LAFCO ANNEXED PROPERTY our district had no moral obligation or legal duty to provide water service) so how could such annexations dependent upon available water be approved?

Naturally the far – far majority of LDPCSD CUSTOMERS, the MR WECs of the Lake Don Pedro subdivision who are also MANDATORY CUSTOMERS OF THE LDPCSD, get stuck with the ever increasing financial liabilities associated with this extremely expensive groundwater substitution program for properties our current GM/Treasurer Pete Kampa assisted in setting up 20 years ago.