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Well the Limbockers are leading the revised campaign of intentionally disrupting LDPCSD Board Meetings with their complaints about this website. They just don’t get it – an individual’s constitutional right to free speech on their own time/dime is not a business issue under the jurisdiction of the Community Services District Board of Directors.

Mr. Calvin Limbocker during Public Comment started right off complaining about what I post on this website (despite the ground rules clearly being read before Public Comment) but when I gaveled him, advised he was out of order and commenting on things that were not business of the district – he just continued (with vocal support from the SO-GOSIP). I requested a Deputy Sheriff be called. These people have absolutely no respect for meeting decorum. I recessed the meeting but Calvin “Doug” Limbocker continued on for almost 10 minutes (7 minutes past the normal 3 minute time limit. Even Mrs. Limbocker told him he was going over time but he said he didn’t care.) Once he finished his rambling “gripe session” of canned material some in the audience encouraged that I continue with the meeting but as soon as I reconvened Julie Limbocker started up and continued with her emotional rants with the same disregard for the rules. I requested they leave the board room but they refused.

You know, every meeting we repeat the Pledge of Allegiance but some of these “attendees” obviously do not comprehend the basic principles of our government.

The Limbockers (just like their supporting SO-GOSIP) go on, and on, and on about the grand jury’s comments regarding this blog but completely ignore and refuse to acknowledge our attorney’s response – for the second year in a row. This little group of chronic special interest disrupters hi-jacked yet another meeting with their inappropriate complaints about being exposed for the corrupt and disingenuous individuals they are, pure and simple. They do not want others to be aware of their nefarious activities and misrepresentations of the truth because that’s all they have going for them.

For those of you who have not read our attorney’s response to the Grand Jury concerning this website, here it is:

“The “blog” issue is a non-issue because no one is forced to read the “blog,” the “blog” is protected speech under the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and is also protected speech under the California Constitution, the phrase “blog by Board Members that do not support district interests” is vague and ambiguous with respect to “district interests” [e.g., according to whom?], and the Grand Jury has no authority to interfere with the exercise of constitutional rights.”


Once the Mariposa County Deputy Sheriffs arrived (not the police department as Julie Limbocker later wrote) he interviewed the SO-GOSIP in the parking lot then came into the board room for the other side of the story. Ultimately it was decided (Directors Ross and Skoien saw no problem with the Limbocker’s conduct – in fact seemed to enjoy the whole show) the Limbockers had already expressed what they wanted and agreed to behave. The Limbockers sat quietly in the audience only whispering to one another occasionally. Here’s the kicker, Calvin Limbocker had the following placed on the meeting agenda:

l. Advisory Committee: Request by Calvin Limbocker – The Board to consider establishing a Community Advisory Committee,

Yet both Calvin and Julie Limbocker had already left the meeting before the item was called. They waste everyone’s time and energy playing their little games of being community leaders.


Here’s another interesting piece of information that occurred at the meeting. I’ve been trying for two years to get some of our District’s founding documents but “others” have prevented this acquisition. Why on Earth would “they” refuse to have in our office the Public Utilities Commission paperwork transferring Sierra Highlands Water Company’s facilities and assets to the Lake Don Pedro Community Services District? I have obtained one part of the material but not all the exhibits and maps referenced in the document. One director thought the copying costs might be too expensive and Emery Ross of course has always been against having any information regarding the outside Merced Irrigation District Place of Use issue. His neighbor and best friend Mark Skoien supports whatever Emery wants. But why? Is it because Mr. Ross is part of that <1% of our customer base and has always protected his cattle ranching business that is operated with chlorinated water from the district which was intended for domestic residential consumption?

LDPCSD +$10,000 (Plus materials and installation costs) INFORMATIONAL SIGN

Years ago a former GM purchased a sign and had it installed in front of the administration office so announcements could be viewed by passing traffic. The slight illumination at night and during inclement weather was also advantageous in locating the circular driveway serving the billing drop box. Unfortunately it was not installed according to county regulations and was subsequently removed and stored. A few months ago I became aware that the Mariposa County Planning Department was holding public hearings and workshops to update the General Plan and County sign ordinances for later approval by the County Board of Supervisors.

I attended a meeting and explained the circumstances of our informational sign and questioned if there was any way we could legally have the sign re-installed. When IGM John Turner was hired I explained the matter to him and he immediately became involved with Planning Department workshops in Mariposa. After John left I attended two other meetings, one Planning Commission the other, Board of Supervisors with the same request. Yesterday after reporting to the audience that there is a very good chance CSD might be able to reinstall the sign after the first of the year (will require a building permit for existing concrete foundation), Emery Ross stated I had no Board authorization to attend those meetings inferring it was somehow an abuse of director responsibility and inappropriate. Unbelievable – I am still a citizen of Mariposa County and this Don Pedro community. Ross sits on his fanny doing nothing but protecting his own special cattle ranching interests but when somebody else is actually working for the district Ross complains. By the way, I did not receive one penny from the district for the multiple trips to Mariposa and hours I sat in board meetings. This was done on my own time in service to this district and community. [Incidentally, Sarah Williams, Mariposa County Planning Director and Damon Golubics, the Senior Planner along with the County Board of Supervisors, naturally, have all been very understanding concerning this matter.]



You know, I would enjoy debating ANY OF THESE PEOPLE (Limbockers & the SO-GOSIP) as to the facts and truth of any matter relating to this district but the problem is they just “turn up the volume”, shout down adversaries, misrepresent facts, and interrupt if they don’t care for what someone else says. They complain that they disagree with my perspective but the only thing they appear to disagree with is my right to FREE SPEECH concerning their counterproductive activities. They try to prevent me from voicing my personal opinion on my own website – imagine that. So unable to adequately express themselves (stand on their own merits) in other venues (ie, the youtube attack by Julie Limbocker and the Cal & Julie Limbocker Show) they now resume the traditional technique of disrupting our CSD business meetings with their “cry baby” antics and charges of unfair treatment. How does the Grand Jury expect our CSD to clean up our operations when sitting directors on the board encourage, condone, and dismiss the seriousness of such intentional disruptions?

There is no “potential danger” regarding these people – THEY ARE VERY DANGEROUS and committed to maintaining the dysfunctional status quo of your Community Services District.


My best to you and yours, Lew


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Although cognizant I am lowering myself by responding to the outrageous disinformation posted by Cal and Julie Limbocker (who apparently do not have much credibility in this area anyway), it is just too irresistible in illustrating exactly what sort of people they are and how (in my opinion) they were the primary players in forcing the resignation of our previous IGM with falsehoods.


[I also believe someone like Paul Joseph Goebbels, the Reich Minister of Propaganda in Nazi Germany from 1933-1945, would have been proud of the LIMBOCKER’s  attempt to sway those ignorant of the truth with BIG LIES TOLD OFTEN.    Did you know one of Goebbels first acts was the burning of books and totalitarian control over the media, arts, and information in Germany and like Hitler, Goebbels along with his wife killed their six young children and then committed suicide in order to escape justice?]


Heck if the LIMBOCKERS are going to all this trouble of teeing a ball up in an attempt to distort the truth again, I will simply hit another homerun illustrating their consistent lack of integrity and/or unfortunate reading comprehension deficiencies.   Truly, Julie Limbocker should be a “poster adult” for the educational failure in America because she obviously cannot understand the meaning of basic written English.  (And there would be nothing wrong with that except for the fact she spreads disinformation in public forums while attempting to influence those without the facts.)


Naturally the SO-GOSIP [Same Old Group Of Special Interest People] will characterize my pointing out the Limbocker’s reprehensible activities as “slamming” or “blasting” them.   When did clarifying the truth with written evidence become a bad thing?    The Limbockers support Emery Ross and Mark Skoien to be re-elected and will use whatever unsavory, illegal, or immoral techniques available to them.  That is interesting considering some of the “whoppers” Emery Ross and Mark Skoien have told.


The Limbockers have completely distorted a blog I wrote in July regarding the value and bravery in protesting illegal and immoral behavior of governments and even incorporated the song by STING- “Gueca Solo” or “They Dance Alone” as an example of the atrocities committed in Chile under the Pinochet regime.  (No, Julie, Chile is a country in this case, not something you crumble crackers over – lol)  I’ll provide the link because the music and lyrics are quite powerful.

Anyway, the Limbockers quoted a question in my blog, inserted “their nonsense filler”, then substituted a different sentence of mine from another part of the paragraph as my  alleged answer.   (Pretty sneaky there – shame, shame, shame) The Limbockers cheat and lie and see nothing wrong with such behavior, pure and simple.  What is more, that blog posting regarded a restrictive government attacking those who blog – not those who read and complain about the truth.   Good Heavens!  No wonder Julie was so upset about the video on youtube, she simply could not comprehend the intended meaning.  (This honestly makes me wonder if I am inappropriately arguing with a person of diminished mental capacity, if so, I do truly apologize.  That has never been my intent and I was unaware of the disability – if it exists.)

Without further ado, here’s the most recent contribution from the CAL & JULIE LIMBOCKER SHOW:


In response to Mr. Richardsons comments and accusations. First I would like to say something positive about Mr. Richardson… He appears to really love Hawks….and I dont know if that extends out to other animals or living things but, as an animal lover, I do admire that in a person. I hope I am not wrong but, if not, that is an admirable quality. However, I (we) are wondering why you are you so hostile about things in relation to your own community and fellow citizens…aka people.  Why is it that we cannot speak at the Board meeting without undue criticism, negative blogging and about issues unrelated to the community???  I mean, does anyone really care about our wedding date, R.E. licensing…whether someone is active or inactive (LFRO status)?  Does anyone really care about the an old corporation?  Does anyone really care about any of that stuff?  Lew, you have given many people a lot of power in your comments.  Why do do you just not understand that you hold a public position?…one that exposes you to political comments? …and one that is held to a higher standard in relation to the public?  However, as a citizen, we are your customers….and should respected as people who have a “voice” in this community.  Why does that intimidate you so much?

Also, what is meant by your comment in relation to your question as follows?  You stated, What can possibly be done to help those who claim to be injured by information posted on to which they voluntarily access?  Since I am not an attorney, I will not respond in a legal sense.  However, I would like to address your statement in response to that question, in your last comment, you said, “PERHAPS KILL THEM ALL AND TRUST HISTORY TO DECIDE WHICH SIDE WAS VALID AND BASED ON TRUTH” We all know there are many incidents that happen in our society where we wish we had taken comments more seriously or had hindsight……Hmmm….that sounds pretty violent to me…

And, regarding a few other blogs …..very very questionable.  I wont attempt to explain my reason for reading them….but I will summarize it as my right in my ability to protect myself. In my opinion, you are a scary person…who has a potential for being dangerous.  That concerns me.  However, I will hold my comments on that issue for now….

FYI for anyone reading this….the comment I am referring to was taken directly  from Mr. Richardsons Blog in response to his comments about people who complain about the blog…where HE also makes  the following comment and question, “why not enforce necessary laws that haven’t been passed yet and JUST DISPATCH ANY RESISTANCE WITH A SPECIAL WEAPONS ASSAULT TEAM”……In the same paragraph.


SO the LIMBOCKER’s “chopped up, reorganized, and distorted” the original material I posted and now want their unsuspecting readers to believe I wrote:

“What can possibly be done to help those who claim to be injured by information posted on LAKEDONPEDRO.ORG to which they themselves voluntarily access? Perhaps kill them all and trust history to decide which side was valid and based on truth.”

THE LIMBOCKERS ARE VERY NASTY AND DECEITFUL PEOPLE and after hearing on August 20th at the Board Meeting how Mr. Limbocker publically admitted to intentionally manipulating his granddaughter and making her “feel guilty as hell”, well , although I feel very sorry for that young woman I personally am suspect of ANYTHING that “intentionally guilt ridden juvenile” might state when so obviously prodded by such grandparents.

Below is a portion of the blog posting “THEY DANCE ALONE” where Cal & Julie LIMBOCKER decided to misrepresent the truth using sentences from the blue font paragraph.




How much less informed and “questioning of authority” would this country be if such shows as “Laugh-In”, “Saturday Night Live”, and The Smother Brothers were never presented for public exposure? If musicians like Bob Dylan, Frank Zappa, John Lennon, Sting, Weird Al Yankovic, to name only a few, were censored and not allowed to perform their perspectives? What about comedians like Lenny Bruce or George Carlin? The list is unimaginable and as always, the audiences vary due to individual likes and dislikes.

LAKEDONPEDRO.ORG is nothing in comparison to such historically important influences on our society and resulting ways of thinking but is grounded in the same principles: public expression of personal opinions, perspectives, beliefs and causes. Some will get it, others won’t.

QUESTION: What can possibly be done to help those who claim to be injured by information posted on LAKEDONPEDRO.ORG to which they themselves voluntarily access? If they have no self-control maybe imposition of severe fines and penalties against the offending blogger might work? Better yet, why not enforce necessary laws that haven’t been passed yet and just dispatch any resistance with a special weapons assault team? (This is really not so funny when you consider that is exactly how matters like this are often handled in some other countries.) The problem may appear to be immediately solved, but it is only a temporary solution until the next person begins asking questions and “Speaking their mind” to others. Perhaps kill them all and trust history to decide which side was valid and based on truth?


Notice the “severe fines and penalties”, “enforcing laws not passed”, and “special weapons assault team” actually targets the “offending blogger”, not the readers of material that I post.  Come on Julie, wake up!  You have repeatedly complained about my blogging, therefore: I am the “offending blogger”.  Can’t you grasp that I was referring to myself and others who stand up and speak truth against dishonest people like you?  John Turner was absolutely correct when he pointed out you are a very judgmental person who doesn’t take the time to research and understand that which you continually and incorrectly complain.  If anyone “flies off the handle” it is Julie Limbocker and company.

You know, Calvin and Julie LIMBOCKER have been wrong many times and on so many levels I must seriously question the character of ANYONE who would believe or support their continuing nonsense.

My best to you and yours, Lew

PS: TO Cal & Julie Limbocker…..enroll in some adult reading comprehension classes, or, in the alternative, stop lying in an attempt to make people think you know who is best qualified in representing the water interests of this community.  You talk but don’t know squat.


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Ahhh, rain. I cannot keep putting off some of this work, but I still do. This is the best time to start digging in the rock laden ground and upgrading my aging irrigation infrastructure, most installed twenty years ago. Nothing lasts forever. Repair and replacement of leaking valves and bird pecked drip lines, inadequate coverage requiring line extensions, etc.. Multiply this many thousands of times and appreciate what your water district faces with its labyrinth of piping and inventory of processing, treatment and storage equipment. This is a very big job requiring expertise and knowledge by experienced trained professionals.


Cal and Julie Limbocker:

September 20

….and the “infamous blog” is at it again. Something strikes me as odd when a man cannot stand on his own merits without slamming others…. As many have probably noticed , his blog is closed. He goes on and on about senseless comments……giving no one an opportunity to interact. In my book this is typical of the dillusional school yard bully…

Vicki Keefe Can anyone tell me one positive thing he has done for the district in the 2 yrs? I won’t hold my breath…..LOL

September 20 at 10:29pm • 1

John Turner He supports his IGM. He helped to ensure that our water rights were not taken away by MID, by monitoring and helping to eliminate the outside place of use customers. He is known for bringing high energy and encouragement to the LDPCSD. NOT NEGATIVE B.S. He has worked very hard for the District, in attending meetings in many instances in Mariposa County for the District. Financial Committee, helped many times to keep the Board informed and stood strong against the very few members in the Community that cause so much distress. He brings a network of “Good” to the Community. The most trusted one – on the Board.

October 1 at 9:23am

Cal and Julie Limbocker Vicki….you are absolutely right, he has done absolutely nothing that can be considered positive. @John, your behavior on 08/02 was unacceptable for anyone….especially in your position. Although I respect your opinion, I find it highly unlikely that most people are going to find your comments as credible…..

October 1 at 9:37am

John Turner You were not there. You did not almost get run over by someone whom was waiving at a construction worker while driving dangerously through a cone zone. I stand behind what I said. And if that driver or anyother driver comes that close to causing physical damage to me, they will likely here more unfavorable remarks towards them. Don’t like it? Drive right!

October 1 at 9:47am

Julie Limbocker @John, yes we were all aware of your attempt to make a false police report and your stories. The problem with you is you cannot step up to the plate for your own misdeeds. Be a man and accept responsibility for your actions. Yes, I was not there but the minor that you verbally abused was…… . All we wanted was accountability….but you chose to resign. The resignation was accepted by the Board with the exception of the “blogger”….so of coarse you think he is great. You are two peas in a pod. Now I am not going to get into a verbal match with you… if you have something to say to me or us….please contact us by phone. I would love to talk with you….but you are only opening a Pandoras Box……via your comments.

October 1 at 10:00am • 1

Vicki Keefe He is known for many things none of which you have just posted.

October 1 at 10:19am • 1

Cal and Julie Limbocker @Vicki…you said it perfectly…..

October 1 at 10:21am

John Turner You are very judgmental about people. The things that I have posted might not be known by all, but are factual. There was no false police report (again with misinformation). The Seargant at the CHP Office in Sonora/Jamestown was my contact. Ask him about the incident with the female in the blue jeep, in a cone zone, in Don Pedro area. He will remember… He asked me if I wanted to file a report, but I said no, not at this time. And after you didn’t want to speak with me anymore about the issue (remember?), you wanted to speak with the Board instead of handling this with you and I, or your husband and I. This is what YOU wanted. Have a good day.

October 1 at 11:18am

Ruth Smith John, I think you should have come to the next meeting in August after the incident to face the people in question in person. I was not there but the kind of language you use is just not professional especially to a young female. You could have said “OMG you scared me”. or something similar that type of language is unacceptable. As for the blog I have been a victim of it because I dis agreed with the writer at a CSD meeting so I got blasted, sad when a rate paying member cannot voice an opinion at a meeting in fear of retaliation. Some people can be book smart but no common sense.

October 1 at 11:52am • 1

Julie Limbocker @John…The problem is I just dont take to well to liars, people who cannot take responsibility and cowardly bullies. When you threaten people, use foul language and detain inappropriately….in this case a minor, you are treading on different territory sir. You called CHP….(I dont doubt that at all)……but you knew no one could confirm your story. You admitted to your inappropriate behavior…and then tried to lie about it at the same time. Simply put, you tried to get by through intimidation, threats, etc. and are too cowardly to take responsibility. Why didnt you show up at the meeting in August? I think most of us know the answer. …and you knew that a false police report could make the situation even worse…. Hey, its time to man up….because your statements are not doing you any service at all. Also, this isnt about being judgmental, it is about inappropriate behavior of a GM. Again, you chose to resign….hmmmm, odd coincidence?

October 1 at 1:12pm • 1

Vicki Keefe Whenever I read anything from our “resident bully blogger” I am reminded of this quote “That a lie which is half truth Is ever the blackest lie of all”

October 1 at 1:43pm • 1

John Turner @ Ruth … I was not at the meeting because of Doctors orders and that I wasn’t going to set there quietly while the circus went on. It was best that I didn’t be there. JL wanted to go to Syndie and to the Board, and not deal with me. * @ Julie … from what I’ve been told, knowone really likes you, so why do you continue the drama? My Supervisors always told me that my honesty gets in the way…lololol. I sleep with knowing that to whom it really counts, I am extremely honest. I sometimes have a Marine Corps mouth, but it’s never meant to be harmful. My goals were to get the place in order, run a lot more efficient, reduce water rates, and improve water quality so that we don’t have those red stains anymore.

October 2 at 12:32pm

John Turner I can see why you stay mostly to yourself. Everyone that has met me knows that I am no bully, and definetly no coward. You are being a very rude B****. NICE KIDS?????????? I don’t see anything nice in your whole statement.

October 2 at 1:17pm

Julie Limbocker @John..since I really dont know that many people in La Grange (have stayed to myself pretty much), I really find your comments typical of your mentality and attempts to bully. If you had gone to the meeting like a mature adult man, you could have stated your reasons, etc. Instead you felt it more appropriate to stay away….as most cowards do when “sh**” hits the fan. As for your doctors note??? Anyone can get a doctors note….but the stress was just too much for you. You crumbled like the weak person you are. I know it and you know it….so why not admit it? A person like you will never take accountability or act like a mature adult. Instead you get through life with attempts to intimidate, criticize, bully and lie. That is all you have….because you cant make it on your own merits. What I think is amazing is that you obviously have no remorse for your vulgar behavior….because a few days later you displayed it again. You, with your hot headed attitude and lack of self control, even tried to intimidate me on the phone….and then hung up on me. You made sarcastic comments, laughed and lied to me on the phone ….followed withy threats. Now now, John, quit acting like such a little cry baby….do something for yourself and get some counseling.It appears your vulgar behavior is a part of your character….and this time, you didnt expect someone to voice their concerns. While at the Board meeting, when we mentioned that all we wanted was an apology, your little “blogger” boyfriend stated, well, he wanted to but he was waiting to see if he would get hired back. LOL, a conditional apology? Are you kidding me? John, go play and leave the nice kids alone…

October 2 at 1:18pm

Julie Limbocker No John, it is not about being rude….but about telling it like it is. I guess it makes you feel powerful to use that word….. Now, it is time for you to stop your postings. You said I keep the drama up….you were the one that posted again today. Like I said, go play

October 2 at 1:40pm • 1

Carolynn Bartholomew You go girl.

October 2 at 5:53pm • 1


HERE ARE MY COMMENTS ABOUT THIS MESS (didn’t think you’d get away that easy – did you?)


1. Cannot stand on my own merits? You know, this election reminds me of something someone told me decades ago. I was fresh out of college with a BA degree in my hand (magna cum laude honors incidentally) and working in public service (hired at the top of a very long list of applicants) and excited about the future. I remember questioning a supervisor one day about an illogical procedure and why such was allowed to continue considering the routine negative outcome. I will never forget his quick humorous comment: “the public gets what they deserve”. This comment troubled me for some time. Although I understood the meaning at the time, the concept is sadly still valid.


The public will receive the quality of service they deserve due to the individuals they elect to represent and administer important public interests. There are few things as important as the quality and sustainability of our drinking water. I have publically stood by my opinions and convictions for over 8 years on LAKEDONPEDRO.ORG with fact and evidence but what some characterize as “slamming others” is simply the refusal to tolerate their pathetic attempts at rationalizing inappropriate (and sometimes criminal) behavior.

My website closed? Yes indeed it is –but why?

First of all because this is a BLOG (weB LOG), which is analogous to opening up a personal journal of thoughts and opinions for the public to view and understand my perspective. If you don’t like it, don’t log on and read. Why would ANYONE permit disingenuous political adversaries to write in their journal and corrupt personal expression?

Secondly, when LAKEDONPEDRO.ORG was open for viewer comments the SO-GOSIP [Same Old Group Of Special Interest People] flooded it with their typical disinformation and personal insults in an attempt to shut it down as they have for many years. (The truth is a very dangerous thing to the dishonest.)

Finally, I have been hacked a couple of times and it is expensive and difficult to clean up the mess unscrupulous people cause when they are determined to prevent the truth from being posted.

2. Senseless comments? School yard bully? Good Heavens! Poor Julia Limbocker and the SO GOSIP just can’t appreciate that it is they who participate in and perpetuate the exact behavior they wrongfully accuse others. [Impersonating an investigator from the State Attorney General’s Office to disrupt another business meeting of the district? Good grief – someone should have gone to prison on that illegal deception.]

3. Vicki Keefe asks what “one positive thing” I have done for this district? This is a good example of “bait” in a semantics trap upon which “Vicious Vicki” thrives in her continuing attempts to distort the truth (evidently she has not learned her lesson yet.)


No one director does anything without co-operation from others, whether within the Board room in front of the public, Closed Sessions, or working with other outside agencies and departments. There is no “I” in the word team. If I decline the challenge to list accomplishments with which I have been involved (many simply preventing the ridiculous special interest plans by Ross and Skoien) it will be interpreted that I have done nothing, but, if I list the work performed and the success achieved (like pursuing the $40,000 CSD obtained from the County regarding the Waste Water Facility under billing mess which Emery Ross wanted to negotiate down because it was unfair to demand what CSD was legally owed) – then I would be attacked for being arrogant and self promoting. Rather like the demanded “yes or no answer” to the question of whether someone has stopped beating their dog. If yes – spurious charges will be hurled that they previously mistreated their dog, if no, – accusations that they are still physically abusing an animal. Fortunately for this community there is no difficulty in establishing Vicki Keefe’s major contribution to this district – it was realized when forced off the board of directors for doing what she does best – not telling the truth.

4. Calvin and Julia Limbocker agree with Vicki Keefe (big surprise) that I have done nothing positive for this district? How would they know one way or the other since they admit to only recently becoming involved in CSD matters as a result of their juvenile Granddaughter’s driving through a construction zone and almost hitting our former Interim General Manager? They profess to “know” only that which has been furnished them by the SO-GOSIP who persist in relaying disinformation because their positions are meritless and fraught with the special interest of real estate and land development. Recall Julia Limbocker was less than candid on the youtube comments regarding her and her husband’s involvement with real estate. Why? There’s absolutely nothing wrong with such employment if honestly pursued.


The Limbockers have attended about three meetings and have not witnessed the times Emery Ross and Mark Skoien misrepresented information to the public and other board members. That’s the real reason LAKEDONPEDRO.ORG is vilified — it has documented such past behavior through accurate reporting which provides little wiggle room for their excuses of deception. EXAMPLE: The Limbockers were not present when an aggrieved citizen publically challenged and corrected Emery Ross for his verbal and written fabrications of truth regarding her personal life and property ownership activities. Was this victim of Ross’s dishonesty also “slamming” poor old Emery Ross, or simply setting the record straight when Ross was again playing fast and loose with the truth?


The Limbockers talk & talk – but don’t know squat. They are merely the most recent leaders of the infamous SO-GOSIP which has consistently obstructed district progress with their childish nonsense. Where are two of the most notorious former leaders of this group? One removed by legal action for dishonesty and the other facing multiple criminal charges for sexual abuse of children. Julia Limbocker has also claimed to have been some sort of law enforcement official in the past which really doesn’t carry much weight since there are many individuals of questionable integrity in every profession and career.

5. Julie Limbocker: “John, your behavior on 8-02 was unacceptable for anyone – especially in your position”.


Let me emphasize two points that Calvin and Julia Limbocker repeatedly refuse to acknowledge or understand: (1) I appreciate their love and concern for their granddaughter and wanting accountability for what they consider a great injustice to her, and (2) I do not condone (nor do I believe anyone else would) any CSD employee using inappropriate language towards ANY PERSON and such should not be tolerated. With that said, this incident, and the language used, is not the primary issue nor what is so disturbing about this whole matter.

The issue for me was, and is, the failure of the board to properly handle yet another complaint against an employee according to district policy.

The district complaint process was intentionally circumvented and the end result was the loss of an IGM with a 31 year professional history in water treatment who was making tremendous progress within this district. It was suggested by one director the entire matter could have been handled with a simple written reprimand and sending him to “charm school”, however, Turner’s failure to attend the meeting changed that. This sounds reasonable except for one thing, Mr. Turner resigned due to the traditional “micro-managing” investigations, drawn conclusions, and resulting actions by particular board members, some already determined to release him from service before the vehicle incident. Recall that shortly before this vehicle incident a recently resigned employee had quietly contacted three members of the board with her complaints against the IGM – no, no, no, no, no! — Most would consider this a serial meeting and a Brown Act Violation. [There is much more to this, but I digress.]

The point is, Mr. Turner had his hands full with behind the scene complaints by those unhappy with the way progress was being made in district operations and policy. John Turner was getting the job done in a very hostile environment.




VP Richardson stated his understanding was the incident had been resolved at the scene but later others encouraged this juvenile to file a complaint. Mr. Limbocker stated he was one of those people because she was a child, didn’t understand her rights and was made to feel guilty like it was her fault. Limbocker continued: “I’m sure being 17 years old in whatever, compared to how old he is, I know how to manipulate her and make her feel guilty as hell – believe me, I’ve done it.”

Director Mark Skoien offered his opinion that John Turner was unstable based on the verbal complaints made to him. Skoien said he didn’t “give a damn” and the CSD needed to advertise for a GM because this man is not what we need – although admitting Turner had done a lot of good practical things that were long overdue for the district.


Consider this, the alleged victim qualified that the inappropriateness of what was said to her was dependent upon who spoke the words (below). Emery Ross also even apparently felt the matter was OK until he received many complaints from undisclosed people.


Emery Ross acknowledged at the August 20th meeting he did not initially vote yes to hire John Turner, but it was because he didn’t know much about him at the time. Ross said he later felt the CSD had a really good manager because Turner was doing an unbelievably good job at meetings “but then I was getting all these complaints, you know, on the side, I, from everybody. And then, when I talked to him, about the incident with the car, I talked to him right outside the …”

VP Richardson: “The car?”

Director Emery Ross: “The Jeep, her’s, her Jeep”

VP Richardson: “Oh, oh”

Director Emery Ross: And I said, what you did, he explained how it – and that was that. He (Turner) said, but you know, I was wrong, I called her an “F’n B” and I shouldn’t have done that you know, at at that level it was OK then all these emails come around but to me it’s almost like there’s two different guys. The guy that was in here at these meetings I thought was good –

VP Richardson: Right

Director Emery Ross: – you know, but the guy that does that stuff

VP Richardson: Well I saw…

Director Emery Ross: definitely not good

VP Richardson: Well I saw an email from him saying he was willing to write a written apology

Director Emery Ross: and I vote no.



According to the juvenile’s own statements during the highly emotional meeting , Mr. Turner had a flag in his hand acting like a “fairy”; he was not a man for using such language to a woman; that her CSD employee friends told her Mr. Turner always “flies off the handle” real fast; and that Turner had told board members at the Lumberyard Café and Brew that he had been injured in the incident. When I questioned which directors had been told this, Emery Ross stated he had. That erroneous information of serious injury was evidently passed on by Ross to other directors. The juvenile also stated something rather peculiar regarding the foul language:

“He (Turner) obviously flies off the handle because for somebody to call me that it is just ridiculous and it would have been different if it was maybe one of the guys that said that it I would have been a little more understandable”

(Emery Ross calling for the “confidence vote” in background)

VP Richardson: “It shouldn’t be any different if someone says that….”

Granddaughter: “No it shouldn’t but…..”

Emery Ross: “call for the vote”



Wes Barton questioned if some previously claimed foul language used by an IGM to an employee (who resigned after an apparent ultimatum to particular directors that Turner be fired) was the same IGM being discussed now and asked for clarification. (The same resigned employee also had complaints filed against the IGM before Turner.)

Another member of the audience questioned Ross about the many people who called Ross with complaints and whether or not there was follow up or documentation of the matter because if there had been complaints they should be brought out to establish a basis, rather than approaching the matter as an isolated case. Here’s that interesting exchange:

Director Emery Ross: All of a sudden there was like this avalanche of complaints …

Audience Member: Have you documented any of them?

Director Emery Ross: All this happened pretty quick, you know, it, really fast, we, we meet once a month (inaudible-female coughing) and ah, but I’m telling you, that the guy that was over here where Randy sits never (inaudible) I, I couldn’t, I mean, it was hard to believe the things I was hearing.

Audience member: Well, I understand that, but you said there were other complaints.

Director Emery Ross: Ahhum (affirmative answer)

Audience Member: That doesn’t tell me anything.

Director Emery Ross: Well (mumbling) employees (sentences mumbled and inaudible)

Audience Member: OK

Director Emery Ross: I, I, it was a disconnect for me, you know? (inaudible mumbling) how can this be?

Audience Member: Alright, I’m not challenging your disconnect, (multiple voices, cross talk) I’m just wondering

Director Emery Ross: Well I’m just telling you (over talking audience member) to me …..

Audience Member: other complaints

Director Emery Ross: because how to do it, because of, of, how good I , because like I said I thought he was pretty good then came this big avalanche of this here and –(inaudible) — personnel stuff, this personnel stuff.

[NOTE: THIS AUDIENCE MEMBER BROUGHT UP VERY RELEVANT QUESTIONS: WHO WERE THESE COMPLAINTANTS? Ross never identified even one of the “avalanche” of complaints. What about the emails Ross said he received? Where are they?]

Director Bill Kinsella explained the process: gathering information, writing up the complaint and serving Mr. Turner with the admonition the entire board would hear the matter but it was never heard because Turner called in sick and ultimately submitted his resignation.

Sally Punte cautioned that the board was discussing matters in open session that they shouldn’t. She also stated any complaints should have been put in writing, turned into the office, and procedures would dictate how to proceed.

Director Mark Skoien defended the actions by individual directors saying sometimes complaints were inner house and the man (Turner) was still working here and you can understand why they wouldn’t put something in writing. Skoien confirmed the information about the IGM was word of mouth hearsay and not documented in written complaints. Kinsella stated the written report furnished to board members was the complaint by Julie Limbocker (the Grandmother who was not present at the incident).

Sally Punte reminded Kinsella of policies.

Director Emery Ross relayed his analogy of Director Victor Afanasiev being accused of beating someone up and giving them a black eye saying “some stuff just doesn’t make sense”. [This was an interesting comparison since Ross also months ago referred to Victor as being two completely different people when Ross could not decide which one to vote for – despite Afanasiev being the only applicant for an advertised open board position. WHAT?]


VP Richardson emphasized the agenda item mentioned any outstanding complaints that should be addressed by the entire board, not select board members passing hearsay on to others.


[“Agenda Item I: GM/IGM Vacancy: Request by Director Richardson – Circumstances of recent IGM resignation and options of vacancy: Request Board “vote of confidence” for John Turner to continue as GM/IGM with understanding any pending written complaints will be addressed appropriately”]


Julia Limbocker stated she didn’t care or believed Mr. Turner had a 31 year stellar career in water. Cal Limbocker stated they cared about the district but there were other verbal complaints about Turner. Mr. Limbocker said they were there not just because of the recent incident with their granddaughter but because of missing water and the Grand Jury report.


Chuck Day suggested dropping the matter and moving on.




Emery Ross has been asking people to contact him for many years and has advertized this policy in his Foothill Express newspaper column “Ranching Don Pedro”, however, when concerning complaints and disciplinary actions against CSD employees this is absurdly wrong – especially when there is no documentation other than Emery’s word of what transpired. No individual director has that jurisdiction or authority. Such matters should come before the entire board for fair and impartial investigation and adjudication. It appears the “serious injury” rumor that spread like wildfire through the community started with Emery Ross at the Lumberyard Café and Brew [and Ross’s Cowboy Hall of Fame] where the juvenile is also employed.


I don’t think it really matters what an employee might be accused of outside a public meeting through a whispering campaign of defamation because an employee is still entitled to the employment protections our district policy was meant to provide – a fair unbiased hearing based on fact – not an “avalanche” of mysterious undocumented complaints from someone like Emery Ross.


6. Julia Limbocker: “John, yes we were all aware of your attempt to make a false police report and your stories.”


Who is this “we were all aware”? Obviously the Limbocker’s (and their new found mob of the SO-GOSIP supporters) went out of their way to contaminate any possibility of a fair hearing for Mr. Turner, but who else? As you can read for yourself in the comment by John Turner there was no false report to anyone. After the incident Mr. Turner felt there was no sense in causing the juvenile legal problems with a formal complaint about her driving because no one was hurt and the matter seemed resolved at the scene until “others” exploited that opportunity and encouraged the juvenile to file a complaint – which was never done according to district policy. John Turner already had a target on his back and this vehicle incident was blown out of proportion and used as a reason for his proposed termination: all of it outside the preview of the entire board of directors and the public.

7. Julia Limbocker doesn’t take to liars, irresponsibility, or cowardly bullies? I would suggest she avoid mirrors or reflection in any smooth surface. Here is a woman who has intentionally and publically spread fabrications of truth about me on the internet through Youtube and the Foothill Express newspaper (delivered all across the United States) yet falsely maintained both she and her husband were not involved in real estate when both possess current DRE licenses and are advertised on the internet. Want to talk about special interests and manipulation of the truth? Now she has the audacity to accuse our former IGM (and former United States Marine tank commander) of being a coward? Wow.

8. Amazing it is that Julia Limbocker makes such a scene about an admitted spontaneous inappropriate exclamation by Turner when he was almost hit by a vehicle driven by Julia’s juvenile granddaughter (who apparently only had a license for a few months, was inexperienced in driving a manual shift transmission vehicle in hilly terrain, and wasn’t paying attention to the road or John Turner while waving to her CSD worker friends) yet even with the advantage of time to think and compose her thoughts, Julie Limbocker viciously strikes out again by calling me Mr. Turner’s “little “blogger” boyfriend”. Good Heavens! This woman is a pernicious, disrespectful and nasty individual with an obvious penchant for jumping to conclusions based on her own self-serving faulty perception of facts. I don’t know what life experiences have been involved in creating and shaping such a hateful individual but one thing is for sure, she is an expert at portraying exactly what she is. I too thank you for starting the CAL & JULIE LIMBOCKER SHOW.

Well I’ve wasted enough time already discussing these pathetic excuses for “concerned citizens”. It’s a beautiful day after the rain and I have much more enjoyable work to get done. More later – until then, and as always, –


My best to you and yours, Lew


And to our former IGM and United States Marine………..Semper Fi !


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Recently it has come to my attention that Calvin and Julie Limbocker have taken my advice in creating their own forum to advocate their position which is a very good thing for everyone involved. Ironically, as in most situations where someone attempts to conceal the truth with their special interest disinformation, their motivation and illogical conduct becomes quite clear to anyone who reads their propaganda.


I find it extremely interesting that I have been accused of calling Emery Ross a water thief which could not be further from the truth. As a matter of fact, it was Emery Ross himself who repeatedly yelled that term and the audio recording of that meeting clearly documents this fact. It was really quite a show, but of course you did not read anything about this in the Foothill Express even though a reporter witnessed the entire drama.


What I did do, and would do again under similar circumstances considering this district’s estimated 26% water loss rate, was question why a check meter on the undocumented water line crossing the Ross Ranch did not accurately represent the water usage billed further down line by two adjacent ranches (all outside the permitted area of water use under the water license, thus, outside MIDPOU service). It should be noted this apparent unaccounted for water (thousands of gallons) continues to occur each month, however, it was Emery Ross himself who started yelling about being called a thief and requesting the sheriff be notified. [Also recall it was Emery Ross who had the OMIDPOU reporting changed from name to account numbers so no one could associate the amount of water being used on a given OMIDPOU property with the owner. This “special interest” reporting was corrected a few months ago.]

I imagine I could take the time to post the audio of the meeting where Emery had another “melt down” so viewers could hear for themselves the dramatic tantrum put on by Mr. Ross (it was quite a scene), but then I would undoubtedly be criticized for further embarrassing him needlessly.

This is the whole point: I welcome different perspectives or opinions concerning district operations and service but not when outright and intentional fabrications of the truth are presented to sway those who do not know the facts. I will challenge this activity every single time. I have worked very hard during the last two years in service to this district and its ratepayers and will not tolerate such despicable conduct by people who wouldn’t know the truth if it bit them on their (are you ready?) “naked human butt”. LOL


Naturally those who persist in pushing such lies in hopes someone somewhere will eventually believe them, become embarrassed due to my proving they are incorrect and shameless, but that’s not my problem. If they do not care for the embarrassment of being revealed as the liars they are, they simply need to stop such conduct. What sort of position do they represent if built upon untruths in an attempt to deceive?


It should be noted this apparent unaccounted for water is the result of the incorrect type of meter being used to check the flow before the water crosses the Ross Ranch. Brenda Seldon (a highly experienced water operator employed by our CSD) explained that all three meters involved are 5/8 inch diameter and if the two meters down line are simultaneously pulling a large volume of water the check meter will spin more rapidly and will incorrectly register a larger amount of water than is actually being used. This problem can be solved by replacing the 5/8 inch check meter with a compound meter which is more expensive. [Emery Ross was unaware of this fact which only goes to show without the opportunity for asking legitimate questions, correct answers will never be obtained.]

This is why I stated the water reading discrepancy was a non issue at the last meeting, however, a future board (that is truly concerned about accurate readings of water use) may consider the installation of a compound meter desirable in order to identify any possible future leaks occurring on the Ross Ranch line which runs approximately a quarter mile through private property.


The fact the line has been exposed in the past by rain runoff and was subsequently covered with concrete by Ross and his neighbor to prevent cattle damage (Ross’s other OMIDPOU water line was also damaged by cattle and his usage dropped from an average of several units to zero for many months) may still be of concern regarding down line water quality to the other ranches if the line were to ever be broken. Who do you think will be sued if someone gets sick because of contaminated water?


Another quick note before I get to work on some other business. I find it humorously revealing exactly who is supporting the Limbockers (and Directors Ross and Skoien) in their proclaimed crusade to clean up the CSD – many of the same people who steadfastly supported a former director who was removed for providing false information to a peace officer during a Grand Jury/District Attorney investigation.

Providing false information to a peace officer? Humm, most would consider that a big clue.

More on this Limbocker circus of misinformation later.


My best to you and yours, Lew


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There is a very confused woman
Who refuses to acknowledge what’s right
She lies about viewing a naked man’s butt
No integrity the clear answer why.
She started the attack on youtube
But if failed so she really got mad
And continues her fight with childish delight
Such ignorance is really quite sad.
So now she’s used the Foothill Express
Which is delivered across our States
To spread her lie in an attempt to hide
But the truth will seal her own fate.
Truthful facts were openly revealed
Yet she persists with her dishonest game
Fine by me, it is evidence you see
Of her intentional act to defame.
Julia Limbocker’s “butt complaints”
Are quite curious as a matter of fact
The image was of a finger crease
Can’t differentiate between the cracks?
“FYI” Julia May told me
They both weren’t in real estate
But DRE records don’t quite agree
And the truth she just can’t escape.
Her husband is president of Limbocker Inc.
Check it out on google to confirm
She’s been employed by various brokers
Sure wonder what she has learned?
Julia Limbocker’s real estate photo
Is displayed on the internet
Perhaps I should too file a complaint?
But I don’t have the wording quite yet. lol
Julia’s dishonesty is not bad enough
Her hubby now wants to have fun
By forming an advisory committee to the board
To continue their damage thus done.
If disingenuous activities
Special interest deception desired
A better pair could never be there
Whether volunteer or just plain hired.
Think about these Limbocker whoppers
Such as naked posteriors on video
But make no mistake regarding their stake
In forcing our GM to go.

You know, I wasn’t going to discuss this matter due to the potential for civil action by those harmed by such intentional fabrications of the truth, but since JULIA LIMBOCKER took it upon herself to spread her fabrications of the truth in the Foothill Express Newspaper, which is delivered all over this country to our absentee property owners, I am compelled to set the record straight – once again.
First of all, viewers should understand Calvin and Julia Limbocker only recently became involved in our CSD business due to a traffic incident involving their juvenile Granddaughter of whom they are the legal guardians. Their granddaughter was the driver of a vehicle that almost struck our former Interim General Manager John Turner who was directing traffic around a cone-zone construction site where workers were repairing a water leak.
Contrary to what Limbocker writes in her Foothill Express letter, particular board members where indeed directly involved in the matter even to the point where Julia Limbocker, her granddaughter, and others were privately contacted and interviewed outside the preview of the entire board. Exaggerated accounts of the incident were further relayed at the Lumberyard Café where this juvenile also happens to be employed according to her Grandmother. Director Ross even stated he had been advised the IGM had been injured and relayed this information to another director on a Saturday night. The written report by Mr. Turner clearly stated this was not the case.
When Julia Limbocker refers to a written complaint regarding this vehicle incident being filed, she conveniently fails to mention the fact it was she (Julia Limbocker) who wrote multiple complaints including the exaggerated accounts of the situation made at the Lumberyard Café, specifically, that Mr. Turner had been seriously injured as a result of the mishap. (Misinformation travels faster around here than wildfire! Maybe we should have a “rumor fee” like the new “SRA Fire Fee”? lol)
It should be noted that Julia Limbocker (Grandmother) was not present at the original incident, her granddaughter was an inexperienced driver of a manual transmission vehicle without passengers, and never filed her own written complaint about the incident. (A verbal account of the incident was taken over the telephone at the CSD office and later typed up as a formal complaint against the IGM. This incidentally does not conform to district policy regarding the proper written complaint process much less investigation of legitimate complaints.)
During the August 20, 2012 Board meeting, the juvenile driver admitted to suddenly applying the brakes without use of the clutch when she alleged Mr. Turner walked in front of her vehicle. [Actually she stated Mr. Turner was waving the caution flag around like a “fairy”.] This caused the jeep to lunge forward almost striking Mr. Turner and it was at this time Mr. Turner spontaneously made an inappropriate remark to the driver regarding the near miss. [Although certainly not condoning improper language, I think most people can understand nearly being hit by a moving vehicle might elicit an impromptu exclamation.) The juvenile confirmed that Mr. Turner was concerned about her well being and questioned if she was composed enough to continue driving which she stated she was and left the area in her vehicle. [Mrs. Limbocker even made the outlandish suggestion that sexual harassment may have been involved.] During the August 20th meeting the juvenile actually stated she initially believed the incident to have been her fault until speaking with others who encouraged her to file a report against the IGM.
John Turner ultimately resigned his position due to apparent behind the scene investigations and conclusions made by particular directors along with the resulting lack of support from the board. Turner’s side of the story was never heard other than his initial report of the incident due to his resignation. It should be noted Mr. Turner has always wanted to continue his work with the CSD but was uncomfortable with the political obstructionism by particular directors in performing his duties.
Previously Mrs. Limbocker had made the public statement that she and her husband were both not involved in real estate so in an attempt to clarify the matter I presented public information as to which marriage was being discussed. Here’s a link to that previous blog posting:
Here’s the original response to Limbocker’s complaints of nudity in the video.
Obviously, Mrs. Limbocker was not quite candid about her and her husband’s real estate activities in the area and anyone interested can research this fact for themselves through free online public records. Heck, apparently Calvin Limbocker is president of Limbocker Incorporated according to a google search.
I never said Julia Limbocker “smack(s) of terrorism”. Here’s what I stated in response to one of her many personal attacks on youtube (incidentally, Mrs. Limbocker started this whole mess with her outrageous accusations but when unequivocally proven to be wrong only ramped up her fabrications of truth):
We may be on “opposite sides” of this “water fence” since you and your husband are in the real estate business. I do not understand your initial unwarranted attack against me personally using a simple humorous video. Attacking innocents in an attempt to influence unrelated matters smacks of terrorism. I would suggest you verify your information before stating things publically. Many in this area have used the uninformed for their own purposes. Seriously, why did you do such a thing?
Good Heavens! There was never a video or photograph of anyone’s butt…..male or female! The fact she just recently had her letter published in the Foothill Express newspaper AFTER BEING NOTIFIED OF THE FACTS THROUGH YOUTUBE CORRESPONDENCE clearly indicates her intent to knowingly disseminate fabrications of the truth in an attempt to defame me to thousands of readers across the United States.
Here’s the short video that only someone like Julia Limbocker could possibly believe was inappropriate:
My best to you and yours, Lew
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Charles “Chuck” Day

Danny Johnson

William “Bill” Kinsella


My best to you and yours, Lew

PS:  I was trying to do a “Red, White & Blue” but white is difficult to show. – later

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