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(You didn’t really think I would “F bomb” you again?  Sorry for that incidentally.  Although certainly no excuse for bad language this whole PUBLIC AGENCY BETRAYAL stuff is quite frustrating.)


No sense in going over it all again now. Suffice it to say no doubt most of us would enjoy all the latest “bells and whistles” of new equipment, software, processes, etc., but must curb our desires with life priorities and other financial responsibilities. All things considered, perhaps a more conservative approach right now is called for by the CSD while demonstrating mastery of the “old school” procedures and techniques in completing such work satisfactorily first?   This would also provide further evidence of the general reasonableness for such techno-convenience-upgrades?   Kampa seems to throw money at everything he perceives as a “problem”.  Some of these “problems” were clearly manufactured by Kampa himself.  No issue prior to his arrival…..then  HEY!  “WE” HAVE A PROBLEM!

Seems like clockwork:  research, create problem, blame others (Red Flag attack), quickly propose an expensive solution that Kampa is prepared to provide, then get paid for fixing what he broke while researching and creating more problems in need of expensive solutions that only Pete Kampa can furnish (because he knows the problem better than anyone else!  lol)

Of course we all realize it is also always easier to spend the money of another especially when “they” do not seem to care about how much or for what. [Ever been in a casino and fortunate enough to be playing with “ahead money”?  (“ahead money” is not technically “winnings” until you’re home with cash in hand!  lol)   You know, making larger bets than you normally would, or playing a more expensive machine because, after all, it was “ahead money” and you were on a streak?)   He’s just playing with CSD Kampa Kasino funds and other public resources.  But what about results, damage or harm done?  Doesn’t matter.  Win, lose or draw Kampa, and his associates,  get paid very well.    Why do individuals organize as limited liability companies and corporations?   (Hint:  the descriptive name is the benefit because if something goes very, very wrong and others are illegally harmed, the individual’s assets are generally protected against acquisition in a civil trial judgement for damages.  Of course, as we know, there are always exceptions to any rule, right?   Look at WL11395 Merced River Water Place of Use restrictions – didn’t mean squat thanks to GROUNDWATER SUBSTITUTION.)

Speaking of computers and technology….editing was a bit more difficult with this post due to all the experimenting with features and different combinations. Still haven’t scratched the surface of what this software can do, would probably work better with a more powerful computer but this one works.   I’m just running out of  time.  Seems there is never enough.   Multiple video/audio track editing is tricky but I am starting to recognize some of the patterns and pitfalls. You know what is the most time consuming? Spelling and grammar errors. I’ll believe I am ready to actually “produce” to a video format but decide to check one more time. Sure enough there is another mistake or other obvious correction to make. Here’s the kicker…..sometimes even a slight change can cause a ripple-like affect through the whole project so if you do not review the entire video you end up with a bunch of unwanted consequences. Move a clip wrong and everything is reduced or increased in length just that much – different options react differently – some of the more complex functions take longer to process and another selection made before completion of the first can screw up all processing.   60% seems to be the “hump” to over come.

I’ll be watching the processing percentage go up steadily as the CPU clunks along with fan whirling at high speed, then it hits 60% and the counter stalls, either for a second or two, or much, much longer…..sometimes ends up with the message: “program is no longer responding”- always wonderful news when you thought the project was nearing completion.

Naturally “save” time is dependent upon the complexity of the command.  That’s one thing I learned many years ago when AutoCad came on the scene… it regularly….save, save and save – especially with complicated command functions which often resulted in much “thinking time” for the CPU.    True, constantly saving a file takes time but if I hit a snag and “crash” it is much easier to redo only a little work rather than a lot.

If I catch most of the mistakes prior to uploading to youtube…..GREAT!   Otherwise, if it is a major mistake that requires correction…..I could be looking at hours of lost uploading time to youtube along with the additional hours in uploading the material again.  Bummer.  Another good reason for keeping projects short.

Live, play, learn…..blah blah blah – blah blah.    Still kind of fun – just wish I were younger.

Let’s put this “F ‘n” post to bed shell we?       lol

My best to you and yours, Lew

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E August 21 2017 LDPCSD Board Meeting



Part E, as in Expensive.


Sure, such computer equipment might indeed be helpful and more convenient in the preparation/execution of a maintenance/repair/replacement project but shouldn’t traditional, dependable, tried and true, “old school” procedures and techniques be successfully demonstrated first – prior to launching a very expensive technological upgrade for convenience?

Think of it this way, no doubt most of you reading this blah blah blah right now would benefit in a number of ways with the acquisition of a new motor vehicle with all the “bells and whistles” available for a 2017-2018 model.  (Visual monitors at different perspectives?  Automatic parallel parking – can you imagine that convenience in a high density parking limited urban area?  GPS navigation, on board diagnostic displays, communication/internet/entertainment systems, etc.)

Seriously, who wouldn’t appreciate a new motorcycle, ATV, sports car, pickup, or motor boat?  Heck, why stop there…..(especially when paid for with money from others) … how many might use and enjoy their own personal aircraft or helicopter with which to commute back and forth to work?   Perhaps literally “drop the kids off at school” —  with required “top of the line” age/height/weight appropriate parachute and/or glider of course) then maybe zip over to a semi distant metropolitan area for some shopping and/or rest and relaxation activities?  Maybe a quick vacation out of state for the weekend?  Heck, if jet propulsion maybe out of country?   Perhaps some day…….<I digress>

Unfortunately, most of us do not have the disposable income required to rush out and purchase a new vehicle (or whatever) every year on a whim, – no matter how desirable or appealing the newest “bells and whistles” might be.  Nope, for most of us there are other bills and financial obligations that must be considered and dealt with first to avoid such dire consequences as bankruptcy or developing a very close personal relationship with creditors and the IRS.

Kampa, on the other hand, can afford to recommend all the “bells and whistles” one might imagine because if board approved, those costs are simply passed on to customers.

Do not forget that such “upgrades” will ALSO CERTAINLY benefit existing, and encourage greater, “management opportunities” with increased compensation.

Yup, whether necessary, prudent or even successful,  Kampa will still get paid, and paid more with every new “bell and whistle” he can talk the board into approving – all the while increasing the financial burden on the economic shoulders of <MR WECs>.

Kampa also mentioned communication from the field to the office?  Surely he is aware of the communication difficulties in these foothills – doesn’t he remember the AMR (automatic meter reading) project that has struggled for decades due to topography, line of sight signals and integration of differing technologies?

Yes, in a perfect world I can easily imagine such field tablets working seamlessly with other equipment, software and as a benefit to our workforce and hopefully one day that will be the case, but seriously, consider the “reality” of the LDPCSD situation for a moment.  (Rather like Kampa slipped the word “reality” in during meeting discussion of the failures at lake intake – more time….more money.)

The REALITY is, even after 37 years of operation as a nonprofit local public agency, the LDPCSD still cannot simply provide water to the designated Merced River Water entitled customers of the subdivision according to a variety of very clear rules, regulations and water license place of use restrictions.  Will an “electronic tablet” provide ethical management?


For only $_____ “WE” could this!  And “WE” could that!

“WE, WE, WE……all the way home”

– to another near bankruptcy or substantial rate and fee increase?

(3 little pigs, right?)

Isn’t it peculiar how that “WE” inevitably turns to “U$” when the time comes to pay for these “improvements” and “upgrades”?    Who is going to organize and prepare all those old documents (that were allowed to remain AFTER THE ARSON OF THE ADMIN OFFICE), maps, and miscellaneous paperwork for downloading into these “field tablets”?

[Will this help assist in yet another attempted RE-WRITE OF LDPCSD HISTORY?  “that’s what it said on my tablet”] 

Who will repair and upgrade software revisions for these tablets?  What about additional insurance against damage/loss?  Employee device training?   I wonder, do employees (or rather, soon to be “employee”) actually want the added responsibility of caring for a piece of semi-sensitive electronic equipment in their often extremely rough working environment?  (Someone might ask before we have zero operations employees.)

Seems to me, even with “old school paperwork”, the material should already be organized and available for such anticipated work.   When I replaced the hard drives in my computer (something never done before) I had already developed a “battle plan” before opening the computer case and potentially damaging sensitive components with a static charge due to touching things I should not.   I researched the topic on the internet, downloaded instructions and helpful images – even watched some educational videos on the procedure, before starting the job.  Sure, there is never a guarantee of success, however,   P P P P P P!

(Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance)


Imagine all the information that could be wrongfully utilized if only one of these “loaded tablets” were lost or stolen?  Our entire district infrastructure, complete with its vulnerabilities, would be in an easy to disseminate digital format ready for delivery to some God forsaken third party with malicious activity and destruction as a goal?  (Perhaps for another modest additional fee, Kampa will also design and implement an ongoing security program to protect his “crop of customers” from unwarranted attack by other hostiles?)  lol

Sounds like the LDPCSD is being positioned into ultimately having to create its own technology department or perhaps an “IT Specialist” management position.  (One which would undoubtedly also answer directly to our “remote” general manager.   You know, one of those positions where IT employees could also compete and fight in the CSD “EMPLOYEE GLADIATOR PIT in an attempt to obtain yet another coveted position, endorsed, created, and perpetuated by King Kampa himself?



Amazing.  Kampa talks about lake intake and how things should be done yet I’m afraid the LDPCSD’s big chance for funding and timely completion of such projects may have passed.  (The streamlined permitting and approval process allowed by the government during the emergency drought and obtaining available grants for the work has passed.  That opportunity was already used to create Kampa’s “alternate source of water” necessary to circumvent the water license restrictions for Merced River water under WL11395.  I still believe had the “will been there” we could have continued with pumping lake water – but Kampa’s “Dog and Pony show” of saving the community from drought with his special interest groundwater wells, was paramount to their surreptitious “bait and switch” plan .)


Why conceal the fact the LAKE SHORE RANCH proposed subdivision was annexed by LAFCo in 1995 during Kampa’s first tour of employment with the LDPCSD?  LAKE SHORE RANCH was only one of many annexations outside the MIDPOU with which Kampa was involved that required an expanded groundwater substitution program for completion.  Good grief, what was Kampa’s reason for concealing that information unless an attempt to prevent the recognition of his personal involvement and pursuit for further expanded district water service 20 years ago?  The nickname “Sneaky Pete Kampa” appears accurately descriptive and very well earned.

Now we have groundwater arsenic and other contaminants to contend with along with much higher treatment plant costs.  Monitoring equipment, reporting, contaminant removal, change in our state water license, etc. with all costs passed on to the innocent  <MR WECs> of the Lake Don Pedro subdivision.

Despite the fact our failing primary infrastructure has been ignored (including the two pressure vessel filters Kampa allowed to go CRITICAL despite his past experience with them in 1997 before leaving the first time) Kampa now announces he is prepared to address the very serious issues at lake intake?   What?   Sorry, he has already quite clearly displayed where his allegiance was when those funds were available:  SPECIAL BENEFIT WATER SERVICE OUTSIDE MIDPOU.

Sorry, but based on his past documented history of deliberately misrepresenting district facts and misleading people to obtain what he wants, I do not trust him what-so-ever and have voluntarily admitted this fact.   Always have – since DAY ONE of his highly unethical Board of Directors appointment as GM and Board Treasurer – with access to $1 million of hard saved district funds – money which in no small part was obtained through a successful PROP 218 which simply raised customer water rates.  Customers will always pay – but for what?

No doubt Kampa already has a variety of carefully designed “solutions” complete with lengthy supporting narratives, lectures, color charts, and promises of wonderful benefits raining from the sky for all – and the only thing he requires to make such advertised great achievements a REALITY, is a few more years of paid “remote GM time”; a continuing acquiescent board of directors; and a gullible customer base deliberately kept in the dark like mushrooms sustained with regular feedings of steaming Kampa Krappa.


My best to you and yours, Lew

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D August 21st, 2017 LDPCSD Monthly Board Meeting




Nope, not an eye of any kind of animal (including visiting space aliens) – though it sure looks like an eye (that’s why I referenced it by writing “let’s take a look…..”)  Funny how something so very different can resemble something else – like a creepy eye.  Humm, not sure if I’m going to explain this image experiment right now or not.  I’m rather tired.  Maybe tomorrow.  Or the next day.  Let’s get this portion of the meeting put to bed first, then me, then tomorrow we’ll see.  See?  Sure looks like an eye huh?


Yup.  Part D, …… as in duplicitous.

Still playing with the editing software with an occasional lock-up of the computer…but I am learning stuff.   Often I almost catch myself before pressing a key or mouse button which triggers the BOO BOO ……NO NO NO!  ….. not now! –  too late – that little spinning blue icon tells me it is working it’s little heart out for me ….. but to no avail as I’ve unintentionally initiated something to the equivalent of a “loop command” or something.  Round and round we go, when it will stop nobody knows.

The CPU (Central Processing Unit) just keeps clunking away, fan running at high speed, with no movement on the monitor screen except for the *&^%$#@ spinning blue icon!  I usually don’t wait for the entire attempted “untangle” because inevitably I’ll be advised the program had stopped responding.  Oh really?  No fooling?   Just stopped huh?   So I just close the program and start back up fairly confident I saved just before the WRONG KEYSTROKE/BUTTON PUSH LOCKUP.   (Will reboot if the system seemed sluggish due to lack of memory or something that is usually helpful.)

Anyway, onward with the meeting….. so frustrating and sad. I actually feel some compassion for these folks at times but then think about how much more difficult they have made everything because of their concerted effort to deceive everyone as to the scheme. Guess once you start down such a road it is difficult to turn back.  Most have a conscience to help prevent such horrid situations from developing in the first place. That annoying little voice that says things like, “this is wrong….and you know it or you wouldn’t be concealing the activity or denying involvement”.    But again, once started down that road……. so very sad – all the way around.

Rather like wishing you could take back a keystroke prior to a crash – if you knew the stroke was morally or ethically wrong.


My best to you and yours, Lew

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B August 21, 2017 LDPCSD Board Meeting

B) Did some backtracking because this potential lack of treatment plant operators in the very near future is serious. What happened to our previous employees? If these USDA conditions for reimbursement were signed by the district last month, why weren’t they in the agenda packet for customers to review and understand? I cannot believe the amount of information that was previously provided to customers in the packet by past managers of this nonprofit district that suddenly became “confidential” since appointment of a former employee with a “for profit management company” as the “remote GM & Board Treasurer” IN 2014.



My best to  you and  yours, Lew


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OK, here we go again. First installment of the August 21 2017 meeting with some more “play time” – sure hope I can remember some of this stuff I’m learning.   Kind of fun playing with the different commands – of course I do lock up/crash the computer occasionally with conflicting/complex selections made too close together.

Sure is strange, Kampa and his Board NEVER HAVE SUFFICIENT TIME TO ANSWER LONG OVERDUE QUESTIONS regarding district operations and activities. Very frustrating and more and more expected with the passing of each meeting.

If this is an example of acceptable transparency in local government we have a “world of hurt” on the horizon.



My best to you and yours, Lew

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“THERE HE GOES AGAIN!”…….. [and thank you for your service]

The following is a verbatim email sent by WES BARTON. 

Any additional material inserted by will be identified as such.


Yes indeed, “[t]here he goes again!”—

AND THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your many years of honest, dedicated and illuminating research for, and public reporting to, customers of the LAKE DON PEDRO CSD.

(Customers who have been intentionally deceived regarding district operations for decades.)


File photo inserts by




L.W. (“Wes”) Barton

8/19/2017 4:20 PM

“there he goes again!”- ldpcsd mtg, Mon, Aug 21, 2017, 1pm


Every morning, I pray that President Trump is “real”, really wants to “drain the swamp”.  (I also pray for this

Community,  we’re “real” and I want to “drain the swamp”; this LDPCSD and its unholy vision and path.)      Yes,

Here Wes goes again!     The first thing CSD’s GM says in this package is he won’t provide a GM letter for our

Early consideration but will provide his comments when he start the meeting.  “OW” by the way, remember,

The community must ask their questions and concerns before Board discussion as opposed to the previous

3 minutes after Board discussion.  Well, so much for the “fancy” transparency award from the GM’s good

Friend(s) at CSDA.


BELOW: Referenced page 3 of PETE KAMPA GM REPORT for Monday’s Board Meeting.

Extremely difficult for customers to adequately prepare for meeting discussion when

GM/BOARD TREASURER presented information is a surprise.



August 21, 2017 Regular Meeting Agenda Packet


My first notice for this meeting was apx 3:30pm, Friday, afternoon.  My “beer” time starts at 3:00pm!  (As I

Have noted before, all welcome to come over, discuss local and political concerns; or are the fish biting.)

I’ll analyze this report next week when I get “the rest of the story”!  I have little authority now and had little

Authority when I was on the Board a few years ago for even then I looked for what “should be” not how to

“Fill my and/or my friends’ pockets”.  (In this context, filling pockets can be “just ego” thru actual fraud and

Failed fiduciary responsibility.)  What I do bring to the table is business experience and education in dealing

With many situations (good and bad) for nearly 60 years.  I learned very early on was follow the money (from

Love to greed, for evil or good, or just a tool).   I’ve become “pretty good” at understanding what is happening


Photo insert by


By “reading” the numbers, the patterns, current or projected (or lack of).

Pete Kampa (LLC) has a long history, documented, in being in the wrong place at the wrong time  (reference

Past history (McCloud, Sonora, Los Osos and now LDPCSD).    LDPCSD has a long history of providing inconsistent

Leadership, urgency, emergency, financial and operational issues (Grand jury reports, GM turnover, CPA warnings,

Near bankruptcy, large price increases to no price increases, infrastructure failures, community disinterest  and

Now “today”).    Today, if an innocent but savvy “time traveler” landed his “flying saucer” in Kassenbaum Flats,

He would swear that the CSD Board is controlled by GM Kampa.   Kampa create the plan(s) to meet his needs,

Determines the staffing to protect himself from criticism and prevents staff from direct discussions with Board or

Community.  Kampa refuses to use “cash flow projections and measurement” and board codifies by eliminating

From reporting requirements.  (example might be 2 ½ years to build 3 wells with another unknown time to

Complete in both money $160k, time and grant reimbursement $396k).  {Special note: April 2016, Board approved

USDA grant @$500k currently reduced to $310k; cost apparently complete in January 2017 but still no “pay day”.}

{2nd special note, wells may have an arsenic issue?} {3rd special note, the longer the better, for Kampa gets paid

Not by completion and success, but longevity.}


Photo insert by


OW, almost forgot Kampa controls the “purse strings” too.  He

Chooses vendors (biggies his friends, Kennedy Jenks $550k, NJ & sons $600k plus, and of course Pete himself

For an extra $100k above his salary), prices, quality, timing include pay date, and is a check signer.  GM is

Troubled now for he doesn’t have a license to run the operations and his only licensed employee is having

Health problems.  Solution is to hire another level of management between himself and operations to improve

His “responsibility shield”.    GM Kampa recently ran into a problem with the Filter System.  Solution was an

Emergency declaration, $280k repair without bidding, and to blame the staff for not telling him that the filters

Were at risk.  {Special note: some community members think this may have been convenient for this is the same

Time the new wells were discovered to have excess arsenic that needed filtering and/or dilution from non-

Existing emergency water; or to provide expansion of non-lake water to non-eligible new developments.}

PS- have you noticed CSD’s bank account is now $668k versus $1.645 million when Kampa “challenged” the

Nearly 3 year well project.  (Nearly $2 million well project cost, only, minus apx grant received $1 million.)


“Whoops”, almost forgot, I’ve been wanting a controller since June 2012, but GM keeps showing the Board

“hetch-hetchy” like wages for a controller.  Currently, our controller is located 50 miles west of the office and

Our GM is located 50 miles east of office (yep, 100 miles to talk, “eye to eye”, no biggy, however for accountant

Appears to do what GM asks).  I am so sure our last audit was significantly in error, I have a formal, registered

Complaint with the CPA licensing agency and they have accepted my complaint for review.  (apx 60 days out).

GM just hired same auditor for another 3 years and CSD controller (CPA) is continuing his job.   What is really

Interesting is that we now schedule pay for our office person and CPA (exclude auditor) up to $115k + benefits.

(Remember, CSD is less than a $1.5 million in revenue; what a deal !)


Insert video clip from March 2nd, 2017 post. 

The wrong Auditor’s Report was bound and initially furnished to Board of Directors and the Public.


Well, let’s continue down the agenda.  Two new “big businesses” for CSD want s water (store and storage)

Near Don Pedro commercial area.  Will make the $5500 meter setting for a house look like the petty cash

Account.  Additionally, doesn’t discuss such issues as MID “place of use” and who at CSD can evaluate the

Plans and manage the project to completion.  Obviously, our part time GM doesn’t have the time nor

I believe the capacity to manage a project himself.


INSERTED MAP of Proposed DOLLAR GENERAL location where the LDPCSD is planning on extending the water main in order to supply the development’s increased commercial water demand (as compared to the previous RV trailer park water customer).  Unknown MID POU property designation – Will EMERGENCY DROUGHT GROUND WELL WATER  produced with the new grant funded groundwater wells (intended for existing customer use during drought emergencies) be required to support the water demand of this new business?   Who knows?   KAMPA keeps such information concealed from the paying public.


This last water emergency project, GM hired a consulting

Engineer company for approximately $600k to manage, etc.

Binkley, CSD’s life time engineers (grand dad, dad, daughter) wrote a letter outlining all the problems she

Saw at our intake system (source of water).  WOW !  Not new for I remember one “emergency” declared

Before my time (apx 2006) that is still open.  But is a great example of how this Board has jumped on the

Crony system of something for nothing with GM Kampa (LLC).  Yes, CSD needs infrastructure upgrading,

Great cost.  But to get Grants and lots of money that is paid out to the consultants and their cronies without

Managing the business, serving your constituents is a “dead-end” road.  This CSD’s new “address”.  This

Board is “lost” in day dreams, promotion by the Board leader and his GM, LLC,  have found easy followers

Not only behind the “big table” in the meeting room but also up and down every street in this community.

Remember, only the old Board ran for the past election; they won.    For sure, GM Kampa (LLC) will not

Change his ways.  I doubt that enough if any Board members have the capacity to understand what they

Are doing to this community; they may be brain-washed in the utopian picture of “Grant heaven”.

Apparently, the majority of the community believe if they vote, they have no other responsibility.  Some

Of you know, not true!  Most government agencies have proclaimed,  “not my job”.  One exception,

However, but I fear it is way out.  Most government “whistleblower”, operational audits are for government

Activities, consumer or “non-local government” activities.  California has one “high risk” audit agency and

They have accepted my complaint.  They don’t correspond nor answer questions and concerns, you just

Wait for them to get to your complaint.  Additionally, I mentioned the CPA licensing agency is in process

Of reviewing CSD’s last audit and the CSD’s internal CPA reporting.    Time is not on our side, relative to

Outside government to come riding in on a “white horse” to rescue.  The current management at CSD

Has nearly halved the reserves of the last 5 year plan in less than 3 years and are now working on the

Second half.  It is really up to you and I!     I am reaching out with these notes before CSD’s monthly

Meetings.  I offer my evening beer meetings to discuss.  I hope you forward this note to your friends.

Hope to see you at the meeting , Monday.

L W(Wes) Barton, 209-852-0276


August 19, 2017


Thanks again Wes Barton!

Below is only one of the many repetitive blah blah blahs regarding this OUTSIDE MERCED IRRIGATION DISTRICT PLACE OF USE special benefit water service (GROUNDWATER SUBSTITUTION to circumvent water license restrictions) PAID FOR by the majority of MERCED RIVER WATER ENTITLED CUSTOMERS of the LDP subdivision.


My best to you and yours, Lew

PS:  Here’s the most recent video attempt.  (Trying to create some kind of “regular” ending for video posts.)  Learn something with every try, …..but will I remember?  That’s the kicker.  Heck last night I was….was……let me see now……had something, …something to do with color blending and fade outs, ……and a video editing feature, with,……no….still images, yeah, still images and Photo Shop editing with, well,  trying to use both programs together in ways I haven’t up till now……because,…I need to……     ahhhhh, …….(oh yeah, feeling much better about this with every keystroke……lol)


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Anything valuable requires protection

While cheaters increase costs for all

Same old program year after year

Whether Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall.


The majority distracted with their own personal business

Delicate balance of work, bills, family, and friends

While a few are fixated on wrongful pursuits

In satisfying diabolical plans.


And like innocent customers of retail

Everything will cost more for all

Because of the cheats, liars and thieves

Sustained with unmitigated gall.


“PETER KAMPA doesn’t tell the truth


is a big doo-doo head!”









It is done.

Shouldn’t have any more problems with KAMPA & KOMPANY’s unethical reconfiguration of the Lake Don Pedro Community Services District into a GROUNDWATER SUBSTITUTION FACILITY circumventing restrictions in WL11395 to continue expanded SPECIAL BENEFIT water service to properties OUTSIDE THE MERCED IRRIGATION DISTRICT PLACE OF USE for MERCED RIVER WATER.  

{Properties and major project proposals with which Pete Kampa was co-incidentally involved 20 years ago when starting his infamous water career which has apparently involved exploiting the water resources of various other communities as well.  Humm, likely just another strange coincidence.}


Yup, we are done here.

My best to you and yours, Lew















You mean calling someone ugly childish names and using bad language, even if accurately descriptive, will not stop unethical behavior by public officials?

Imagine that.

What about meaningful discussion of legitimate district issues at monthly public meetings with our elected and appointed officials?


Hey! – recall Board President Danny Johnson’s repeated advice to questioning customers at meetings?

Have those subjects placed on the agenda for the next monthly meeting discussion and possible action.

(Because, as we all know by now, if not an “official agenda item” the Board of Directors and management are prohibited from participation in any discussion due to their steadfast adherence to applicable rules and regulations <choke> almost squirted Mtn Dew out both nostrils on that one.  lol)

Sure, it is true that this suggestion has failed in the past, but maybe, just maybe, it will work this time?  Nothing ventured nothing gained, eh?

<<<WELL, RECEIVED THE AGENDA PACKET FOR MONDAY’S MEETING – nope, not one of them is on the agenda.>>>

Sure wish I had not bet all that money, marbles and chalk they would. – lol

Heck, even if one made it to the agenda (like last time) the Board President will just avoid “unwanted” discussion by skipping right over the item with his & KAMPA’s “jump around the agenda” method while sporting some feigned forgetfulness or distraction that is almost believable except for the regularity with which they occur.


Apparently there is something wrong with Danny Johnson’s suggested process in solving this long standing problem of the Board and management being regretfully unable to discuss legitimate issues with customers at monthly meetings because the item is not on the agenda…… but,… but, … but…….wait a sec……..this is so darn confusing……aren’t…..aren’t  ……Danny Johnson and Pete Kampa the individuals who determine WHAT GOES ON THE AGENDA?…..So,  so, if they wanted to discuss a particular matter at an upcoming meeting …. surely they could have it placed on the agenda, right?




Ohhhhh….I see…..

So, what you’re suggesting is “they”, being the Board of Directors and their appointed GM/TREASURER, really do not want to discuss certain subjects and are only using the “not on the agenda excuse card” to avoid discussion and potential accountability for their actions as public officials which continue to harm the far majority of innocent <MR WECs> in the subdivision?

Imagine that.  An excuse?  Go figure.





Sure wish “WE” had attorneys (and other professional support organizations) paid for by someone to represent the deteriorating position of MERCED RIVER WATER ENTITLED CUSTOMERS <MR WECs> of the subdivision.  Funny how that works huh?  <MR WECs> pay for the majority of these professional services that end up representing and protecting the contrary special interests of a “for profit management company” president appointed LDPCSD General Manager and Treasurer by the Board of Directors?

A GM/TREASURER whose 20 year old personal and business motivated decisions are simply rubber-stamped by a supporting Board of Directors (who also refuse to answer questions) thus leaving the far majority of <MR WECs> of the subdivision in the dark – rather like mushrooms awaiting harvest?

We have certainly been fed a lot of KAMPA KRAPA since 2014.



“District Transparency

As a local government agency, the Lake Don Pedro Community Services District has a responsibility to remain transparent. We are held accountable by our community, please find more information on the districts financials, policies, and staff compensation below.”


“WE” are held accountable by “OUR” community?


Mtn Dew




Public officials refusing for years to discuss

  • public business,
  • during public meetings,
  • with their paying public, and steadfastly 
  • refusing to answer legitimate questions as to district activities which are harming the majority of legal MERCED RIVER WATER ENTITLED CUSTOMERS?

Isn’t the above some kind of clue as to the absurdity of “community accountability”?

BELOW is what I “hand-submitted” to the LDPCSD long before the “due date” for agenda requests by the public.   Actually, this request was accepted/stamped on Tuesday, July 25th, but I entered the office just before closing and the date stamp had already been changed in preparation for the next work day which would have been Thursday, July 27th.  No biggie – makes sense to prepare for an anticipated busy Thursday morning, just wanted to explain the discrepancy between my hand-written date on page 3 and the “received” stamp date.


Recognize some of the same issues raised years ago that have NEVER received district answers?

Guess all “WE” can do is laugh at “OUR”plight

And continue to pay and pay

For it does not matter what “WE” do

Or what “WE” might fucking frigg’n say.


later, Lew

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While cleaning up files and folders on the computer I discovered some abandoned projects and picked up where I had left off on a couple. (Sometimes I”ll open a file with an idea knowing there is not enough time to complete the task but the file serves as a later reminder to follow up on a particular concept. Kind of just playing around with the different features of the software actually. Little by little I’m figuring out some things that had previously eluded me.) Later!

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While cleaning up files and folders on the computer I discovered some abandoned projects and picked up where I had left off on a couple. (Sometimes I”ll open a file with an idea knowing there is not enough time to complete the task but the file serves as a later reminder to follow up on a particular concept. Kind of just playing around with the different features of the software actually. Little by little I’m figuring out some things that had previously eluded me.) Later!

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