Yes indeed, the continued service of MERCED RIVER WATER under L11395 was to immediately stop and strict water replacement reporting was required.  This meant that the only groundwater well in existence at the time (Ranchito Drive Well #1) had to produce enough water for all outside Place of Use properties currently being served – which it supposedly had been doing with a few exceptions.

NOTE:  This monthly reporting to MID was one of the first things Pete Kampa stopped.  After complaints the Outside MIDPOU report has sporadically returned to the agenda packet.

<BELOW> OLD PHOTO OF ORIGINAL RANCHITO WELL #1 when it was still producing water for outside MIDPOU use.   This well FAILED during the massive drilling efforts by the district under the Kampa management plan to locate other sources of  water.  Currently the fence is down and “rehabilitation” is continuing while the new wells provide the “alternate source of water” for outside POU properties.

Properties like the commercial cattle ranch operated by Director Ross.  Ironically,  Ranchito Drive groundwater well #1 was created right around the same time the Ross cattle ranch mysteriously obtained district water service (after multiple denials) through use of a water meter reserved for another rancher who was entitled by written contract.   A contract, which itself, could not initially be found in district records but was produced by the aggrieved rancher and then subsequently confirmed.

Co-incidentally the Meeting Minutes on either side of that 1993 cattle ranch service installation were also missing.



[give ’em one groundwater well and they’ll reconfigure your surface water treatment plant into a groundwater substitution facility!]

OK, so mistakes of the past were covered with the one existing well, but what about the thousands of other acres outside the district service area that also wanted subdivision intended water on their property?  This is where the “mistakes of the past” are clarified into a “we demand more of your water”.   Water which that one groundwater well could not possibly produce.   So many speculative land development projects outside POU at the time all requiring assurances from the LDPCSD that water would be delivered for various purposes.

PROBLEM:  How to get those MERCED RIVER WATER entitled customers (in the LAKE DON PEDRO OWNERS ASSOCIATION residential subdivision) to AGREE TO PAY FOR UNRELIABLE AND EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE GROUNDWATER WELLS with which to expand the water service EVEN FURTHER outside the Merced Irrigation District Place of Use?

Answer:  You don’t ask them to finance such a proposal, you just misrepresent the plan for the wells and take the water on the sly and by the time people realized a switch had been made it would be too late—those new outside MIDPOU properties would be existing customers then.

Same idea as when many properties were provided water on the condition of annexation into the district.  What?  We’ll supply water like you were annexed already so long as you promise to annex within a year or so, even though you cannot legally annex?

But you must be annexed into the district to receive water service, right?  Well, not always.  Ask Director Emery Ross or his friend Poe who managed to snag three meters for one property using different APNs (Assessor Parcel Numbers) from adjacent properties.    Was the water shutoff for not later meeting the condition for service?  Of course not.  So much BS.

NOTE: Properties to which the Lake Don Pedro Community Services District had no legal duty or moral obligation to serve in the first place and Pete Kampa was aware of all this during his first tour as a LDPCSD employee 1993-1997.


RE-ENTER  PETER KAMPA and his KAMPA COMMUNITY SOLUTIONS limited liability company through a board orchestrated closed recruitment process for appointment as the general manager who could snag numerous government grants to construct very expensive EMERGENCY GROUNDWATER WELLS for the district.  (Yet another coincidence, cattle rancher and long time LDPCSD Director Emery Ross {another co-incidence of Gerrymandering so owners who paid nothing and could not receive water could never-the-less vote in district elections} was the one who called Kampa with that confidential GM vacancy information.  Ahhh,  Lake Don Pedro, home of “water war coincidences”)

Actually KAMPA & KOMPANY had a very clever plan-

  1. obtain the grant money under the guise of preventing water loss for the subdivision because of a dropping lake level due to drought,
  2. this required expanding GM authority during the drought emergency and utilizing a streamlined grant filing process, providing him access to over $1 million in district funds to leverage the grants, heck, one resolution even retroactively approved prior GM actions which had not been specifically approved by the board yet),
  3. use those grant funds to construct as many groundwater wells as possible while money available, (other side of this coin was the simultaneous intentional failure to properly maintain, repair and replace critical infrastructure of the existing surface water treatment plant)
  4. once groundwater wells were developed that “alternate source of water” could be provided to other outside MIDPOU properties by running it through the existing GROUNDWATER SUBSTITUTION PROGRAM used for Ranchito #1, and
  5. start collecting revenue for essentially selling our  “new emergency groundwater” to property owners, speculators, land developers, etc.,  who have been trying for decades without success to obtain water service from the district.  This of course only produces a never ending cycle of drilling more wells for a never ending higher water demand as more properties are provided service…all conveniently paid for by the 99% of MANDATORY CUSTOMERS in the subdivision who do not require GROUNDWATER SUBSTITUTION FOR MERCED RIVER WATER TRANSFERS OUTSIDE THE PLACE OF USE!

Summer photo of RANCHITO #2.   One of the new wells constructed with public grant funding – supposedly for emergency drought water use by existing customers – and NOT for expanding water service (much less OUTSIDE the PLACE OF USE under WL11395)


NOTE: The “SO GOSIP” [SAME OLD GROUP OF SPECIAL INTEREST PEOPLE] have obstructed and thwarted district responsibilities and progress for decades by misdirecting the CSD’s legally intended purpose, along with that of its predecessor (Sierra Highlands Water Company) which was to serve domestic water to the Lake Don Pedro subdivision.  Not building a facade of a water empire in these rugged drought prone Sierra Nevada foothills based on unreliable and expensive groundwater wells. Absolute foolishness.

Heck, Pete Kampa even worked with some of those same thirsty land developers and property owners 20 years ago when he was first involved in further expanding OUTSIDE MIDPOU water service for land developers.  When he came back to LDP he had 20 years of experience and political connections with which to attempt the Outside MIDPOU expansion again – along with a supportive board of directors, one of which an icon for outside Place of Use water service.

Imagine, the  many years the LDPCSD was feeding misinformation and disinformation (fabricated records) to the LEGALLY ENTITLED MERCED RIVER WATER MANDATORY LDPCSD CUSTOMERS OF THE SUBDIVISION while official records  (like our original 1980 LAFCo  approved water service boundary map, the California Public Utilities Commission approval of the transfer of facilities and assets to the newly formed LDPCSD, the STATE WATER RESOURCES CONTROL BOARD official service area map, etc.) magically disappeared from our records never to be seen again……or used to question expanded district operations.

You know, much of this stuff was discovered after I left the board in 2014 and wasn’t available on the internet like it is now.  I ran across some paperwork the other day which evidenced I was trying to figure this mess out back in 2011.   So now that the truth is coming out, why is Pete Kampa permitted to continue such obvious attempts at deception and concealment?

WHY is Kampa permitted (by the board of directors and others) to post outdated and erroneous maps on our LDPCSD website?

WHY is he permitted (by the board of directors and others) to deny public access on the website to existing legitimate policy regarding this outside place of use service?    (Could Kampa believe such posting might possibly evidence his intentional circumvention of various regulations to achieve an “ALTERNATE SOURCE OF WATER” which he could sell outside the POU of water license 11395?)

Sure seems like fraud to me, but I’m just a mandatory customer of the LDPCSD who must subsidize this special benefit third party water service for land developers looking to turn a greater profit.  But gosh,  since public money will be financing special benefit water service which creates that increased profit margin for developers, shouldn’t mandatory customers of the subdivision receive a “piece of that profit pie”?

JUN 15 1978 MAP SHOWS SIERRA HIGHLANDS WATER COMPANY BOUNDARIES  (Compare with the “additionally marked up one” Kampa has on LDPCSD website display – reserved water?  Look at those boundaries!…..20 year old projects with which Kampa was very familiar — 20 years ago!)

BELOW is the map I was provided at a meeting with MERCED IRRIGATION DISTRICT managers when I was still on our CSD board.

MERCED IRRIGATION DISTRICT PLACE OF USE (MIDPOU) PER WATER LICENSE 11395 UNDER WHICH THE LDPCSD PUMPS MERCED RIVER WATER FROM LAKE McCLURE.  The additional property to the west was the South Shore Project which is the only approved official annexation to our LDPCSD approved by all agencies and departments – most noteworthy the STATE WATER RESOURCES CONTROL BOARD.  Unfortunately that 2,010 acre/772 AF of water a year project never developed, but the area is entitled to Merced River Water under WL11395.



Just checked the LAKE DON PEDRO COMMUNITY SERVICES DISTRICT website before posting and this important document is referenced with a link for accessing it, yet even after months of complaint, the link to the resolution STILL DOES NOT WORK! (8 out of 8 links do not work)         CHECK OUT LDPCSD NOTICE LINKS

This cannot  be a mistake or oversight.  Just another arrogant refusal to acknowledge that which KAMPA & KOMPANY sought to circumvent through the use of public funds to develop ALTERNATE SOURCE groundwater wells for third party special interest benefit?



Existing Ranchito groundwater well cannot supply any more uses than it currently supplies (outside MIDPOU)?

Gee, if only there was a way to produce more groundwater without having the intended beneficiaries pay for that special benefit created with public funds…….

What can you say?  Apparent success thanks to an accomplished deceiver with solid long term political connections within the California  water industry?



other:  Some storm last night huh?


My best to you and yours, Lew  🙂

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