Sneaky as a


Whether PARKA FARTS or Washington DC SWAMP GAS – both take time to reach our nose!
(And we know the origin of both.)

Though certainly not a musician this DIM LAME (Do It Myself Lew’s Almost Music Expression) echo chamber stuff has proven to be quite therapeutic for me personally and fun. (Sure viewers may curse it, but I will never regret the day I decided to order that keyboard, guitar and hand held digital recorder during a moment of extreme frustration with what had/has been happening to OUR [all inclusive] COUNTRY.)

Absolutely amazing…. such a variety of digitally produced rhythms and sounds at your fingertips or physically plucked notes (good and bad) from guitar strings or those produced by pushing air through a Harmonica with lung air and mouth – and the infinite combinations of all …merging them with your own vocalizations of thoughts and perspectives about whatever.

Wonder if in the future (if PATRIOTS DON’T STOP THE THEFT OUR COUNTRY and FREEDOMS) the government will ultimately determine music (specifically WHAT ACCOMPANIES IT) is far too dangerous to public safety and society at large not to be regulated and controlled….. just as Frank Zappa so exquisitely illustrated and warned in his Joe’s Garage albums? Not so hard to imagine now is it? Prohibition of musical instruments (or equipment that digitally simulates instrument sounds) without issuance of official state permits to those approved and registered by something like a Department of Communication and Influence Authority?…. D CIA? lol

POINT? It’s not the music per se (or “almost music” lol) but what is woven within it as verbal communication that is so dangerous to tyrants and dictators …. individual thought and expression which might conceivably influence others in ways the STATE does not approve. So….. if you can’t eliminate the individual (as some countries certainly do) destroy the easy avenues of effective personal expression that are available.

Blah blah blah…. I digress as usual. Suffice it to say music can sometimes be very illustrative and a powerful motivating force for others if correctly merged and blended with other vocal expressions advocating a particular message or perspective.

Yeah, I know…… but I’m still trying – besides, it is fun! lol
My best to you and yours, Lew